3 Best Helmets Under Rs 3000 | Safe | DOT Approved

In this story we are listing three best helmets under 3000 from the sales going on at Amazon and Flipkart with direct buying links..

Its festival time and discounts and offers are at their highest in India. If you are in the market for a helmet and safety is your first priority you can check out our list of 5 best and safest DOT approved helmets.

However, if you are a little tight on budget, let us quickly list three options that are available under Rs 3000 at the ongoing sales at Amazon and Flipkart. All the helmets mentioned below are DOT approved which means they are certified to be the safer options available.

Best Helmets Under 3000

Steelbird SB-40 Open Face Helmet

Best Helmets Under 3000

Although we do not suggest open face helmets but in case you prefer using them for quick neighborhood rides, here is one from Steelbird. Called as SB-40, the company claims that it is DOT approved (along with ISI certification).

Current Price – Rs 1879

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THH T-76 King Cobra

Best Helmets Under 3000

This one is listed at Flipkart and looks the best of the lot. According to the maker, it is DOT as well as ISI approved and can be had for just a shade under Rs 3000

Current price – Rs 2919

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Royal Enfield Camo Helmet

Best Helmets Under 3000

Here is one good offer. There are a few Royal Enfield helmets available at discounts that bring their prices under that Rs 3000 mark. They are ECE as well as DOT approved and come along with ISI certification.

Current price – Rs 2959