10 Tips to Avoid Accidents While Riding in City: Most Basic But Often Neglected

Here are some very basic riding tips to ensure you become a good road user and not become a threat for others inside cities…

There are certain very basic pointers that any rider should keep in mind before taking his motorcycle or scooter for a ride inside cities. Sometimes in haste and many a times due to pre-occupied minds we often neglect a few or all of these pointers and hit the roads making ourselves as well as the fellow road users in potential danger…

We are listing them down just to make you cautious..

Basic Riding Tips in Cities

  • First of all ensure to remove your side stand before starting the bike.
  • Never ride your bike when you are angry or frustrated with something/someone.
  • Do NOT try to overtake in corners or sharp bends. And before making up your mind for any maneuvers, make sure you overtake from the right side ALWAYS so that the driver can spot you easily.
  • Do not brake hard or use your front disc brakes heavily when you ride on a fine layer of sand or debris near the edges of the road. These lose particles, often, prove to be the worst enemy for bikers and cause most accidents especially in cities.
  • Don’t panic and lock your wheels when you suddenly encounter a Speed Bump. If you have time you can downshift to reduce speeds, if not, then calmly apply your front brake first and gradually your rear brake.
  • Always make sure you use your L/R indicator while turning to either of the sides about 30 meters ahead of your turn. This will ensure your intent is noticed by the motorists following you and you do not get hit by any vehicle. Also, before changing lanes for the turn, ensure you take a good look in your rear view mirrors.
basic riding tips
Always wear a good quality helmet and remember with a pillion the motorcycle behaves differently…

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  • Never follow Heavy vehicles or Cars (tailgating) very closely because a big part of your view is blocked by their size and if and when they brake hard you will have less or no time to react.
  • Do note that with a pillion, the bike behaves different in acceleration and braking. Be wary of this and calculate your moves accordingly before you overtake other vehicles.
  • The most important thing you have to do is to believe in you that you can stop your bike at proper time no matter what may come.
  • And finally, ride with proper riding gear especially a good quality helmet (buy helmets online) with straps fastened at ALL TIMES!

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In short, be sensible, ride safe and enjoy your ride. Remember, after all, people are waiting for all of us back home.

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Murali Krishna. R