Mahindra seems to have settled down with Mojo in the market. It is now commanding respectable monthly sales figures. They have already announced that their next point of focus apart from Jawa for India will be more premium motorcycles. In pipeline are four different variants of Mojo as per an official word, which will be sold through the newly opened Mojo-exclusive dealerships.

Building on the same story, we have some spy pics of a Mojo being tested courtesy Motorbeam. They claim that this Mojo is being tested for BS4 emissions to be introduced shortly, which is untrue. Mojo BS4 has already been launched and Mahindra has already delivered over 100 motorcycles according to the official SIAM sales and production data we have till May 2017.

We can notice that this test mule is running with a single exhaust (unlike the dual exhaust canisters of the current Mojo). Apart from that the tyres are also NOT Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 and in fact the rear tyre appears to be 140 section (in place of 150 of the current motorcycle). Apart from this we do not see any other significant changes on the motorcycle. These two differences suggest that Mahindra may launch a cheaper variant, which may broaden the prospect buyers’ list.

In an earlier spotting cheaper Mojo was spotted with regular telescopic shock absorbers (in place of the upside down golden tubes of the current variant) and there are rumours that such a variant may also get carburetor fuelling in place of fuel injection.

This left side canister is not present in the above test mule. Click this pic to read our review of Mojo.

Apart from this, Mojo will also get ABS as Mahindra had told us in an interview. So, probably before the festive season when we should have this cost cut variant launched, Mahindra may lend the current variant the added safety net of ABS and introduce it at a little premium.

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