List of features Low Cost Mojo will not get…

Mahindra seems to have settled down with the Mojo in the market. It is now commanding respectable monthly sales figures. They have already announced that their next point of focus apart from Jawa for India will be more premium motorcycles. In pipeline are four different variants of Mojo as per an official word, which will be sold through the newly opened Mojo-exclusive dealerships.

Pictured on this page are detailed spy pics of the upcoming Low cost Mojo credit T.W.O.twowheelsonly and the white accessorised version via Rushlane.

Low Cost Mojo – Missing Features

Here is what the cheaper Mojo will miss…

  • Fuel Injection – Take a look under that tank and you will see a fuel knob. This simply means that this Mojo is running on a carburetor (in place of a fuel injector).
  • USD Forks – In place of premium upside-down front forks, we can see the conventional telescopics.

  • Exhaust – The left side exhaust is not to be seen. When we asked Mahindra about two exhausts on a single cylinder Mojo, we were told that they wanted to keep a bassy exhaust note. So, apart from a relatively muted sound, expect a fair bit of weight reduction, and obviously enhanced power to weight ratio (if other specs are not changed).
  • Pirelli Diablo Rosso Tyres – A casual glance will confirm that these tyres are not the premium Pirellis. Instead slapped on is a set of MRF Zappers from Dominar 400 which are much cheaper.
  • Power – Since the motor will not be fuel injected, we also expect a minor power/torque reduction.

Low Cost Mojo

Few other minor changes are also expected, apart from some cosmetic omissions. If you add up, this could result in a very significant price reduction which could range upto as high as Rs 30,000! This will answer your question – Why is Mahindra doing this? Automatically, this will give Mojo a fresh breath of air against Dominar 400 which has come in as a new benchmark in VFM-ness in this segment.

This left side canister is not present in the above test mule. Click this pic to read our review of Mojo.

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A cheaper Mojo, probably at around Rs 1.4-1.5 Lakh mark, along with the regular Mojo (at Rs 1.7-1.75 Lakh) and a premium Mojo with ABS (at around Rs 1.9 Lakh) will definitely broaden the prospect buyers’ list.

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  • Woow, they retained USD forks.

  • Rathish Smith

    very good move and option of choice is a welcome move

  • Reeto

    Mahindra needs to rectify the following on the Mojo:
    1. Brakes – Mojo needs better brakes, current one’s too spongy. Inclusion of ABS will be a boon.
    2. Seat – Mojo’s current seat foam is too soft, not suitable for long duration. Pillion seat is not spacious enough. A split seat arrangement will be a welcome move
    3. Headlight – Mojo’s stock headlight setup is insufficient for night riding. A 55/60W setup with better intensity bulbs will be helpful.