Confirmed: Biggest Pulsar NS400 Launch on 3 May; Engine Revealed

Pulsar NS400 engine will be the same 373cc from Dominar 400. The question is will it go all-out and churn full 43 PS of power…?

Bajaj conducted a quick media ride of the new 2024 Pulsar N250 – which is the biggest motorcycle in the Pulsar line-up till now. However, this distinction that it has will soon be snatched by an even bigger Pulsar.

At the media ride we almost got a confirmation about the Pulsar NS400 – which will be launched on the 3rd of May – just 15-18 days to go! The biggest question that everybody has is – whether the NS400 will use the 373cc motor from the Dominar 400 or will Bajaj go full-monty had deploy the bigger 398cc engine from the new-gen 390 Duke?

This has been answered by a report at Autocar which claims that the biggest Pulsar will come equipped with the very potent 373cc motor from the Dom. It clears that this engine still has a lot of life left and it won’t be discontinued. Chances are that all the KTM/Husqvarna models will move to the bigger 398cc motor gradually and Bajaj will continue using it (the 373cc one) on its motorcycles.

Pulsar ns400 engine
Will the Pulsar NS400 go full-monty and produce nearly 43 PS of peak power…?

Bajaj has already modified it according to its usage which means getting it ready for the NS400 would have been relatively easier and quicker. With KTMs now moving to the bigger and more powerful motor, it will be interesting to see whether the NS gets the actual 43 PS version of this 373cc motor or will Bajaj continue to keep it at around that 40 PS mark?

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Interestingly, there hasn’t been been a single spy pic of the NS400 that has been snapped till now. I get a feeling that the design may be closer to the current NS200 – which already looks fairly handsome and does have a potent chassis that can carry more firepower.

Another very interesting bit is about the possible pricing of the Pulsar NS400 that could be real luring. I will discuss that in one of my subsequent video once I have a little more understanding of the product through revelations and other sneaks. Till then, you speak up – What price should the Pulsar NS400 come at…?