FEATURED: 5 Best Motorcycle Gloves Under 3000 That You Can Buy Online

We list some of the best motorcycle gloves under 3000. These are great choices for you if you are on a strict budget. Range starts from Rs 1450!

Accidents happen and they happen without prior notice. So, a responsible rider should always wear good quality riding gear to safeguard himself and that is a basic pre-requisite to be a biker!

Riding gloves are something that riders often overlook. As much as a helmet is important, a pair of good riding gloves are also that much necessary. 

Importance of Riding gloves

In case of an unfortunate accident during bike riding, palms and wrist cuffs can be prone to severe damage if you are not wearing gloves with protection. 

Normally, riding gloves are made up of mesh and leather which helps in absorbing impacts upon a fall. They protect your palms and wrists from getting injured. If you have good quality riding gloves on while riding there are high chances that your hands will escape with only minor bruises during an accident.

Here are 5 such good quality riding gloves from reputed brands with protective layers under INR 3000 that you can buy online.

Top 5 Motorcycle Riding Gloves Under 3000 That You Can Buy Online

Rynox Air GT Riding Gloves

Price: INR 2,550

Rynox is a well-known name in the world of motorcycle riding gears. These affordable riding gloves from Rynox protect scaphoid bone, fingertips, finger joints with its mesh foam inserts.

best motorcycle gloves under 3000

Also, its premium soft-full grain leather material protects from abrasions. It has girth adjusters on the wrist and offers stretch panels on finger joints that flex with hand movements. You also get a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

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TVS Riding Gloves

Price: INR 1,799

TVS has recently ventured in this riding gear business and it offers some affordable yet good quality riding gloves. These pairs of gloves have a high peel PU, accordion construction, and stretch zones on fingers for higher breathability and range of motion.

best motorcycle gloves under 3000

Made up of hard polymer these gloves provide extra knuckle protectors for enhanced impact absorption.

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Axor Breeze EVO Tan Camo Gloves

Price: INR 2,120

Axor is another top brand in motorcycling domain that caters to biker’s riding peripheral solutions. They also sell motorcycle riding gloves at affordable prices.

This particular pair of gloves is made up of 3D mesh and clarino fabric leather for better shock absorption. The tip of the finger can easily operate on mobile devices. The silicon panels of the gloves provide a better grip. The fabric is made up of anti-bacterial material thus prolonged use won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

These gloves also have reflectors for night-riding visibility to other motorists. Of course, the Axor gloves get a knuckle protector with HD foam padding to efficiently absorb any crash-induced impact.

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Royal Enfield Burnish Gloves

Price: INR 2,999

These gloves from Royal Enfield come with 100% genuine leather and polyester tricot lining with perforated construction and good ventilation. Also, it has breathable air mesh for keeping the hand sweat-free during long riding hours.

best motorcycle gloves under 3000

For protection from abrasion, it uses thermoformed protectors for finger and knuckle joints. On the palm, the gloves offer a reinforced faux-leather patch for better protection. It supports easy finger movement for using a smartphone touchscreen.

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XTS Gear Airfence Motorcycle Sports Riding Gloves

Price: INR 1,450

Here is a pair of affordable riding gloves from XTS Gear – Airfence that offers molded TPU protectors for protecting knuckles. It uses an HD foam insert to protect the scaphoid bones and also TPU tabs for keeping the finger joints safe.

best motorcycle gloves under 3000

These gloves have an abrasion-resistant material made up of long-lasting synthetic leather. Also, the gloves offer better ventilation due to the lightweight yet strong mesh panels it is made of. For better adjustment, you can use the girth adjuster on the cuffs.

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Ideally, you should spend more to get higher protection but if you are on a budget, here are some of your better options.

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Note – Prices are dynamic and are at the time of this story going live.

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