Meteor Becomes Second Biggest Seller for RE in Mar 2021

Meteor 350 sales have consistently been rising and reached their zenith in the month of March. In the process it outsold the Bullet 350….

Royal Enfield has now developed its new generation 350 platform. The first motorcycle to be launched on this platform is the Meteor 350 which has received impressive reviews on engine and rideability. But how has it been received in the market? Let us take a look at its monthly dispatch numbers…

Meteor 350 Sales

November 20207031
December 20208569
January 20215073
February 20218624
March 202110,596
Total39,893 units

As you can see, the ‘Easy cruiser’ has sold almost 40,000 units within five months – an average of roughly 8000 units a month. More importantly, it has achieved a sales milestone of 10,000 units in the month of March 2021 – the last month of the fiscal.

meteor 350 sales

That also makes it one of the largest selling motorcycles in Royal Enfield’s portfolio. In fact, for the month of March, it was the second biggest seller for the company, just after the Classic 350 – and accounted for almost 18 percent of RE’s total sales for the month.

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This is a great start for a new product and will definitely imbibe a lot of confidence in the Chennai based maker because a lot was depending on its response. With it overtaking the Bullet 350, it would be a big respite for Royal Enfield. This is because all the existing 350cc models – the Classics and the Bullets will gradually move to this platform in the near future.

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And that is not all – Royal Enfield is testing over four to five models on the roads and many of them would be based on this Meteor’s 350 platform.