How is Honda CB200X Doing After 8 Months of Launch?

Honda CB200X sales after eight months suggest a bit of sluggishness, however, it has done far more number of units than sibling Hornet. A wee bit of price correction can help..?

It was a surprise when Honda unveiled the CB200X – a motorcycle based on the streetfighter Hornet 180 back in August last year. Wearing ADV-like clothes, it was promoted as an ‘explorer’ ie a street motorcycle which can do slight bit of off-roading. Obviously, the idea was to expand the company’s 180-200cc portfolio which it brought to India from its Chinese operations.

Honda CB200X sales
CB200X is based on this CBF190X that Honda sells in the Chinese market.

So, how have things been for the interesting X? How has it been doing in terms of sales? Let’s see…

According to the official SIAM sales data (that reveals the number of wholesales), Honda started dispatches of the CB200X from September 2021 when it shipped 1387 units of the motorcycle, much more than sibling Hornet.

Things looked fairly decent for the coming 2-3 months but Hornet’s often showed ZERO against it – suggesting that Honda may have prioritized CB200X’s production. However, since the start of this year, things have been on a downward slide. Here is the total number of CB200X sold till now…

As you can see, the urban explorer has registered total dispatches of almost 6000 units in eight months at an average of roughly 750 units a month. In comparison, sibling Hornet 180 could amass only 1698 unit sales in the same period. This clearly suggests that people have liked the CB200X over Hornet.

We do not have a direct comparison chart with other 180s (Apache, Pulsar) as no maker shares this data individually. Though not a direct competitor but the other motorcycle around this price band that a few may consider is the 250cc FZ range. The Yamaha registered total sales of 4751 units during this same period of eight months.

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So, this is how it is for the Honda’s entry level sports motorcycle. Do you think a minor price correction can improve sales for Honda? By the way, if you are considering the 200X it is one of the ‘easiest-to-ride’ motorcycle in this segment. For its other pros and cons you can check out our first ride review video below…