Hi! This is Sudarshan from Chennai! I joined the wagon of proud Karizma owners and I bought this new silver-colored Karizma R in the month of August 2008. However, before I staked on Karizma, I took a test drive of Thunderbird Twin Spark, Pulsar 220cc and 200cc, Avenger 200, RTR 160, and also Yamaha R15 at the Chennai Race Track when R15 was launched on 12th of June. In fact, I also drove Hunk and the Unicorn and almost all the best bikes available in India.

Karizma Silver

While I previously owned a Yamaha Gladiator 125cc I eagerly waited for the Yamaha R15, but honestly I was very much disappointed with the R15 size, although I liked it very much for many of its unique features. Let me tell you, its not suitable for me and not practical at all.

The Thunderbird was just useless; I am a fan of modern technology including durability, reliability, maintenance free ownership, etc. The bullet manufacturers surprised me; Thunderbird no doubt may have good sound and presence but as far as Indian roads are concerned it is an annoying machine.

And, then the Pulsar 220 I believe is lifeless that I felt like driving an electric scooter; absolutely lifeless and useless. There is no control and no feel and it’s been the biggest disappointment. The aerodynamic efficiency is poor and I think Bajaj is just ripping people off their money by gimmicking them with features that I think are useless. Because at the end of the day you need a bike which can stretch the smile curve on your face just like Karizma does which is to me the best ever motorbike in India. The features in the Pulsar 220 are not matched by its refinement, quality and comfort featured in the marketing materials and I think there is no use of the digital speedometer and backlit switchgear, Digital Twin Spark-Fuel injected, rear disc brakes, oil cooler when the bike per se is no good. Pulsar 200 and Avenger 200 too are just as useless.

I liked the Unicorn, although it is not very powerful but the wheelbase and power were just a tad higher than my Yamaha Gladiator. The Apache RTR was too small for me just like the Yamaha R15 but I feel TVS people have done a good job with RTR. Its a fun bike. Both Yamaha R15 and TVS RTR are good track tools but they are certainly not for me as I am not into racing and at 6’2” the Karizma seems to be my best option as of now. Coupled with the test drive it had reaffirmed of my impression on it.

I drove the new Karizma, a 2003 model of one of my friend and let me tell you that the bike is bulletproof. Even after more than 5 years the bike was still superb and my friend is an adrenaline junkie who drag races with it as for him an average of 20 km/ltr is a big achievement for daily use and his bike had clocked 99000 kms close to the 1-lakh mark and is due for major work; still I tell you that its in superb condition I guess no other bike could have withstood such abuse and torture not even a bullet in the hands of my friend.

I was astonished at the quality, reliability, durability and withstanding capabilities of a Karizma. I was told that the bikes’ overall quality has been improved and the new Karizma R is much better than the old version although no major changes were done still Hero Honda has improved the quality of the bike.

So, the question that’s pondering me is why to change an already good bike. Look at bullets for instance; the same old 70-year tech but still it frenzies every bike lover’s heart and going strong.

I also read an article about a guy who went on a world tour on a yellow Karizma, surely no other Indian-built bike could help achieve the feat, not even the bullets, not the Pulsar 220s or other Indian bikes. So I called up this guy and asked him for his opinion on the Karizma and he told me no other bike could have endured his exploits of a world tour and told me that it was the best decision I had made in my life buying a Karizma; full paisa vasool and more.

Let me tell you about the icing on the cake! It was a video that I saw on the youtube titled CNBC Comparison of Karizma Pulsar 220, RTR 160 and the best thing is that the Karizma had been adjudged as the best by the 3 testers. It came first in the lap around the Chennai Race Track, but more importantly the way it won the lap, flawless braking, suspension geometry, responsive and confidence inspiring handling, comfort, superb engine pickup, torque etc and what not? The Karizma is just perfect for what ever you put in its way, dragracing, wheeling, touring, comfort, looks, quality, durability, track use, fuel efficiency and the list goes on and at Rs. 82,000 the bike is still best bet for your money!

My only regret, I was informed of a new Karizma to be launched next July with Fuel injected 6 gears, rear disc brakes, 250 or 300 cc Honda engine and host of other new features.  The new Karizma which would cost more than 1.8 to under 2 lakhs tag. So I know my limitations that its a price tag I cant afford. So I am happy that Karizma R is the best ever investment decision I have made in my life and even if a new Pulsar 250, or a Ninja 250, or Karizma Fi 250 or 300 roll out I still won’t bother as my new bike squeezed my heart and I am enjoying my new love life with my sweetie machine! It’s a tested and tried model, after all from the Hero Honda portfolio!

This post was a comment left by Sudarshan in the Karizma Review. I thought it was a great article and posted it here. If you want your article published email me at deepak@bikeadvice.in

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  1. Nice review. The best part of the Karizma is that if your tall you don’t have issues riding the bike, but the R15 is too small for even average riders. Once HH get the new Karizma then Bajaj will really need to re-design the 220 which is well as you said quite a unimpressive machine.

  2. Raj, I own a Karizma too and it is no match against P200. And it looks so much like the 150cc and 180cc models. Dare to be unique rather than going along with the herd. Well, the details are more important than our feelings. Karizma wins in the tests.

    • Deepak u r right!
      karizma have no match for itself……….
      frndzzz ride karizma r once u will feel d difference b/w karizma n other bikes but feeel honestly……

  3. Dear Raj,

    I did not mean to offend anybody’s feelings.its just that i prefer the karizma over all other bikes in india. The pulsar family is a very good effort by our own hamara bajaj. The pulsar 200 has better refinement than pulsar 220 n feels better than pulsar 220 in some aspects. Bajaj needs to work more on the p220 as it is its first fi bike n p200 if it wants to match honda tech. I personally dont feel any prejudice to any bike in india , but when i am spending so much money on a bike i want a perfect all rounder and the karizma does it for me. The purpose of me posting comment was not to start a heated debate among its users. I feel the karizma is much better than a p200, i had a yamaha gladiator so if i had to change companies i would only want a good bike not its features. Since the karizma is a honda under the skin it definitely scores over pulsars n other bikes in india in so many aspects. Also please note that iam a bike lover and have driven all kinds of bikes, R1, gsxr 1000-600, r6,zx 10,zx 6, hayabusa, rd 350-500 lc, rx 100, bullet 350-500-535, yezdi, jawa, r15 n so many other bikes.

    I personally felt Karizma was right up there with all other international bikes though it could have more power. And no other indian power bike could evoke that feeling in me not bullet not pulsar. The karizma in my opinion is superb and coupled with the fact that it has gone on a world tour further emphasizes it, certainly no other indian bike is capable of doing it. Please check the “alone around the world on motorcycle” on google and check the video “cnbc comparo” on youtube. If you want further justification. Rest assured i have even driven p200 many times but it just could not manage to impress me like the Karizma did.

  4. This is a very biased review.. Kazrizma is not better than even a 180cc pulsar. I also don’t think 200cc pulsar worth buying. When u talk about Pulsar 220’s refinement and all, you should better realize that a Karizma is not better at all. As far as I saw Yamaha and Honda have some seriously refined bikes eventhough performance is very less.

  5. Hi, Good review
    but one thing i will mention you As per the technology R-15 was advance than karizma & pulsur 220 because r-15 was first bike
    passed the tunnel test no one bike in india cant pass that test.
    As per ur height concern karizma is nice.

  6. Ride review would sound biased GZ2GO. He rode and he wrote what he felt when he rode! Did you not read product reviews ….they would be biased. But I believe this site is not promoting Karizma..so stay assured it is opinionated but with no special intent 😉

  7. Well, I agree that this site is not promoting Karizma, but I believe that it is the best bike that there is. Anyway, not devaluing other bikes, I am.

  8. I think pulsar is favourite because we always love to immitate others and follow the trend. Karizma is classy which only those can understand who understand bikes. Pick up, top speed ,mileage varies from rider to rider.Pulsar is too common bike to buy today. what about the new bike frm Yamaha -FZ150? looks nice in add. Not seen on road till now. Would like to hear frm somebody who rode this.
    ‘Be a trendsetter not a follower’

  9. guys
    once and for all, i wrote this article not to start any heated debates with this sites users.if any body wants to argue please do not do so as it is getting out of hand.if you guys feel my review is very biased i suggest all you guys test drive a new karizma to understand how good the bike is and feel the quality of the karizma.iam not in any way promoting the karizma or trying to justify my purchase of the karizma with any tall claims.remember i previously had a yamaha gladiator 123.7 cc,so iam not bothered about brand loyalty for me even if kinetic or lml comes up with a good bike iam prepared to buy it as long as the bike is good and impresses me when i drive the bike.i even drove the r15 on the race track and the bike is light years ahead when compared to other bikes but iam 6’2 tall and a tourer though i do hit the chennai race track once a month as i live in chennai and biking is in my blood. anyways i wanted a very good allrounder a perfect compromise of all the bikes available in india.and i felt only the karizma fits the picture.let me list out the shortcomings of the bikes i test drove in order,

    p220- noisy engine,cramped riding position,durability unknown,no feel of driving the bike,small bike feel,no comfort,no planted and stable feel one must experience on a flagship bike, engine vibrations.servicable only at probiking showrooms.deosnt feel built to last for more than 2 years, nervous high speed handling.i could keep on going

    p200- cramped riding position,not comfortable,very lazy doesnt turn directions easily,vibrations after 85+ km/hr speeds,durability,small bike feel,no handling dynamics,feels nervous after 105+ km/hr speeds inspite of fatter rear tyre,service only at probiking showrooms. not built to last,and i could keep on going

    avenger 200- low slung design tooo low for me,no handling,engine vibrations,bike affected by cross winds due to gap between front fork and chassis,durability an issue,foot gets stuck between foot pegs and gear lever and rear brake lever can prove fatal,too small for my built,bike is good only on smooth highways,on other roads not so planted feel,oil cooler problem leakage issues.felt like a an overgrown child sitting on a scale model toy

    thunderbird twinspark 350-very noisy,very heavy and clumsy,high maintenance,engine vibrations,very low mileage,frequent engine oil leaks,rusting of chrome parts,very expensive.engine seizure at speeds exceeding 90+ km/hr on highways for a couple of hours continuous running,why shell out so much for an 70 year old antique,too much niggling problems,no quality,recent new engine shows the old engine was not as reliable as jap engines.upgrading new engine defeats the very spirit of the bullet.even royal enfield realises the bike needs modern tech to make it more durable,1st generation bike who knows what problems and issues this edition of bullet has in store for future.and i could go on

    r15- cramped driving position, too low saddle height,low end torque -pulling power, too small for my height,doubting if yamaha has qualified service personnel to service and maintain a complex and advanced bike like r15,rear seat is a show piece,the bike is only a one man show,a first generation bike so not sure about long term performance-durability-reliability,tyres should have been 18 inch with a little more thickness,feels like a 100 cc bike to drive,perfect track tool.not my cup of tea.just a 149 cc bike souped up

    rtr 160-long term performance-reliability-quality unsure.cramped driving position,small size,uncomfortable seat,not suitable for my physique,low end torque-pick up-performance a factor important for stop and go driving in traffic with pillion,harsh engine vibrations after 80+ km/hr.engine doesnt remain smooth after driving for long hours especially in stop and go traffic.engine gets coarser.not suitable for me i guess.”attitude of tvs” “race on sunday sell on monday”i will have my new bike for atleast 3 years not so rich to fit this byline of tvs for rtr.i want a bike built to last.feels like 100 cc to drive as far as dimensions are concerned.just a 159 cc

    hunk- hero honda powering up a unicorn honda engine.nice bike,refinement,pulling power.but just a 149.i want a 250 cc its only natural for a rider to upgrade to a bike double the capacity he has previously owned. i had a yamaha gladiator 123.7 cc so hunk was written off.it may the man among bikes but only on exterior, not a 250.”tumble flow tech, because muscle matters” what ever hero honda says its not a 250.just a 149

    unicorn- has the highest rating for any indian bike.but just 149 cc.little powerful than my gladiator and a little longer wheelbase,just not sufficient for a rider wanting to upgrade to 250 cc bike.it may have refined engine, superb clutch feel,brilliant braking- handling,mono suspension,mileage,engineering perfection,quality,resale value etc.the perfect bike for atleast 5 years without any hassles.but not a 250cc.honda are you listening please release a 250 first before you release 800+cc bikes.

    other bikes are not worth mentioning and wasting the readers time.

    so there it is guys i have spoken my mind,but please remember i dont want to hurt anybodys feelings.just because i mention every bikes shortcomings doesnt mean the karizma is perfect even the karizma has its own shortcomings but in my case the pros outweigh the cons and my personal opinion is that the karizma was a better choice for me.for other guys some other bike may fit the bill.so it all depends on personal opinions,choices,usage,budget and a host of other factors.choose wisely befor you buy your bike and dont get carried away by fancy stuff or ads or features.

  10. thanks dude only people who drive the karizma realize what an amazing bike it is.these are the people who drive the best bike on indian roads.the perfect foil and the perfect compromise,the perfect all rounder and what not.you name it and the karizma scores brownie points on all aspects.all the skeptics out there just test drive the karizma once and you will (i promise you definitely will) end up buying it.nothing else will do but the best and that is the karizma guys,that is the power of the karizma.and on top of it i get a mileage of atleast 40 in city and 48 on highway.you have your cake and eat it too,the best trouble free bike and the perfect compromise or no compromise bike which ever way you want to put it.

  11. Hi Sudarshan….i have a pulsar 150 dts-i from the past 3 years, its an excellent bike but i am now bored of it….i want to have a 200cc bike with more power than my pulsar…do you think karizma r will be a good option for me…?..mention the maintenance required in the bike and about its mileage…

  12. hi gurpal
    sorry about the delay in replying to you i was busy with a lot of work.

    the karizma is a very fine option you have.the bike is relatively maintenance free.you have to get the bike serviced at any authorized hero honda service center every 2 months so that the bike will be in the best shape possible and will not give you any trouble and will run fine for many years to come. the company gives 6 labour free services and it would cost you anywhere between Rs 250 to 350 as the engine oil needs to be changed and an additive needs to be added.

    after the 6 free services are over the karizma would cost anywhere between Rs 350 to 550 for regular servicing as the karizma is a big and advanced bike so it costs more to service.

    the karizma needs to run on normal unleaded fuel only.it would return anywhere between 30 to 41 per liter in city use depending on your driving style, traffic, road and load conditions and your area sorroundings, fuel quality. in the highway the bike returns anywhere between 25 to 49 on how fast you drive. if you drive at a constant speed of 60-65 you will get 49, the faster you go from this speed the lower and lower your mileage average becomes. the bike returns the best mileage when driven in 5th gear at 55 to 65 km/hr. this is the economy zone of the karizma and the you can feel the engine purring like a kitten and the engine is completely unstressed and super refined in this speed range.

    my bike gives me 41 in city and 49 on highway. i have developed a knack of extracting the best mileage from my bike. there are a lot of things i do before, during and after driving my bike. these precautions i take help me to get this mileage figures.

    what is your budget??if you can wait for some time for the ninja 250 cc or the karizma fi 250 or the tvs manace 180 and later 200. these are some of the future launches next year that you can consider as these bikes can be expected to be launched next year as it is confirmed news.

    the karizma is the best allrounder bike in the indian market and is the best bet for anyrider in the indian scenario.it is reliable, durable, trouble free, maintenance free, solid and stable, comfortable, superb handler, good for city and highway use. the bike has many acheivements to its name like the “overdrive 24 hour nonstop karizma run”, ” alone around the world on motorcycle”, many long trips to himalayas and other hill stations,”xbhp great indian road trip” and the list is endless.

    the one problem that has plagued the karizma is the “cam chain tensioner” problem. though this has happened to many owners i feel hero honda has rectified the problem now that some old karizmas developed. my service center foreman says this problem is possible when the bike is used for dragracing, wheeling, stunting and other such demanding endeavours which show its strains by manifesting itself with the karizma developing the cam chain tensioner problem. otherwise he says for normal city and highway use the bike would not develop any such issues and indeed even my karizma has not developed such a problem and other owners i met up with told me the same thing.

    this tensioner incident could have been due to a particular batch of karizmas or isolated occurances or any other factors nobody knows for sure.but the karizma is i believe a perfect bike.

    i suggest you test drive the following bikes before you buy your karizma just to get a better understanding of other bikes and also the karizma as well. the bikes list i give you are the cream of the best bikes manufactured in india:

    honda unicorn 149 cc
    tvs apache rtr fi 159 cc
    yamaha r15 149 cc 6 speed, fz 16 153 cc
    bajaj pulsar 220, avenger 200
    hero honda karizma 223 cc
    royal enfield thunderbird twinspark 350 cc
    suzuki gs 150r 149 cc 6 speed

    all other bikes are 5 speed .

    the suzuki will be available in the market in a couple of months time as the bike is being tested and readied for final production.

    once you test drive all these bikes you will better understand how each is different from the other. each bike has its benefits and disadvantages as well.i suggest you try to read on each of the bikes i have mentioned on the net or from an auto magazine.

    if you cant test drive all these bikes and want only a 200+ cc bike then test drive the karizma r 223 cc and pulsar dtsfi 220 and thunderbird twinspark 350 cc as these are the main 200+ cc bikes in the market as of now.

    if you can wait for the ninja 250(february launch) or karizma fi 250(august launch) which are the other 200+ cc bikes to be launched in the market next year.

    but apart from all these options i give you, me being a very happy karizma owner i would definitely recommend the karizma r to you or any other purchaser as its a very value for money product.you get “a lot of bike for your money” and will be happy and satisfied with the karizma r.

    the spares of the karizma are expensive than your pulsar 150 but the parts are of superb quality and generally last for a long time and can withstand a lot of wear and tear unlike other bikes in india.

    so consider what ever i have pointed out and then make your decision. if you have any doubts post it in this comment section and i will answer them to you.

    • Hey nice review ……. but one question did u used Royal Enfield TBTS……Just test drived 1-2 km and wrote a verdict on it……Be practical man……Royal enfield status is different form any other bikes in India……..as per my knowledge, I owned a 2009 Karizma R and a new TBTS…one is sporty look, other is cruiser look…..Karizma is good is traffics and so so on long rides…..but on long rides TBTS rules over karizma…….new tbts is also very very reliable that old enfields…good mileage, less problem like oil leak etc, just wait a new tbts for 3k kms and then drag it with any condition, it wont let u down sure……..any way congrats for ur karizma and if u ever get chance, ride tbts for 100 kms atleast….u will definitely understand my point.

  13. Thanks a lot Sudarshan for advice..i think karizma r would be the best for me as karizma fi and ninja are out of my budget..the only place i think the karizma r lags behind pulsar 220 is having rear disc breaks..what do u think?

  14. hi gurpal
    yeah i think the karizma could have done with a rear disc and a 6th gear for the highway which would allow the karizma to cruise at speeds in excess of 80+ and still return good mileage. the engine can develop more power upto 20+ bhp at higher rpm but it would reduce the engine life thats why hero honda engineers restricted the the bhp of 16.76 @ 7000 rpm as the engine had already been bored and stroked to max of 223cc. when you drive a karizma you would always feel the engine is utterly stress free. the bike’s engine potential is capable of more power and even at 100+ the bike is refined and can easily do 100+ on highways for hours together nonstop.the bike feels very lazy at whatever speed you drive and you wont get the jitteriness that you might experience from other bikes at 100+.

    the purpose by hero honda engineers has been acheived as karizma’s engine will never take a beating as it would operate at less than its max potential even at 126 km/hr the max speed of the bike the engine feels less strained not to a great extent like in a p220 at 130 km/hr.

    this was exactly why hero honda didnt give the karizma a rear disc, 6th gear and probably a radiator or an oil cooler as the bike which has more power needs to have these mandatory features.

    when you drive the karizma at 100+ speeds and want to stop the bike immediately the bike wont stop at all as the engine wont reduce the speed that easily like in a 100cc. the 276mm disc helps a lot but not of much use, though its bite is slow and progressive. the rear drum could have been atleast 150mm as the current 130mm drum doesnt help much as the bike will take a considerable amount of distance to stop.

    what i suggest you if you were faced with an emergency braking situation you can overcome the karizma’s lack of a rear disc by using engine braking to your advantage.cut down to 4th gear and allow the bike to go some distance as this will allow the bike to reduce the bike’s momentum before coming down to 3rd gear by this time the bike would have come down to a speed range where you can easily stop the bike without skidding.

    all this should happen in a few seconds and you must have the presence of mind and not jam the brakes at the first instance when you are faced with a situation where you must stop the bike in few seconds and you are at 100+ km/hr. one must always be calm and composed so that we wont end up with an accident or damage the bike. at speeds less than 70 the bike has superb braking and tire grip but as you go above 100+ you must be wary of any sudden occurence that might happen like a dog or cattle coming in your way or a child coming in your flight path.

  15. hi gurpal
    any time dude glad to help you out, tel me when you buy your karizma by posting a message here, if you have any doubts about karizma or want any tips tell me and i will post it for you

  16. its a very biased review. i agree karizma is a goood bike. but its no better dan de “socalled indian made bikes”.to be frank the p220,200, hav better features dan de zma.when compared to p 200[which is more or less equal 2 zma] …zma has worst handling and seating positions….i dont want 2 comment upon looks as its an individual preference…it donot portrays so called new technolgys… and p200 dont viberate at 85km/hr speed…thats a wrong info…its very stable even at 120.

    its goood comparisson.but its a comparisson favouring zma.theCNBC Comparison of Karizma Pulsar 220, RTR 160 .R 15….. the zma came last…..so u should check ur sources before u put it 2 public.

    the zma was unbeatable for sometime…..but its now beaten by 150 cc bikes…..and dat tooo a great extend.the only advantage it has is de honda engine…… but even with the new R series…zma just looks tooo old……it lags way behind….in comparisson with R15. P 220,200..and even with de FZ16.
    KARIZMA INTEED HAD LOST ITS KARIZMA…..Thats very sad 2 say.

    [And, then the Pulsar 220 I believe is lifeless that I felt like driving an electric scooter; absolutely lifeless and useless]…it only shows ur ignorance……when u say a 20 bhp bike is lifeless against 17 bhp one….u should ride de R1 and say it feels like rideing a cycle…..LAMO.

