There Are Some Very Big Models Coming In: Royal Enfield CEO

Upcoming Royal Enfield models include roadster-like machines, cruisers, single cylinders, twins and a lot more…

Royal Enfield has a variety of motorcycles that it plans to introduce in the Indian market. Vinod Dasari, CEO of Royal Enfield, says that in 2021 they will launch the highest number of new models.

A few months back Royal Enfield dropped the all-new Meteor 350 which has been received pretty well in the market (check its sales here). It has replaced the Thunderbird from the portfolio. The 650cc cruiser duo Royal Enfield Interceptor and Continental GT also received new colors and there was a new Himalayan as well. 

Apart from this, Royal Enfield has plans to release a new motorcycle every single quarter of this year. While the COVID pandemic is causing the delay in production and sales, the company is trying to take a controlled approach in launching its upcoming models – says CEO Mr. Dasari. He added,

..there are some very big models coming in. We are very excited about it. We will have to do all the marketing and market preparedness for that.

New 350cc bike from Royal Enfield Spied: Ready to Launch.?

The sales figure of the 650cc segment of Royal Enfield has gone down significantly in 2021 due to the ensuing pandemic. In overall sales as well, there has been a major downfall. 

Upcoming royal enfield models
Royal Enfield has a lot of products under tests including this roadster/cruiser…

However, the good news is that the Chennai based maker has a backlog of production that it is yet to fulfill, according to Mr Dasari. The Eicher Motors subsidiary used to hold around 30% product margins that is gradually coming down to 20 percent levels.

Currently, the brand is facing issues in the supply chain due to the Corona situation which is affecting the availability of motorcycle parts. Mr Dasari says that many upcoming models are ready and he just needs to be sure of the supply chain’s capacity, so that they can be launched in the market soon.

Sales of Royal Enfield Himalayan Increased

Royal Enfield is already testing out various upcoming models including 350cc and 650cc bikes that have already been patented by the automaker. Some of these motorcycles will be named Royal Enfield Hunter, Shotgun, Flying Flea, Scram, etc.

Source – Money Control