SPIED: Bigger Yezdi Adventure 350 Launch Soon

Yezdi Adventure 350 spy pics have emerged suggesting a bigger and better model is on the anvil. Can it now be an option against Himalayan?

Classic Legends, the owner of the legendary monikers like Yezdi and Jawa (and BSA) has decided to comprehensively update its current motorcycle line-up. Followed by spy pics of some mysterious motorcycles from some dealer-like event, we now have sneaks of test mules (and details) of the new Adventure.

The 2024 Yezdi Adventure will use the bigger 334cc version of the motor which has recently gone to the bigger Jawa 350 as well. And hence, expect the motorcycle to be called as Adventure 350 – a moniker that may help it to give it a slightly better change against arch-rival Himalayan.

The exhaust pipe on the test mules is seen to be routed from under the engine. The coolant reservoir (which is placed near the underbelly engine guard on the current version) is also not seen on the test mules which means its positioning has also been moved.

yEZDI Adventure 350

All of this suggests that the company is working on improving the motorcycle multifold and we may see a much better product than the current version which has a few shortcomings. The new Jawa 350 is already being said to be an improved motorcycle than before and the Adventure 350 is likely to follow suit.

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It will be interesting to see what engine tune the Adventure 350 will get – will it be the higher tune from the Perak/42 Bobber or will we see the relaxed tune from the Jawa 350? The portal claims that the Adventure 350 will be launched in India in a couple of months timeframe.

A bigger engine, a more refined product and that Adventure pedigree is likely to give the motorcycle a proper chance in the market against the competition. A lot will again depend on how the management handles the new product!