  17. If there is another bike in india which gives you the man-machine relationship (apart from bullet), it will be ‘Karizma’. After owning Yams, shogun, cbz, Bullet(Still with me)and pulsar … I can close my eyes and say that coz there were many instances I felt I’m alive because I was on my karizma, you can push this babe hard, it will react back like your wife, not as your girl friend. And the reaction holds good when you 1) rev her hard 2) slide her scarping foot pegs 3) abuse and torture her. I’ve loved all the bikes i owned for some or other PROS but nothing has given an overall feel like karizma when you tally performance, safety and reliability!!! Same feeling here as well…. money worth spent on this love…. Muah…
    Signing off

  18. dear abilash
    i guess i might appear that this is a very biased review but this is what i felt when i drove the p220. the p220 is a nice bike but somehow i did not seem to like it. when i say the bike is “lifeless” i mean there is no life in the bike’s engine. when ever you drive a performance bike you must be able get a feel of the bike’s engine. when you gun the engine you must be able to feel the engine revving and and feel the bike’s engine has come alive, but this feel was missing in the p220.

    the throttle tension was very soft and when i revved the engine i felt the bike’s acceleration was very unnatural. i do agree that the bike is powerful than the karizma, but when you drive such a bike you must be able to feel the bike’s pulse and i felt the bike completely isolated me from this experience. i feel the culprit has to be the delphi fi system on the p220 which needs to be worked on. though the engine is refined till 95 the engine develops a coarse racuous noise and it gets very noisy and at 110+ the vibrations get harsh. the one thing i like on the pulsar is its engine’s willingness to rev right to max limit and the sense of exhilaration you feel when you drive the pulsar.you feel that you are going much faster but in reality you are not.

    the pulsar is a front heavy bike and the weight distribution is 49:51 front and rear so this i felt didnt give the bike good dynamic control.

    i felt the karizma was much better than the p220 and thunderbird because, the t’bird was very noisy and had harsh engine vibrations and the p220 felt very unnatural to drive. when i gave throttle in p220 i felt the bike was moving very fast but it felt robotic and unnatural. i liked the p200 better than the p220 as it was more refined and natural to drive.

    if you can drive an electric scooter and then drive the p220 you will understand what i am conveying. the p220 might be powerful but the engine feel is similar to an electric scooter.

    what made me choose the karizma over the other two bikes are for various reasons such as:

    karizma ran at an average speed of “105+ km/hr nonstop for 24 hrs continuously” in the “2004 overdrive 24 hr non stop karizma run”. the total distance covered was “2525 kms in 1 day”. now which bike has this record not a bullet or a p220 or r15 or fz 16.

    a guy called “bharadwaj dayala went on a wold tour on a yellow karizma”. this guy told me no other bike could have withstood the abuse of a world tour like a karizma did so he chose it for his world trip. this is a pinnacle acheivement for karizma. tell me how many indian bikes have gone on a world tour???????????

    my friend’s 5+ yr old karizma had clocked 99000+ kms and his bike only gives 20 km/ltr he has fitted nos and he drag races with his zma. now he has not maintained his bike regularly and yet when i drove his karizma i felt the wear and tear capacity of the bike was unmatched by any other bike in india not even a bullet or a p220 or r15.the karizma can withstand torture and abuse like no other bike in india, this reflects the build quality, durability and reliability of karizma

    the comparo i refered was not from bike india but a video i saw in youtube. unfortunately i cant paste the url of the video in this site as this site is copy paste protected. but please check out the video in youtube posted by “adityasiera123” the video was posted in “july 23 2008”. title of video is “cnbc comparo”. you have to search for the video titled “r15 drag vs p220 zma” and you will find the video “cnbc comparo” in the “related videos” section you can see it for yourself on youtube. karizma was driven by bertrand d souza an expert biker and bike journalist he says karizma was better than p220 and rtr 160 fi.

    the karizma was one of the bikes that took part in the “xbhp great indian road trip” and travelled along the length and breadth of the country. the karizma covered 18780 kms around india in all kinds of abusive terrains.

    i even contacted bunny punia the famous bike journalist from delhi and one of the first batch may2003 owner of the karizma. he told me the bike was incomparable to even the r15 and p220. and for the prize it was value for money as well. he still has his karizma he doesnt drive r15, fz16, t’bird tbts, p220, p200. he feels only the ninja 250 can replace his karizma and no other bike can. now this is the opinion of an expert bike journalist. so this shows the karizma’s potential

    the karizma is the most favoured tourer for long distance riders and has done many trips around the country and people tell me its much better than the royal enfield as it is much more reliable, durable than the royal enfield. guys have driven it from kashmir to kanyakumari, munnar, ladakh, nepal, bhutan, rohtang pass, rann of kutch, ooty, kodaikanal, darjeeling, rajasthan etc and a host of other places where some times there are no roads at all. yet the karizma seemed to withstand it all with aplomb. even overdrive mag and bike india mag feel the same that karizma is the best, safest, reliable, durable tourer in the country.

    these were some of the factors that made me decide on the karizma. i was a yamaha owner i had a 06 gladiator and i even drove the r15 on the chennai race track and it was light years ahead. but unfortunately it didnt suit me i am 6’2 i was very disappointed.

    dude features dont matter at the end of the day what you need is a genuinely good bike. features like digi speedo, fi, rear disc, oil cooler,backlit switch gear are just gimmicks. they dont influence performance which is the real key for a bike’s ownership.

    it doesnt matter if p220 can do 135 km/hr and r15 140 km/hr while karizma only 126 km/hr in real life it doesnt make any difference at all we are not race drivers competing for moto gp championship??????????

    technology can never replace cc thats why r15 and fz16, rtr 160 fi was ruled out. p220 and t’bird for reasons mentioned above.

    dude i have driven an r1 and r6, zx 14 and a host of other performance bikes in the US of my relatives and i know what is true moto gp performance.i felt the karizma was in a way comparable to these bikes in terms of reliabilty, durability, comfort(zx14),refinement,dynamics and balance, longterm build quality, handling etc of course the karizma could do with more power but i felt for the money you pay for the karizma the karizma was right up there with these performance bikes.

    so these were the reasons i chose the karizma and certailny it was a good decision as i have already crossed 15000+ kms in my bike in less then 4 months from the purchase. trips to bangalore, chengulpet, pondi, nellore and vijaywada,ooty from chennai are done in relative comfort. relaxed totally stress free. and i certainly believe the karizma’s qualities and character have shined through.

    i now believe i have highlighted and justified the reasons that my article is not biased at all.

  19. dear abilash
    may be the p200 i test drove was faulty because i felt vibrations after i crossed 85+ km/hr on the test bike so it could be an isolated case.

  20. dude….. i didnot say dat…dat zma was all..bad….comon…. it was ahead for so much time…..but its not bad 2 expect somthing more out of it na…maybe a new variant frm herohonda… me i swicthed frm zma to 220.[still hav ma zma]…felt 220 to be much agressive….much controllable dan zma.i felt de opposite of wat u said….. may be its different for different people..it givs me better fuel efficency and power and pickup i felt is much better…i dont travelll alot tho i hav done some 500 km oneside trip on my 220.i didnot find it that bad…felt de same as with zma…but coming down to the point to see these bikes as a real biker one does not need to say that…zma is best dan p200,220..or watever out there…..every bike has its pros and cons…..so let it be….
    i had ma frnds 200 wid me for somtime and..i dont think dat it has any problems….. infact a huge difference between 200 and zma..
    zma is a bit smoother…i agree…but in 200 de.. power dat i felt was amazing…and more….. handling i say better dan 220…
    zma i guess good tourer ….it do hav a longer life..period…much reliable….but too old…. i would love 2 see somthing done to make it better and absence of crash gaurd…is verybad…. wid de kinds of road in india u never kno wen u gonna hit a fall….

    p200,220….much agressive…u will defenitly feel de power wen u rip it…gives better average…they r new bikes….. if u maintain it well….ny bike will last for some gud time

    dude….the new technolgy do matter dude…. its wat we all pay for….it matters a lot.it did replace cc….R15 is a gud end product….we r not racers.. i agree…but at sompoint we do feel…to go beyond de boundaries….its only human nature dude……..welll its just commonsense dat if u pay more u get better things……but 4 de 82 k dat u paid for zma..i guess ur happpy and im not here to change dat….

  21. hi dear abilash
    i guess so, but i agree with you definitely that we pay for the technology but the karizma had reliability, comfort, quality, durability, longterm satisfaction etc so i settled for it.

    i was eagerly waiting for the r15 and after driving it on the race track many times i felt this was what i had been waiting for all this time and the perfect replacement for my 06 yamaha gladiator. but alas after sitting down and considering the demerits of the r15, it was not suitable for me.

    the r15 was way too small for me and it had very low pickup below 7000rpm and i would use my bike with my father in city use. me and my father are 6+ft tall and we felt like we were overgrown circus monkey’s(jus kidding) when we both sat on it. my sister told me that the r15 was a poor thing and it didnt deserve the punishment of lugging us both around the city.

    the r15 is my dream bike but it just didnt match my requirements. it was too small, not practical, lack of low end grunt, cramped riding position, small driver and pillion seat etc. its the best track tool and the rear disc and fi are very handy. the 6th gear is a boon for the highway. but the riding position would make me fatigued and not suitable for long drives. i am a long distance tourer and even in my yamaha gladiator 124cc 5 speed i did 40000+ kms in just 2 yrs before i sold it.

    but after the initial r15 novelty wore off i realized karizma was much better for me and my requirements.

    the pulsar 200 and 220 i felt are experimental bikes and the bikes were cramped though not as cramped like the r15 but way better still not enough. i somehow did not like both and even my father told me the same after he drove them both. both may be a 200 and 220 but it was a pulsar at heart with a bigger 200, 220 engine and a longer swing arm but it was the same old bike under the skin and may be it was better for youngster’s(iam only 21 not that old) as its engines loves to be revved and the ride quality is amazing.

    but both are new bikes and after finding out the issues in both bikes i became hesitant to buy it. the p200 had broken front fork issues and bajaj recalled all the sold p200 bikes and rectified it. the p220 had fuel injection issues and the rear disc was not as good as the front disc and the bite fades away after sometime. also both bikes had oil cooler issues as well. also i know that p220 was launched for a few handful of customers, bajaj was playing with the money and feelings of bike enthusiasts. bajaj wanted to see how the p220 would perform in real conditions before the bike was officially launched at the cost of enthusiastic customers, this is not how a company cheats customers?????? though bajaj has ironed out all the problems i was not convinced of the quality of the bajaj bikes and the company’s attitude.

    both pulsars though a superb effort from our own hamara bajaj but are still raw bikes and i realized i couldnt risk buying them due to quality, reliabilty and durability issues. bajaj is just now into bike making a relatively new player. though the bikes had features, performance etc it lacked character.

    after going through the accomplishments of the karizma i realized it was a better bet than the p200,220, r15 and thunderbird. yes i do realize the karizma is old but i didnt have a choice. i had to get an all rounder bike, the best compromise. i wanted to buy the ninja 250 but i was not sure it was worth the wait as the bike may not come to india that early and with the karizma fi there was no reliable info so i went ahead and got the karizma.

    in any case i will be buying a kawasaki ninja zx 14 in 2 or 3 years time when i move over to the US so i thought the karizma could keep me satisfied for some time. after 3 yrs i doesnt matter whether i owned a 16.76 bhp bike(zma) or 17 ps bike(r15) or a 18 ps bike(p200) or a 20 ps bike(p220) or 20 bhp bike(t’bird 350), as by then i will be having a 1352cc 200 bhp, 154 nm torque,6speed, 200 miles/hr bike and that will be the ultimate bike for me.

  22. dear abilash
    i didnt mean to offend anybody’s feelings especially owners of the p200,220, r15, Thunderbird when i wrote the article. i wanted to give a genuine article and wrote what i felt when i drove the bikes.

    the karizma was the last bike i test drove and the least expected bike i thought i would buy. after the r15 the p220, 200 and thunderbird were the bikes i first test drove.

    after all the bikes were driven by me i realized the karizma though it had its own demerits fit me and my requirements so i went ahead and purchased it.

    well none of this matters to me as after some time i will get the ninja zx 14 in 2 or 3 yrs anyway.

    and sorry if i had hurt your feelings i didnt mean it that way

  23. noway dude…. just wanted 2 see if u gav dem a fair chance,…… r15 was a big disappoint me bcas me being 6 3’…it will look really bad….. i had zma….. den had 200… den i felt…. de need of pure agreesssion…thanxx 2 my 220…. i got wat i wanted…tho i agree that de intial stocks had defectives….. its prone 2 happen…. nyways…..forme tho zma gavway to my biking…….. but 220 rocks….my world….peace out

  24. Hey Sudarshan,
    I am really impressed by your article, it has helped me understand some fine aspects of bikes, being illiterate in bikes n their working, I must say your article has shed light n educated me. Thank you for that. Secondly, I would like to ask you, would it advisable to
    1. Wait for the higher end version, I’m not a fast rider nor am keen on drag racing, I am more of “cruise along the road” kind of rider with reasonable speed on long (traffic free) roads and highways. So I had been initially keen on the Bullet Thunderbird, but was worried bout the maintaining part coz dad sold his bullet std for the same reason. So I was weighing between P220/Karizma R.

    2. Modify the Karizma R, as in wider rear tyre, speedometer console (colours n backlight), I’ve also heard of mods for the engine to maintain mileage. Help please.

    P.S: Hats off for showing so much patience with the arguments man. lol

  25. Hi Sudharshan,
    Thumbs up man!When I wanted to buy a bike and was searching the internet for reviews, i happened to stumble into this wonderful site. Thanks to you and BikeAdvice, after weighing all the pros and cons and reading what you all wrote and felt, I went for the Karizma R and I cant tell you how much elated I am. Its my first bike and the best bike.Its riding comfort, seating position and the riding experience is just amazing. I get the feeling of riding a horse while I am on it. Such is the power, style and surge. Well, you know the looks people give me. I am basking in the glory of owning a Karizma. Regarding all the arguments here, I would dare to venture and say one thing with all due respects to all the owners of all other bikes. Only if you OWN a karizma you will be able to know the charm of the bike.Its been only 1 week since i got my bike so believe me I know the difference….


  26. hi gurpal
    i did drive the avenger 200 and it was a good bike, it has the longest wheel base of any 2wheeler in india so this means it is one of the most comfortable bikes in india. the bigger engine means it has power readily available to the rider when ever you need it. the avenger also has an option of getting a windshield as accessory which costs 4-5 grand more i think. it helps to keep off the wind from hitting your chest when you are cruising at 70+ on highways so you can buy it and fit it on when you are going for a cruise on the highways else for city use you wont need it.

    the avenger has amazing grip on good roads due to fatter tires and does a good job of cruising even at 100 km/hr on highways. the avenger weighs more and coupled with the long wheelbase is a very good bet for relaxed driving unlike say r15 for example.

    the avenger has soft sprung suspension so it wont do well on rough pot holed roads as the bumps will get to your back and suspension will bottom out with a pillion on big potholes or bumps. this is a demerit of the avenger on bad roads but then again the bike is a cruiser and needs to do the job on city and highways.

    on highways the bike is stable and is sometimes affected by strong cross winds because there is a gap between the chassis and the front fork. the platform footpeg is a problem some times when you are applying rear brakes as sometimes your foot gets stuck below the footpeg especially during emergency braking. the oil cooler helps the engine to stay consistent during long drives. the rear back rest sometimes becomes a sore when the pillion rests on it for a long time but for short durations this doesnt cause a problem.

    on the city the bike feels a bit heavy when stationary but once it is on the move the bike feels nice to drive. the bike has a huge turning radius and wont change directions that easily like a 100cc but the bike has good handling and one must get used to the bigger proportions of the bike. the bike is good for city use and the bigger engine and higher torque ensures fewer gear shifting and the bike is very relaxed for city use as well.

    all in all its a nice bike and the bike is based on the kawasaki model eliminator 125 sold in the US so quality is good. the chrome parts on the bike may get rusted after some time and needs some care and maintenance. and also remember the avenger 200 is sold and servicable only at PRObiking showrooms which could be a problem for some.

    when you go to drive the bike at a probiking showroom you will be taken for a testdrive in a room drive the bike there to see how the engine perfromance is and feels especially at 100+ km/hr. after which insist for a test drive on real roads so you can feel how the bike is on the roads and guage its performance, handling, braking, stability etc

    drive it and feel it , i would say it is a nice bike and if you want to get a relaxed stress free bike avenger is the best bet. its the only true cruiser available in india the Thunderbird is a bullet modified into a cruiser but the avenger is a cruiser in its genes.

  27. hi adrian
    the karizma FI is worth a wait as it would be launched by august 09 most probably and it will be a 250cc i think. the reason i advice you to wait for the FI is you will end up with a brand new bike and even when you sell it after some time the bike will still be in the market and will fetch good resale value as against an out of production bike as the karizma r will soon be stopped manufacturing.

    for your requirements the karizma r is more suitable as it is one of the most relaxed and stress free allround and sportcruiser in india now, the torque is always at hand to aid you when you need it.

    the p220 is a good bet if your are below 5.6ft tall as it is slightly cramped due to the riding position. the p220 is a 200+ cc bike but it is a pulsar under skin with a longer rear swingarm so if you are 6+ ft tall the karizma is the best alternative for you, the p220 might not suit your “relaxed” idea of motoring but karizma r would.

    you can go ahead with the karizma r but remember the bike will go out of production in some time and you may not fetch a good resale value when you decide to sell it unless you know a bike enthusiast or collector who will pay good amount for karizma r, but the general market will undervalue your bike if it is out of production how ever superb you have maintained your karizma r.

    please dont think that iam trying to put you off your purchase of your karizma but the karizma is an expensive bike and a lot of money is involved so you have to think on the long run before you make an investment.

    please dont modify the karizma my sincere request to you is to use the bike as it is. once you modify the karizma you will lose the company warranty and this could mean money expenditure incase you have a problem in your karizma and want to get it repaired under warranty. if you modify the karizma you will lose the warranty. i for instance havent even changed the stock horn which is very feeble fearing i would mess up the electricals of my karizma. you can think about modifying the karizma after the warranty peroid is over which is 2 years.

    but if you want more out of your karizma r you can modify it for even more power and put a fatter rear tire and put a hi def headlamp. but you must take the risk of shelling out money from you pocket in case there is a problem in your bike which otherwise could have been done for free under warranty. a stock(company setting) karizma is one of the most trouble free, efficient, durable, reliable bike in the country and will give you trouble free ownership and long term satisfaction whereas a modified karizma could prove expensive. so it think wise before you modify you karizma

    whether to go for the karizma r or waiting for the new karizma FI depends on how long you will keep your bike, and whether it will be your sole means of transport. and also depends on your usage, an out of production karizma means some parts may not be readily available unless you are living in a metro city. but mostly the parts are available but certain parts are not.

    if the karizma will be used for many years to come then go for the karizma fi, if you feel you cant wait for the FI edition then go right ahead for the karizma r, it is a tried and tested product and is value for money.

    some times as it happens some people get bored of their bike within few months and when they see a new upgraded model they will feel that they should have bought that new upgraded version. some people like me are not concerned as i love my karizma and wont get upset even if a 1000cc karizma is launched. i will always cherish and respect my karizma even if it is old and not compare it with new upgrades and classify its demerits comparing with the new edition

    so i dont know which category you will fit. think deeply on what i have told you and then make a decision.

    in my case the karizma was the best bet and the better features and more power on thunderbird and p220 dont make a difference to me as in a few years i will get settled in the US and i will buy a ZX14 ninja so these trifle matters dont bother me. but if a person wants to buy the best(karizma r) or the better(karizma fi) then you have to make a decision yourself.

    reflect on what i have told you and if you have more clarifications with me post it here and i will try and solve your dilemma.

  28. hi pradumyna
    i am glad my article and bikeadvice helped you out. you are welcome and enjoy your karizma and drive her safely for the 1st 1000 kms. the karizma is a very relaxed bike and sometimes it feels so lazy you wont even realize that you are doing a 100+ on the bike, only when you see the speedometer you wil realize you are doing such high speeds. please go through the article”tips for improving mileage” and “tire advice for your bike”, “cosmetic maintenance”, “battery maintenace” etc as they have valuable info

    also please read the owners manual properly and thoroughly before you operate your karizma.

    welcome to the karizma r club. like you said only people who have driven it realize the karizma’s improtance and value.

  29. Hey thanks for the prompt reply.
    You are a real help man. I had a doubt bout the mods, but I also felt that the company could do some of it on request, I guess that’s fiction. 🙁
    And the Fi will be real hard on the pocket, so even if I do save enough money it will still be hard spending so much, but honestly now I have fears on what you said bout zma R, going out of production. Quite the bird in the bush situation. I, no doubt, expect to see amazing upgrades in the Fi. But 2 lakhs, Ouch!!!
    If it was around 1 lakh, still ok, but are you sure its gonna be round 2lakh? coz then its absolute madness for a beginner like me goin in for such an expensive bike. Could I know more bout the Fi, approx date of launch, specs other than what you’ve mentioned and would all its features reduce mileage a lot? I can manage a min of 35km (worst case) from a bike, less than this and its gonna burn a crater in my pocket not a hole in the long run.
    I’m definitely convinced bout the Karizma, nothing now will change my mind. But now which one? I don’t mind waiting, but I will need a bike in 6-8 months tops. Boy, am I reflecting on what you said, coz I need to save apt amount every month depending on which bike. Help!
    Oh n I’m 6ft 2 and ya probably will use the bike a lot, city and touring for atleast till, like you mentioned, I’m in a position to go for the top of the line bikes.
    Thank you again for helping me out and answering my query so well.
    I am most obliged. 🙂

  30. hi adrian
    the price is a speculation and i think i wont be priced so much, the price i have mentioned is an over estimate(worst case scenario). my dealership has some inside source who say the bike could be a 250cc with 6 gears, fi, rear disc, 25 bhp, possibly liquid cooled. hero Honda wants to create a new segment with the karizma fi like they did in 2003 with the launch of the karizma in may 2003. hero honda wants to position fi as the all indian(read original) super bike 250 and give the kaw 250 ninja a run for its money, its nearest competitor as the ninja will be almost 2.3 laks. we can expect it to be atleast 1.5 on road. but i think this price wont come down from this as when a bike has such features the price is bound to go up.

    when the karizma was launched in 2003 its price was almost 1 lak so the new karizma will only be higher priced above 1 lak probably 1.5 lak

    you could wait for some time as by next year we will have some info about this bike and its price, features, specs(exact).

    i suggest you a better alternative. why dont you buy a well maintained second hand karizma and use it for a year. by then you will know of the karizma fi and its issues. also you will develop the skill for a higher powered bike with your secondhand karizma. the karizma has the base to orient you to even a 1000cc bike, so its the right alternative for you start off for higher end biking

    lets say according to my source even if the new zma fi is launched by august09 you could use your secondhand karizma till december and then buy the new fi karizma. as by this time you will know about the new karizma fi specs, features, durability, reliability, performance, price as by then many people would have bought the new karizma and you will have an idea of it. you will also have almost a year to save up for your new karizma fi

    also when a new bike is launched the company will gauge its performance in real practical world situations and try and increase its quality, efficiency, performance, modify its components etc for a period of 4-5 months based on owner feedback after launch. so its not wise to go for a freshly launched bike, its better to wait for atleast 5 months before one goes in for a newly launched bike.

    you could get your second hand karizma exchanged with the company itself under exchange offer as the manufacturing company will give you a better offer for it since karizma is hero honda product.

    else another suggestion, when a new bike is launched the old product will be sold at a considerably less price as the company will try to push off the stocks of the old bike by giving discounts in thousands. you can get a new karizma r real cheap after the karizma fi is launched. once the new karizma is launched you will have an idea of its price, specs, features etc. so if the new karizma fi doesnt fit your budget you can go in for the old karizma r for a really low price.

    this happened when 2strokes were banned in india and tvs had a huge stock of the maxr 100 and sold it for less than 10000 along with many added bonus and benefits.

    so these are some of the critical alternatives i can give you think about it and let me know. i will see how else i can help you

  31. hi adrian
    regarding the fuel efficiency i think the bike will return anywhere between 25-30 and not more i think. the most optimistic figure is 35 like you mentioned but i doubt if the new karizma will give 35, if it has more power and features then the mileage will definitely be lower than the present karizma r.

    and you are welcome , atleast iam putting my knowledge and expertise to real life practical situations to help out people and i think its the best use for my knowledge. what use is knowledge when it lies idle iam atleast helping out many people around the country with my articles and advice. and also iam keeping up with the spirit of bikeadvice to help out people. also biking means money and by helping out people iam ensuring that atleast people are making the correct investment and not waste their hard earned money.

