“There Are New Platforms & New Variants Coming” – Confirms Royal Enfield For Next 12 Months

Royal Enfield will aggressively push new models & new platforms in the next 12 months aimed at domestic and international markets… 

So, for us biking enthusiasts, it is not something new when Royal Enfield confirms, while interacting with Motorcycle News in the U.K., that multiple motorcycle platforms and variants are underway in the next 12 months. 

We have consistently covered and shared various test-bikes spied/spotted of the new upcoming Royal Enfield models being tested on Indian as well as on overseas roads. 

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Raid Test-bike

Yet, it is a good sign when the Mr. Arun Gopal (Head of Business for Europe, Royal Enfield) himself confirms the arrival of multiple platforms and variants in the next 12 months. This confirmation only cements the fact that many models that we have seen on test are just about ready to hit the showrooms. 

While speaking to MCN, Mr. Gopal has confirmed that they are planning to expand their present line-up within a year, with the primary focus on the 250cc-750cc bracket. RE feels that this bracket is their ‘Sweet Spot’ and makes their range of motorcycles more suitable for various types of riders. 

Currently, the Royal Enfield range consists of retro-styled motorcycles encompassing the 349 cc platform (Meteor, Hunter, Classic, Bullet), 411 cc platform (Himalayan, Scram) and the premium 648 cc twin-cylinder platform (Interceptor & Continental GT). 

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Mr. Gopal has further shared that their range is ready to expand and they prefer that this happens sooner than later. He reiterates that they will be launching new ‘Platforms’ and ‘Variants’ in the next 12 months. 

“We will expand our current platforms sooner rather than later. I can say that in the next 12 months we should be in a very, very different situation.”

Royal Enfield Super Meteor/Thunderbird 650 White-Chrome spec

When pressed further regarding the new products/platforms, Mr. Gopal didn’t divulge much information. But, he did emphasise that the new machines that have been developed and/or are under development are primarily designed to be functional and appealing for their domestic market, i.e. India, and then will expand to other international regions. 

Mr. Gopal added –

“We will not do anything if it doesn’t make sense for us in India. That’s our largest customer base and India today is the largest two-wheeler market in the world”.

We have already shared & explained what all models are poised to be launched by RE in the coming months – 

In the 349 cc platform, Royal Enfiled done and dusted the launch of Hunter 350 back in August 2022, and now have their sights set on the next-gen Bullet 350. The new Bullet will be carrying the latest J-series engine, which the Hunter 350 also gets, and will have subtle modern touches to make it the next-gen model. 

Next will be the models added to the premium 648 cc platform, the Super Meteor/Thunderbird 650 is still sighted being tested on our roads, and the top-spec White-Chrome near production model has also been spotted suggesting that the launch is very near. 

The Shotgun 650 is also just about ready, sporting the retro cruiser-roadster hybrid aesthetics with a twin-cylinder engine and slightly upswept dual-exhaust design. Surprisingly, a new Scrambler styled motorcycle is also spotted on the U.K. roads and now in India, which we expect will launch much later than the above-mentioned bikes. 

Royal Enfiled Scrambler 650 test-bike

Lastly, the much-hyped and anticipated 450 cc liquid-cooled engine platform is awaited to be unveiled by the company. The Himalayan 450 and the slick-looking Roadster 450 have been spied on multiple instances. 

This will be the first time RE will be utilising an engine which will be liquid-cooled. This means the company will be able to extract more performance from the single-cylinder motor, and hence the new 450-based models will have more grunt and could rival the likes of KTM models. 

No further information was shared by Mr. Gopal during this interaction. Yet, it looks like the upcoming months are going to be very exciting for the biking community.