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Saad Khan, Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief

Hi, this is Saad Khan and am sure you must have read a few of my articles here on BikeAdvice. Some, you might have liked and some not so much..! I have been associated with BikeAdvice for more than a couple of years now and needless to say it has been a roller coaster ride for me. An avid biker at heart and into the world of softwares by the so-called profession, machines have been a part and parcel of my 24 years of existence on this planet.

Closely associated with motorcycles and every little trait of them, I enjoy writing and if it involves writing about machines, it turns into my passion. My tryst with automobiles started when one of my friends bought a Hero Puch when we were around 12 years of age. That very instant I turned a rebel at home demanding one for me as well. It doesn’t need any big mention that it was ruthlessly turned down and I was shown the door with a clear message “Shut up or Leave!”

After that I mellowed myself down but the resilience finally gave way after a couple of years with my next demand the mighty Yamaha RX 100 followed by the handsome LML Energy. No, I dint get either of them but the message this time was a little softer at “Tone down or Leave”! The biggest breakthrough of my biking life came in the form of the launch of Pulsar twins in 2001. My parents agreed to buy me (my brother, to be precise) the Pulsar 150 and a sparkling new black bike made into our home in June 2002, finally with a clear message from my brother “Don’t you dare touch it!” But creating ruckus for elder brothers is always easy, ain’t it!

Since then it has been me and my bike (I love to call it mine) who have shared all the better times of my life. To this date, I still have my Pulsar 150 Classic back at my hometown. In the meantime, I moved to Pune to join my job after finishing with my Engineering, where I was greeted by my brother’s owned Pulsar 150 DTSi UG2 which I recently sold off after buying my latest treasure, a Black Pulsar 220 DTSi which turned one, last month. Pune being a biking heaven allowed me very close brushes with some heavenly monstrous pieces of technology of the likes of Honda CBR600RR, CBR Fireblade, Yamaha YZF R1, Suzuki Hayabusa etc.

Among Indian bikes I love Yamaha RD 350, RX100 and YZF R15, Hero Honda CBZ, Karizma, Bajaj Classic Pulsars, Pulsar 220 to name a few. In the coming times, I plan to own a sub 600cc sports bike, preferably my favorite, Yamaha YZF R6 which I know ain’t happening very soon. Apart from automobiles, I am developing photography as my second preferred hobby. I have been a sportsperson all through my life and love playing outdoor games, Cricket being my favorite. I would also take this opportunity to be a preacher to all who have been resilient enough to read till now: “Always Ride Safe, Be sensible. It only takes a little senselessness to create havoc in one’s life”.

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Deepak, Founder

Deepak KanakarajuHi! I am Deepak and I started BikeAdvice.in by August 2008. Back in 2005, When I bought my first bike, there were no websites in India which had detailed information about the bikes sold in the Indian market.

Once when I was browsing through YouTube, I noticed that a TV commercial for Bajaj Pulsar (an Indian bike) had more than 1 lakh views. I suddenly realized that people are so hungry for information about bikes, but no one is satisfying that need. I decided to become a motorcycle blogger, and as they say, the rest is history.

Another milestone in my blogging journey was by September 2009 when I was invited to a Chinese Motorcycle Trade exhibition to cover the event as a journalist. The trip was sponsored by the Chinese government and it was a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience. You can read more about my China trip here.

I used to write all the articles myself, but I knew my dear readers expected more from BikeAdvice. Now we have really passionate motorcycle bloggers working for us on a freelance basis. They cover different topics including motorcycle news, maintenance of bikes, full blown test ride reports, questions and answers etc.

Now I am focusing on digital marketing consultancy for brands and companies. You can connect with me on LinkedIn and you can read my Digital Marketing Tips blog.

Bishakh Rout, Author

Currently running after his graduation in chemistry, Bishakh Rout is a die-hard motorbike enthusiast. Crazy it might seem, but he stopped yearning for his girl after he was promised a bike if he scored well in his 12th boards. He went ahead to secure 5th position in the 2011 Odisha State 12th Boards.

He began his tryst with BikeAdvice after he got his hands on his Pulsar 180, and within weeks he became a regular visitor to the forum. Quite a few months later, he was inducted into the Team BikeAdvice by Saad Khan. As the News Author of Team BikeAdvice, he strives to bring the best and honest news for the dedicated BikeAdvice fans.Bishakh-Rout-BikeAdvice-1

He has quite a few other loves-of-his-life other than his red P180. He’s a gadget freak as well as a big foodie. One of his wishes is to get a good-looking wife who can cook good as well !

When he’s not burning rubber, he’s either busy leafing through the pages of Organic Chemistry textbooks, or some action-thrillers like Lee Child’s “Jack Reacher” or Robert Ludlum’s “Jason Bourne” ! He has even gone through E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey”, but he can’t really say if he liked it or not !!!

