Planning to own a bike from Triumph? Well then, the most wallet-friendly bikes from Triumph you will find are from their Classic range. Triumph has brought all the 3 retro bikes in its inventory into India via CKD. And if you like your history books, you are going to love what these bikes have to offer.


The Bonneville twins and the Thruxton are as quintessentially British as the BBC. [click to continue…]


After Toyota its Bajaj’s turn to face a possible labour strike and that does not sound to be a very good update for the Pune based manufacturer. Just six months back the company had faced nearly a 50 day closure when a section of workers from the Chakan plant had demanded that 500 equity shares of the company be made available to them at Re 1 per share.

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The management had dismissed this plea immediately. The union workers had returned to work with the assurance that the management would talk to them after they restored production. In February 2014, the Bajaj Auto management had even decided to give a wage rise of Rs. 10,000 per month in a phased manner to the workmen at Chakan. [click to continue…]


Note: This is an older post! We have resurrected, updated and re-published it for all of you who would want some basic tips for long rides. 

Taking your bike for long rides is an art to be practised and preached. For bikers who buy bikes just for this purpose, it becomes part of their life as well. This trend of tourers on bikes is becoming the in thing these days.

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Here are a few basic tips to ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable trip…
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Anuj has submitted this review in our Ownership Review Contest No 13, ensuring himself an assured prize. The contest also offers a chance to win Riding Jacket, Helmet and more…Here are all the details.

Hey you wheel crazy folks out there! I hope you are doing very well today. This is Anuj from Maharashtra (Pune), another wheel craaaaaaaaazy. Sometime during Diwali last year, while I was taking my regular dose of news in world of wheels, I came across this fantastic website called BikeAdvice. Since then, every single day it has been keeping me connected and updated to the entire biking arena of our country.

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Well, I am trying to connect once again with all of you through this review of my 9 year old bike. Yes you heard it right 9 years!! You guys are right; it is pretty old for a review yeah? Well that’s exactly what came to my mind. But on the occasion of her 9th birthday I thought it would be a good idea to start off my first ever review of her. [click to continue…]


We have a new spyshot of the upcoming Yamaha FZ Version 2 coming in from Greater Noida courtesy The bike being tested on the expressway appears to be the same mule that has been spied earlier as well.


The new FZ V2 looks a little more muscular than the current FZ. It has more curves and lines to lend that visual feeling of more brawniness! In terms of changes, FZ V2 will get new air scoops and newer fins under the fuel tank, split seats which appear to be wider and more accommodating from the spyshots that have appeared so far. [click to continue…]

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Arun has submitted this review in our Ownership Review Contest No 13, ensuring himself an assured prize. The contest also offers a chance to win Riding Jacket, Helmet and more…Here are all the details.

Hi guys, this is Arun, 20 years old, doing B.E.Mechatronics. I’m here to write up my very first ownership review of my beloved FZS. Probably my love story! 2nd August 2012 was the happiest day in my life and which can’t be expressed by words. My love to that machine made some of my friends even to store my contact number as “Arun FZ”. It’s my symbol of freedom and success.

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Since my childhood I was fond of bikes and travelling. I was grown up in a village by my granny because of schooling. In that place what we can see is only TVS 50s, Splendors or some rich people will go for Bullet or RX100. Every weekend my parents ‘ll come for me on that time I ask my dad for a spin in his BAJAJ Cheetak. [click to continue…]


The Suzuki GSX 1300R, popularly known as the Hayabusa, the peregrine falcon, the name itself carves out a niche of its own. Once the fastest production motorcycle in the world (now overthrown by the Kawasaki ZX-14R and MV Augusta F4 R312) has now indeed, and it must be duly noted that I hate to admit it, has become dated.


The form still flaunts a masculine form that supplements the rider’s muscular structure with hints of developed biceps, forearm and calves, as originally intended by its designer Koji Yoshiura. [click to continue…]


More news coming from Indonesia; Kawasaki is all set to launch its newest motorcycle on the blocks, the surprise Kawasaki Z250SL, which we have so far referred to as the naked version of Ninja 250RR mono. And interestingly, it is coming earlier than the faired sibling on or before 30th April according to


This goes in accordance with Kawasaki’s international naming convention where it labels its naked motorcycles with the ‘Z’ moniker. [click to continue…]

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