Exclusive: SWAY Trike Patented; Is Hero Taking it to Production?

BikeAdvice has landed on a Hero Sway Trike patent doc, which reveals the Indian maker’s possible intent of taking it to production..

Ever since 2014, around the time when Hero and Honda announced separation, the Indian maker has been showing some crazy concepts to the world, just to prove that it can walk solo, without the technical help of Honda.

The problem however is that not much has materialized and most of them have remained concepts. The good news, though, is that Hero is becoming mature over the years and after settling down with its bread and butter products, it is really trying to push around with niche 2-wheelers (and even an innovative 3-wheeler recently).

In its bid to come to headlines, the company showcased a unique 3-wheeler Trike concept called as Sway at the Hero World 2024 in January. The Sway is an electric trike with two wheels at the front (and one at the rear). What purpose would it solve in the Indian context is debatable but such kind of projects are more towards brand building.

Hero sway Trike
This is the Sway Trike concept Hero showcased recently…

Not much information was revealed by Hero apart from the fact that it is based on the Vida V1 scooter which comes with a 3.9 KW motor (6 KW peak power) with a top speed of 80 kph and weight of around 125 kilos.

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The Sway, if it goes to production, will be heavier, off coarse and sports discs at both the front wheels. This will be a very costly project and trikes have usually not become very popular anywhere in the world. However, Hero may be considering offering it as a halo product – just to be the talking kid of the town! Or it may have its sights set on some of the more developed international markets.

What do you think – will an electric Trike work. If yes, at what price points…?