SPIED: Yezdi AdvenX and Streetfighter Spotted; Custom Jobs or Upcoming Models?

Yezdi AdvenX looks interesting with that additional ‘Rally Pro’ kit that will give it a lot of off-road worthiness, a strategy similar to Himalayan…

What is certain is that Classic Legends, the company that owns monikers like Jawa, Yezdi and BSA, had conducted some kind of a meet (most probably a dealer meeting), wherein it showcased certain motorcycles that are distinct from the current models on sale.

One of them, Yezdi Roadking-like, we have discussed here. Apart from that, Yezdi also kept on display two different motorcycles. One of them is named as Streetfighter and the other one AdvenX.

Yezdi Streetfighter

This motorcycle is based on the company’s Scrambler and has a very odd looking twin canister exhaust system. With that 334 moniker it is sure to get the same engine as well. It has spoke wheels which means the tyres may not be tubeless.

Yezdi AdvenX

The AdvenX has clear resemblance with the existing Adventure and in fact, it appears to be a more rugged version of it. It features long travel suspension, block patter tyres as well as a flatter seat.

yEZDI advenx

The motorcycles here feature ‘Yezdi Customs’ badge which is a little confusing. The question is – whether these motorcycles will be sold as standalone units or are we looking at custom kits that you can purchase for your existing Yezdis and convert them to these motorcycles?

Aside this also there seems to be a lot cooking at the company’s headquarters as there were showcases of two other interesting motorcycles as well. There are reports that there may be different engine configurations that Classic Legends may be working on, apart from the ones that we already know.

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This appears to be a hard-pressed event by the company to fill some kind of a hope among dealers, as sales of the Mahindra-owned brand have simply failed to pick, despite the addition of as many as three new motorcycles under the re-introduction of the Yezdi moniker.

I think Classic Legends already have a lot of motorcycles under its portfolio. The management and the strategy is a big miss here. The company should start marketing one single motorcycle at a time and give it the due limelight. It should also start paying heed to customer problems and quality control should be strengthened. Let’s see if Mahindra is finally able to set proper footing in the 2-wheeler space…