Honda Patents U-Go Electric Scooter in India

Honda U-Go electric scooter is currently offered in Chinese market in two variants… Offers range of 65 km extended to 130 km…

Finally, it appears that the big names of the two-wheeler industry have decided to step into the rapidly growing electric two-wheeler market of our country. After Yamaha shared their plans on working on an India-specific electric scooter, Honda have stepped up and have filed the patent of what could be their own electric scooter competitor in our EV market. 

Honda Patents ‘U-Go’ Electric Scooter In India

So, HMSI have patented an electric scooter in India which appears to be very similar to their recently introduced ‘U-Go’ in the Chinese market. The Honda U-Go sports a compact and minimal scooter design and is primarily offered to be used in the urban environment. 

It gets small and easy-to-use design features – compact LED headlamp with integrated DRLs, slim LED turn-indicators, round rear-view mirrors and floating-type LED tail-light. 

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Other features include an LCD instrumentation, USB charging port and a 26 L underseat storage. 

Coming to the mechanicals – the U-Go is offered in two variants. The first variant is powered by a 1.2 kW (1.6 HP) motor which boasts a top-speed of 53 km/h. The second is a smaller variant, powered by a 0.8 kW (1.1 HP) which pushes the e-scooter to a top speed of 43 km. Both of these motors are hub-mounted in configuration. 

The range offered by these scooters are 65 km (claimed), utilising their removable standard 1.44 kWh battery. However, this range can be bumped to 130 km (claimed) by adding an optional secondary battery pack offered by the manufacturer. 

It is an important point to note – patenting a scooter or any other vehicle in India, doesn’t necessarily mean that the manufacturer will definitely introduce/launch the said vehicle. It just means that they have reserved the product in our country for, if and when, they deem the launch to be rational and/or lucrative for the brand. 

This means Honda could be planning to launch the U-Go electric scooter in the Indian market very soon, or sometime down the timeline.

Additionally, Honda have been on a patent-filing spree lately. Checkout our coverage on their patent filing saga below –