If We Make Fully-Faired Dominar, It Will be Expensive: Bajaj

When Bajaj unveiled the 400cc siblings – Pulsar SS400 and Pulsar CS400 back at the 2014 Auto Expo, it was an interesting conjecture as to which one will come first.

Now, why was production Pulsar CS400 aka Dominar 400 launched first? Simply to keep costs down! Mr Eric Vas, president of motorcycling business at Bajaj, in an interview to Autocarpro, said that if they make (made) a fully-faired Dominar, it would be very expensive.

“…If, for example, we make a fully-faired Dominar, it will be a horribly expensive vehicle…”

It can be ascertained from the fact that Pulsar RS200 is about 27 percent costlier than the naked NS200. Extrapolating the same difference to the 400cc range, entry variant of the fully-faired Dominar could have costed over Rs 1.70 lakhs, which is what Bajaj never wanted!

Eric was answering a question – if the Pulsar brand will grow from current range of 135 to 220 cc. He said, with each brand they have a different customer set in mind. The faired motorcycle buyers are different from naked motorcycle buyers, and hence, he said, there is no cannibalisation between the Pulsar RS200 and Dominar non-ABS variant which are almost priced at par.

Check speculative rendering pics of Faired Dominar 400 here and here

Dominar 400 Plans

Eric said, they intend to up their current production capacity of the Dominar from 3000 units to 5000 units by April. They target to sell 10,000 units of Dominar 400 every month, first including exports and eventually, only in the domestic market. They also want to expand Dominar’s availability to 80-100 cities (about 200 dealerships) by the end of this month.

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