‘That Z in NS400Z Hints That There is More to Come…’ Says Rajiv Bajaj

Will there be more Pulsar NS400 models? Is Bajaj renaming the Pulsar RS series and bringing it under the NS umbrella? This is interesting…

After a barrage of upgrades to its existing Pulsar line-up, Bajaj officially launched the Pulsar NS400Z yesterday – which is the biggest motorcycle in the high-performing Pulsar portfolio. This comes after three odd years of launching the Pulsar 250 twins – the N and the F – which expanded the Pulsar portfolio from 220cc earlier.

Though introductory, Bajaj has killed it with the pricing of the NS400Z. At 1.85 Lakh it is the most affordable 40 PS near 400cc motorcycle on sale in India. And yet, it packs in a lot of features. I will be riding it tomorrow to understand how has the company managed the motorcycle.

But if you thought that this is it and Pulsar has maxed out, you are mighty wrong. Though there may not be a larger Pulsar any more but Rajiv Bajaj teased The Z in the NS400Z is a clue that there is more to come very soon“.

Pulsar ns400 models

Now, the company hasn’t even told us the full form of ‘Z’ in that name and there isn’t much that we can guess. I can think of one thing – the upcoming RS400 (a potential full faired Pulsar on this 400 platform) to be renamed to NS 400F or NS 400R or something similar.

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Bajaj hasn’t touched the RS200 yet and it has simplified the line-up by restricting the Pulsars to N and NS series (F hasn’t clicked), apart from the older generation models. Though the NS in NS200 stands for Naked Sports (is it the same on the NS400 as well?), there is a possibility that Bajaj may re-christian the RS range that may see this 400 platform based elder sibling.

There is another possibility of Bajaj considering more motorcycles on this platform that may gain new suffixes and hence the sudden introduction of that mysterious ‘Z’ in the nomenclature of the Pulsar NS400.

What do you think? Do you have any other logical theory…?