  32. Hi Sudarshan
    i have been reading ur articles, comments and answers for the queries..i guess you have a gift to define an experience better then anybody when it comes to bikes.
    Hey u gotta help me here, i’m planning for a bike but i’m confused between 2 good bikes Karizma R and yamaha FZ16, i’m ok with the milage factor as both the bikes give the same, i’m 175 cms in height with avg built, both the bikes have great looks. please help me on this..
    Small doubt is the sitting position in karizma R same as that of old CBZ?

  33. Sudarshan,
    Really good stuff there man.
    I was caught up in a pretty similar situation as you would have been.
    The only diffrence being that without an element of doubt I had decided on the Karizma discarding P220/P200 outta my may be list, however I was somehow waiting for the new Karizma. have been waiting for about two months now and still no real news of it, just speculations flying. So finally I booked one for myself. getting delivery next week.

    Cheers to the Zma…!!!

  34. I just need to know a lil more about how to go ahead with running in the bike. Also i would like to set up wider rear tyres. do help me with that, I was thinking of MRF zapper Q 100/120 18.

  35. Good Do, Sudharshan !! I too Love Karizma the most,, U just stole my words from my heart… Rocking Spirits wont let u down ! Same as Karizma wont let u back !
    I too purchased my love(Karizma) on July 08 in Anna nagar Chennai.. Still am flying on it.. we dont rash drive but fly slowly on our jet….
    U can keep posting me at my personal mail id : mysterio.shaan@gmail.com

  36. hi mahesh
    i think the sitting position on zma r is similiar to that of the old cbz though not too much, as the karizma is a bike that is based on the old cbz. the zma r has a longer swingarm and that gives it the extra wheelbase length over the old cbz so the sitting position is somewhat similar. i think the old cbz had 1325mm wheelbase and the zma r has 1355 mm.

    with regards to the fz16 and the karizma r i think both are good bikes and its a tough call and both are one of the best bikes in market today.

    the fz looks big when seen from a distance but when you ride it feels a little small it may be due to the smaller tires or the smaller dimensions of the fz.

    the karizma r on the other hand feels like a huge bike when you drive it. it feels very comfy to sit and relaxed and feels like it is glued to the road as it is longer than even the bullets in overall length.

    the fz 16 is tuned for instant pickup which is a boon for city use. but i felt after 65 the bike has not so good performance and the bike becomes very sluggish due to the gear ratios and the tuning of the fz.

    the karizma on the other hand is good both for the highways and the city use. the bike feels very nimble in city use and the higher capacity engine and torque is very effective for city use. on the highways the bike has rocksolid stability and oodles of power readily available when ever you need it.

    so which one to choose???? if you are going to use your bike only in city then go for fz 16 but if you ride on highways sometimes apart from the city use then go for karizma r. the fz feels at home in the city use though i doubt its ability to do serious cruising on the highways as the bike doesnt perform well after 65 km/hr.
    but the karizma is good for anything.

    regards your built, it doesnt matter please go ahead and buy which bike you decide. in the end you buy your bike and enjoy it for which it doesnt matter what is your built as long as enjoy your riding your bike. please dont be bothered about what others will think when you ride whether the fz or the zma r and if they pass certain comments dont let it bother you, at the end of the day your satisfaction is what matters and not others opinion. i have seen girls who are 5 ft tall drive karizma, bullet and even race 600-1000 cc bikes at the chennai race track, iam refering to alisha abdullah the famous race biker who happens to be my friend

    i think for your built the fz 16 may be better but at your height the karizma is also good for you.

    the karizma has a huge turning radius and lenghty bike and a little heavy so you may find it a little hard to handle it during parking. but once you are on the move its pure poetry in motion and you will forget all about it.

  37. hi prakash mishra
    congrats man so finally you got your karizma after 2 momths of pain staking waiting. once you decide which bike to buy and then waiting for 2 months is almost a torture.

    the new karizma is expected by august 09 so its still a long time off and even if you knew about its launch i dont think it would have helped matters rather it would have rubbed more salt on your pain as i dont think anybody will wait for 9 months to get a bike.

    so congrats man and take good care of your karizma, read the owners manual thoroughly before you operate your karizma, dont drive the bike above 60 for 1st 1000 kms and dont rev your bike to the max when shifting gears in each of the gears, change the engine oil and the additive ezi oil completely for the 1st 6 services. and in general take good care of your bike and your karizma will keep you smiling for many years to come as the karizma is a bike built to last for many years.

    also please read the other bike advice articles in this website that will provide a lot of valuable info to you before you embark on your karizma on the roads

  38. hi prakash mishra
    your owners manual will have all the details you need for your run in of karizma r,please read it properly and thoroughly like you would for an exam and abide by the guidelines in the owners manual so your karizma r is in the best health and enhance the life of your karizma r.

    the wider rear tire you have mentioned for the karizma r is a good choice. please visit a mrf dealer and check out the other profile tires that are available in varying thickness like 100/90, 110, 120, 130, 140 etc… choose which one you prefer, you can also get tubeless radials for your karizma r. mrf zapper is the best tire brand available in india apart from imported companies which will a little expensive than mrf

    but please be cautious as once the bike has been worked on and handled by anybody other than the company service men you will lose your 2 year warranty. in case there is a defect in your karizma r and you want to claim warranty to rectify the defect you cant do it and shell out money from your pocket which could otherwise have been done for free, so think well and wise before you modify your bike.

    iam in no way deterring you from modifying your karizma but you must be informed of the implications of modifying your karizma.

    also please read all the “bike advice” articles in this website before you start riding your karizma r as these articles have all the most valuable info and will orient you into the maintenance, riding, safety and all other aspects of biking.

    so enjoy your karizma r and take good care of your bike.

  39. hi shaan
    good to hear you got it from nagappa chintamani near round tana, i hope they are doing a good job in servicing your karizma r. i got my karizma from adyar motors adyar as that was the only showroom in chennai at that time which had a silver colour in august 08.

    as you said we fly on the roads but also be responsible and avoid overspeeding, in my case i make sure i get a mileage of 40-41 in city and 49-51 on highways as the i have a tight budget for petrol. and i dont have the luxury of zooming on my karizma at 100+ even on highways, on the highways even splendours and passions zoom past me at 80+ while i drive at 60-65 because mileage is more important to me.

    though you wouldnt notice even if you did 120 on the karizma as it is very lazy and doesnt give the feeling that you are driving at 120+ as the engine is so smooth and refined.

    all in all the karizma r is game for anything…jet set gooo…. the true racer

  40. Hi Sudharshan !
    As u said about Prakash’s struggle of 2 months to buy his karizma , would definitely appreciate him….

    U know one thing, i struggled over 5 years to buy my first bike and my families first bike …..

    My Dad wasnt happy for buying Karizma for the past few years & months, after i took him on my bike , he used to suddenly wash my bike, clean it up and take care of it even if am unpresent on my home…..

    He was insisting me to buy Passion before few months but after that journey he never opens his mouth about Passion…

    Proudly saying that “Karizma is the First Bike for my Family & Me”, even i never ride it before……

    I touched a ride only on my bike..

  41. Hey Sudharsha….
    Thanks for your comments dude, i have already booked a karizma and its coming home this friday.. just 2 days to go and i’m really proud to be a owner of karizma..

  42. hi shaan
    even i have the same feelings like your dad as the bike is such a nice creation i just dont get the heart to rip the bike and do any such modifications to improve the power as i know many expert tuners who increase the power upto 22 bhp and with a race exhaust the power is even higher.

    but i dont want to do any thing to ruin the bike, i ensure i follow a scedule

    i go slow over bad roads,

    idle my bike for 5 minutes everytime if the bike has not run for more than 4 hours as the engine will get cold and the engine will get damaged if the bike is revved too much before the engine has reached its normal operating heat range

    wash my bike completely once a week with clear fresh water as bore water will rust the bike, and oil and grease the moving parts

    i get my bike teflon coated every 3 months once

    change the engine oil completely all 1.2 ltr for every service and put new additive for each service

    havent crossed 80 km/hr till now so that the engine remains healthy

    put petrol only at one petrol bunk

    ensure tire pressure is correct every 3 days

    get the battery topped up with distilled water every 3 weeks and put peroleum jelly to the terminals

    give the bike to service at only one service center where there is a karizma specialist and only he is the only person authorised to handle my bike, i keep him in good contact to ensure he gives special attention to my karizam r

    and in general take such great care of my bike my parents are getting worried that i spend too much effort into maintaining my new karizma r and neglecting my other responsibilities

  43. hi shaan
    i can understand your dads feelings as everybody is skeptical about karizma but once they ride it and feel it they realize that its worth every penny and respect it.

    i guess your dad was “zmarted” out by the character of the karizma

  44. hi mahesh
    congrats man i see many people are going for karizma r these days as the number of karizma’s on roads has increased dramatically these days, looks like everybody is finally recognizing the karizma’s potential and capability and quality.

    good luck with your karizma and take good care of your bike till you own it which might be for many years, your karizma is the best investment you have done in your life and you will realize it as you keep using your karizma r for many years to come.

    please read the owners manual thoroughly and follow its guidelines properly and correctly, you will also be given a cd owners manual, make sure the cd is scratch free otherwise it wont play properly and it will get stuck during playing. make sure you play all the areas of instructions in the cd from the beginning to the last to ensure the cd plays properly till the last without getting stuck.

    this happened to me as the cd given to me was full of scrathes and it used to get stuck in between and i got 3 cd’s changed from my dealer before i finally got a proper scratch free cd.

    this cd is very important as it contains the blue print of the karizma’s operations, functions and components and usage and instructions.

    please change the engine oil for atleast the first 6 services and put new additive ezi oil for each of the first 6 services.

    change the engine oil after the first 250 kms and drain the engine oil properly all 1.2 liters of it as it would contain the metallic parts as the engine components rub against each other and chisel themselves to the proper grooves and openings

    dont cross 60 km/hr for 1st 1000 kms and dont cross 70 for 1st 5000 kms, as the karizma has a bigger cc engine it takes about 5000 kms for the engine to get set properly. you can do 100+ after the bike crosses 10,000 kms of running

    you would notice that the engine gets heated up very quickly and gets very hot, dont worry as this normal please ensure that you dont cover up the engine and prevent the heat to escape as the engine needs to cool down before you can cover up the bike.

    get your bike Teflon coated and get a flexible imported rain cover for your bike, always park your bike under shade.

    put only normal unleaded petrol as the karizma has compression ratio of 9.0:1 and needs to run only on normal unleaded petrol.

    maintain proper tire pressure check every week

    wash your bike once a week with clean fresh water with hand

    and wipe off petrol drops that fall on the petrol tank after you fil up petrol with a wet soft cloth as petrol will eat up the paint finish

    if the saree guard is of no use to you remove it as the karizma gives more mileage with out the saree guard which weighs about 5-6 kilos

    if i remeber anything else i will post it, if you need any other tips post it here and i will answer them to you

  45. hi shaan
    and i think your 5 yrs wait was well worth it, as just think dude your first bike is a 223 cc legend of the indian roads so your wait has not gone waste. not many people get a 223 cc bike as their first bike

    i do feel 5 yrs was a long time and it should have been a torture for you and you have my deep heartfelt sympathies, but finally dude, the day has come when you can drive a royal bike like the karizma r.

    once you are astride on it you will forget all your struggles as the karizma will ensure that from now on your life is pure biking bliss.

    enjoy your karizma to the max dude and take good care of your karizma, welcome to the karizmatic club

  46. hi shaan
    your case is similiar to mine as even i wanted to buy the karizma when it was launched way back in 2003 May but i didnt have money it was almost 1 lakh in chennai in 2003, and could get only one in august 2008.

    in august 06 i got a gladiator yamaha but even then the karizma r was above 85+ grand and my budget was only 50 grand so i had to settle for the gladiator 124 cc and i collected a lot of money and saved it and finally after 2 years i got myself a new karizma r in augutst 08 for 82 grand and sold my old gladiator yamaha for 31 grand the bike ran for 40,000+ kms in just 2 yrs i sold it to my korean friends in chennai.

    and now it was Karizmatic time in my life, i am very happy now that all my struggles were meaningful

  47. Hi Sudarshan,

    Its one of the best review I have seen resently. I own a pulsar 180 dtsi from past 3 years and I was quite happy with its performance. I’m a person who take care of the bike like a son. But now a days its giving me lots of problems as its clocked 67000 km. My bike is struggling to reach on 90s and the smoothness and comfortness is not at all there like before. Spending more money for servicing Now I’m planning to upgrade my bike and in my mind there is only one bike as of now ie, Karizma R. Most of my friends own Karizma & Karizma R, they are very proud to own one. My budget is around one lakh and is it worth waiting for the Karizma Fisince it may cost around 1.5 lakh?

    I’m using Shell petrol from past 3 years and most of the time i fill from the same petrol station. And I’m happy with it. Which is the best fuel available in the market ?

    Waiting for your valuable views on the same……


  48. Hi Sudharshan !

    Thanx for ur valuable tips to all ……..
    Hope u struggled the same as me…
    Good to hear from u finally buying ur desire !!!
    Y don we start a club for Karizma or even generally a bike rally for goodness ?
    Genaral tips, safety rules & regulations and so on ..
    ill be pleased to hear ur say..

    As prasad said abt ur review, i too read many reviews abt Karizma for two years, have satisfied only on few good tips like u people and u r the third best in my review list…..

    Dear All !!

    Plz do let me know for above comment !
    Who r interested in joining the club of bikes, can write to me on mysterio.shaan@gmail.com, mysterio_shaan@yahoo.co.in,

    Ill be online on my office time(10.00am to 7.00pm) week days & saturday….

    so its me zhooooooooooooooooooooooming offfffff !!!

    Shaan Sundar

  49. hi prasad
    i think your pulsar 180 needs to be worked on some major aspects in the engine. the best thing to do is to put a new bore, stroke, piston and valves or put a new engine, but its a costly affair and is better to go for a new bike.

    the karizma r is a good bike and you could also consider the p220 since you are already a pulsar owner the p220 is also a good choice for you.

    the reason why i want you to consider a p220 is because the karizma is a very relaxed and lazy bike and you dont get the feeling of doing high speeds even at 100+ like you would in a pulsar 180 or 220.

    the pulsars are aggressive while the karizma is majestic and relaxed

    it might take some time for you to get accustomed to get used to a karizma after using a p180.

    once i was driving my friends karizma on nh5 and i didnt realize i was doing 110 km/hr until my friend told me to glance the speedo and to my horror i realized i was cruising along at 110 and i didnt even knew it.

    the karizma is very relaxed and 100% stress free so if this is what you want you can go ahead with the karizma r.

    i suggest you to drive both the karizma r and p220 in the city and on highways to guage both the bikes feel.

    p220 is a pulsar at heart and little cramped
    karizma is more comfortable and relaxed

    the new karizma fi is worth a wait as the new fi karizma will have more power and features of top sports bikes.

    the new karizma fi should be available by august 09 and will definitely be priced over 1.5 laks.

    if you can wait for few months as when you buy a bike its better to get a new generation bike as the old karizma will be stopped production after the new model is introduced.

    but the existing karizma is a superb product in itself.

    if you cant wait till next year then go ahead with the karizma r, as the prices have come down now because of the 4% tax reduction in prices. if you have only karizma in your mind then go right ahead and buy it you can have no second thoughts as the karizma is very good accomplished bike in india and it can handle anything put in its way.

    so if you can wait till august then go for the karizma fi once for all, if you cant wait till august 09 and badly need a new bike then drive both the karizma r and p220 and decide which suits you better.

    the reason y i want you to drive both bikes is because you will get an idea of how the pulsar has evolved over the years and also to get a better understanding of both the bikes as once you drive a bike you can guage its quality, potential, and capacity.

    if you cant muster up 1.5 for the new karizma then there is no point in waiting for the fi.

    regarding petrol i think shell is very good and bharat petroleum is also good.
    the one thing to realize is always fill petrol from a company operated bunk so the quality and quantity are always optimal.

    so i guess i have answered your question if you have any other query post it here and i will answer it for you

  50. Hey,

    Sudarshan and shaan,

    A little twist in the tale for me. Just as when I was going to Adyar motors to book my Karizma R, I got a call from a friend of mine and he very casually stated that the prices of vehicles have dropped. and that was more than enough for me to pull my steps back, atleast for the time being.
    Later I called up the dealership to inquire abt this and those guys are just unwilling to comment about anything regarding this. All they told me was that the price may go down by RS.1000 or less and that too effective only from next week or so.
    Anyways, as of now I am holding myself back, waiting for the opportune moment to go for it. However, Its really hurts my wallet when i travel from T-nagar to Adyar daily by auto.
    so was just contemplating, if its just a drop of Rs.1000 (an amt which i spend on auto in approx 6-7 days) is it worth it, waiting….!!!


    Also could you help me with a brief review of Adyar Motors, esp. things to watch out for.
    I have just moved from Pune to Chennai and still haven’t picked up the language, its a lil’ difficult to deal with certain situations and people owing to my language handicap.

    and yeah,

    I really appreciate ur review, as much as I appreciate ur patience. Akin ur situation, my Dad also would like me to buy a splendour or something like that. No offence to those bike’s, but its just not what i am looking for right now.

    Cheeers to the ZMA!!!

  51. Hi Sudarshan..
    Thanx!! for ur valuable tips man. I just got my bike yest.. and frankly speaking I was big coonfused b/w zmA and finally ended up with zmA..The bike is teflon coated and i’m really enjoying it
    I’ll keep posting!!!!!!!11 thanks…

  52. Hi Prakash !
    Good to hear from u that the prices gonna drop ….
    But 1000rs can fuel u up full tank and u can have the pleasure of riding Zma till u r fit with it..
    Ride Safely as all instructed so, but i think u cant wait a lil bit hanged on signals.
    Keep safe and secured…
    Hope u would love the ride…&
    Cheers to Zma…

  53. Hi Sudharshan !!
    Let me have a few tips on mileage so that my bike touches above 40kmpl,, as i tested from my concern , my bike delivered more than 35kmpl, and am sure of it till, as i ride my bike from Mugappair to Gemini daily which would be around 1000 to 1500 Km per month, i spend above 1500 rs for it, .. this increases my budjet for per month.. I never mind to spend but u said u have few tips to bike up more mileage.. Do let me know abt it …
    Ill keep u posted abt Our Club ….

  54. Thanks Sudharshan for your views,

    I rode a 2.5 years old karizma of my cousin, the last saturday when we went for a biking trip to Gonikoppal in Coorg. Its around 240 km from Bangalore and i rode the Karizma for abt 120+ kms, and i never rode sucn a long time in a Karizma. It was amazing and i dint even feel that the bike is going in 80’s. and while overtaking and even in ghat section its performing superb and you will get the confidence to do more…. which was not constant in pulsar.

    Since Ican’t wait till next august, and 1.5 lakh is bit higher for me.. i’m going to book the Karizma R itself. Only ting hav to wait till january since the bike will be a 2009 model.

    Anyway thanks agin…. and will post you asap i get the bike…

    Do you own any biking community or a member of any ?

    Thnx & Rgds,

    Prasad .

  55. hi prakash mishra
    why dont you call me up and i will try to give certain instructions which will be useful for you when you get your bike from adyar motors since i have already experienced thier service i can give some pointers to you.

    my number- sudarshan- 9941338179
    regards the price i expect the prices will come down to 80 grand as to the now existing prices of 82 grand so i am not sure if its worth the wait till january as by then you would have spent a lot of rupees almost equal to the money you would save, its your call dude

  56. hi prasad
    yes dude you wont feel stressed on the karizma even if you drive for many hours on highways, i have done about 600 kms in one day from chennai to gudiwada my longest drive till now and i was relatively stress free and very comfortable than other bikes. the bike is in its element especially on highways, whether in ghat sections, or offroading or smooth roads the karizma handles it with ease and comfort.

    the pulsar is not suitable for long drives esp for tall people for short drives its good.

    take good care of your karizma r, it will last for many yrs without any problems. yes its better to get a 09 model but make sure the bike was manufactured in 09 and not 08. and price will also be cheaper. and please post as soon as you get your karizma. what color is it.

    i am a member of xbhp and keep in touch with bunny punia who recommended the karizma to me in the first place, sometimes i get in touch with sundeep gajjar

  57. Hi sudharshan !
    U know one thing sday i met with an accident and rarely i got wounded.. Ths is bcoz of a share auto hited me and i hited over the nearby bus and got cracked…
    But i escaped my minor injuries and my love(Zma) got minor crash and my handlebar got completely screwed up like L Shape…
    Finally my bike saved me….It was second time i got crashed and my bike saved me at the speed of 60 to 65kmph….
    Thank God …..
    Now i ride my bike little safe than before..
    But to tell u one thing, Zma’s each parts are so strong enough to bare a hit at the speed upto 80 kmph.. they don get crash so soon…

  58. Ya i noted ur number,, will call u later bcoz am supposed to have a meeting 2day…but ill mess u soon by 2day itself..
    my number is 9884404648

  59. …nice review..,
    ..i have learned that karizma’s head lamp is less powerful…is it true….and will the FI be priced so high.??????…that would disappoint many guys who r dying for the FI to be launched….

  60. Friends i made a look on all of ur reviews.. every 1 is good on there prt bt i will say one thing.. “EK 10 SAAL K BACCHE SE POOCHO KI KARIZMA ACCHI HAI YA PULSAR, WO BOLEGA “KARIZMA”… HA HA HA.. This is th bike KARIZZZZZZMA…

  61. Totaly disagree with him, its not karizma, there are many good bikes in india which are better than it, for ex RTR, R15, P200 are enough to fuck of karizama, and also it is a gas guzzleing elephant, what 220 cc it produces 17bhp tvs gives it in 160 cc, and the respnse is good and karizma is very expensive, we get Fi in rtr for less than that price, its ur problem if ur tall.

  62. I own a 04 yellow Karizma..and i am proud of it. i did lotz of long rides… recently went to kerala from bangalore… it is 430 kms.. in 7hrs 30 mins.. can any one do this in fuckin Pulsors..i’ll giv reward…remember..430kms in 7.30 hrs…… all other indian bikes are mopeds… lolzz… no violence… 🙂

  63. P200 and P220 are nowhere near to Karizma, this bike is suitable for highway, city or track racing(with slight mod). Pulsas are good for short burst of power and not for long rides. Riding position is very relaxed inZma, Pulsar entire body is stressed.

