Mojo ABS Spotted; May Get a Dual-Channel Unit: Showcase Likely at Auto Expo

Mojo ABS will enhance the motorcycle’s appeal… Likely to be unveiled at the Auto Expo…

There is no iota of doubt in the fact that Mojo has left the majority impressed with its touring credentials. However, as we have also mentioned in our Review, braking is one area we believe Mahindra needs to work apart from providing ABS either as standard or optional in a higher variant. We already had a confirmation that ABS is already on tests on the Mojo which was followed by a test mule spotting few days later. And after more than two years the motorcycle has again been caught testing by Moto2Wrist.

At a media ride we were told by a Mahindra official that Mojo ABS will not see any cost cut measures and it will come with a proper dual channel ABS unit. The difference between these two is that the latter works only on one wheel, usually the front, like in the case of the Pulser RS200.


It is expected to be sourced from Continental and we hope it also improves the overall braking feel of the motorcycle. Mechanicals are expected to be untouched and the same 26.8 bhp 30 Nm motor will continue to do duty!

Introduction of Anti-lock Braking System will further enhance the appeal of the impressive tourer. Mojo ABS launch is expected soon, as one of the top variant in the lineup. Its first official showcase is likely tomorrow at the Auto Expo!

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Though they have been late into the party, Mahindra is doing all it can to make a firm foot in the hard fought Indian two-wheeler market. Apart from this, they will launch various variants of Mojo which will include Mojo UT300, an adventure variant etc.