SPIED: Is That Yezdi Roadking or Something Else?

Is that the Yezdi Roadking that has been snapped in a video or is it simply a custom modified job by the company itself to promote the Scrambler…?

We have discussed aplenty how despite adding Yezdi to the list, Classic Legends’ sales are not increasing (details). One of the many issues with the management is that they have introduced motorcycles in bunches – three in Yezdis case – which were introduced together.

This robs the proper introduction of individual motorcycles. If we leave aside a few motorcycling aficionados, common motorcyclist will still not know the details of each of the Yezdis in the market. Nonetheless, the brand appears to be working on new motorcycles for the market, or something is cooking.

Yezdi roadking

In a video posted on Instagram, a new motorcycle in red has been captured. Now, on first glance it appears to be the Scrambler that is already on sale. However, looking at it closely reveals many differences.

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The old Roadking like fuel tank, the color theme, the rear portion, the exhaust – everything is different. This suggests that this could be a new model that the company have just showcased to its dealers, which could be marketed as Roadking. The scrambler-ish motorcycle adorns alloy wheels with Pirelli tyres.

Surprisingly, there is no name printed on the motorcycle, nor does it come with rear tail lamp and side blinkers. This, and a few other bits, do leave some kind of a confusion – if Yezdi has just showcased custom designs of its Scrambler to dealers. Let us wait for some time before we understand the company’s plans.