  64. Hi sudharshan !

    Finally I bought my second bike, a balck “Zma R” on 13th of this month. Really amazing bike. I’m planing for a ride to Chennai this month end or next month first week. I have your no, will defenitly give you a call soon. Need more tips from you.

    Prasad Vettukattil.

  65. hi prasad
    a few more points

    try to idle the engine atleast for 5 minutes if the bike has not been used for more than 3 hours everytime

    give choke when staring your bike in the morning or if the bike has not been used for more than 5-6 hours

    while giving choke , engage the choke and open the throttle 5-6 times this stimulate petrol to enter and the bike will start easily in 2nd kick

    dont use the self start in the mornings, use only after 5 kms of running thereby allowing battery to charge.

    gear speed limit for efficiency

    1st upto 15 km/hr
    2nd upto 25
    3rd upto 35
    4th upto 45-50
    5th – 45-50 km/hr and above

    use only normal unleaded petrol

    dont give throttle at all when the engine is cold as this will damage the engine, let the bike idle by itself for atleast 5 minutes

    you will find that the engine takes atleast 2-3 kms of running to reach the normal operating range, so dont rev the bike or accelerate fastly until the bike runs for 2-3 kms distance




  67. Hi sudharshan,

    Thanks for the tips. Actually I’m following all the tips. If i use Super unleaded from Shell, which i was using for 3 and half years for my pulsar 180, and the performance was so good, is there any problem using the same on Karizma ??? I found that the emission also less when i use super unleaded.


  68. anybody is selling karizma of 2006 or 2007 of yellow colour let me know or contact me on 9769244308 plz its very urgently required

  69. hi sudarshan..hope u remember me..i’ve got my new karizma r,a black one,i love driving this bike.thnks a lot for ur advice which helped me to get a loving bike..just need some tips how to maintain my bike???

  70. karizma mileage sucks compared to 220.
    Hero honda bikes represent for build quality,after sale service and good resale value.
    Bajaj bikes represents for mileage ,looks and features

  71. Dear Sudarshan

    I got married half an hour ago with a silver beauty. Since this blog of yours helped me to choose my life-mate ZMA, i dedicate the endeavour to you.
    Before chosing her, i test drove RTR 160, 160 FI, pulsar 180, 200 & 220. All of them were equal to the task and proved to be tremendous in their own strata. But somehow, ZMA seemed to be different. She seemed elegant and strong willed. And didn’t I say BEAUTIFUL? Sorry wife :)!
    Handling is stable and optimum. Never did I imagine that a guy of my stature (only 5’7″) can handle a 150 kg bike effortlessly and with enough poise. As if she is balancing the act and not me (that i guess happens in every marriage!).
    Then again, a small problem is niggling me. No.. its not her virginity, but her gearbox. Finding it difficult to find the neutral. Help me, consultant!

  72. hi everybody

    sorry for the delay in getting back to all you guys. i will answer everybodys questions separately so check it out

  73. hi Prasad

    well prasad the karizma is actually designed to operate on normal unleaded with an octane rating of 87 or higher.

    the reason why you got better performance from shell super is because the it has an octane rating of 91 i think, so the petrol is more refined and less adulterated so obviously the performance, emissions, engine refinement and smoothness will all be better than normal unleaded.

    when i spoke to my service center foreman, he tells me to use only normal unleaded for the karizma because when 91 octane or higher rating petrol is used the engine develops higher heat due to the higher octane rating and more heat is not good for the engine as it will deteriorate the engine over prolonged usage as time passes by.

    my older bike’s foreman from yamaha said the higher octane petrol have friction busters in them which cause clutch slippage in the gearbox for bikes

    i have used all kinds and brands and octane rating petrols for my older gladiator and now my karizma and i felt that the higher rate we pay for the higher octane petrol is justified as it gives better performance and enhances engine life as it cleans it during circulation.

    prasad go ahead and continue with shell super in your karizma. ask your service center foreman and observe what he says.

    if you feel that your karizma’s engine is getting heated up excessively than normal then switch over normal unleaded, if you dont experience any heating problems than shell super should be great.

    did you ever experience any engine over heating problems with your pulsar??

  74. hi Sai
    how are you dude great to hear from you so finally you got your new Zma r congrats dude, so are you enjoying it or what.

    it feels nice when people tell me that they made the right choice because of my help and i love it.

    well for starters drive your bike below 60 for first 1000 kms.

    put petrol from a company operated and owned fuel outlet.

    check tyre pressure every week and make sure the device is properly calibrated.

    remove the saree guard if you dont need it as it will enhance the handling and mileage

    kick start your bike in the morning and give a lot of choke and open the throttle a few times to stimulate petrol entry into the engine.

    keep the choke on and once you kick start the bike let the choke be on for 20 seconds after which close it and let the bike idle by itself for atleast 5 minutes and dont give throttle at all after you kick start the bike, if you do this the engine piston will get bent little by little

    do emission test for the bike just to ensure the engine is healthy it will cost 40 rs

    put fuel early in the morning at 6 or 6.30 as the density of petrol will be more and you will get the exact amount of quantity, as the haet rises during the day the petrol will evaporate quicker as it is being poured into the fuel tank

    dont try to go above 80 for the first 5000 kms and dont go above 100 for the first 10000 kms, if you can resist the temptation that is. by doing so your engine will get set perfectly and engine life will be enhanced for many thousands of kilometers to come ahead.

    the bike needs to run in 5th gear on highways below 70 for few hours a few times as the engine clearances will get set. and you will feel the real smoothness and relaxed pace of the karizma

    get the battery’s electrolyte level topped up every month and apply petroleum jelly to the termnals after cleaning the sludge from the terminals

    be careful with the disc and use it carefully especially at high speeds, try to use engine braking to control speed of the bike more effectively and efficiently

    go on long drives at a relaxed pace of 60 as you will revel in the smoothness of the bike, you will also get 50+ mileage on the highways if you drive like this and soon you will become a roadie, its an amazing stress buster

    check if the engine idle rpm is set between 1250-1500 rpm

    get a good service center, make sure your bike gets special attention from the service guys, make them your friends by tipping them a little and it will work wonders develop a good rapport with them so when your bike goes in for service they will give their best

    get the bike teflon coated it costs 350 it prevents rusting and it preserves the finish of the bike

    try to change the engine every 2000 kms when you give it for service and add the additive ezi oil. the company recomended oil change is at 6000 kms and i dont beleive the oil will last that long,

    read the owners manual and watch the manual video cd that comes along with the bike it will give you a better understanding of the bike.

    i think thats it for now if i remember anything i will post it, if you have any doubts post it here and i will see what i can do


  75. hi ganesh

    my choice after karizma is unicorn without doubt, the refinement, gearbox, handling, pickup, mileage, comfort, quality, reliability, durability all are bullet proof

  76. hi mr. new husband

    its nice to know that you have a brand new Karizma or Kareena or your new wife or your girl friend, i call my karizma as Kareena, silver crusader, phenom etc.

    the karizma with the new engine and gear box will be a bit notchy and hard until the first 20,000 kms or something, may be even less in some karizma’s

    when you want to put the gear into neutral, switch off the bike and put it in neutral.

    finding the neutral in karizma is slightly tricky as you need to have feather touch senses else you will miss out the neutral all the time.

    this ia a blemish in the karizma’s gearbox, sometimes it shows false neutral and finding neutral is tricky

    keep driving and after sometime you will get the touch.

    my bike has done 20,000 kms already which i got in august 08 and yet i find it difficult to get neutral when the bike is on.

    when i approach a signal or when i know i will stop the bike, i will slow down put the gear into 2nd and just before i stop i tap gently the gear lever and it falls into neutral and then stop the bike.

    the culprit for this is the automatic cam chain tensioner that keeps the chain in correct tension and strain that the clutch plates get hard as the clutch plates keep circling at high speeds and the gearbox becomes tight and finding neutral is not easy.

    you can find the tension in the gearbox and the gear lever gets tighter as you shift the gears at a higher speed, whereas when you shift the gears at lesser speeds the gear lever is softer in transmission. and this is due to the cam chain tensioner doing its job

    thats why switching of the bike makes you find the neutral with relative ease as the tensioner eases off the tension

    since its new bike the gear shift action will be pretty tough, hard and notchy until the first few services after which the shift action will get progressively smoother and less harder.

    you will find a considerable difference right after the 1st service itself and as the services keep happening and the engine gets smoother the gear shift will improve.

    changing the engine oil and ezi oil every 2000 kms will keep the engine and the gear box in top shape.

    so try out my suggestions and let me know, if it helps out


  77. hi Jishnu

    i dont agree with you on the mileage part as my karizma is giving me mileage of 40 in city traffic and 50+ on highways.

    bajaj bikes have the looks and features alright, but hero honda bikes are more practical in the indian scenarion for the majority of people

  78. tomorrow (Sunday) she is going to get served for the first time 🙂 (did 667 kms in 5 days)
    will let u know abt the gearbox status as soon as she comes off the hook!

    thx for the reply.

  79. hi sudarshan,last time u misread my name as sai..anyways my question was answered…i’ve a problem with my bike..i’ve done around 1250 kms in one and a half months.my college is at a distance of 30 kms and it seems that bike gets over heated by travelling this distance and the speed i maintain is just below 75km/hr..i use speed petrol from bp for my bike..do u’ve any idea about why it is happening??

  80. The first thing that i noticed post service is the change in engine sound. it is smoother now. I am yet to rave the engine above 4000 rpm. will do it tomorrow enroute office. can i surpass 80 in the speedo b4 2nd service?
    About the gearbox, it is slotting better which i thought it was incapable of…atleast for now. the already attained smoothness is giving me an idea of things to come.
    Other goodies: was impressed by hero honda service and behavior.
    Best part: the silver color is rare in delhi and heads are turning. ppl are “wow”ing, crossing streets and asking me the average. These days i am enjoying red lights as the show becomes her 🙂

  81. Dear Suda,

    During deceleration from high speed (even 60), the gear seems to miss the slot from 4th to 3rd, 3rd to 2nd and frm 2nd to first. i hav to release the clutch just tht bit and can hear a “click” and the 4th to 3rd slots and again a small release and “click” and 3rd-2nd slots and so on and so forth.
    The bike is vibrating after 65 which is felt in the handle bar, mirrors and foot pedals. Tank is not vibrating. I have touched 80 so far… just to get the feel! what should be the optimum tyre pressure?

    Thanks in advance.

  82. Hi Sudharshan !
    Am back again after a long time,,
    Good to hear u still resolving many bikers greatest doubt..
    Well finally i have changed japanese plug on my Sweetheart,,
    Man ! What a power ?
    U can feel it when u drive ur bike on a dark road nowhere human,,
    i have tried and tested it,,
    Wow ,, i love the power,, am breathless on that speed,,
    Usually i try these kind of stuffs on a particular road near Avadi ,, its 2 km towards Heavy vehicle factory where u get a Cross straight road about 400 mtrs and u can test ur bike performances with no humans or even no animal crossing by,,

    Well well getting into the articles posted by everyone,,
    Thanx 4 all of ur opinions and suggestions posting by,

    Sudharshan ,,
    What about our Zma league,, where we planned to start a club for Zmans,,,
    Hey Cool.. “Z-mans”
    Ogey let every rider of prestigious Karizma called as “Z-Mans” or “Zman” or “Z-man”;

    Keep posting me…



  83. Hi Sudharshan !
    Thanxs for ur suggestions.
    I had a kick start problem in my bike for a long time.
    After a few week of each service, it was routine to my bike…
    i tried ur idea of starting zma quickly,,
    brilliant …
    Basically ill be aggressive to kick start my bike bcoz it is the hardest thing in morning,, but today it was so easy and my bike started on my first kick,, it was great ,, i enjoyed it…


  84. Sudharshan !
    I had a problem on my bike coupple of days before,, i was a cheesy sound on my rear suspension ,, i think the spring in the suspension has gone mad and sounds like an old spring sounding out jing jing.. ‘
    Can u rectify my problem..
    wat would it be and how can be rectified,.,



  85. hi Gurpal
    you will feel the difference in engine smoothness, gearbox, vibrations, gear shift action, clutch feel etc get better and smoother as the servicing is done and by the time the bike reaches 10,000 kms the bike’s engine, gearbox, clutch feel will reach new dimensions as every component will get set to the correct operating range as the components will wear and tear and get set to the correct settings.

    so you will feel the bike getting better and better after every service.

    i have one recommendation for you

    change the engine oil and additive ezi oil every 2000 kms when you give your bike for servicing

    ask the service guys to clean the oil crankcase for carbon deposits or sludge every time when the engine oil is changed

    make sure the air filter is cleaned properly

    the engine valve adjustments are to the correct openings

    by doing so your bike will be in prime condition


  86. hi Jishnu

    and sorry for the mistake

    since you are using speed petrol due to the higher octane rating it is possible the engine might over heat as due to higher octane ratings higher heat is also produced in the engine compartment during petrol combustion.

    no doubt the engine will feel smoother on 91 octane but some guys complain of over heating of the engine but shouldnt be a major problem.

    Jishnu please dont forget that your bike is only 1300 kms old and the engine will take its own time to become normal in its operation

    be patient even i used to get a burnt out smell emanating from the engine until my bike was 5000 kms old

    so its normal for a new engine to get over heated

    thats why changing the engine oil every 2000 kms is so crucial and your engine its valve and piston wont take a beating.

    due to higher heat the mineral engine oil loses its viscosity very soon

    for my bike i never crossed above 60 km/hr for the first 5000 kms and only crossed 80 after the first 10000 kms

    what i used to do was go on long drives of 500 kms a day at speeds ranging from 50-60 in 5th gear for an entire day and my bike’s engine has set to near perfection.

    My service guys tell me my bike feels like only 1000 kms old but my bike has crossed 20,000 kms in only 9 months after purchase.

    so driving the bike on a higher speed will deteriorate the engine slowly and at the same time driving it too slow is also not good

    thats why driving at the optimum range of an engine’s performance level is crucial for enhancing engine life.

    for the karizma the optimum range of performance is from 55-65 and may be even upto 70 km/hr

    in speeds between 55-65 on highways the bike gives 50+ per litre of fuel

    so be patient and give your bike some time and if possible go on long drives on highways at speeds below 65 km/hr for as many hours as you can and you will feel your engine getting set


  87. hi jishnu

    i wouldnt recommend you to surpass 80 before the second service as the engine components will still be tight and your engine might end up with premature wear and tear.

    you can accelerate upto 80 and go for about 500 metres and come down the speed range immediatley below 60 and by doing so you will help the engine ease itself. But make sure the acceleration is smooth and gradual and once you touch 80 keep it there and dont let the speed climb up and go for about 500 metres and ease of the throttle to below 60.

    do this exercise a couple of times and dont exceed 60 after this episode until the second service.

    every time you get your bike serviced do this exercise a couple of times until the first 10000 kms. remember dont exceed 65 until the first 6 services are over after you do this “engine setting” exercise

    if you follow this piece of advice your bike will have the best possible engine health and tuning

    dude even my bike is silver and i get the same reaction from peopl here in chennai. i feel the same way as you do because there are only 4-5 silver karizmas in chennai and more of blcak, red and yellow so my silver karizma evokes a response similiar to a response evoked from a superbike.

    some people think my karizma is an imported bike and ask me its prize and power and average and the like.

    one guy even asked me to let him drive him my karizma.

    i never knew people wouldnt even recognize a 6 year old bike with an unconventional colour.

    well any ways see if you can keep the speed below 65 until the first 6 services are over if you can and dont forget to do the engine setting exercise i referres before.


  88. hi Shaan Sundar

    after long time man since you and me had that conversation.

    how old is your bike and what is its odometer reading?

    is the cam chain tensioner in good health?

    is the chain set to the correct tension? check for these things and also try to check if your clutch plates are properly lubricated.

    do you change the engine oil properly at every 2000 kms as the hero honda specified term of oil change at 6000 kms wont suit the karizma in my opinion.

    i feel this problem is due to the cam chain tensioner, in some older karizmas there was this problem as the tensioner gets older it loses its proper tension and a result there will be gear slip ups, chain loosening and faulty gear shift actuations.

    did you use any fuel with high amount of engine friction busters? these friction busters are for cars and not bikes as the cars have seperate oils for gearbox unlike bikes which have the same oil for engine and gearbox and clutch.

    these friction busters tend to cling to the clutch cable and cause gear shift problems

    have you used any other engine oil with different ratings other than 10w30. some guys use synthetic engine oils but wiht different ratings and thickness

    if this is the case there will be similiar gear shift problems like you experience as the oil wont give the correct lubrication for the clutch cable and clutch plates.

    how old is your bike? for some karizmas the owners have changed the tensioner at 20000 kms itself as the tensioner got worn out.

    see if you can identify from any of these if you cant then note down the number of my trusted service centre at eldams road alwarpet and approach them and rectify the problem

    the service centre foremans number is
    karunakaran 9940101835

    the service centre supervisors number
    venkatesh 9941948744

    so call up venkatesh and refer him my name and he will help you out in every way possible.

    and about the vibrations is it because of the engine coarseness or due to loosening up nuts and bolts in the handle bar.

    is your bike’s nuts bolts, fittings and fasteners tightened to the correct torque with a torque wrench?.

    is your steering column and wheel alignment proper?

    has your engine taken a beating, is the valve and piston bent free.

    do you get any noise from the engine when you feel the vibrations?

    i feel i need to ride the bike and see what the problem is as i cant comment on it without riding the bike

    can you meet me up at sometime so i can drive your bike and see you have my mobile number anyway?

    check for these things and ask your mechanic to look for these pointers.

    if you are still having trouble call and got to my service center and they will help you out.


  89. Hi Shaan Sundar

    the optimum tyre pressure is 25 for front tire and 29 for rear tire without pillion and 31 with pillion for rear tire

    in city use the tire pressure needs to be followed according to this measurements but for highways use we need to increase the tire pressure by 2 psi for both tires

    in highways due to constant highspeeds and friction there wil be loss of air and we need to compensate for this by increasing the tire pressure

    aslo the load on the bike determines the tire pressure as higher the load the more the tire pressure


  90. hi Shaan Sundar

    what plug have you used is it an iridium spark plug?

    well if it is then the karizma will have more power as there will be more efficient combustion of fuel and as a result there will better pickup and power and torque characteristics from the karizmas engine

    you will feel the new spark plug has worked wonders for your karizma and it will feel like a different bike with more power.

    there are a host of other tricks that one can do to enhance the power and pickup and torque of the karizma over the stock settings. but by doing so fuel efficiency will take a beating and if you dont mind this then you can go ahead and change the Carb jettings and change the air filter, put a rear disc, hid headlamps, porting the engine, tuning the engine for peak power etc..

    you see the karizmas engine has great potential that was not released by hero honda thats why when we drive the karizma even at 126 the bike feels nowhere stressed at all as the bike has even more to give.

    so enjoy your new step up to your karizma

    and regarding the karizma league ,

    dude thats a nice name you came up for the Karizma league

    Zmans, cool dude its very creative iam in this league

    if anybody else is interested to join please do so and call up Shaan his number is posted in the comments section.

    so when do we meet up dude i game tell me when to call you


  91. Hi Shaan Sundar

    and thanks for the compliment dude

    well theres nothing brilliant about the technique i mentioned to start your bike its simple logic and thinking smart thats all

    you see the karizma has a big bore and stroke configuration engine and in the morning when the engine is cold the bike will not start that easily without choke. as there wont be enough fuel in the engine compartment for the ignition spark to start the bike

    giving choke and opening the throttle a few times stimulates petrol to enter the engine and when you kick start the bike the spark form the sparkplug that produces the ignition to start the bike will have some fuel in the engine to ignite the bike to start and that too easily.

    thats why keeping the choke opened for 20 seconds after the bike has been started will ensure the engine gets enough fuel to sustain the engine idle to retain the “on” state of the engine and also stimulates more petrol to enter the engine thereby giving a healthy dose of petrol for the engine to warm up properly


  92. Hi Shaan Sundar

    regarding the suspension problem

    are the suspension mounts where the springs joins the rear swingarm rusted? is this is the case you will get sounds like this.

    see if the suspension mounts are rusted or any part of the springs are rusted

    sometimes as it happens when you drive your bike in dusty areas, some dust enters the suspension springs and it causes a squeaking noise from the suspension.

    wash the rear suspension with freash water and wipe your springs

    just use your bike and after sometime it should subside as the suspension keeps moving up and down the dust particles will come out

    if the suspension springs are too old then the hydraulic liquid(oil) in it needs to be replaced.

    are both the springs set to the correct damping position if one is hard and the other soft then there will be unequal damping

    if the sound is very loud then you need to remove the spring and clean it up which your service center should be able to carry out.

    see if you can identify from these suggestions and rectify the problem if not i will think up of something

    usually only dust and rust will cause noise problems in suspension springs


  93. Hi Shaan Sundar

    there is just one small correction about the tire pressure i told you in the earlier comment for the Karizma R

    the correct pressure for front tire is 25 psi with or with out pillion

    the correct pressure for rear tire is 29 psi with out pillion and 33 psi with pillion

    the other points i told you about the increase in tire pressure for highway use or increase in load etc.. is correct piece of info in the earlier comment and there is no change in it except for this little correction in the tire pressure reading.

    hope this helps you to get the correct feel of your bike’s road grip.


  94. And All you Guys out there

    thanks for your support by asking me all these questions as i was beginning to feel all my bike tech knowledge would rust with out use.

    so keep your comments flowing in this section and if you want any info or help, or clarification or doubts or whatever it is, all you guys have out there just post your questions here and i will help you guys out with what ever i can.

    and all those guys who bought thier karizmas after reading my story and contacting me for help all i would like to say all you new karizmen is a big thank you.

    and enjoy your new karizmas but also take good care of your bikes and happy biking

    i can see that my article is the only one in this blog which has crossed more than a century of comments and i just love it to help all you guys out there with problems or doubts or clarifications

    just keep the comments/questions coming

    yours truly
    Sudarshan (suda)

  95. dear Suda,

    Am thinking of changing the rear tires to tubeless. will that hamper the warranty? i talked to local mechanic and he said that i can have the job done on the existing tires in 300 bucks. but a new tire will cost me 1500-1600 bucks. will thr be any difference?

