Apache 310 BUSTED at Chennai Race Track: Specs Leaked! [Top Speed & 0-60]

Apache 310 launch date is 6th Dec. TVS has started releasing teasers. Update: a TVS Motor company employee seems to have leaked the specs of the motorcycle and the production motorcycle has also been busted!

TVS surprised everyone at the 2016 Auto Expo by showcasing the Akula concept which was their take on the joint platform developed with BMW. So far, the motorcycle has gone on to win our reader’s award for the “most spied before launch” product for this year. It was scheduled to arrive early this year, however, multiple delays have meant that it could only make way towards this part of the year. But rejoice, it finally is coming!

After a few official teasers, a Facebook user claims to have leaked the specs and features of the motorcycle (which we are listing below). The user initially had his work profile mentioned as an employee of “TVS Motor Company“. But now the leak post as well as his work profile have been taken down but not before Rushlane picked them up and posted them online.

Apache 310 Specs & Features

Here is what the motorcycle will come equipped with (as claimed)…

    • First ever Indian reverse inclined engine (we’ve seen all forward inclined engines)
    • It has a Trellis Frame (light and strong, flexible)
    • Liquid cooled with OWHE (Oil water heat exchanger)
    • 0-60 kmph in 2.63sec
    • Kayaba shocks front and rear
    • 15 option speedo
    • Lap timer
    • Top speed timer and notifier
    • Live mileage
    • Avg mileage
    • Fuel range
    • Temperature
    • Gear shift indicator
    • Side stand alarm (u can start but can’t move)
    • Hazard lamps (even if u remove the key) but key should be there to turn on or off
    • Most accurate fuel indicator (72 points usually 10 in all bikes)
    • Top speed – 165kmph
    • Exhaust is not that good
    • Dual LED projector lamps ON even in low beam (usually we see only one is on) world’s first
    • Only two colours – RED & Blue / Black

  • Bhp – 34.2
  • Mileage 25 to 30 kmpl
  • Michelin radial tires
  • 180 mm ground clearance best in class
  • DOHC-dual over head camshaft
  • FI-fuel injected
  • Dual channel total control ABS (it has ABL-anti back lift as well as RLP)

What creates suspicion are those claimed power figures of 34.2. Even if they are in PS, they are higher than G310 R’s 34 PS (official numbers). However, others specs/features appear to be very close to what we are expecting from the motorcycle.

Look at those performance numbers – they are really fast for motorcycles of this segment. Also notice the long feature set and we surely have a lovely motorcycle in the making.

Apache 310 Pics

The motorcycle has been busted and pics from Chennai Race Track have surfaced online via Facebook page Biker Memes Tamil.

The headlamp design reminds us of the R15 v2 which is currently on sale in India. That decal just above it signifies LED units and TVS’ pony moniker sits right in between both the headlamps.

Zoom in on the above pic and you will see Ninja 300, RC390 and Yamaha R3 – all the direct or indirect competitors in a single frame. But what are they doing there, closer to the official launch date of the 310?

Absolutely undisguised pictures you see on this page are credit Xbhp.

Apache 310 Teaser

The above teaser reveals the following bits…

  • The ’35’ at the rear cowl (which we earlier misread as 3S) signifies TVS’ experience in racing.
  • The motorcycle will come in dual tone colours – one of which is this red and white.
  • Apache RR 310 is the final and official commercial name. What happened to the suffix ‘S’?
  • The front gets twin LED headlamps along with LED position lamps.

Apache RR 310S – Observations & Details

  • The split headlamps are LED units and have DRLs over them.
  • Many units have been spotted testing with ABS.
  • The twin split headlamps are placed lower to lend the motorcycle a very sporty character. They also remind us of the older-gen CBR600RR to some extent.

Apache RR 310S pic

  • TVS is continuing with Golden coloured premium upside down front forks.
  • The tail lamp, again an LED unit, is funky and is an inverted omega (sign).
  • The tank, another very important design element of the motorcycle, is tall and muscular, and appears to have well chiselled out knee recess.

We can notice that this blue coloured mule has a broken/twisted front brake lever. Alongside that is a tall visor which, aesthetically could have been better but, should provide better wind-resistance while on the roll. And then there is an all-digital vertically-stacked instrument panel.

The clip-ons of the Apache 310 are set slightly higher up than the track-spec Akula concept which is expected, however, the seating posture will still be more committed than the Pulsar RS200 but not an all-out race-spec. The motorcycle is shod with Michelin Pilot Street tyres.

There are minor differences in these spy pics – One grey coloured mule has black-tipped exhaust (as compared to the silver-tip of the blue mule). It also has a blackened visor.

Apache 310 Launch Date

Apache RR 310 will share the 313cc single cylinder engine from the BMW G310 R but what spec-changes will it incorporate is not known at this point!

TVS Apache 310 Launch Date

Apache 310 Launch Date 6th December 2017

Yes, it is official and we are only a few days away from the launch of what could be termed as one of the most important motorcycles for our market.

We will be at the venue to share all the details of the motorcycle and you can also watch the launch live at 11:00 am on the D-day.

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Akula Concept for reference. Click pic for preview

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We have discussed the estimated pricing of Apache 310 here and believe that it will be significantly costlier than Dominar 400, however, it will definitely undercut the KTM’s 390s. This comes as a breather and all you TVS fans who have given up on its launch prospects; cheer up and start saving…