If you’ve been searching thoroughly on the web recently, you’re sure to have come across bikes that are fast and have a beautiful body. I’m certain that at a first look only, you’ll desire to ride them. The only thing that will fill your mind on that instant is riding the beauty and talking to the wind on the way to a long drive on the highway. And if you have finances for getting one, the very next day you’ll get it at your doorstep.

In the world of imagination where you’re driving & talking to the wind with your closed one at the back, we forget that there are certain biking tips that we should follow for making it a safe journey. These tips are very much important not only for you, but also for people riding along with you.

Anticipation: Anticipation while driving is very much important. Though it sounds simple (Trust me, it is), there have been cases when people overlook it. You’ll find it easy for switching off when you’re riding, especially roads on the quieter side. You should always have an eye out for something that is unexpected.

Always keep a watch on your speed: I’m not telling you to crawl on the road at 5 miles/hour. I agree! The experience would be similar to the one you have while walking. Who wants that after buying a bike? What I want you to do is just assure that you’re riding at speeds, which can give you enough time for reaction on the road: especially when it comes to wet, icy or foggy condition.

Positioning: When you are on the road, it’s crucial that you are seen at all stages. It’s your job to position yourself in a way that cars will be able to see you properly.

Overtaking: Overtaking is one of the things that can give you satisfaction, especially in case you’re stuck in heavy traffic. However, you should make sure that you’re always looking above your shoulder for seeing what individuals are doing behind you. You should avoid overtaking near junctions or on bends and should obey road markings.

Be seen: If you’re having good light dipped headlights, you’ll easily get spotted on the road. Getting spotted is very much important, especially in cases when you’re driving on the highway in foggy conditions. If your bike has been built or sold after 2002, you’re sure to have dipped headlights in your vehicle. If it’s not of that period, check out your motorcycle for these headlights.

You should remember one thing: the better you’re riding skills, better will be the chances of avoiding accidents. Yes, overlooking rules while driving on a bike is enticing. Still, you need to ‘ride to live’ for ‘living to ride’.


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