Faired Pulsar F250 NOT Discontinued; 2024 Model Coming Up

2024 Pulsar F250 launch is definitely on the cards. Currently, Bajaj is working on it and the model has not been discontinued from the market…

Bajaj debuted its quarter liter Pulsars with a semi-faired model called as the F250 and the naked N250. Initially, the idea was to obviously sell both of them at different price points, however, due to the lack of response to the F, Bajaj continued them at similar price tags – in a hope that the F will pick up in due coarse.

However, while the response to the N250 has been picking up – simply because of the versatility of this platform, the F250 has found relatively lesser takers. This meant that the F wasn’t available at many showrooms across India, as Bajaj intentionally cut production of the motorcycle. This created a speculation that the F250 has been discontinued from the market.

2024 Pulsar f250 launch
Pulsar 250s are the biggest Pulsars currently for Bajaj…

And when Bajaj decided to go solo with the updated N250 which was launched very recently, many of our readers commented that this is the the final nail in the coffin for the F250. We connected with Bajaj officials at the media ride of the N250 recently and got to know that the semi-faired motorcycle has NOT been discontinued. In fact, they told us that the motorcycle is still being shipped to small pockets where there is demand. In fact, there is a confirmation that the F250 will also be updated in the coming few months. Concrete timelines are not known but going by the hints that I got, Bajaj has lined up different products before the F250.

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That should put an end to all the speculations about the discontinuation of the motorcycle. Bajaj Pulsar F250 will definitely continue to be on sale and will be updated in the times to come.


The question is – should Bajaj keep both the F and N as direct siblings with the major difference being the fairing, like how it has carried them till now? Or should it treat them as different motorcycles and ensure both of them get dedicated attention and space – like it is the case with the NS200 and the RS200?