  96. Hi Sudharshan
    Thank u for the oppurtunity i had to meet u spent with me for more than 2 hours discussing about all we had to share…

  97. hi there

    i think from what i read in the manual any type of modification to the originality of the bike as it comes from the company and when it is altered by any person other than a hero honda official will result in warranty void.

    so i think if you alter your rear tire to a tubeless one and if the service centre finds out then you will lose your warranty.

    i dont advise you to do this modification as your safety could be compromised. please note that the tires are the only contact patch of the bike to the road and they have to be in top shape.

    its not a question of 300 rs or 1600 rs as your life will be involved here.

    please do remember that any original product once if altered will lose its performance, durability and reliablity.

    your karizma’s rear tire was originally meant to be a tubed tire and not tubeless so iam not too sure how your tire will perform after the modification dude???

    tubeless tires have air filled in direct inside the tire so the walls of the tubeless tires are much thicker but yours is a tubed tire and technically speaking its not fit to become a tubeless tire.

    mechanics will always come up with new creative ideas that are cheap alright but lets be critical here your life is worth much more than 300 rs isnt it?

    in case you are cruising along at 60-70 km/hr and your tire bursts or deflates suddenly then you could skid and fall and you could be injured seriously.

    my best recommendation to you is please dont compromise your safety. please try to save up some money for a month and go for a brand new tubeless tire and make sure your rear tire is to the proper specifications and fitted by a skilled , experienced person.

    you can get a 120 rear section that most karizmas are fitted with but will result in less fuel efficiency.

    please dont think i am trying to discourage you but i dont want anybody to put their life in danger because of few thousand rupees.

    always remember that you are paying more money for the quality and safety that a new tire comes with and it is worth it.

    think about it and let me know before you do anything dude

    with warm Regards

  98. hi Shaan

    its the same here dude. it was nice to speak to some one face to face rather than through comments and blogs.

    your idea about the Karizma r league is terrific dude i am in

    i am right now thinking about the names for our league and as soon as i come up with something creative i will let you know.

    we shared a lot that day and we guys had a terrific time together.

    we should do it again sometime dude

    so till we meet up again



  99. S, Of Course Dude… We had a splendid time, saw each other, test drived, spoke out something really interesting, had enough to share…
    Well sure of it that we will meet again..
    I thought 2 go to a mechanic to know everything about Karizma more clearly so that we can help others using Zma,,
    I had few interesting moves, stuffs, and lots for our league ,, ill disclose it when i c u soon ..
    Shaan Sundar

  100. Hi Sudha,

    am getting my red karizma in 7 days…Please let me know what are the things to be checked while taking the bike out from showroom. Also, let me know the oil change timings in service period.

    I have ambition, which is a master piece in bikes. Seating geometry is maha comfortable…i have done 520 kms in a day(on apr232009-ap elections-tambaram-kavali..nellore dt). I didn’t felt any pains or so. I would like to know if karizma offers the same comfort(like ambition) on long rides.


  101. Hi Raveendra

    i would like to know first if you are living in a city or small town or village because the service centres in small towns or villages dont have much knowledge and experience in servicing a complicated bike like the karizma.

    get hold of a good service centre and a service man who has already worked on many karizmas and has enough experience to handle and service your karizma. give him some money as tips so that when your bike goes for servicing he will give it exclusive attention and work properly on it.

    before you get delivery of your karizma check for these pointers

    1.check if the idle rpm is below 1500 rpm and the engine should be smooth in its idling

    2. check for scratches in every area of the bike

    3. see if the heat shield on the silencer is not damaged on the top and sides and look out for scratches as they will be covered up by wax polish to camouflage them

    4. check if the engine has been painted completely especially the fins as sometimes there wont be paint on it

    5. check if the front disc is causing screeching sounds when the wheel spins, if it is then clean the front disc pad for dust or rust

    6. check if the battery is the same make and serial number as in the battery warranty card and the battery must be charged up properly

    7. check for all the tools and first aid kit as mentioned in the owners manual

    8. get your owners manual and video cd version of owners manual and check if the cd has no scratches on it as it wont play properly and will get stuck

    9. get your bike emission tested just to make sure the engine is healthy and the reading should not be above 0.69%

    10. check if the tires are the same serial number as on the owners manual as all the battery and tires serial numbers must be entered in the owners manual

    11. check if all the lights are working properly and none of the lights and bulbs are missing

    12. check if all the meters are working properly like speedo, rpm, fuel, trip, time, neutral, high beam, pass switch

    13. ask the guys have they performed the PDI properly and check for all the jobs they have carried out on the karizma and ask them to explain each job to you just to ensure they are not lazy and havent missed out on any jobs

    14. the first service interval is at 500 kms and from then on it is every 2000 kms service with oil top up and oil change at every 6000 kms. personally i dont think this will keep the bike healthy

    get your oil changed every 2000 kms when you give your bike for servicing and change the additive ezi oil as well because the karizma is a big bike and the oil being mineral oil will wear out by 2000 kms even with additive oil

    the karizma is based on the older ambition and older cbz and you will feel the bike is better tuned than the ambition and cbz.

    possibly change the engine oil after the first 250 kms itself and drain the oil completely and clear off all the metallic parts from the oil crankcase and change the engine oil again at 500 kms when you give your bike for servicing and from then on keep changing the engine oil and additive oil every 2000 kms when you give your bike for servicing.

    the karizma is one of the most comfortable bikes in india and will be better than the ambition. if you want to go on long drives get extra 2 inch padding foam on the seat so you dont get fatigued of long drives.

    you will feel the real character of the karizma on the highways


  102. Hey Sudha,

    Im the most unlucky person in the world.I have ordered and was eagerly waiting for Karizma since two months. The guy at srinivas automobiles, chromepet called me up yesterday and told me that he has only black colour with red mags and if i wanted red or yellow,it still takes two months…Black is anti-sentiment to our family… So, with tears in my eyes, i told him cancel my order and i will stick to my mini karizma-Ambition. I have preclosed one of my credit card personal loan with that amount and now am going to put karizma back cowl, shields and head light assesmblies on my ambition and also going to give it for a yellow paint job.

    I dont know why hero honda is taking this much time to deliver this bike..where as Bajaj and Honda are delivering thier flagship models within a weeks time. I totally lost interest in this bike(better to say vexed with this waiting period).

    I dont know whether i would be able to buy a karizma FI(if HH launching in future)as i sure expect its cost would be around 2lacs.

    most unlucky person in the world,

  103. Hey Raveendra,
    Don worry yaar…
    Never try to give up so soon…
    If u have problem in a delivery, go try another higher class showroom where they might a stock of ur dream machine ….
    Don fed up so quickly..
    U dreamt Karizma and u shouldnt loose ur spirit …
    Karizma never looses its spirit..
    Ull win soon…

    Sudharshan & Shaan(Me) are here to help u in any time

    Shaan Sundar

  104. Try in another showroom. specific showrooms keep few colors more than the others in their stock and misinform the customers about the non existing scarcity of a particular color, so that the stock colors get sold.
    I am telling this because it happened to me in delhi. Trying in more than 1 showroom generally solves the problem. Dont let the chance of owning a karizma go.
    All the best.

    Raveendra: Hey Sudha,Im the most unlucky person in the world.I have ordered and was eagerly waiting for Karizma since two months. The guy at srinivas automobiles, chromepet called me up yesterday and told me that he has only black colour with red mags and if i wanted red or yellow,it still takes two months…Black is anti-sentiment to our family… So, with tears in my eyes, i told him cancel my order and i will stick to my mini karizma-Ambition. I have preclosed one of my credit card personal loan with that amount and now am going to put karizma back cowl, shields and head light assesmblies on my ambition and also going to give it for a yellow paint job.I dont know why hero honda is taking this much time to deliver this bike..where as Bajaj and Honda are delivering thier flagship models within a weeks time. I totally lost interest in this bike(better to say vexed with this waiting period).I dont know whether i would be able to buy a karizma FI(if HH launching in future)as i sure expect its cost would be around 2lacs.Regards,
    most unlucky person in the world,

  105. hi Raveendra

    what Shaan and others tell are correct go to the Hero Honda website and check out the other dealers in chennai and call up all the other dealerships and check with them

    if you cant find any then call up adyar motors in adyar there will be guys call Manager Hari and owner Mr Jagdep singh call them up and tell them you need karizma of what colour you want

    their numbers are :

    jagdep singh- 9840906767

    hari – 9841407143

    i hope this help you out because when i bought my karizma even i had the same response from many dealers and i called up all the 9 authorised dealers in chennai before i sourced my silver karizma in adyar motors

    the list of authorised dealers in chennai from Hero honda website


    Address 481, MOUNT ROAD, NANDANAM
    Phone 044-42112020, 42131100
    Email jagdeep@sify.com
    Contact Person JAGDEP KOHLI


    Phone 044-26447385, 26447386
    Email nmpl@airtelmail.in
    Contact Person DR.M.RAJU


    Address 761,ANNA SALAI
    Phone 044-28525446
    Email relmotor@eth.net
    Contact Person M.Ct.MUTTHIAH


    Phone 044-26268050
    Email nagappaauto@vsnl.net
    Contact Person M.SUNDARAM


    Phone 044-22254100,044-22254030
    Email vmppl@rediffmail.com
    Contact Person I VENKATA RAO


    Phone 044-42115588
    Email adyarmotors@hotmail.com
    Contact Person MANJIT SINGH


    Phone 044-22210221
    Email srini_auto@vsnl.net
    Contact Person M S SRINIVASA MURTHY


    Phone 044-22448686
    Email mohanamotors@rediffmail.com
    Contact Person MR. M K TAMILARASU


    Address 79/31, WALL TAX ROAD, OPP WOOD WARF,
    Phone 044-25295757
    Email mohanaautomobiles@rediffmail.com
    Contact Person MR M K TAMILARASU

    get your bike only from these dealerships and not any local dealerships. i hope you get your Karizma asap.


  106. hey people plzz tell me whether u require a good built and physique to suit the KARIZMA on you……i am 5′ 8” tall and have slim physique….and planning to buy a karizma…will it suit me????
    as the most important part of the bike is that it should suit your personality…..
    if not then which bike do you suggest for me???

    i have an open mindset to buy any bike within the 1 lakh range….not the r15…:)

  107. Dear Suda,

    Screeching sound coming from the front disc. I understand and as you have mentioned before that it is due to dust or rust between the calipers and the disc. but how to clean it? and where will i find the additive ezi oil? how to use it and in what quantity?
    My karizma is now 3200 kms and is getting better each day. Even the gears are getting smoother. Thanks for your advice, as always.

    — Jishnu

  108. Thnx jishnu for ur advice….

    well i would love it if some more people put up their views including sudarshan…..plzzz i need some more advice…..

  109. Hi Shikhar
    As far as i know myself,am really slim and weigh only 50kgs with 5.10 tall,, I don feel any troubles facing to ride my Zma,,,
    I zooms me of from the road and starts to take off like a Jet…
    U wanna experience it then u should own the pride …

    Even Sudharshan saw me, he would explain u clearly how i weigh,,,
    Man ! Don hesitate,, Go towards it,, Take ur ride,,


    I think Sday u called me for a service specialist, have u called him ,,,
    Do reply ;;

    Hi Sudharshan
    How’a u ?
    Hows life Man…
    Ill try to c u soon probably this week.. Lets again start to discuss few things,,

    Hi everyone up there..
    U wanna join on our conversation..
    Plz do call Sudharshan Or Me so that we all can meet once and have a talk about ourselfs and our Machines…

    Shaan Sundar

  110. hi shikhar

    the karizma is the most well-rounded performance bike on indian roads and is quite an accomplished bike on all areas like braking, handling, ride quality, suspension, acceleration, comfort, touring etc…

    the best part of the bike is that it is very accommodating and forgiving bike that anybody can drive it.

    i have seen many girls through out the country and in chennai drive the karizma and even 600 cc and 1000 cc and even 1352 cc kawasaki zx 14, honda blakcbird 1100cc.

    a good example are a few of my athletic female friends who are around 5ft and 5ft 2in and they drive karizma and comet gt250.

    and the 19 yr old alisha abdullah who drives all kinds of bikes from 100 cc to 1500 cc and she is less than 5 ft tall around 4ft 10inch i think and weighs around 45 kgs.

    so it doesnt really matter how big you are or how strong you are. all that matters is how willing and keen you are.

    i do agree that you do need certain build for handling big bikes during parking and manoeuvrings at slow speeds but over time you will get used to it and it will become a habit.

    when ever i have been to UK i have seen girls compete with men in drag racing and in abroad a beginners bike is a 250 cc but here in india we start at tvs 50 cc so we indian bikers are setback mentally rather than physically.

    so dont worry about how you will look or what people will say just follow your heart and dont be concerned about things you cant control.

    if you feel the karizma is right for you then it is the right bike for you.

    after all you will be the person riding the karizma and you are buying a bike for yourself and not to please others.

    you will realize that by buying the karizma what a wise investment you have made in your life and you will throughly enjoy your karizma than anyother bike in india.

    go ahead and buy your karizma. and post a comment as soon as you buy it and go through my previous comments.

    with warm regards

  111. hi jishnu

    the screeching sound that you mention is a common problem in all new karizmas.

    the new disc pad will be thick and it will be in constant contact with disc and there wont be any gap between the disc pad and the disc.

    as you keep using your karizma, dust and other debris will get attched to the disc pad and this will get embedded in the disc pad and the disc will get scratched everytime it comes in contact with the dust particels on the disc pad and produces the screeching sound.

    especially when driving at slow speeds the sound will be more audible.

    my dealer told me to kepp using the front brake more often as by constant usage the disc pad will reduce in thickness and the sound will eventually go away.

    but for this i found out that i had to use the front brake more often and use only the front brake for braking. i used this technique for 20 kms before i realised by the time the disc pad reduces its thickness my front tires would become bald.

    the karizmas components are heavy duty parts and dont get worn out that easily and it will take a long time to waer out.

    so i suggest you to remove the front brake calliper assembly with small box spanner and clean the disc pads with a soft damp cloth every time you hear a screeching sound.

    and dont use the front brake more as you front tire will get worn out quickly. use both brakes for braking

    this sound will eventually drown out when the pads wear down to sufficient thickness and the gap between the disc and and the disc pad gets wider.

    till then clean the disc pad every week once.

    and use the smallest box spanner and this is not available in the tool box so you have to get a new one or from your local mechanic shop.

    put the bike on main stand. have another person to help you. remove the 2 nuts holding the brake calliper assembly. clean the disc pad with a soft, clean, damp cloth.

    clean the disc as well. put on the brake calliper assembly again. tighten the nuts, take care that you dont over tighten them or under tighten them.

    when the brake calliper assembly is removed from the disc take care and dont press the front brake lever as the brake oil will get drained out.

    ask your local mechanic to do this procedure the first time so you get an idea of how it is to be done. watch how much pressure your mechanic applies to tighten the nuts and see how the cleaning is done

    every time before you ride your karizma have a nice , clean cloth and clean the front disc with it so that no more dust gets accumulated in the disc pad.

    my bike has gone more than 20,000 kms and still every now and then i get the screeching sound and i clean my disc pad once a week or when ever i hear the screeching sound.

    so frequent cleaning will be necessary. and dont drive your bike by ignoring this sound as the front disc will get scratched and you can find the scratches on the disc and the disc will get rusted as it loses its protective coating.

    also this sound will become more when the bike is driven is dusty areas or muddy water comes in contact with front brake assembly.

    so try out my suggestion and let me know. and cleaning the front disc pad wont take more than 5 minutes and its easy.


  112. hi jishnu

    any authorised hero honda service centre will have the additive oil and it costs 100 rs.

    the next time when you give your karizma for servicing ask the service guys to include the additive oil along with the engine oil change.

    i change my additive and engine oil every 2000 kms when my karizma goes for servicing.

    the additive ensures the engine runs smoothly even under extreme and intense conditions and provides smoother running of the engine.

    dont worry about the quantity and cost. next time when your bike goes for servicing ask the service guys to add the additive oil. simple.

    by the time your karizma crosses 5000+ kms you will more or less get to the smoothness of your engine and the gearbox will get more slick.

    just ensure you get your bike serviced every 2000 kms and change the engine oil and additive oil.

    and give your karizma only to a service centre which has more than 5 years of experience in handling and servicing a complicated bike like the karizma.

    keep me posted about further improvements and about the disc screeching sound and the additive oil. and any other clarifications you have.

    i hope this answers all your questions


  113. hi Shaan Sundar

    after long time man. i am fine i hope to meet you soon. i have lot of ideas and suggestions regarding our website and i hope to meet you soon. call me up when you are free dude and we can meet up or tell me when to call you and i will call you up.

    well if anybody living in chennai if please interested you all are welcome to join us in our discussions. you guys can call us up and both our numbers are posted in the previous comments.

    hoping to meet you soon Shaan


  114. thnx a lot sudarshan……u have given me some really valuable advice…..i will keep reporting till i buy my zma and after that also as i will need ur advice…..c ya soon….:)

  115. hi all

    i want to know that has anybody tried with a leg guard on his zma…..as i think it is quite important for safety of the bike and the rider also…..i know it will spoil the looks…..so plzz tell me does it looks very ugly….and i have also heard that it touches the front fairing while braking….if it is so plzz tell me….

  116. hello… everyone.. i am playing for a bike whc 1 is good… 180-225cc… value for money.. i have read all d articals,tv shows.. still i am not sure whc 1 to go for.. any 1 suggest me whc 1 is good… in tht segment…

  117. hi,sudarshan

    chandu here.. i am planing for a bike.. as i read ur artrical.. above… is it true ur friend is an drag race’s… u told his bike was around 99000.. wht hapd to his bike now… wht he do wit it…wht abu ur bike…. whc bike better to buy…

  118. Dear Suda,

    Thanks for the advice you gave me when I had called you today.
    You really have great knowledge about bikes.I spoke to My Hearo Honda Service Centre peron & my bikes alingment problem was sorted out.

    I take very Good Care of My bike.Also Its a Great Idea to join a Zma Family.

    My Black Beauty is 6 months old & have covered over 5800 Kms.

    Hope to see ou if at all you come to Mumbai.


  119. chandu on May 16, 2009 at 3:18 pm
    hello… everyone.. i am playing for a bike whc 1 is good… 180-225cc… value for money.. i have read all d articals,tv shows.. still i am not sure whc 1 to go for.. any 1 suggest me whc 1 is good… in tht segment…

    dude if u cudnt choose after so much time,a cpl of comments will help u ?
    get a life !
    and this mr.know it all who criticizes bullets as well and every other bike was most probably born somewhere in a honda factory

  120. Dear Chandu,

    I would suggest you to go for Karizma without any 2nd thought.

    I am sure that you will get worth for your money.

    There is no other bike as reliable,comfortable & stylish like Karizma.

    Atleast have a test ride of the same & then you will feel the difference between the best & the rest.

    Jet Set Go…


  121. hi da..

    pinank thx for ur suggestion sure ill test ride…!!! any idea herohonda is leaving new model r any such thing in ZMA…

  122. Dear All,

    I have observed that the head lamp of Karizma does not give enough light specially when I use dipper.Any suggestion on any other bulb so that My problem gets resolved.


  123. hi shikhar

    glad to help my fellow bikers. keep me posted about further developments.

    and please go through some of my older comments in reply to similiar questions on tips, pointers before-after purchase, maintenance, service guide etc.. so you get a complete idea of all matters you need to know about the karizma.

    if you have any other queries as well post it here and i will answer them.


  124. hi shikhar

    i think you can retrofit a small leg guard on the karizma.

    as the new karizma has the engine cowl, you need to remove it and then fit an engine guard. iam not too sure if the guard touches the front fairing during braking.

    in order to avoid this you can fit a small and compact leg guard like in the pulsar 220.

    looks apart if you think you need the engine guard then you are right as it is an essential safety device.

    try to see if the p220 engine guard fits the karizma.

    you need to also do away with the metal bars holding the karizma’s engine cowl as it may hamper the fitting of an engine guard on the karizma’s downtube.

    i am quite sure we cant fit a big conventional engine guard like in other bikes on to the karizma due to its fairing.

    so the closest that i can think of are leg guards which are compact like in p220 or other bikes which employ similiar compact engine guards.

    try out my suggestion. if you feel you cant compromise safety then dont worry about the looks and try to fit a guard on your karizma.

    just make the guard fitted well away from other parts and leave as much gap as possible between the guard and the fairing so you wont have a problem of the guard touching the fairing. space distribution is critical here.


  125. hi chandu

    well there are many factors you need to consider before buying a bike between the segments you are interested in.

    if you need a value for money bike then the karizma is the best option for you at rs 80,000 you get a “lot-of” bike and it is a reliable bike

    so try the karizma and go for a test drive to confirm it.

    you can also consider the r15, p220, thunderbird twinspark 346 and the new apache 180 menace.

    as these are other bikes which are competitors for the karizma.

    but i feel no other bike can ever match the karizma’s reliability, comfort, mile munching ability, quality, smoothness and refinement etc…

    so check out all the bike i have mentioned and especially the karizma to come to a consensus

    when i got my karizma i was also pretty confused but when i read about the records to the karizma’s credits i got hooked.

    its records are:

    karizma covered a distance of 2525 kms in a day at a constant speed of 105+ kms continuosly

    karizma has been the bike of choice for a world tour for a guy from vizag

    it fetures regularly to trips to the highest motorable roads.

    it has been featured in many off road trips and rallies that other bikes wont last for even a few hundred kilometres and won many offroad rallies

    holds the record for covering kanyakumari to kashmir in 5 days

    it was one of the bikes featured in xbhp’s the great indian road trip which spanned 13000+ kms over many months

    it was adjudged the best sport tourer by bikeindia recently beating the p220 and r15

    and the list just goes on and on

    so i think no other indian bike even comes close to these kind of feats


  126. hi chandu

    my friends bike is doing quite phenomenal.

    now it has clocked more than 1 lak 25,000 kms and the bike is 6 years old.

    my friends name is pranit and he got his bike in july 2003.

    my friens is a biker, sport tourer, drag racer, performance junkie, adrenaline and speed freak. so he is pretty much a lot in one package.

    he doesnt feel like riding other bikes as he so in love with his karzma.

    he is a very rich guy and can even buy bikes like the hayabusa or mt 01 but he feels the karizma is the best proposition for indian roads as it gives usable power and handling and is more controllable than a hayabusa or a mt01.

    so till now he never got a hayabusa or mt01 and rides his karizma as it has served him so very well that he doesnt feel like parting with it.

    his bike’s bore, stroke, cam chain, clutch plates, clutch cable, sprocket, wheels, rims, battery, piston rings, air filter, spark plug, suspension etc………

    all have been changed and his bike is running like new even after all these years and kilometers and his style of abusive riding the bike has withstood very well and still has more life in it for at least for another 3 years.

    i have also driven it and i can vouch for it

    all the major work was done very well and the bike feels great to ride.

    as for my bike i am very happy with it and i wont bother even if a 250 cc is lauched in india like kawasaki ninja 250

    my bike gives me an average of 40 in city and 50+ on highways. till now it has clocked more than 20,000 kms and i got my bike in 5-august 08.

    i have never crossed 105 km on the speedo and change the engine oil and additive oil every 2000 km when my bike goes for servicing.

    my bike is serviced only by a karizma specialist who has around 6 years of experience and i feel my service centre is the best in chennai as they do an amazing job in my bike.

    i have done more than 18000+ kms on the highways with many trips to bangalore, mysore, vijaywada, tirupati, nellore, kalahasti, tada falls, tambaram, pondicherry, chengulpet, madurai etc…

    i am planning a trip to kolkatta some time now and total distance will be around 3500 kms

    my bike has never broke down since it always in top shape. i have had 4 punctures till now.

    i am very happy i got my karizma and never regretted the decision of buying it even a minute.

    i have put on extra 2 inch foam for extra padding to aid comfort for long drives.

    i have also removed the saree guard and always keep the owners manual and the tool kit and the first aid kit on my bike for emergencies.

    i always have atleast 250 rs in my pocket where ever i go in city in case of emergency just for safety and have atleast 1500 rs and my atm card for highways.

    i am a long distance and endurance rider and do a lot of highway touring which is why i got the karizma in the first place.


