Myth Buster: All 125cc+ Motorcycles are NOT Getting ABS This April

Motorcycle ABS Rule

Here is a clarification of the motorcycle ABS rule which is coming into effect in two months…

So, all of you are very excited that there has been a new mandate to equip all reasonably powered motorcycles (read 125cc+) with ABS and it comes into effect as early as this April 2018! You are partially right and half wrong! Let us clear this ABS ruling in simple terms…

There are basically two parts to it – one which talks about ‘new motorcycles’ and the other one is for the ‘existing’ two-wheelers.

New motorcycles‘ (over 125 cc) which will be launched after 31st March 2018 will need to have ABS as standard. In simple terms and as an example, there can not be a non-ABS version of XPulse which is scheduled to be launched in the festive season of 2018.

Existing motorcycles‘ (over 125 cc) like Pulsar 220, Xtreme 150, Gixxer etc, can continue to be on sale without ABS for another year. The 31 March 2018 deadline excludes them from the compliance. However, manufacturers will have to equip them with ABS from 1st April 2019, or stop their sale!

Refreshed CBR 250R will be launched next month so that Honda can sell a non-ABS variant as well.

This is precisely the reason why a lot of manufacturers have advanced the launch timeframes of many motorcycles. For example, I believe R15 v3 was not planned for such an early introduction; CBR 250R is making a comeback before April 2018 so that Honda can slot in a non-ABS variant, to flash lower sticker prices etc.

Another example is the new Apache 160 which will have to be introduced before this deadline so that they may continue with the motorcycle without ABS for another year. If it gets launched in, lets say, June 2018, TVS will have to offer only the ABS version which will push the prices by a significant amount and it will loose to its rivals in that segment, at least till March 2019.

Motorcycles like Duke 250 will have to be equipped with ABS by April 2019 or else be discontinued…

So, all the interesting motorcycles which are yet to get the safety tech, like FZ 25, Fazer 25, Duke 250 etc, will get it next year or be discontinued! We are doing this story to clear out the confusion and to let you plan your motorcycle buy accordingly. Hope it helps…

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