EXCLUSIVE: Classic Legends Suffers BIG Decline Despite Adding Yezdi

Jawa-Yezdi sales have plummeted despite the addition of as many as three new motorcycles all catering to different segments…

So, it took some time but Mahindra understood that penetrating the two-wheeler market will not be easy for them. They dropped their own brand and bought Classic Legends which owns older, well known, iconic brands – Jawa, Yezdi and BSA.

Initially, the brand did manage to make the correct noises after the introduction of the Jawa, however, things have just not settled down ever since it started delivering bikes. There were three models introduced under Jawa and Classic Legends, then, followed it up with the resurrection of the Yezdi brand recently, in an earnest hope that sales would increase, now that it has as many as six models under the belt.

Long back, the brand stopped sharing motorcycle sales data and said that it will do so, again, when the ‘time is right‘. It appears that the time is still not ‘right’ for the brand! We, then, have the FADA-shared retail sales data with us that reveals Classic Legend’s motorcycles that were actually actually registered with various RTOs across India.

jawa-yezdi sales

However, as surprising as it may sound, sales have simply failed to get any boost. In fact, in the first six months of this financial year, Classic Legends has registered a big fall when compared to its own sales in the same period last year.

So How BIG is Royal Enfield…?

Here are the numbers..

Jawa-Yezdi Sales Data


Generally, when you add a new motorcycle you expect sales to rise. Classic Legends added not one but as many as three new models, all catering to different genres – under the new brand of Yezdi. And instead of rising, Classic Legends has seen a drop of almost 30 percent during this period. What’s even worse is that in each of the months, sales have been lower than its own numbers.

This would be concerning for the brand as it has been stuck at these numbers since the last many years. Sales have simply not been coming and with new rivals venturing in, it has found itself caught in a situation in which it has been extremely difficult for it to attract new buyers. What do you think is going wrong with Classic Legends..?