  127. hi pinank

    i am glad to help out. it was nice talking to you that day. i hope my guidance was of some help to you in rectifying your bikes problems.

    take good care of your bike and dont drop it.

    if you want to use fully synthetic oil make sure that the oil matches the companys specifications and ratings and always use 2 wheeler oil.

    take great care of your bike as it will not only save you money but also increase the pleasure you get from your bike during riding as your bike will be in good health it will perform consistently.

    if i come to mumbai i will call you and we can meet up

    its great to hear about your black beauty. take her out for highways and you will like her even more.


  128. hi anant

    its not that i hate bullets or other bikes in the country. its just that i feel the karizma is more well rounded than other bikes and thats why i favour it over other bikes.

    when ever we are faced with many options we tend to choose the option which gives the most maximum value and i felt the karizma outclasses the bullets and other bikes in the country.


  129. hi pinank

    you are right as the karizma’s stock headlights are too weak to give any proper illumination in the nights both low and high beams.

    you can compensate for this by fitting in HID lamps in your karizma.

    try out the HID series in Philips as i think they provide great performance.

    there are many colours like white, blue, gold, etc… all of them give good illumination.

    there is one problem though as you must check out for the correct wattage and volts for the bulb from your owners manual and buy HID lamps with similiar ratings.

    this is because the Karizma has a 12v-7ah battery and 35w/35w headlamp which is directly attached to the battery.

    coupled with the fact that each electrical item has a fuse which if overloaded will blow leading to malfunction of that particular item.

    so when you fit a HID bulb with higher ratings, then, the headlamp fuse will blow up and your HID lamps wont work properly. also since the bulbs are DC type they will drain the battery of all its power.

    you can do one modification and that is install a bigger battery but for doing so a lot of modifications need to be done to battery housing area and to the electricals and wiring and the fuses.

    so with all these problems to consider you have go about the process very carefully. go to an electricals expert specializing in doing such modifications and who has enough experience.

    as your bike’s electricals will get messed up if you dont get it done from a reputed electrician.

    i suggest you put on HID lamps as they will provide better illumination and safety but it will cost some money.

    see if you can get HID lamps with similiar ratings as specified by the manufacturer so you can have hassle-free experience.


  130. hi pinank

    from what i could gather from a local electrical shop you can fit a powerful bulb with 55w/60 w bulb in a karizma without any modifications.

    i think the bulb type is hp4.

    you can also try to fix bigger amaron battery 9ah with out any changes to the battery housing areas.

    just make sure you dont leave the headlights on without starting the your karizma for a long time, not more than 1 minute as the headlamps will drain the battery.

    i am not sure if you can fix HID lamps as they will need even more power and you will need relays to use them and install bigger fuses as well

    i hope this helps you out pinank


  131. hi chandu

    ok dude great choice finally.

    post a comment when you get your karizma R.

    and go through some of my previous posts where i have given a list of points to check before you get delivery of your karizma

    have test drove the Karizma R yet?? what about other bikes like p220, r15, tbts 346, rtr 180


  132. hi sudarshan,

    thx dude.. sure i ll tell…. ya i took a test drive.. man oo man.. i was crazy whn i took a ride… really good 1…
    sure ill check it.. if u dont mind to post it again for me…

    dude now comming to other bike i took test drive of r15, tb346,rtr180,,, i like ZMA much…. in this TB346 was ok but it was heavy,,said no for it….


  133. Hi Suda,

    Thanks for your advice.I will try to get a new bulb of 55w/60 w bulb as I dont fell like doing any modifications in My bike.

    Also would like to inform you that there was some problem in the alingment of my rear tyre as it was removed when My bike got puntured once.It has got rectified now & I have replaced it with Dunlop Geo Crusier Tyre of 120 width.

    I feel Great & more confident now.It had rained few days back in Mumbai & I could feel a very good grip of the tyre on the wet road.

    I will make sure that I never ever drop my Bike again.

    Will definately meet you when you come to Mumbai.You can call me on 9987145027.

    Thanks for your advice.


  134. Hi Chandu,

    I am sure that no other bike in India can even come close to comfort,reliability & pleasure which is given while riding Karizma.

    Few of My friends had got diverted to Yamaha R15 , FZ-16 & had purchased it.However after riding it for some time they have got bored & whenever they ride my Karizma they regret their decision.One of them is planning to sell of his R15 & buy Karizma.

    They are good bikes but Karizma Rules the Road.

    Anyways hope you get your Karizma soon.


  135. hi Pinank,

    ooo thtz cool ma friends also has fz16,fzs,r15,apc…but everyone has ego to accpet it…

    sure dude i should it coz i waited for so long to buy a bike….

    two days back i ride new puls180… good technology used but bike is bite small… while riding i got leg pain.. he has given bike a sporty look…thtz it… nothing special…


  136. to all the zma owners,
    iv got a six year old silver zma and even now every time i swing a leg over it i fall in love with it all over again…its one of the very few QUALITY PRODUCTS available today…neways to all the new owners- the moment the warranty ends switch to original iridium plug and also buy a power chord….preferably ngk for the plug and spitfire for the chord…would cost around 800 bucks but its totaly worth it…ur pikup would increase and economy riding between 45kmph to 55kmph would give you anywhere between 10 to 20 percent increase in fuel efficiency. so then you are “always game” without worrying about the mielage. what more could you want????

  137. hey sud,

    m using 10w40 jaso ma petronas sprinta 4t 5000. do u know how good can it be? btw, whts ur say on K&N? shall i?

  138. @ Sudha,

    i got my yellow karizma yesterday from A.S motors Tiruvannamalai. And from there to tambaram—a total of 175 kms,I had maintained a steady speed of 55 and some time 75 while crossing heavy trucks that too upto 5 secs…Will this cause any damage to new engine? I have touched 75 three times(only for 5 secs)….Also, how the fuel gauge in Zma works. Means how can i calculate the fuel depending upon those digital bars.

    Raveendra Boyapati

  139. Hey,

    As you all said in the previous comments, the gear shift is not hard in my new ZMA… I found its verry easy shifting gears in Zma and can be compared to Ambition(you can shift gears without depressing clutch in ambition)…

    I think on Zma we dont need that gas and other types of suspension offered by bajaj and TVS in their bikes. Existing one on zma are of superior quality. I think its perfectly tuned for indian road conditions. Its my opinion…What say guys?

    Also, I had completed 210 kms in two days on my new ZMA. Advice me guys, do i need to change the engine oil at this point? Showroom guys adviced me to chnage after 500 kms. Experts; please reply.


  140. your bike at 500 odd kms will undergo the 1st servicing. HH changes the oil at tht point. however, i have seen tht by tht time the HH oil (thts the oil they put by default) loses most of its smoothness. plus it contains the debris and and small metal particles that come out during the first grooving of your engine. So u see tht by changing the oil even in between will actually be healthy for the bike though it is not absolutely necessary. However, even if u change the oil, fill it up with only the HH oil, atleast during the run in period. you can use synthetic oils later in a more seasoned engine.
    Btw, congrats! u chose the best bike.

  141. Guys ! Guys !
    Finally Karizma PGM-Fi has been launched…
    My close friend has saw it before a week..
    He has informing me continuosly about a White coloured Karizma with a mirror mounted on Front Fairing..
    But i said it would be a modified one and he also made me notice Hero Honda brand name scripted on it as Original…
    But now i realise that its true…
    Definitely its true…
    I don know when will i c it on Road…
    He saw it near my area…
    Ill get more info about it…
    But upto his updates…
    The bike looked really awesome, he liked it..
    Basically hes a Zma lover and gonna buy his bike on December on his birth….where i already have one and my Zma celebrated her birthday Sday(08-July-09)..
    Guys pls keep posting me about ZMR as soon as possible….

    Shaan Sundar

  142. Dear Sudharshan …
    Its a long time we met together…
    So how’a plannin to meet again…?
    Plz do look at it ….
    Come up with ur views on ZMR…


  143. Guys …
    This is for your Info….
    Dear AUTHOR plz correct if am wrong…

    “The pic was taken by a guy named Prathamesh Jadhav and tis is hw he defines the story…he il b uplaodin new picture soon as he got a 3rd one also, i am the first guy to take the pics of karizma zmr….. but you cant stop the people copying….but still i have one more pic which i have not displayed yet….this one is to prove that i was the first guy to take that pic…. is is not that clear as my finger came partly in front of the camera lens….. but u can see it well….
    now let me tell u how i got these pics….
    (it is a long story)
    i was in AAI (airport authority of india) canteen eating my wada pav when i saw porsche 911 turbo ,mercedes slk and two bentleys going in line right in front of my eyes…. iam a huge fan of porsche ..so i took my zma r and chased them to mesco heli pads…. there i came to know that hrithik roshan was arrived to shoot an add…. i convinced the security guards that i wanted to take the photo of porsche and he allowed(i was not knowing about ZMR)…as i entered the hangar of mesco….O MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD…..i was not able to believe my eyes….. three white angels were shining ……i forgot the hrithik and was just drinking the scenario of those angels through my eyes…it was hard to shoot the pics as security was taking the mobiles ..but i took the risk(anything for zma)…. and thats how i got the pics”

    Guys i don know whether its true or not…’
    Plz do reply for it if u r known about it./…

    Shaan Sundar

  144. hi Sai

    sorry for the delay

    HID and Xenon lamps are the same.

    HID refers to the function of the bulb- High Intensity Discharge

    Xenon refers to the type of the bulb. there are various shades of light available like white, blue, gold etc..

    Karizma comes with halogen bulbs emitting a yellow coloured light.

    the wattage is 35w/35w for the high and low beams etc..

    this bulb is not enough for night driving, i suggest you switch to bulbs with 60w/60w power for better illumination


  145. hi Jishnu

    sorry for the delay in getting back to you i was very busy

    you see a new engine needs a little bit of wear and tear so that the moving parts churn themselves to the correct openings.

    if your bike is new and has not crossed 10,000 kms then please dont use petronas 10w 40 as it has a slightly different rating recommended by HH

    HH uses 10w30 4t plus mineral oil

    and for a new bike below 10,000 kms or 15,000 kms this is the best oil.

    use the HH oil until your bike crosses 10,000 or 15,000 kms and then switch over to petronas

    if you can find fully synthetic 2 wheeler oil with 10w30 rating then that is the best oil for karizma.

    castrol power1 racing is also good.

    gulf 10w30 with pentatec is also ok..

    dont go in for K&N air filters as it will damage the engine. the performance gain you get wont be worth it.

    instead install an iridium spark plug and remove the catalytic converter from the silencer and you will get better performance from karizma.

    also this wont affect the originality of the bike

    hope this helps you


  146. hi Jishnu

    all stock karizma’s run lean. thats why cold starts arent that easy and karizma needs choke

    HH have tried their best to get the bike run lean to enhance the mileage and to conform to Euro 2 emission standards.

    the karizma has an air suction valve to meet the emission standards, this means that stock karizma’s run on lean air fuel mixture.

    unless you havent tampered with stock carb settings there is nothing much we can do about it.

    carb jetting can be done but it needs to be done by an experienced mechanic

    make sure the idle speed is between 1400 to 1450 when the engine is fully warmed up

    every now and then use petrol with octane ratings of 91 or higher.

    since most karizma’s run lean there is more wear and tear on the engine. switching over to synthetic oils will help to prevent premature wear and tear damage to the engine.


  147. hi Raveendra

    sorry for the delay, i was very busy….

    congrats man finally you are now a member of the Exclusive club.

    touching 75 km/hr three times for a few seconds wont harm the engine dude.

    dont worry about it.

    please dont cross 60 till the 1st 1000 kms

    after the first 1000 kms are over try to do short bursts till 80 for a minute and drop the speed back to below 60.

    do this “engine setting exercise” 10 times for every 100 kilometres

    and your engine will get seasoned and set

    dont touch 100 till the bike crosses 5000 kms and dont touch 120 till 10,000 kms

    after 10,000 kms you are free to do what ever you want to do

    the fuel guage on the karizma is rather peculiar.

    due to the irregular shape of the tank it wont give you an exact figure of fuel left in the petrol tank.

    the capacity is 15 litres and there are 8 fuel guage bars, this means each bar shows 1.875 litres of fuel.

    but you will find that the fuel guage shows reserve even before the bike has come to reserve.

    if the reserve bar starts blinking dont worry there is still some more petrol left in the tank until the bike hits reserve.

    keep driving the bike with fuel cock in the “ON” position.

    once the bike hits reserve you will feel the bike hiccoughing and the throttle become sluggish.

    once you experience this in your bike switch the fuel cock to reserve position.

    never drive the bike in reserve position when there is still some fuel in the ON position

    and you can use only 1.6 to 1.7 litres of the fuel in reserve as the remaining fuel wont reach the carb.

    so once your bike reaches reserve you can go upto 35 to 55 kms distance depending on your driving style and road and traffic conditions before you need a refill

    never think the bike has 2 litres reserve and it will do 70kms or 80 kms distance before the bike runs dry.

    as the remaining 0.4 to 0.3 litres of fuel is not usable

    and when ever you find your karizma is not starting even after repeated starts close the fuel cock to off position and open the fuel tank lid for a minute and then close it and restart the bike.

    some times an air gap is formed and the karizma refuses to start

    by opening the fuel tank lid this air gap is removed.

    hope this helps


  148. Hi Raveendra

    one more thing,

    when ever you fill up fuel close the fuel cock to off position every time as by doing so you will prevent dust particles from entering the carb.

    also when ever it rains make sure water droplets does not fall into the petrol tank.

    always fill fuel from a company operated petrol bunk

    normal petrol or premium Karizma does well in both so the choice is yours

    always fill up fuel before 7 am in the morning as the density of fuel will be higher and petrol evaporation will be less resulting in your benefit.

    check optimum tyre pressure every week from a well calibrated tire pressure machine.

    this points will be useful for you


  149. hi Raveendra

    the karizma has a superior clutch and gearbox to the ambition and may be thats why you dont find it as hard.

    try to feel the gearbox and clutch of other bikes and you will realize the clutch and gearbox of karizma is the best

    always use the clutch for gearshifts as shifting without clutch is not advisable.

    and yes you are right about the suspension as the karizma’s suspension is superb even though it is not gas charged.

    please read your owners manual carefully as to how to adjust the suspension to the road and load conditions.

    personally i feel the suspension should be set to the hardest setting as our roads are bumpy.

    also all the stock karizma’s are soflty sprung at the rear and they need to readjusted to the hardest setting to cope with our road conditions.

    it is better to drain the engine oil completely after the 1st 300 kms as it would ensure the engine remains healthy and all metallic parts can be removed from the oil crankcase at this juncture.

    but if you dont feel like doing it then you change the engine oil at 500+ kms at the 1st service.

    but make sure the service guys drain the total 1.2 litre volume of the engine oil and remove all the metal particles completely from the crankcase.

    my advise to you is to change the engine oil and the additive ezi oil every 2000-2500 kms when your bike needs servicing.

    make sure they drain all the 1.2 litres of the engine oil and install fresh volume of 1.2 litres of engine oil.

    use HH engine oil for the first 10,000-15000 kms atleast

    if you dont use HH oil then you will lose the warranty so remember that always.


  150. hi Shaan Sundar

    sorry for the delay in getting back to you

    after a long time dude finally we get to meet.

    tell me when to meet you dude i am free for some time now.

    the news is confirmed dude the karizma ZMR pgm-fi should be expected in our roads by diwali at the earliest

    my review will come up once it comes out or if i can lay my hands on it asap before the release.

    from what i could gather the karizma ZMR is the same except for the new full fairing, fi, rear disc, clip-on bars, oil cooler or liquid cooling.

    all the parts like tires, chassis, front brakes, suspension, seating, engine and engine capacity etc are from the Previous karizma.

    the bike will have FI from Honda and power could be between 19-20 bhp and 20-21 nm of torque.

    the gearbox is the same though the bike may now sport an extra gear for highway overdrive (speculation)

    it seems the info was gathered from a guy called jayanth from an orkut community.

    i feel HH could have done a better job with the new fairing apart from that everyting else looks amazing

    message me when you are free dude and i will call you up immediately.

    the paint and the stickering and the bulbous front fairing looks its been inspired by the Hayabusa.

    i feel the karizma’s dynamics, handling, pickup, stability and balance all could be affected due to the big fairing.

    as HH has not worked properly on other aspects of the bike to make sure the fairing will not hamper the already superb performance of the karizma.

    the karizma was inspired by CBF 150 sold in the asian markets with the unicorn engine.

    i hope HH does something to rectify the Fairing before they release the ZMR.


  151. Dear Sudharshan..,
    I have small question from my side….
    One of my friend said that ur bike increases BHP when u start to drive it rashly naturally often after few months..!
    Now my question is “How do i test my bhp of my bike after my continuos rash driving?”…

  152. hi Shaan Sundar

    i am not sure how your friend arrived at this assertion, but i can assure you that what your friend says is not possible.

    it is the psychological feeling of adrenaline rush that the person driving rash feels that appears as though the BHP increases. its all in the mind

    the only way to find out the BHP figures of a bike is to DYNO the bike. iam not sure if any body has a a dyno in india.

    usually race tuners working on superbikes have it.

    you see the hayabusa develops a near 200 hp of power at the engine crankcase, but by the time the power reaches the rear wheel some power is lost.

    as a result the hayabusa has around 165 + bhp powering the rear wheel. a reason why hayabusa has 190 rear section tire.

    you similiarly the karizma produces around 17 ps power converting to BHP terms the karizma has 16.76 bhp power developed at the crankcase.

    now by the time the power reaches the rear wheel some power will be lost due to friction, dissipation, mechanical in-efficiency, heat loss etc…

    i reckon the karizma will have any where between 10-12 bhp of true power reaching the rear wheel.

    what matters is not how much power is produced at the engine crankcase, but rather how much power reaches the rear wheel.

    so in order to increase the power efficiency range the supporting mechanical parts transfering the power from the engine like cam chain, connecting rods, chain, sprocket, wheel rims, tires all have to have a high range of efficiency.

    usually power loss occurs over prolonged period of usage, outside temperature, heat etc…

    the mechanical efficiency keeps reducing over time and usage due to wear and tear speaking from a scientific point of view.

    thats why a new bike is always better as it has new components and parts as opposed to an old bike, as the new bike has a higher efficiency range due to its new parts.

    in india bajaj probiking showrooms have dynamometers where one can see the power of the bikes as it is being developed.

    unless you can find a race tuner who has the dyno it would be impossible to find out the exact power of bhp powering the rear wheel of the karizma.

    and in any case over a period of time the efficiency of the engine and its components are reduced so there is no way the bhp increases

    hope this answers your question

    i have condensed my answer into a smaller version as in oredr to give you a complete. clear explanation i will need a longer comment.


  153. hai sudershan bro.,
    my name is rony and am from kerala…

    ur posting was simply superb…all the way am going for a karizma next week…after a one year planning of a perfedct bike which suits me…

    but am stil confused bro..and still there are some doubts in my mind that will i sucseed in my desicin of selecting karizma. r …

    and i like to know abt some tips and speed limits abt new zma tat i got to buy next week…

    and i am going for the colour BLACK WITH RED ALLOYZ…..

    waiting for ur rply………

  154. hi Rony

    dude if you have doubts why dont you call me up, i will be able to help you better

    my number – 09941338179

    and congrats for selecting the karizma R in black with red alloys. great choice

    i would like to ask you one thing though?

    what is it that you are doubtful of?? what suspicions???

    if you can wait for some time for 4 months the new Karizma pgm-fi will be launched, if you want a brand new edition that is

    if you feel like you cant wait for that long then go ahead and buy the existing karizma r, its a great bike and you cant go wrong with it.

    how ever i would like you to wait for the new karizma pgm-fi launch.

    and about the pre delivery pointers please refer to the comment i made to raveendra on the same query

    please read the comment that follows after…
    ” sudarshan on april 30 2009 at 6.07 pm”

    there are list of 14 points that i have outlined that you need to take note of before you take delivery of your karizma r

    as it happens the product is very competent but the company men are very lazy, inexperienced, incompetent, not bothered about providing proper service to the customer.

    so usually they dont perform the PDI(pre-delivery inspection) properly. so you need to be careful when taking delivery

    you also need to find out a good HH service centre and a competent service man who has atlest mimium 3-5 years experience on servicing and handling the karizma.

    give him an incentive and befriend him so that when your bike goes for servicing he will do the best service.

    make sure you take an experienced mechanic with you when you take delivery of your karizma so he can ensure everything has been worked on properly and there is no defect in your karizma.

    go for a test drive yourself and “feel” the engine, brakes, chassis, suspension, tires, ride quality, clutch & gear box, handling, steering etc..

    ask your mechanic to go for a test drive as well

    usually the company men will make you feel embarassed that you are being extra cautious, but dont get put off and do what you have to do.

    dont take anything for granted, check for everything yourself as you are paying good money to them.

    also check for the papers- insurance- personal & bike, owners manual, battery warranty card, HH passport reciept, bike’s bill, delivery note, emission warranty

    and i speak from personal experience.

    hope this helps you out


  155. Hi Sudarshan,

    Woow good review i was confused whether to buy the Karizma b’cause of its low mileage and costly spares but after reading the review many points got cleared and i am finally ready to buy Karizma.

    Is the ZMA-FI is going to be launched in Diwali? If so shld i wait some more or go ahead with ZMA-R…..If the bike is priced in 1.5 lkh range then its out of scope…pls help..thnx.

