5 Best & Safest DOT Approved Helmets Under ₹5000

If you are also looking for best helmets under 5000 then here is a list that we have compiled. We have only listed DOT approved helmets…

So, you have just bought a spanking new motorcycle and are in the market for a helmet. Or your older headgear may have worn out. Wait! Do NOT go for those ₹1000-₹2000 helmets that are available in abundance.

We are talking about your skull – the singlemost important part of your body. You have spent many thousands or lakhs for your new motorcycle; keep aside a decent amount for your helmet. Here, have a look – this may imbibe some good sense..

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ISI rating may be mandatory in India, however, you should look for more reliable international safety ratings like DOT, ECE, SNELL, etc.

In this featured story, I have compiled a list of five most affordable and safer helmet options you have if your budget is under INR 5000. The best thing is we are listing only those products that are available online – on reliable sites like Amazon and/or Flipkart.

The following helmets come at least with DOT certification.

Why Opt for a Safer Helmet?

So, you should opt for authentic helmets that have good safety ratings such as DOT, or ECE. These helmets offer better safety and have stronger build quality. People usually lack knowledge and buy helmets just to prevent themselves from traffic challans.

In case of an unfortunate accident, cheap helmets do not save your head and in fact, they could prove to be fatal for your. If you use properly tested, DOT-certified helmets they will offer optimum protection and are likely to save you. These helmets follow international safety guidelines and absorb maximum impact upon a fall.

What is A DOT Certified Helmet?

Since all the following helmets at least adhere to DOT certification, let me explain what exactly does it mean.

DOT is the abbreviation for Department of Transportation. It is a safety standard that helmet makers stick to while procuring, selling, or exporting riding helmets in the USA.

The helmet makers rigorously test their products through crash protection, penetration and various other tests. This tests the quality of the headgear. If the helmets pass the tests, they are certified with DOT rating and there are hefty penalties for makers which make compromising quality helmets.

Best Helmets Under 5000 – List


Price: INR 4,495

Best helmets under 5000

This helmet is ECE and DOT certified. Its shell is made up of an Injection molded Polycarbonate shell. You get a toolless visor change mechanism, internal sun visor, back cushions Reflectors, and integrated spoiler.

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More AXOR Helmets – Range starts from Rs 3069


Price: INR 3,132

This helmet from TVS Motors comes with dual certification – DOT as well as ISI. The XPOD is built aerodynamically using multi-density EPS. The inner linings are removable for cleaning. The helmet also supports placing Bluetooth connecting devices.

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More TVS Helmets – Range starts from Rs 3000


Price: INR 3,700

Best helmets under 5000

Here is a full-face helmet from Royal Enfield that comes with three top certifications – DOT, ECE and ISI. Its outer shell is made up of fiberglass composite and also constitutes dense multiple EPS liners. The chin straps come with D-ring for a better and safer grip.

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More Royal Enfield Helmets – Range starts from ~Rs 3500


Price: INR 2,919

This helmet from THH comes with dual certification – DOT as well as ISI. It uses an unbreakable hard ABS shell along with a denser EPS liner to withstand impact upon fall. The helmet also accompanies a scratch-resistant visor and comfortable cushion paddings. The price is also pocket-friendly.

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More THH Helmets – Range starts from ~Rs 2500


Price: INR 4,400

Best helmets under 5000

Here is another affordable full-face helmet – the SMK Twister that is aerodynamically built with EIRT. It offers a scratch-resistant visor, removable and washable inner liner, multiple air vents, rear extractor, etc.

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More SMK Helmets – Range starts from ~Rs 4000

So, this is your option list of the safest – DOT certified helmets if you have a budget of under INR 5000. If you own or know a helmet that should be featured in this list, do let us know.

I reiterate – it doesn’t matter whether you are a daily commuter or a weekend rider, You must invest in a durable helmet to keep yourself safe during riding – IT IS A MATTER OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR BODY!

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