Five Things That Suggest Apache 310 Won’t Come Cheap: Price Analysis

Update: Launched: Apache 310 Price Revealed 

Do NOT expect Apache 310 Price to be Dominar-like shocking…

Delayed? Yes, but the hype is now at its zenith as TVS prepares to launch its biggest and the most powerful motorcycle in India – Apache 310 RR! TVS will announce all the details and spill the beans on its pricing in a few hours from now but just before that let us try and analyse what could be the probable price point.

Let me list some factors which suggest that it won’t come cheap, for sure!

Apache 310 Costly Features

  • Full Fairing: Why do 100cc scooters cost significantly higher than similar capacity motorcycles? Simple – the use of plastic (obviously, among other factors)! So, keeping everything else constant, the higher the amount of plastic on a motorcycle, directly proportional is its cost (increment). And for some reason TVS chose the sports version (naked and adventure were taken by BMW) on the 310 platform. Bajaj has unleashed a new definition of Value for Money with its Dominar and one big reason of achieving that price tag has been the lack of fairing. If you would remember, some official from Bajaj said that if they make a faired Dominar, it will be costly (report here). So, with a full fairing and sporty credentials Apache 310 will have higher input costs.
  • USD Forks: Many manufacturers are ditching Upside Down forks for the more conventional ones. The latest example being Dominar 400 (its concept at 2014 Auto Expo wore USDs). According to an unconfirmed word I had, only USDs would have costed Bajaj about Rs 3500 to Rs 4000 more for Dominar. Recently, Yamaha’s R15 v3, which was spotted testing in India for the first time, also did not sport them. And then we have Mahindra which is already testing a low-cost Mojo which would also ditch USDs. However, TVS is going ahead with USDs on its Apache 310 which means that they will adjust the final price accordingly.

  • LED Lights: It is well known that TVS Apache 310 will go to the market with LED headlamps, LED DRLs and LED tail lamps. And we all know LEDs cost more than conventional lighting, at least till it goes more widespread in use. That jacks up the price a wee bit more…
  • Tyres: Apart from the test mules, the uncamouflaged pics also revealed that Apache 310 will wear premium Michelin tyres which are costlier than your regular MRF rubber used by Yamaha on its R3/Bajaj on its Dominar 400. If there is no cheaper tyre variant (there is one for the Apache 200 which comes with Remora tyres), then TVS will have to include the tyre prices in the final selling price of the motorcycle.

  • ABS: At one instance, Apache 310 has also been snapped with a button to switch ABS off. If TVS goes ahead with it in the production version, it will be surprising as even BMW G310 R does NOT get it (adventure G310 GS does have switchable ABS though). Remember Dominar 400 also gets non-switchable ABS (KTM 390s do get it however).

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Apache 310 Price (Expected)

And then we already know about some other costly features like all-digital instrument cluster, chunky clip-on, its racing credentials etc. KTM’s RC390 is priced at around Rs 2.30 Lakhs ex-showroom fully-loaded.

Apache 310 Price

So, knitting all this info together it is abundantly clear that Apache 310 will not come cheap, or in direct words do NOT expect Dominar 400-like shock pricing for the motorcycle. For the more sense-making ABS trim, we expect Apache 310 price to be very close to Rs 2 Lakhs or thereabouts (if there is a lesser variant it could be priced at around ~Rs 1.8 Lakhs)! If TVS is carrying all of this into production and still if they can manage to price it under this figure, we would be pleasantly surprised!

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We will be reporting live from the launch venue tomorrow at 11 am and we will be riding it the day after. You can shoot whatever queries you have and we will be happy to answer them. Till then, what do you think about our price estimates?