  156. Hi Sudarshan,

    I have finally decided to buy the Zma-R but the new Zma-fi is ging to be launched in Diwali…

    I am confused whether i shld buy Zma-r or wait till Diwali. If the price range is 1.5 lkh i wldn’t be able to buy it anyway…so plz help..thx

  157. hi Sunny

    i think its better to wait for the karizma pgm-fi before you buy your karizma R.

    i dont think the karizma pgm-fi will be 1.5 lakh, because the new karizma fi is based on the karizma r.

    if HH gets a new honda engine from the 292 cc honda cb300 from brazil then the price will be more than 1.5 lakh.

    but from what i gathered the new karizma will have an updated FI fitted to the same karizma r 223cc engine.

    except for this update most changes are just cosmetic and nothing much technically advanced.

    the changes updated on the existing karizma r are:

    pgm fi
    liquid cooling(speculation)
    clip on handlebars
    rear discs
    full fairing
    rear LED stop light
    no kick
    split rear grab rails
    digital speedo
    new colours and graphics.

    but all said and done it is better to wait for the officail launch from HH as by then you would have a complete idea of whether the new Karizma is worth it.

    if not you can still get a great discount or offers from HH as they would like to clear off the existing stocks of the karizma r after the new karizma fi is launched.

    so i suggest you to wait for the launch of the karizma FI as it wont hurt for waiting for few more months.

    i hope this helps you out


  158. Hi Sudharsan,
    I would vouch for each and every word that you mentioned about the ZMA , I happen to have one from the past one year and I am very happy with it. Going for an endless debate as to ZMA vs P220 vs R15 is simply futile. I mean some might like a P220 for that hooligan moment of thrill it provides, An R15 for its sheer look and the technological advancement it hides underneath its body but a ZMA was the one which ended up enticing me the most. Where am I coming from? Well picture this, you are heading on a lovely highway cruising along at 100+ the last thing you would want is to get hassled about the front fairing vibrating or the RVM going useless because of the vibrations that have started creeping in, or your back complaining because of the rather sporty riding position of bike (oh ya!! and you bought the bike thinking that it has got this uber cool sports bike look).
    The point being after screwing round about 1 lakh rupees what I would expect is a total sense of nirvana via the machine I am on and not ponder about these niggling issues because biking is not about just pure gadgetry or sheer speed; it’s about wanting to go some where when ever you want to, and not think twice as to would I able to able to make it? Would my machine stand by me right through out the journey?

    For me it’s always reliability and practicality over sheer speed and sportiness.

    I have nothing against the r15’s or the 220’s it just that for me they don’t fit in the quintessential definition of what biking is for me. Sure a p220 would out run a ZMA any day or the technology which R15 has would make the ZMA look like a prehistoric machine but to tell you the truth I don’t really care for that, I can ride my machine as long as my body would withstand it and not as long as my machine would withstand the road,
    That it the sense of comfort and reliability a ZMA infuses in you.

    P:s:- Sudharshan bro am thinking about upjetting and k&n , and I know that there are many a sites which talk about them as well but I wanted to hear from you as to if these mods are worth it cause although money isn’t a problem , The thing is I love my machine and I wanna make sure that these mods wont harm her any way.
    So if you could give me some insight, well what I basically want to know is that would it result in a meatier top end performance .my bike now does around 130 , I don’t quite care about the mileage.

  159. hi Amit Chakravorty

    i dont think its a good idea to install K&N air filter and upjetting the carb.

    you see once you do such performance enhancing mods your Karizma will lose its characteristic reliability and durability.

    Plus you wont get the sustained and consistent performance as your stock karizma.

    such modifications create many complications and over time your bike will develop serious performance issues.

    the reason for this is because of many factors:

    1. a k&n air filter is a free-flow air filter and your bike will suck in more air than required, your engine will take a beating in the long run if the carb upjetting is not tuned properly

    2. carb upjetting is very complicated process and once you mess with stock settings you will never be able to set it back

    3. issues with carb upjetting:

    getting the right mixture of air and petrol is very difficult.

    result, your bike will run either too lean or too rich and getting the right settings takes a lot of time and tinkering about, in the mean time your engine’s valve and pistons will get damaged

    4. human error is the main culprit for the performance degradation over time. you need to make frequent visits to your mechanic every now and then to keep setting right the faults developed

    5. such modifications will give you only short term gains and the performance you get will be minimal

    6. since you do a lot of highway touring it is not advisable to do such mods, as your bike may breakdown in the middle of a highway. what will you do in such a case? please consider this before modding

    7. such mods are only for people who use their bikes for short bursts of speed and for short distances only. people who like to showoff with loud silencers and full fairings.

    8. since the karizma has a CV carb the air and petrol mixture has to be perfect else the bike will lose either its topend performance or its lowend performance.

    so somewhere the bike will take a beating may be in the lowend or midrange or topend

    9. finding the right tuner may be difficult and he needs to have atleast a minimum of 3 years of experience in tuning the karizma for max performance without compromising on durability and reliability. where do you live and can you find one??

    10. the karizma has a long stroke, undersquare engine and it wont give you meatier top end performance as it is just not built that way.

    once the karizma crosses 8750 rpm there is no strong pull till 10250 rpm as karizma produces it peak power in 7000 rpm itself.

    many of my friends have done a lot of performance mods like installing k&n filters, sports exhausts, carb upjetting, sprocketing, smaller and bigger tires (as in 17 or 19 inch), rear mono shock and rear discs, fatter tires, full fairing etc.. and though they did get some performance gains marginally their bikes started deteriorating with in a month of such mods and they started regretting their decision of modding their bike’s.

    even after modding you cant increase the top speed of the bike. the only gains you get are better pickup, cleaner pulling and increased acceleration but at what cost??

    please always remember unless you are a racer and have a tuner or belong to a racing team, it is not advisable to modify your karizma for performance. may be the looks but not for performance. the amount of time and finance involved would be heavy and mileage would drop drastically as due to extra heat the engine components will wear out prematurely

    i would suggest some mods and guidelines that wont affect your bike please try them out.

    install iridium spark plug

    install fully synthetic engine oil, but make sure the rating is 10w30 and fill up with 1.2 litres, castrol power1 racing though with 10w40 rating is also good

    remove the catalytic converter from your stock exhaust

    use Bharat Petroleum speed or Shell super unleaded petrol

    every now and then use engine cleaning additives to clean the engine to keep it free from carbon deposits

    fill up your tires with nitrogen gas as they give better high-speed performance

    upgrade to 18 inch rear tire 110 or 120

    change your suspension settings to “hardest”

    remove the saree guard

    if you want you can also remove the engine cowl

    get your bike serviced regularly from the best service centre or mech you can find

    make sure the stock carb setting and tuning is not tampered with and the air filter and the air suction valve must be in prime condition and free from obstruction.

    please dont take your karizma’s performance and reliability and durability for granted.

    a stock karizma is an amazingly efficient machine and will serve you for many years to come.

    you could wait for some time for the karizma pgm-fi to be launched in november. till then carry out my suggestions on your karizma to quench your adrenaline thirst.

    i hope i have answered your question

    you could always call me up 09941338179 or email me at



  160. hi Amit Chakravorty

    you hit the bulls eye and i believe nobody could have put it better than your post about the constant debate between Karizma vs p220 vs r15.
    perfect comment dude. my compliments

    even i wanted to drive home the same point but may be i couldnt express it the way you have.

    i personally dont feel hatred towards any bike in the indian market.

    but when one is to buy a bike shelling out close to 1 lakh then we better get our long term calculations right so we dont regret our decision later.

    we need a bike which gives us the best all round performance and the karizma is the wisest buy, i believe

    for a comparison Royal Enfield gives a warranty of just 1 year or 9000 kms.

    in this case the company itself knows the quality is not reliable and durable. and there is no option of extended warranty.

    my bike has already crossed 20,000 kms with in a year. i have done many trips from chennai to bangalore, nellore, pondy, hyderabad, kavali, chengulpet, mamallapuram, vijaywada, gudiwada etc..

    and by next year i think my bike will cross 50,000 km mark as i this year i will be doing more long trips to ooty, kodai, kolkatta, madurai, kanyakumari, munnar, goa etc…

    and i think no other bike would have suited my needs of sport touring giving the best comfort, quality, reliability, peace of mind and satisfaction, stability and the list endless…..

    And i believe you were the author of the “Biking Nirvana” article and if it was your article, please do write more of such articles brilliant write up dude.

    With Warm Regards

  161. Dear Suda,

    No one can explain things better than you.You are been gifted to explain the experience in best possible way.I really appreciate that.

    I would like to know that what is “engine cleaning additives”.
    I have never used this.My black beauty will be 1 year old on 09/09/09 & have already crossed 9000 Km.Tell me if there are any engine cleaning additives available in market & which is best for my Zma.

    Also there is one more problem,whenever I run my bike for long time mainly on highway & when I slow down suddenly,the engine gets off automatically.Apart from this My Zma use to give me average of 38-40 kmpl,however it has reduced to 32-35 kmpl.I drive my bike normally & only on highway I drive at high speed.

    I use iradium sparkplug since my bike was just 20 days old.Also I use Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil (10w50).The tire pressure is also perfect.

    I wanted to change the headlamp as the company provided lamp is of no use during night time.Please suggest which bulb will be best for My Zma.

    Please help to solve My problems.


  162. Hi Sudarshan ,
    Yes buddy I was the one who ended up writing that article, I always wanted to write something about the biking arena and I thought the eternal battle for supremacy between these 3 bikes would be the topic where I should start off with. I am glad that you enjoyed it, I will try and write more articles as and when time permits me.
    And thanks a ton bro for your inputs, I mean I am going by your words and have dropped the plan to go for k&n and upjetting , I have already installed iridium spark plug long back got the spark plug ignition cable changed as well ,the pickup has increased marginally for sure. I had a query though regarding the catalytic converter, isn’t it the same thing which cuts off the harmless gases which come out of the exhaust? Would taking that out help me in any way as in would it increase the pickup?

    With Regards;

  163. Hi sudarshan, how u doing..??

    I have booked a new ZMA black. Jus wanna know that wat all things i need to take care so that i can get an average of about 42+ in city and 52+ on highway. Thanx in advance… 🙂

  164. hi Pinank

    dude sorry for the delay in getting back to you. i was out of station and did not find time to come online

    so anyways man, thanks for the compliments.

    there are a few companies like bharat petroleum and bardahl having these additives in india. but when you buy them make sure they are for bikes and specifically for 4 stroke engines.

    i think bardahl has additives for carb cleaning, choke cleaning, engine cleaning, petrol decarb etc. but unfortunately i think most of them are for cars.

    Pinank, contact the Bardahl company and ask them if their products like- carb & choke cleaner, engine tuneup & flush, petrol decarb are suitable for your karizma R

    since you are in mumbai here is their address:

    C-101, Platinum
    Juhu Lane, Andheri (W),
    Mumbai – 400 058. India
    Tel: 91-022-26703906
    Email : info@hoecbardahl.com

    as for the bharat petroleum additives i remember few years back BPCL outlets offering engine cleaning additives for my old yamaha gladiator. i am not sure if they are still available but check out a BPCL outlet. ask them if they have the engine cleaning additive for 4 stroke bike engines

    and nice day to celebrate your karizma’s anniversary 09-09-09, thats a cool day dude.

    Pinank i think your karizma is giving its best mileage of 32-35 on high speed runs. a mileage of 32 is good enough when you drive the bike in excess of 90+. please remember that power does not come by magic.

    even i got an average of 34 on speeds in excess of 90+ cruising on the highways.

    here is the trick, when you use normal HH engine oil the engine wont be able to give you any more than 28 average for high speed runs, the HH mineral oil easily loses its viscosity under continuous high speed runs and the engine loses its smoothness and mileage takes a beating.

    but when you are using fully synthetic engine oils the engine gets better stable lubrication and hence the engine gives better mileage of 32-35.

    in any case try this out;

    the next time you take your karizma out on the highways try to keep the engne rpm in 5th gear below 4000 rpm. ride the bike continuously for 100 kms and your average will go up by 50+ for sure.

    at 3800 rpm in 5th the engine does 60 km/hr. and the karizmas economy zone is from 55 to 65 km/hr between these speeds the karizma gives 50+ mileage on the highway courtesy of the tall ratio overdrive of 0.88 in top gear.

    and the higher you go from this speed of 60 km/hr the engine drinks more petrol, but even other wise at a stedy cruising speed of 70 km.hr the karizma gives 45 average.

    so the faster you go the mileage drops from this point onwards.

    i feel your engine getting switched off is due to the fact you are not using engine oil to the proper specifications. your engine is not getting the proper lubrication it needs.

    for normal city riding your mobil 1 may be ok but when it comes to highway speed runs you need to be careful with the engine oil with correct ratings.

    HH recommends SAE – 10W 30 SJ Grade (JASO MA),

    so this means you need to use an oil in 10w30 grade for your karizma. and not 10w50

    i dont think there is any fully synthetic engine oil with 10w30 rating in india.

    castrol power1 racing comes close enough with 10w40 rating,
    but still it is not perfect.

    Pinank see if you can get an imported 2 or 4 litre fully synthetic 10w30 castrol motorcycle engine oil can from a castrol dealer. as this oil is available only in the UK.

    amsoil also has 10w30 fully synthetic but availability is an issue. it is available in US and UK

    so try from some automotive dealer or automotive accessories shop who specializes in importing engine oils for supercars and superbikes. i am sure you can find many dealers in mumbai but make sure that you are not cheated with fake engine oils.

    here is the engine oil i recommend :

    amsoil MCT 10w-30 SAE, SJ JASOMA

    castrol power1 racing SAE 10W-30 – API SJ – JASO MA

    if you cant get these engine oils then try and switch to castrol power1 racing 10w40 fully synthetic or gulf pride 4t plus 10w30 semi synthetic

    make sure you flush out all the old engine oil from the crankcase before you refill with new engine oil. the karizma needs 1.2 litres of engine oil please remember. this means a 1 litre can wont do and you need to buy an extra 1 or 1/2 litre can

    you see the karizma needs an oil with w30 thickness at 100 degree celsius of heat and your mobil 1 is w50 thick. which means the w50 engine oil is much more thicker and hence it is not giving your engine and its moving parts the required lubrication it needs due to more thickness. although the thickness is only by few microns still it makes a difference to your engine’s lubrication.

    as a result your engine is getting harmed and thats why the engine cuts off itself to prevent further damage. the engine can withstand some amount of thrashing with the proper engine oil gradings, but in your case the engine oil you are using is in itself causing more harm than lubricating your engine.

    you see an engine has inside clearances and gaps according to the engine oil grade(thickness)

    and coming back to the bulb. i think philips and osram have good bulbs for karizma.

    try osram silverstar bilux H4 12v 60/55 w, bulb type p43t,
    which should fit your karizma R.

    just make sure you dont switch on the headlight without starting the bike as the bulb will drain the battery.

    if your battery goes kaput you could always upgrade to a bigger battery of 12v 9ah, the current battery is 12v 7ah.
    bosch and amaron have good batteries.

    hoping this helps you out Pinank


  165. hi Amit Chakravorty

    sorry for the delay i was out of station and did not find time to come online.

    the exhaust pipe has a catalytic converter and this restricts the free flow of the exhaust gases and muffles the sound to meet emission norms.

    you see many of my friends have installed aftermarket exhausts which they claim makes the engine to breathe freely without any constraints. living in chennai there are many bike mod shops in pudupet, much like chandni chowk in delhi.

    you see all of these mods like sports exhausts, engine fairings, balloon tires, full fairings etc.. have been designed by guys who dont know the science of bike tech. they just want to make a loud bike with fat tires designed like an r1 or busa. fancy stuff thats all, functional not in the least at all, it is expensive as well, reliablity is a nightmare

    since the karizma doesn’t have after market company certified performance upgrades like yamaha. it is not a good idea to go for an after market free flow sports muffler as it would harm the engine to a point where the engine will cease to function.

    thats why i suggested you to retain the stock exhaust and remove the cat con as it would definitely result in slight increase in pickup and power due to free flow exhaust sans the cat con.

    but if you are the environmental friendly type and care for our mother earth then it is your call to remove the cat con or not.

    in any case you could always fit the cat con back when ever you want to.

    you see there are only few options left to you if you want to increase the performance of your karizma without sacrificing its durability and reliability. and this is one of them.

    some people are ready to go to any extent to increase the performance of the karizma that they dont realize that they are messing up an already fine bike and end up emptying their pockets, dont be like them.

    i mean there is no way to increase the top speed of the bike above 125 km/hr. no matter what you do, unless you are a racer and have a performance tuner and modifier to churn improved performance from your karizma.

    even if you could get a an increase of 5-10 km/hr over the stock karizma its not going to make a difference of a podium finish or 4th place like in a race. and at what cost? a race mod engine lasts for just 1 or 2 races. and a new karizma engine costs around 20,000 rupees.

    so the racers have team backed sponsorship to get new engines and chassis every other race. TVS racing is very strong here in chennai and coimbatore

    and in any case since you have a new karizma there is no need to modify your bike for increased performance especially when it involves such risky and tricky business which is a gamble. please dont gamble with your karizma you might regret it later..

    as long as your bike is performing well without any problems i see no reason to modify your bike.

    its always better to be safe than sorry

    personally i would never remove the cat con as even that would harm the engine and might cause reliablity issues in the future.

    any ways a new karizma exhaust will cost around 6000 rs. should you feel you want to get back to stock settings.

    but removing the cat con wont damage the bike as much as in k&n and upjetting, it is less of a gamble.

    so i suggest you to only go ahead with this mod only if you badly want some increase in perfemance and pickup. but if you are not ready to trade performance for reliablity then please dont do it.

    and you will find that the decision you have made based on my words will give you peace of mind and a stable, reliable and sustained performer(karizma) for years to come, enhancing your sense of satisfaction, pleasure and delight in owning your karizma

    and finally i would love to read more such articles from you in the future, simply brilliant dude

    i hope this helps you out,


  166. hi Joe

    you can read some of my older comments in response to similiar comments for detailed info.

    1. put petrol from a compnay owned and operated fuel outlet

    2. i feel shell petrol is the best as it has the best quality

    3. idle your bike for min 3 minutes if the bike has not been used for more than 3 hours. by idling i mean to let the bike idle by itself and you are not supposed to give throttle at all

    4. put fuel in the mornings before 7 am as petrol is much denser and evaporation will be less

    5. make sure the idle rpm is set at 1100 rpm when cold and 1400 rpm when hot

    6. shift gears when the rpm reaches 3250 rpm

    7. dont exceed 60 km/hr for the first 1000 kms

    8. dont exceed 80 km/hr for the first 5000 kms

    9. dont exceed 100 km/hr for the first 10,000 kms, after you bike crosses 10, 000 kms you can do what you want

    10. maintain correc tire pressure and check every week.

    11. when the bike has not been used for a long time you will find the bike feel sluggish and hiccoughing when you exceed 2500 rpm in each gear. at this point shift gears at 2500 rpm until the bike runs for 2 kms distance as by then the engine oil would have heated up

    hope this helps you

  167. hi Joe

    of course make sure you read the owners manual and follow it perfectly.

    being a new engine the avoid jerky accelerations and revving the bike unnecessarily. the engine with its power will be very tempting but resist the temptation.

    avoiding sudden accelerations. having optimum gear shifts, regular servicing, engine oil change every 2000 kms, correct tire pressure, relaxed and steady driving style will ensure you get 40 average in city and 50 average on highways.

    the karizma gives the best mileage from 55 to 65 km/hr in 5th gear on highways.

    in city try to drive the bike as much as possible in 3 and 4 gear. in heavy traffic the mileage will drop to 35 to 37 when the bike runs on 1 and 2 gear but make up for this deficit by driving the bike in 3 and 4 gear as much as possible which will ensure your average will still remain at 40 at least.

    and always get a good service centre and serviceman. changing engine oil every 2000 kms will maintain your engine at healthy level. the company stipulated drain duration of 6000 kms wont work at all in my opinion.

    and also watch your owners manual interactive vcd and remember all the points thoroughly and follow them perfectly.

    also please go through some of my previous comments on pre-delivery tips, maintenance tips etc.. for more detailed info.

    under normal driving in city the karizma gives anything between 35 to 40 depending on various factors.

    so hope this helps you out Joe


  168. Hi Sudharshan
    Happy to get u back….
    Hows the trip ?
    U know my Zma delivered me a mileage of 40 on average driving and On rash it was about 37.33 & some ratios ahead…
    Rash in the sense continuos rash like racing on streets whenever i start my bike, torchering the winds often above 100kmph, etc..
    But to tell i have a slight issue on my bike for a long time..
    The carbettor is coughing sometimes, checked it and i was said that air has locked on carbettor….
    And a screw called Air screw said to me was jammed and it has lost his tuning on top, say the print on top of the screw to tilt it has been spoiled somehow…
    Even asked a dealer for prize and was shocked that a small screw costed 500rs…
    Just a screw maybe 2 to 3cm long…
    Well coming to issue.., do u know anyone who can clear this problem without breaking the screw on carbettor which would damage the carbettor..

    Plz do know bout it….

    Many Thanks
    Shaan Sundar

  169. hi Shaan

    i have a mech who might be able to help you out. i will consult him and let you know. if he can fix it i will tell you when we can meet him


  170. Hi Sudarshan,

    Thanx a million for ya valuable advice. Me following ya advice strictly to get the best out of ma ZMA. 🙂

    However i still have 2 small concerns:

    1) My gear shifting is extremely hard (It hurts ma feet), cant even get to neutral and need to off ma zma on first gear. Need to know tat will this issue will be rectified as my service dealer told me tat it will be rectified during 1st service. Also, will shutting down the engine in first gear caise any harm to the bike.

    2) I am not sure how to read the Digital fuel indicator. Kindly help by relating that how much fuel is left depending on the no. of bars on the fuel indicator.

    Thank u in advance…!!! 🙂

  171. hi Joe

    the reason the gear shift being hard is that you have a new bike. as you keep on using it the gear shift will become softer and smoother and slicker.

    the karizma has an auto cam chain tensioner and you will notice the gear shift become particularly harder as you shift gears at a higher rpm.

    if you shift gears at a lower rpm the gearshift will be softer.

    my bike has gone 21000+ kms and even i still find neutral only when i switch off the bike.

    when you switch off the bike the cam chain tensioner eases off the tension and hence you are able to find the neutral easily when you switch off the bike.

    nothing to worry about. usualy the gear box takes any where between 3000 to 5000 kms to smoothen out.

    ensure you regularly change the engine oil every 2000 kms. drain the engine oil completely and install a fresh set of 1.2 ltrs of engine oil. get your bike serviced every 2000 kms and ensure all the service jobs are done properly.

    regarding the fuel indicator each bar shows you 1.875 ltrs of fuel in the tank. but theres a catch. the fuel guage will show you reserve even if there is 3 to 3.5 ltrs of fuel in the tank.this is because of the irregular shape of the tank

    the fuel guage will show the correct readings when there is more fuel in the tank.

    but as the fuel drops below 4 ltrs the reserve bar starts blinking. dont worry keep driving your bike with fuel cock in the main position. once the bike reaches reserve the bike will start hiccuping at this point turn the fuel cock to reserve position.

    one more thing do not think the bike will run for a long distance once it hits resrve.

    you will think you still have 2 ltrs of fuel in reserve.

    you can only use 1.6 to 1.7 ltrs of fuel in reserve as the remaining amount will not reach the carb.

    so in city driving you can go anywhere between 35 kms to 55 kms distance safely depending on your driving style before the bike runs dry once the bike reaches reserve

    and try to use only shell super unleaded petrol as i have found it to be the best quality fuel in india till date.

    and yes you can switch off the bike in first gear but not when you are moving.

    also make sure you top up the distilled water level in your battery monthly once to keep your battery in top shape.

    check tire pressure every week

    take good care of your karizma and you will enjoy it


  172. Thank u sudarshan for ur valuable suggestions as and when required. 🙂 Really appreciate ur efforts.

    Few things more. I am using normal petrol and not unleaded petrol. Will tat cause any harm to ma bike.?

