Exclusive: Harley X440 Outsells All Jawas & Yezdis Combined in Jan 2024*

Harley X440 vs Jawa sales for the month of January 2024 do not reveal a rosy picture for the Indian maker, owned by the Mahindra group.

So, Classic Legends – which owns the legendary names of Yezdi and Jawa, hasn’t had a good run in India so far. I have, time and again, reported numbers that clearly signify that sales are stuck and even with the introduction of as many as three new motorcycles under the Yezdi moniker, there are no signs of any significant growth.

Interestingly, Classic Legends suffered a setback initially – and had to go through a lot of issues – pertaining to delayed deliveries, spare part issues, production, etc. In fact, it stopped giving sales data and said it will re-start doing it ‘when the time is right‘. No clues for guessing that it still does not reveal its dispatch data, or may we conclude that the ‘time is still not right‘ 😀 .

So, while we have the wholesales data of almost every major manufacturer, we have to rely on retail sales numbers for Jawas and Yezdis which are extracted from the Vahan portal – and shared by Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA). Which means while the numbers for Harley Davidson X440 shared on this page are wholesales – ie company dispatches to dealers, the figures for Classic Legends are actual registrations in the month under consideration.

x440 vs jawa
Classic Legends has 6-7 motorcycles in the portfolio – spanning across segments…

So, with the context set, let me reveal something startling! Harley Davidson’s smallest motorcycle – the X440, which is being completely handled by Hero MotoCorp in India, is doing fairly good business, at least during the initial few months. On the other hand, there is no momentum that can be seen in Classic Legends’ sales numbers.

This has led to the X440, single handedly, beating all the six or seven Jawas and Yezdis in the Indian market in the month of January 2024. Yes, a single motorcycle beating a complete brand that has bikes in almost all segments! Here are the numbers…

EXCLUSIVE: Classic Legends Suffers BIG Decline Despite Adding Yezdi

Harley X440 vs Jawa Sales

Harley X4403349 units
Jawa + Yezdi – All Motorcycles (retail numbers)2808 units

Even in overall numbers, since X440’s dispatches began, Harley is neck to neck with all the 6-7 motorcycles from the Indian brand.

Harley X440Jawa + Yezdi
Sep 2023182427
Oct 202324952689
Nov 202321603166
Dec 202321892481
Jan 202333492808
TOTAL10,211 units13,571 units

If we exclude the month of September when dispatches of the X440 barely began, there is only a difference of roughly 1000 units between the two brands in the last four month of sales.

x440 vs jawa
Jawa is also trying to fight out and has introduced the new, bigger Jawa 350 recently…

There are clear management issues plaguing the company. But the good thing is that Jawa is trying to fight out the competition and has recently launched the new, bigger Jawa 350. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the coming months.

Note –

As specified, Harley’s numbers are wholesales and Classic Legends figures are registrations with data collected from 1356 RTOs (out of 1443 RTOs) across India. Classic Legends numbers do not include figures from TS and LD.