Recently launched sibling 302R gets ABS as standard

Benelli 302R sales target ambitious or achievable?

The 250-400 cc segment recently witnessed a new faired motorcycle – the Benelli 302R (launch report). Unveiled globally in November 2015 at the EICMA, the Ninja 300 rival became the chunkiest (looking) motorcycle in this segment. It was first showcased and confirmed for our market at the 2016 Auto Expo.

302R was delayed but the good thing – it comes with ABS as standard. This makes it the first 300 cc faired motorcycle in the country to get the feature – yes, neither R3 (currently discontinued) nor the 2017 Ninja 300 get ABS in India even as an option at the moment! So, the question is – will DSK be able to achieve its sales target?

Benelli 302R Sales Target

According to a report at NDTV Auto, DSK has set a target to sell 1000 to 1500 302Rs in the country per year which is an average of 80 to 125 units every month. Now these numbers certainly look achievable until you know how much does the rival Ninja 300 do..

Ninja 300 registered total sales of 691 units (Kawasaki + Bajaj numbers combined) last financial year ie from April 2016 to March 2017. This gives it an average of about 57 motorcycles every month. Fast forward to this fiscal and Kawasaki has only managed 58 units of the motorcycle (from April 2017) till June 2017 so far.

The other motorcycle in the segment Yamaha R3 managed 788 units in the last financial year giving it an average of about 65 motorcycles a month.


Tornado 302R Launch Date

So, will the 302R be able to even touch its lower expected number (80 units)? Considering that it has got a lot of features which are better than Ninja 300 (read them here) and that comes at a lesser cost, it does have the ammo but despite these, this is a stiff target. DSK sold 4200 Benelli motorcycles in India last year and intends to sell 6000 units in 2017.

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Benelli 302R sales

302R makes do with twin 260 mm petal discs at the front while at the rear it gets a 240 mm single rotor. Powering the bulbous motorcycle is the 300 cc in-line twin cylinder mill from its naked sibling TNT 302. It churns out 38.26 bhp of maximum power at 11,500 rpm and 26.5 Nm of peak torque at 10,000 rpm. So, what do you think – leave aside DSK’s targets – Will 302R be able to outsell Ninja 300?

302R vs Ninja 300 Sales

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  • sh4m4n

    Looks like something they carved out in a chop shop.
    That fairing is way too big and disproprtionate with the rest of the bike, also it’s either way too big for a 300cc mill or it’s being ridden by a midget.

  • Abhay

    The bike looks too bike or the rider is too short. Looks like a 500cc+ bike. I fear the Tornado will have excessive weight and it will affect performance, acceleration, handling etc.

  • Nat a good design….looks like karizma V2 messed up

    • DurgaPrasad P

      Yes, so messed up Karizma

  • This is no where near the design of R3 or Ninja.
    Given the reputation of Benelli when it starts aging, Not sure how is this gonna attract the buyers.

    • Vinay Kumar

      Cold you elaborate the problems of owning a benelli? Apart from servicing cost..

      • Please check the online ownership forums.

      • JKM

        Yamaha R3 was recalled twice for major problems.
        R3 is a poorly finished bike and it hardly has any road presence
        Ninja 300 and Benelli are better looking

      • Worldwide R3 is considered to be on top in both fit and finish and in styling. Its just in India , Ninja considered as best. Its all about ones personal opinion

      • JKM

        please visit a showroom and see R3 for yourself, there is no R3 you can buy now.
        Ninja 300 sold more numbers than R3 for a good reason.
        I like Yamaha a lot, but their recent bikes are crap

      • R3 has been stopped temporarily. Thats the reason there is no R3 in showroom.
        N300 never sold much upon release of R3. Both has a equal amount of sales.

  • Vinay Kumar

    What’s the point when it is going to cost half a kidney to get it serviced and maintained???

  • JKM

    Benelli should be appreciated for launching good looking and well built bikes – across range 200CC to 1000CC
    they should get a grip on service centers and lower the costs to encourage more customers

  • IMO, the caption on the ad is totally the opposite of what the bike looks like.

  • Reeto

    My biggest concerns are:-
    1. The rear mono-shock barely has any travel so it’s gonna be insufficient for our road condition
    2. Service interval is just 3000 kms for Benelli bikes and service cost is on the higher side