302R vs Ninja 300 – 302R Beats Ninja in These 8 Parameters

Ninja 300 vs 302R? You will be prompted with this question if you are considering a sports 300.. In this article we list pointers where 302R betters the jap…

The faired 302R from Benelli was recently launched in India by distributor DSK of Pune. It joins the segment which currently only has the Ninja 300 as the main competition after Yamaha withdrew their R3 because of the latest emission norms getting mandatory from 1st April 2017.

Ninja 300 vs 302R – Key Parameters

So, quickly let us list three key factors where the 302R outstrips the Ninja..

ABS – It was surprising that Kawasaki did not introduce ABS on their 2017 Ninja 300 and it still does not get the tech. DSK Benelli is offering the 302R with ABS as standard. It is a switchable and dual-channel unit. Even the R3 was not offered with ABS so far but the new updated model, whenever it comes, is expected to get the safety net. Till then, the Italian enjoys supremacy in this department. And this is a deal-maker!

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Price – Before the R3 was discontinued it was priced at around Rs 3.26 Lakhs (non-ABS). The 2017 Ninja 300 (non-ABS) has been priced at around Rs 3.6 Lakhs which means that the ABS variants of both these motorcycles would cost about Rs 25000-Rs 30,000 more. This is where 302R appears to have done a decent job. DSK Benelli is offering the motorcycle at Rs 3.48 Lakhs with standard ABS. This has specially made the Ninja 300 look extremely overpriced…

*all prices ex-showroom

Warranty – Yamaha offered the R3 with a warranty of 2 years (or 30,000 kms). DSK is offering a standard warranty of four years and unlimited kilometers on the 302R. In addition to this, DSK informs that you can opt for a ‘Happy Savings Plan’ which will ensure lower cost of ownership and warranty protection. While the confirmation on the 2017 Ninja 300’s warranty is pending, but it is surely not this much.

Pictured Ninja 300 ABS – a variant only offered in international markets…

Ninja 300 vs 302R – Spec Differences

Apart from this, 302R also boasts off the following features which are absent/lesser on the Ninja 300…

  • Inverted Telescopic Shock Absorbers – 302R gets 41mm inverted shockups whereas Ninja 300 continues with traditional telescopics.
  • Dual Disc Brakes – There are two 260 mm rotors upfront on the 302R as compared to the single 290 mm disc of the Ninja 300. At the rear both the motorcycles make do with 220 mm disc brakes. Benelli also offers 4 pot calipers as opposed to the 2 cylinder units at the front but at the rear Ninja has one cylinder caliper advantage (2 for Ninja and a single for 302R).
  • All Dimensions – 302R is a big motorcycle and this can be ascertained by the fact that it is larger in all the three dimensions when compared with Ninja 300.
  • Ground Clearance – 302R has a ground clearance of 150 mm whereas Ninja 300 is 140 mm high.
  • Tyres: Another big difference between these two mid-capacity rivals is the tyre they come equipped with. 302R comes with the very acclaimed Metzeler M5 Sportec radials which we have already loved on the KTM’s 390s. On the other hand, Ninja 300 gets IRC tyres which are non-radial! Also, 302R’s 150 mm rear rubber is fatter than Ninja’s 140 mm.
R3 with sibling RD350 – Click pic to read this very interesting shootout

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There are obviously a lot of factors where the Ninja 300 is expected to be better – for instance, the engine but clearly, the 302R has come in as a strong rival in the segment and these pointers do make it a very compelling case to consider it as an option, at least till Yamaha decides to spoil the party (which, by the way, is confirmed).

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