People call him an oddball and cheeky, but actually it’s just that for him there are no “R-U-L-E-S” ! He’s a student who is called bright and excellent by teachers and friends alike, but he doesn’t refrain from bunking classes and calling teachers by names !!

He’s a pretty ambitious guy, and aims to create his own start-up venture in the FMCG Sector sometime before he reaches 40. Why “40” ??
Because he feels he might get complacent and his enthusiasm might get mellowed down after he crosses over to the wrong side of 40. Hence, he plans to make the most of what is available!!
( See, NO “R-U-L-E-S” ! )

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M.Naren, Author

Hey chaps, I am Naren, an Automobile Engineer by my under-graduation. You would have observed few of my write-ups in the recent past and you can expect a lot more. I’m the most recent addition to the BikeAdvice team. I don’t know when exactly my interest for bikes grew within me. I’m trying to track it, but in vain. I belong to that little lucky lot of people who were able to be graduated in the field which means a lot to them.

Automobiles, especially bikes are my interest, passion, life and whatever you express it as. So, I know I am in the rightplace now. Ain’t I? The adage of my life is “LIVE TO RIDE AND TO DRIVE”, after all that is the source of sheer excitement and happiness for me. I am a biker for the past 6 years plus, with a great interest for both high-performing sport-bikes and touristers. I personally feel life is all about biking. MV Agusta and Yamaha are my favourite brands.

Currently, I’m pursuing MBA in International Business and if given a prospect, I would love to pursue a managerial career in the automobile sector. I do have a busy schedule (I wish), but whenever I’m free I prefer going for a long drive on my bike and check out new places. In short I’m a travel freak. Reading and analyzing about new bikes and cars is my all-time favourite leisure pursuit and review writing has always been my zeal.

I want your entire support in my new position and would be happy to be accepted by you. Thanks in advance.

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Dhruv Panchal, Author

Hi all, I am Dhruv Panchal from Ahmedabad. Automobiles attracted me from my school days in each and every form; no matter it exists as scooters, bikes, mopeds, cars, buses, aeroplanes or helicopters. My first two wheeler which I used for much longer time was scooter “PRIYA” obviously donated my father. Then I switched over to BAJAJ BREVO and used for 8 months. After my 3rd semester, I tried to convince my father for HH CBZ, and it finally turned into SPLENDOR. Currently I am riding YAMAHA FAZER and enjoying each ride with it.

Professionally talking, I have completed my Masters in Automobile Engineering. I have also worked with four companies including General Motors, India. Write now I am enjoying spreading my knowledge about automobiles by working as an Assistant Professor. Do not get the wrong impression for me by my profession. I am still passionate about bikes and will remain forever.

Personally, I like all the sport bikes, HH, YAMAHA from Indian market and HD for cruisers. I believe in a quote “There is only one CONSTANT on the earth, and it is CHANGE”. So I always try to learn and grab the new things about bikes and cars. I am also a Member of SAE INDIA. I have guided 13 new projects for B.E. students related with automobiles. I have also guided my students twice for designing the ATV car in BAJA competition, held by SAE INDIA every year. I am here to converse with you people, because you are the guys from all over India and coming from different fields. So we will try to converse on each facts about bikes. Looking for a zoooommmmmm…….. journey……… 🙂

Sharat Aryan, Photographer

Hi friends, this is Sharat from Bangalore. Well as of now I am pursuing my under graduate which is getting over by April 2012. Have plans of doing my MBA once I am done with this.

Well telling about my interests, automobiles, photography, gadgets, machines and everything just attracts me. Just catches my eyes and drags me towards it. Well bikes and automobiles being the top contenders among them. My biking days started even before I could realise what an engine is. Those were the late 90s, when my dad used to ride his Scooter, Bajaj Super FE and I used to stand in front and fight with my dad for allowing me to operate the throttle. And not able to bare my torture, my dad used to allow me to do that a few times. Right from then, my interests on riding bikes never receded. It was in 2004 when I started to learn to ride bike from a very enthusiastic rider, none other than my dad. It was the wave of Bajaj Pulsar all over the nation and so was the case with us too. It was the Pulsar 180 DTS-I with the spoke wheels and beasty engine, from which I started to ride the bike. Since then, I have never turned back, my interest over bikes and automobiles kept on increasing every single day.

And coming to Bike Advice, it was in the late 2010, when we felt the necessity of another vehicle. That is when I came across this blog, which helped me a lot to understand more about bikes and all the other concepts about bike riding. Today I am a pride rider of a CBR250R, which is a dream come true for a biker like me, who always dreamt of riding a beasty machine.

Opps! I forgot to mention that most of the skills which I possess today are inherited from my father. Let it be bikes or the cameras. As my dad was a part time professional photographer and of course had an SLR camera, in those days. It became easy for me to learn more about photography and the elements associated with it. Now I have a Cannon 550D, which I feel is worth to every penny, the way it captures images.

Well this is about me guys. I hope you guys will like my photos and contribution to Bike Advice. Your suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome.

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