Preview: TVS AKULA / Apache 300 – 7 Key Pointers, Launch & 21 Pic Gallery

Before the Auto Expo, at the media ride of Apache 200, I had a word with TVS officials and they specifically hinted that they are working on something bigger and the Auto Show will spill the beans. Among other motorcycles, they did showcase that “something bigger” and Akula 310 is what they called it, which, in Russian, means shark!

Let us take a quick preview of the concept motorcycle which will spawn a production version very soon.

Akula 310: Key Pointers

  • Akula 310 is based on the platform jointly developed by TVS-BMW. BMW has carved two versions – the roadster G310R and Adventure G310GS and both of them have been officially confirmed for this year (link to report). Probably owing to India’s fascination towards ‘faired’ motorcycles, TVS chose the sports version. While G310R is a production ready motorcycle, Akula will go though many changes before it is ready for production and closer-to-production test mules are already on test on our roads. (Check latest spy pic)

310cc TVS Akula Pics (20)

  • Specific details of the engine were not shared but Akula will be powered by the same 313 cc single cylinder engine of the G310R. How much detuning will it get is a point of interest!
  • TVS officially shared that Akula is powered by a quick-shifting 6 speed gearbox.
  • They also confirmed that it is wind tunnel tested.
  • List of features (of this concept) include – radial calipers, USD Forks, light-weight carbon fibre bodywork, full functional digital speedo, steering damper, gyro camera (despite the angle of the lean of the motorcycle, the camera remains perpendicular to the gravity of earth to provide proper horizontal shots) etc.
  • When launched, Akula will rival the upcoming Pulsar RS/SS 400 and many others and this platform will spawn motorcycles of different genres as well which may include adventure sports, streetfighters etc (on TVS badging).

From what we can observe from the test mules that have been spotted so far, Akula gets…

  • a new exhaust sourced from G310R against the Akrapovic-like of this concept.
  • The tail is now more complete and the rear seat has been kept high.
  • The motorcycle continues with the same golden coloured chunky upside down forks.
  • The interesting 5-spoke alloy wheels from the family also continue.
  • Seating posture is more aggressive than Pulsar RS200, however, the clip-ons, when compared with RC390 are high-set.
  • A clean registration plate holder has been introduced

TVS Akula / Apache 300 Launch

According to the word given to us, TVS has plans to launch the production version of Akula 310, which could be called as Apache 300, towards the early part of this year (2017). We believe it may get delayed to the middle of the year.

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Akula 310 : Pictorial View – First Look

310cc TVS Akula Pics (20)
First, the best look at the motorcycle. Its beautiful let us assure you! Pics do not actually do justice to the motorcycle – it was surprisingly good (considering it is from an Indian manufacturer)
310cc TVS Akula Pics Headlamp
Since this is a racing concept, no headlamps but we can see beautifully crafted headlamps fitting somewhere there on the prod version. Notice cam.
310cc TVS Akula Pics disc brake upside down forks
Roto Petal Discs & Upside down forks in shining golden colour
310cc TVS Akula Pics rear tyre
This concept used Pirelli Angel ST Tyres
310cc TVS Akula Pics rear tail
Notice the air-scoops and camera
310cc TVS Akula Pics tail gyro camera
The rear cowl has space for air to escape: aerodynamics
310cc TVS Akula Pics side fairing
This is where the whole bulk is. Its not overdone like the Pulsar SS400 concept of the Auto Expo 2014.
310cc TVS Akula Pics rear cowl camera
Side view of the gyro cam – to record all your laps
310cc TVS Akula Pics frame monoshock
Race-Spec frame. TVS calls it highly stiff space frame chassis
310cc TVS Akula Pics frame 1
View from the other side
310cc TVS Akula Pics exhaust
This looks like an Akrapovic-design. Look at the finishing of the joint – we are impressed!
310cc TVS Akula Pics engine
The engine/Crank case cover gets TVS Racing logo. TVS may continue this on the production version or may only use “TVS”
310cc TVS Akula Pics air ducts
One of the many ducts in the fairing for air to scoop out.
310cc TVS Akula Pics (19)
The tank is beautifully chieselled and the (single) seat is typical racer. The production version will obviously add a pillion seat and will be more padded.
310cc TVS Akula Pics (8)
TVS has used lightweight carbon fibre bodywork

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TVS Akula Pic Gallery – 21 Pics

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