2018 Apache 160 will bring a lot of new features to the motorcycle including a monoshock…

The next-gen Apache 160 was first spied by the Gearhead Bureau who posted its spy video at Youtube few weeks back. Later on clearer spy pics surfaced at xbhp.com which depicted most of the changes. And in a latest update, the upcoming motorcycle has been caught by a Motorbeam reader disguised as its bigger brethren.

Uptill now it has become abundantly clear that the 2018 Apache 160 will share all the design cues from Apache 200. All these test mules carry Apache 200’s bikini fairing, tail lamps, exhaust etc. However, thinner tyres, non-split seat, kick starter etc are the giveaways.

There are other differences as well – like rear drum brakes (instead of the small disc on Apache 200), silver coloured side panels (the latest mule gets black coloured side panels though) etc. The big change is that the Apache 160 will now sport oil cooling similar to Apache 200. The rear tyre is the same 110/80 in place of Apache 200’s 130/70.

It also carries conventional rod-type handlebar (no clip-ons) and a full-digital instrument console. Also, Apache 160 will ditch the dual shocks and will get a monoshock for the first time… which should better the already good handling characteristics of the motorcycle.

Next-Gen Apache 160

This latest test mule has ‘Olive TVS’ sticker on the tyre hugger which is the name of a dealership in Vishakhapatnam. Looking at the completeness of this mule it appears that it could be undergoing its final road validations.

2018 Apache 160

What changes will go to the engine or its characteristics are not known but rest assured focus will be on performance and agility, like it is the case right now and also with the sprightly Apache 200 (read review). More details including TVS’ launch plans are expected to be cleared in some time.

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So, we are up for some more hungama in this fiercely fought segment which has very recently witnessed Bajaj’s Pulsar NS160! Apart from this TVS has already confirmed the launch of the biggest Apache 310 soon.

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  • This looks more like a sub 150cc bike. Skinny tyres single piece seat design which looks like from discover 125. Rear drum brakes.

  • Reeto

    Hopefully TVS will continue to equip the RTR 160 with front & rear disk brake

    • Shashank

      What i hate most in Apaches is exhuast note, It’s really irritating, I have been hating it since 2006. It feels like redline the bike all the way to the revv limit and damage the piston and engine. :)))

      • Reeto

        Most Apache owners love the exhaust note. The RTR 200 sounds good too.

      • ashok

        Every owner of Apache loves the exhuast note. its quite weired that you didnt like it.

      • Shashank

        It’s not refined exhaust note and when engine gets worn then clunking comes from the engine.

  • Reeto

    Oil Cooled is a slightly dodgy word used, it basically means there is an Oil Cooler which functions like a heat exchanger for the engine oil