BIG – Upcoming Pulsar NS400 LEAKED

First Ever Pulsar NS400 spy pics have emerged on the internet through a Youtube video – that reveal the face of the upcoming Streetfighter…

Just as I said yesterday that it is surprising that we still do not have any kind of spy pics of the upcoming biggest ever Pulsar NS400 and here we go… the first pics of the Streetfighter are out!

Shared on a Youtube channel, the pics only reveal the front of the motorcycle. The headlamp has a single projector – very similar to the Pulsar N series. The lightening-like DRLs are very prominent and are inspired from the new Pulsar NS200. Side blinkers also appear to be LED units. Aside that we could see a regular rod-type handlebar which is expected to offer a neutral, slightly forward-biased riding posture.

As expected, there are upside-down forks at the front, however, they look slightly thinner than the Dominar 400’s. Though the engine is not clearly visible, it is likely to be the same motor that does duty on the big Dom. This is against the claim of the video that it may have its underpinnings with the Triumph’s 400cc motor.

Pulsar ns400 spy pics
The NS400 is expected to come with the 373cc engine from the Dominar and may NOT have any resemblance with the Triumph’s 398cc motor

What I am very interested in is the tune of the 373cc single cylinder motor. I expected Bajaj to give it a more sprightly tune for that initial zest – typical of Streetfighters – slightly different from the relatively lazy cruising attribute of the sports cruiser Dominar.

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The Pulsar NS400 is also expected to come in snazzy color tones apart from added features like digital instrumentation, Bluetooth connectivity, ABS modes, etc.

Launch date has been announced to be the 3rd of May which is when we will get to know all the details of the motorcycle. However, I just got to know that media rides of the biggest Pulsar will be conducted sometime later!