Apache 310 price undercuts RC390 significantly but it is costlier than Dominar 400…

At an event here in Chennai, TVS has lifted the wraps off the much awaited Apache 310. Apache RR 310 as it is officially called as, debuted at the 2016 Auto Expo in Noida as a concept. From its concept form to production a lot has changed but what has remained consistent is the basic form/silhouette. Apache 310 looks almost as striking as Akula!

Apache 310 Features

  • The biggest Apache comes with truckloads of features, some segment first! Let us quickly list the most prominent ones…
  • Apache 310 gets a very well sculpted fairing which is wind-tunnel tested.
  • It debuts the reverse inclined engine.

  • KYB race tuned suspension
  • Dual Channel ABS
  • Bi-LED Twin projector headlamps
  • Michelin tyres are standard.

Apache 310 Engine

Apache 310 shares its engine with the BMW G310 R and so much so that the power figures are identical 34 PS. Peak torque is 27.3 Nm at 7700 rpm and TVS is pretty vocal about its performance. They claim a 0-60 kmph sprint in 2.9 seconds, 0-100 kmph in 7.17 seconds and a top speed of 160 kmph.

Apache 310 Price

Andhra Pradesh 2.05 Lakh
Assam 2.15 Lakh
Chandigarh 2.15 Lakh
Chattisgarh 2.15 Lakh
Delhi 2.15 Lakh
Goa 2.15 Lakh
Gujarat 2.15 Lakh
Jharkhand 2.15 Lakh
Karnataka 2.15 Lakh
Kerala 2.05 Lakh
Maharashtra 2.05 Lakh
Odisa 2.15 Lakh
Pondicherry 2.15 Lakh
Punjab 2.15 Lakh
Rajasthan 2.15 Lakh
Tamil Nadu 2.05 Lakh
Telangana 2.15 Lakh
Uttar Pradesh 2.15 Lakh
Uttaranchal 2.15 Lakh
West Bengal 2.15 Lakh

*all prices ex-showroom in respective states


These are the ex-showroom prices in all the states in India where the motorcycle is being shipped to, in the first phase. Bookings have commenced and deliveries are scheduled to start from 25th December.

Apache 310 Price

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Apache RR310 Exhaust Note

We have a lot to talk about the motorcycle and we will share all the details and many more pics and videos as soon as we get time. We have ridden the motorcycle at the Chennai Race track and will share a first impression review soon. If you have any specific queries do shoot them below.

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  • Siddharth Jain

    How does the bike sound as the details leaked by the TVS employee mentioned that the bike does not sound good. Also lots of images specially of the black color.. 😛

    • trevor philips

      looked all over you tube i can’t find a single walkaround video of black colour all are with the colour red

  • trevor philips

    lets see how it does considering rtr 200 was a flop now tvs’s hopes are on this, looks a great option compared to ktm

  • Sarath Babu

    screwed up the pillion seat design. it sure looks like twister, retarted and screwed up ugly step sister to R15.

    • trevor philips

      and on top of that the stance is relaxed tourer like when it should have been like r15

  • Jai Kumar

    what it means – “Max Payload – 130 KG” ? Is the Pillion load max of 130 kg or total load max (rider + pillion) is 130 kg ??????

    • Sathish Narayan

      Max payload generally means total legal load on a bike/car.. this figure of 130kgs is non sense! Both Hero Splendor n Apache 310 wud have the same figure!! Don’t know what sense it makes..

  • 07CR

    Isn’t RC390 ex showroom price 2.25L Rs? So how is Apache 310 costing “significantly lesser” 20K isn’t a huge deal of money for a person spending over 2L rs.

    Such a misleading headline, for a clickbait article.

    • trevor philips

      yeah it’s not really a big margin

    • karikor

      Plus 65cc, 10ps and 15NM torque less

  • jms2876

    TVS Racing heritage is ok! But they seem to be obsessed proving themselves and forgot that these bikes should be purchased by all walks of people. I wish they could have released a semi-faired bike with touring capabilities like Honda CBR 650F.
    A capable engine and chassis seems to have been wasted with edgy styling and sports only looks, TVS please stop bragging about your sports heritage