Mojo XT Price Increased by 5k: 30K Now Separate Both the Variants [List of Changes]

Mojo UT300 changes span across to its engine and other mechanical bits…

Mahindra has already announced that its next point of focus apart from Jawa for India will be more premium motorcycles. They also promised four different variants of Mojo which are to be sold through the newly opened Mojo-exclusive dealerships.

One of them – Mojo UT300 was recently launched by the company. Mojo UT300 (UT stands for Universal Tourer) is the low cost version of Mojo which comes at a reduced price and hence, sans many features, which we are listing below…

Mojo UT300 Changes

  • Fuel Injection – Take a look under that tank and you will see a fuel knob. Mojo UT300 comes with a carburetor (in place of a fuel injector of the regular Mojo). This is one of the biggest change in the motorcycle.
  • Power/Torque – The regular Mojo produces 27.1 PS of peak power at 8000 rpm and 30 Nm of maximum torque at 5500 rpm. New Mojo UT300 churns out 23.1 PS of peak power at slightly lesser 7500 rpm and 25.2 Nm of maximum torque at the same 5500 rpm. A reduction of about 4 PS and more importantly 5 Nm is probably a little too much specially in times when we get 35 PS/35 Nm Dominar 400 at a lesser price tag.
  • USD Forks – In place of premium upside-down front forks, Mojo UT300 gets conventional telescopics but their travel remains the same 143.5 mm. We have seen many motorcycles ditching USDs recently and frankly, in motorcycles of this capacity we believe regular telescopics, if they offer significant price gain, are more than good enough for the job!

  • Exhaust – The left side exhaust is not to be seen. When we asked Mahindra about two exhausts on a single cylinder Mojo, we were told that they wanted to keep a bassy exhaust note. Good riddance we must say!
  • Weight: Sans the exhaust and other bits, we expected a fair bit of weight reduction on Mojo UT300 but sadly, it has lost just 1.5 kgs (it weighs 163.5 kg).
  • Thinner Tyre Size: Mahindra has reduced the rear tyre spec – it is now thinner 140/70 17 incher in place of the 150/60 of regular Mojo.
  • MRF Tyres – In place of the premium Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres, Mojo UT300 is now shod with a set of MRF Nylogrip Zappers which are much cheaper.
  • LED Pilot Lamp: The LED pilot lamps over the headlamps have also been taken away.

Mojo UT300 Price

Mojo UT300 Carb Rs 1,49,520
Mojo XT300 FI Rs 1,79,520

*ex-showroom Delhi

Mahindra has increased the price of the XT300 by about Rs 5000 which means there is a meaningful difference of Rs 30,000 between both the variants. But with so many downgrades we had expected a more significant price reduction.

Mojo UT300 is being offered in two single-tone colours – Volcano Red and Ocean Blue. Regular Mojo (which is now called as Mojo XT300 – Xtreme Tourer) now comes only in dual tone shades of these two colours.

Click this pic to read our review of Mojo.

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Mojo Carb vs Mojo FI: Exhaust Note

A following video gives a walkaround of the motorcycle from a dealership. Towards the end of the video the poster has also shared the new motorcycle’s exhaust note minus one canister. Hear it up..

This definitely sounds muted but let us hope it rides nearly as well as the fuel injected Mojo. In comparison here is the exhaust note of the regular Mojo FI (with two canisters).

Mojo Line-up

Entry level Mojo UT300, sans a lot of gadgetry retails for 1.5 ish lakhs. The regular Mojo XT300 at 1.80 Lakhs and the upcoming premium Mojo with ABS (at less than 2 Lakh) will definitely broaden the prospect buyers’ list.

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Will Mojo UT300 breathe a fresh lease of life for the brand or will you still continue to buy Dominar 400 or the new CBR250R?