    Also i drive at a lower RPM (Never exceed 3000 for any gear), still the gear shifting is very stiff and hurt my foot. 🙁 Service center guy told it will get smooten during first service, can this be achievable before first service.?

    Thanx in advance. 🙂

  173. hi Joe

    by normal you mean unleaded petrol as leaded petrol has been stopped production.

    you can use normal unleaded, but the reason why i told you to use shell super unleaded was because in this fuel there is no fuel adulteration.

    you see fuel comes to petrol bunks via 25000 to 30,000 litres tankers. what would anybody notice if the bunk guys added 5000 litres of cotton seed oil or any other cheap petrol substitutes.

    this is fuel adulteration dude done by the petrol bunk guys and the company wouldnt even know about it. the bunk guys want to increase the margin of their profits and hence resort to fuel adulteration.

    anyways in todays world no one has the time to test the fuel quality and quantity.

    the reason why iam telling this to you is beacuse my karizma was subjected to abuse of fuel adulteration, inspite of me putting fuel from reputed bunks.

    my karizma’s piston and valves took a beating even though i drive my bike very smooth and at medium speeds.

    i had to change the damaged parts and it cost me some money.

    ever since this episode i have been using only shell super unleaded and all i can say i am really impressed with shell’s quality.

    my bike now runs almost as smooth as a unicorn.

    you wouldnt know if your bike is taking a beating. you will only come to realize once the piston and valves take a beating which will happen after 10000 to 15000 kms. fuel adulteration is a silent killer.

    so be careful of what petrol you put after all 3 rs more per litre is not much especially when you get guarantee of quality and peace of mind.

    the karizma runs on any kind of petrol and nothing really happens to the engine as long as the fuel is good quality.

    i am afarid there is no way to reduce the new gearbox’s tension. only by usage will the gearbox smoothen out and there are no shortcuts to it.

    till the gearbox smoothens itself out try to waer shoes so your foot wont get hurt.

    after the first service the gearbox will become smooth but not much only after 5000 kms will the gearbox reach its real smoothness.


  174. Dear Suda,

    I use only Indian Oil Extra Premium petrol since day 1.

    Is this petrol good or I should go for HP or other,cause there is no shell petrol pump near by.

    Also as my karizma is in very good condition,I suspect that the HH service person is not servicing my bike properly,just giving a wash,oiling the chain,gear etc.How can I make sure that the bike is properly serviced.

    I dont trust local garage person also cause I have heard that they replace some parts of bike with old one.This thing had happened to my friends bike & later he had to replace that parts which had cost him a lot.

    My bike is very very very dear to me.Please suggest me what to do.


  175. Hi Sudarshan,

    Thanku so much 4 ur valueable suggestion, now the gear box seems to be a bit loose& now i can get my bike on neutral by switching off & on the engine.
    However, i hv noticed a sudden drastic drip on my average, though i strictly follow the guidelines given by you in ur earlier suggestions. On bought my bike on 23 Aug & for 1st week i observed a good average of about 35kmph (on highway), however in 2nd week i find the average of about 20kmph (on highway). Is this bcoz ma bike is new or will i get good average aftr 1 or 2 services

  176. Also, 4m normal petrol i mean the 1 that comes for 48rs per ltr as shell is not available in my area but speed is available which one will u suggest.

  177. hi Pinank

    well the only way to ensure that your bike has been done with all the service jobs, you have to check everything by yourself.

    the next time you give your for bike for servicing check out yourself whether all the jobs mentioned in the jobcard have indeed been done by the mech.

    this is what i do every time before i settle the bill. i religiously check for all the details of the service. since i myself am quite well versed with bikes i can spot any defects or discrepancies.

    it helps to have some knowledge about your bike and make sure you flaunt your knowledge to the service guy so that he knows that when your bike comes for servicing he will do a good job, because or else you will find out about it.

    you have to make sure the mech doesnt take you for a ride.

    and also always maintain a good relationship with your mech. having a good rapport helps to build relationship.

    i keep giving my service man small incentives every now and then and sometime i even clear some of his doubts regarding servicing, spares, maintenance, replacement as i know about bikes and the industry inside out.

    and before you take delivery of your bike make sure all your bike parts and spares are yours and not tampered with old ones.

    what you dont know will harm you these days as the mechs will readily exploit your innocence and your lack of knowledge.

    so beware.

    before i bought my karizma i first found out the best service centre in chennnai and the best person to whom i give my bike for servicing and no one else touches my bike except me. after investing so much of money and time if your bike ends up deteriorating because of bad servicing then it is a crime.

    if you think your mech is not doing a good job try to find out and do some reasearch and find out the best service centre or mech who can do a good job.

    try to find out from XBHP.com

    and regarding the petrol, try to fill petrol only from a compnay owned and operated retail outlet and not a private bunk. i gues xtra premium is also good but make sure the fuel is not adulterated.

    every now and then test the fuel for its purity using the paper filter test. every bunk will have this test for its customers.

    also feel if your engine is giving you knocking sound from the piston especially in stop and go traffic riding.

    check for black soot from your exhaust pipe.

    when ever fuel is filled and the last few drops fall on the petrol tank, ensure the petrol droplets shoud disappear in few seconds and shouldnt leave a stain behind on the tank. and when you move your fingers on the spot where the fuel drop was you shouldnt feel any other substances or abrassion.

    but always ensure the petrol tank is clean of dust so that you can accurately gauge the fuel quality.

    pure petrol will disappear in few seconds and will not leave a stain or oil patch behind onle adulterated petrol will.

    and finally get your bike emisssion tested every six months time. it costs only 40 rs and take only 5 minutes. make sure your engine emission rating doesnt exceed more than 1.5%. which shows how healthy your engine is my engine has a rating of 1.4%.

    and another thing even i dont have a shell fuel bunk near my place. i travel 15 kms distance to tank up only with shell super unleaded to give only the best to my bike.
    which means i go about 30 kms just to put fuel it sounds crazy but when i think about the health of my karizma i am ready to go to any extreme to keep her in good shape. also this fuel ocst 4rs more than regular unleaded but who cares i get peace of mind.

    so hoping this helps you out.


  178. hi Joe

    since your bike is new there will be a lot of friction and wear and tear and heat inside the engine as the engine components rub against each other to the correct clearances.

    usually a new engine will become smooth only after 2 or 3 servicings and 3 oil changes.

    you should expect your bike to become normal only after 5000 kms

    the engine will give the correct mileage only after a few thousand kilometeres of driving.

    thats why its a good idea to change engine oil every 1500 to 2000 kms when you give your bike for servicing.

    all new bikes will not give the optimum mileage.

    drive your bike on the highways below 4000 rpm in 5th gear. and drive the bike at varying speeds and dont drive the bike at the same speed for more than 10 minutes. you have vary the speed occasionally every 5 to 10 minutes.

    do this engine setting exercises on the highways and in the city. and folow my previous instructions.

    you can expect your bike to become normal after 2500 kms itself. but your bike will become completely normal and smooth only after 5000 kms, so till then be patient.

    regarding the fuel try and put fuel only from a company owned and operated retail outlet. you can use only the normal fuel but make sure its not adulterated. to find out the quality you can test the fuel quality every now and then with the adulteration test every bunk will provide its customers. its a paper filter test.

    the karizma runs well on normal fuel but every now and then you can also use speed just to find out any difference. if you feel the extra money you spend on speed is worth it and it gives better performance. than you can switch to speed from normal fuel.


  179. Karizma is not a sports bike.It is just another bike like extreme or hunk or pulsar or unicorn but the advantage of karizma is just its higher displacement. karizmas maximum speed is around 126kmph.This speed is by no means very high but by indian standards its good. The karizma R which i ride (24K kms)is stable till speedo indicated 120 kmph True 112~kmph but after that even it had some vibes and loses some of its stability.It reached speedo indicated 135~kmph max.Unicorn Hunk and extreme would reach around 120Kmph speedo indicated True~113kmph.But these will remain smooth and stable till some true speed of 100 kmph.Hence karizma can make it just some 15kmph faster than its 150 counerparts.Karizma at highest speeed would give a milage around 30 kmpl or may be even less.But the 150s would give around 40kmpl even at full speed.Comparitively the 150s from hero honda ,honda handle almost similar as the karizma and more or less as comfortable as it And also the reliability is the same..But the cost difference between them is around 19000rs which is very high. Hence i think compared to the 150s, Karizma is overpriced. R15 and p 220 would leave karizma far behind in a higway when dragged, since these bikes are much faster~ speeds > 130kmph.The High cost can be justified due to the latest technology which is offered in them FI.Digital Speedo,Many more.But Karizma has the same old gadgetery,No FI,Borrowed engine from a dirt bike etc but a price of 85000rs. Every bike is very good if properly ridden and maintained.Yes hondas can perform well even if abused.This is not the only case with Karizma but all 150s or even lesser counterpates from honda and hero honda do handle abuse very well.Just telling that Karizma is the only good bike is false.I didnot include dany bajaj or tvs bikes in the list because their reliablility is far less compared to hondas.

  180. Hi Ritu,

    It seems either u hv driven an elctric scooter which hv been modified into karizma or u might hv driven stunner in dark and assumed it as karizma..

    U must be the only person on this planet who hv said so much, infact only bad things abt zma..

    There are many myths abt zma like a person went on world tour on zma, etc, the list is endless..

    Talking abt ur fav bikes, lets take TVS first – A really toy bike, 2 healthy people can never sit on the bike together, Pulsar – Super vibrations and waste or monet after 6 months, etc, etc, etc..

    There are nmore verdicts but dont hv time to mentioned them all, i hope some1 will take the menthol from me from here on and carry on wit the discussion.. Good Luck..!!! 🙂

  181. Mr.Ritu

    Am afraid that u have 2 check up ur mind & ur bike…

    We are not fools here to choose a Machine which will let us down…
    I never wanna name them all…

    We agree that karizma is not a Super Sports Bike but it has enough guts to blow their Nuts & Skirts totally…
    I feel sorry for you of not knowing Drag results of Karizma Vs R15..
    Plenty of plenty races…
    We are not tired of Winning…
    My Karizma can tier winds at 144 on Speedo.. Not yet tried anymore coz i din have enough road to stretch…

    If u really need a mileage, u can very well go buy a Star City or a Platina or TVS 50… That will suite u better for mileage..

    Yes ! Displacement …
    Comin to it…

    You are so confused of ur machine not gettin popular, right ?
    Its betta you choose Karizma ….
    N i know u r burning ur stomach lookin at all Karizmas…

    When u r looking for a better pick up and stable power then u need to choose higher displacements…
    Theres more to do with Displacement… Not just a additional cc included in ur engines but the confidence at higher speed, control over brakes when comin to higer displacements..
    Each & Every Higher Displacement bikes are not a Crash Toys..
    Its a Machines to crack the winds..
    So these machines undergoes several tests to become a perfect blend beast on Road..
    They are really designed to overcome opposite winds say like aerodynamics study..
    No one can confuse a Karizma Owners.. never can Break or even shake their spirits..
    I usually play with my bike on Roads,, Funny isn’t ? Many hate me on road..
    I never mind…
    I never wanna do that unless someone tend to do…

    Karizma is not Overprized.. It is correctly set for its complete package of Pleasure, Pride & Proud to be its Owner…
    M a Karizma Owner..

    How bout a Kinetic Comet costing you more than 1.5 lakhs with same displacement but better power, No proper service centers, no spare parts at all, huh ?
    Karizma is only 81000.rs here in Chennai.. Check out…
    Karizma may not have digital speedo meter, No Fuel Injection but wats the use of it …
    Digital speedo may or may not work properly if raining heavily or at low battery… How bout if u lose a digit on Speedo huh ?
    Fuel Injection is no usefull thing… Even many R15 owners are just running their bikes on carbettor..

    Yes it maybe true that Hero Honda is borrowing Engines from Honda but u arent the real Commuter to feel stomachburned…
    It maybe a dirt bike.. How many of ur bikes can play on dirt huh ? While quite difficult na… But only game can play…

    Each Minutes and Every day u go play on streets with ur bike, no control for ur life… & No safety for your life..
    My Karizma saved me thrice from major accident causing only minor ones…
    I had crashed, trashed & vanished my bikes counterparts many times but all you at the end you r safe..

    As Joe said that u might had rode a electric scooter.. Obviously it must be small kids bike…
    I think you must read the full blog pages of wat Karizma is all about..

    Joe :
    You wanna add something to it.. Pleased to input your comments


    Shaan Sundar

  182. Hi Joe..

    I think Ritu wouldnt return back until he finishes his check up & completely reading this page..
    Or else we guys could arrange a doctor for him..
    Wat u say ?
    Lol 🙂
    Lets wait for his presence..

    Shaan Sundar

  183. Hi Shaan,

    I completely agree wit u.. 🙂

    Hello Mr or Miss Ritu (Watever u r, we dont care)

    Bikeadvice.in have managed to organised fund for ur mental checkup, so pl reply asap so that the fund can be transfered to ur account for ur beneficial purpose..

    Lolzzzz.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  184. Hi everybody there,

    This is my first time here. I m having a Black R since from 5 months. Every thing is ok with my bike but could anybody tell me about the headlight? I feel that headlight is not as sharp as it should be. Early response will be very much appreciated.



  185. Hi Sonu..
    Welcome to Bikeadvice.in..
    Happy to see you new, Sonu…
    For any headlight queries plz do look at
    “sudarshan on August 22, 2009 at 11:21 am” review in this same page…
    It would help you better…

    Thank You
    Shaan Sundar

  186. hi everybody,it is cleat that hero honda is going to launch new karizma soon in the festive season..can anyone inform that if the karizma R is going to stay in order to compete with pulsar 220 dtsi..or the new will replace the R..as it is obvious that it will be priced above lac than there will be no competetor for pulsar..hoping that zma r stays..its true that when hero honda and honda rolls out a new FI versions they keeps the existing version also..you see stunner,glamour…..


  187. Hi Shaan,

    could u plz tell me about any bad effect on battery if i use this osram bilux silverstar. because my karizma’s stock headlight is 35/35w, while this osram is 60/55w. and is it necessary to change my bike’s battery to 9ah from 7ah?


  188. hi sonu

    i dont think your battery will get affected too much with this bulb. but do remember that your battery life will get reduced as the bulb will need more power.

    also dont switch on the headlights or the park ligths without starting the bikes. and dont press the brakes unnecessarily as this will also drain the battery. if you are pressing the brakes then swithc off the bike.

    swithching over to 9ah battery is not required as of now. after your battery’s life is finished then you could switch over to may be the 9ah battery, but then again THE BATTERY HOUSING AREA NEEDS TO BE modified to fit the bigger battery plus the fuse might go bust due to more power.

    but all in all if you want more power it is better to switch to bigger battery and bulbs. as your safety is more important in the night.


  189. Hi,
    I’ve been reading all the comments from long time. This is my first time m writhing something here. First those who fight for Zma, P220, P200 etc, You all are doing time pass here leave this place and find some other place for stupid crap,cos all the bikes are good in their own way.. My fren has a P220 i have Zma. and i have ridden
    both the bikes are awesome and trust me both are good in their own way, like Zma has road presence and p220 has top speed etc.

    Any ways my concern is can any buddy tel which is the best service station for Karzima in Bangalore.
    I have crossed 9000 km in 6 months. The bike has no problem except one
    in double load bike loses its power completely i mean when i give throttle the rpm increases but bike dosent pull like how it use to pull earlier. It happens after 5 to 10 of riding. what could be the problem.
    It would be great if any buddy can help me on this.


  190. Hi Vishal
    Am sorry that u don know how long we stay here in this site..
    And we are not people who peep out for silly reasons..
    We all know every bike proves it special dignity on the road..
    We always stand for something special..
    N we don spend time here just for time pass and to write a Stupid Crap(I don know wat u do in other sites)..
    Obviosly we train urselfs here and spare our nets and bolts to wear and tear..
    Anyways Welcome To Bike Advice…

  191. Hi Sudarshan,

    What are your thoughts about the new Kari? I have been waiting for the new launch for some time now. A little let down with the power of the new Kari. Which would be more value for money between the new and the old Kari?


  192. Hi Sudarshan, how u doing..??

    I am really enjoying the ride on zma and following ur valuable suggestions.. Thanx a lot.. 🙂

    Now i am planning to modify it on 2 aspect:

    1) Planning to mount side mirrors on bike fairy..

    2) Planning to install a full fairy on ma bike..

    Now my concern is, after the above mentioned modifications, will there any void in the warranty or the service warranty.?

    Will putting full fairy hamper my bike performance wit respect to. Power, speed, mileage, etc..

    Thanking u in advance..!! 🙂

  193. hey sudarshan y is their no mention of new Yamaha Fazer in the whole article as well as comments.. dare to ride that and u will feel wat u have missed… u wil forget ur karizma.. don’t tell me that its a low cc bike but i can bet that top speed can go more than ur 223cc karizma.. picup is better too.. and looks u can’t even compare along with the aerodynamically best fearing..

  194. Hi Sudarshan

    I have finally boought the karizma r. I was waiting for the new karizma but i liked the old one better.I am following the instructions you had given for the first 1000 km

    I am enjoying the new karizma but just yesterday one of the tail lamps in the tail light stopped working. I have previously noticed other karizmas with only one tail light working. Is it difficult to rectify this problem in karizma? My karizma’s first servicing is not yet over and there are 200 more kms left. How can i make both the tails lamps working.

  195. Hi Sudarshan,

    From your expert knowledge & experience, would you please answer my following query w.r.t my yellow karizma which has done 12000 kms:

    I rode (almost drag raced) my bike quite hard on two occassions. Then immediately after such hard riding, the bike developed a dull whistle like sound from the front (it seems) at only speeds above 50-55 km/h. This sound came only on two occassions when i rode my bike hard & it starts only after 50-55 km/hr & then continues. As soon as i reduce my speed below 50-55 km/h the noise disappears. This noise continues as long as i keep riding the bike. I have not ridden it for more than 20 kms after the noise develops. Twice when the sound came i went back home & parked it and used it only on the next day. On the subsequent days the sound never appears.

    I’m quite confused, flustered & annoyed by the fact that my baby could be getting damaged. Kindly help & advise.

    -Aman Yadav

  196. Hello Sir

    i got my karizma r october 09 and till now its 2800km driven . the problems i have
    1) screeching sound (front ) – as reading from this forum i feel it can be from disc / suspension- plz suggest solution .
    2) since i own black color, lot of scrateches – i want to know cost of repainting / scratches removng from HH autorized dealers (sai mototrs bangalore ?)- could you please let me know is there any liquid solution available in market for washing karizma r / scratch protection ?
    3)aafter 2 servie also i still not able to get neutral when engine is on and gears are not butter soft ..

    please suggest soultions to my problem


  197. HI

    I am facing one more problem, its really strange… i filled shell normal fuel full tank . basically fuel tank has 8 bricks(one reserve)…i have driven at maximum 60km/hr speed and maintained constant rpm at 3.5 – 4k . After reduleing, I have driven 125km now and still fuel indicator has 8 bricks . its not even reduced .. iam wondering wheter my karizma is gviiing 40-45km / liter!!!!!!!!!!!!! initially when i was ripping i was getting 33km and maximum in long ride i got 38km before second serivce ……. i am confused, only doubt i had is whether there may be any problem with digi … plz suggest

  198. hai can we add liquid cooling or oil cooling system to karizma r which i brought day before like a one in r15 and in p220

  199. Hello Sudarshan,

    i have one weird query…Where to put cleaning cloth in karizma R..Is it all right if we place in the gap above the engine…will it block air supply..

  200. U can keep ur cleaning cloth under the seat..so that it doesnt look odd..under the seat near the toolbox ..thats were i keep my cleaning cloth ,insurance,matchbox,cigarettes,weed etc…lol

  201. hey dudes…
    how r u guys?
    after reading all u r comments
    now i am fixed about ma 1st & best bike in ma life
    now i am goin 2 book zma-r
    nd sudarshan & shann u guys r rockin here
    i got u r mobile numbers if ny doubts raises i ill call u up.


  202. Hi Arjun,
    We are happy that you are a part of our privilege…
    We’ll be eager to help u on any times…

    Best wishes for ur Dream Ride…



  203. hi!! m loking forward to buy my 1st bike. i’ve been using an activa by now. my budget is around 80-85k. m 6ft tall. so which bike would u recommend for me??
    my avg running would be around 10-12kms a day. i’ve shortlisted karizma r.bt they hv closed the bookings for zma r.the waiting period is around 3 months. n a dealer even said that hh is planning to phase out the zma r:( is it true??can nebdy help…

    dear sudarshan,
    I really appreciate your hard efforts n tremendous knowledge about the bike..i’ve a one small question to ask just to get rid of my query hope you wont mind it.
    My question is that you’ve purchased the karizma bike in the month of AUGUST, 2008 and the date of your article is shown to be SEPTEMBER, 2008 (below the heading)
    It means you’d just one month i.e, from august to september to ride n test the bike but you’re saying in one of your reply that you’ve already CROSSED 15,000+ KM in less than 4 MONTHS FROM THE PURCHASE..
    can you pls explain how it is possible..?


    • Strix,

      Oh my God,, Where did u loose ur eyes man !! I think u should wear bold glasses with mm -4.5.
      U should know one thing that the review posted by Sudharshan was on November 16, 2008 at 6:07 pm ..
      For ur kind information, Please go check ur eyes cos u r loosing your sights from the E-papers…

      He has made 15,000 kms + in his ride of 4 months and crossed plenty of places.. tripping to Bangalore, Chengulpet, Pondi, Nellore, Vijaywada, Ooty From Chennai.

      Strix has to be struck somewhere in no middle..

      Reviving the bike for 15,000kms + is not tough task in 4 months now a days cos u have open highways & if u have enough courage & money to spend on petrol, U can.. Lol 🙂
      I think U cant make it..

      For Stoner..,

      I think u should try TVS Xl for ur kind of dream…
      Make ur post very clear & we are here not to bug someone ..
      Do limit ur words…
      He’ll be posting his reviews very shortly..

      Shaan Sundar

  205. sudharshan, buddy, after reading all of your review…..I think your cup of tea is not karizma, its another hero honda machine…..hmmm may be hero honda joy or CD dawn or something….best luck for next review.

  206. Hey Sudarshan……After reading this, i woud say, its a good review.

    I have owned P220 and now i own a Zma. i would like to say only one thing.
    P220 can go at very good speeds and it is a good bike. ofcourse, its indian, it would live short. Even Zma is capable of doing good speeds and its a good bike, as you said, however, if you go on a long rides on a karizma, all the fairings would be lost before you complete your ride. 🙂 Personal Experience.

    I own a Zma which is 7 months old and all the fairings, cowls and mudgards are broken automatically. The bike is now having a Cam tensioner problem and it is in service centre since 29 Aug. I am fighting with HH guys to get all the problems resolved. and Still Yeah Karizma is a good Bike even though it cant beat P220 in any sort of race except the one that you said about… hah.. the All India Race.

    P220 can beat the karizma everyday in city, however Karizma can beat P220 only in one race, i.e once in a life time race, the All India Race.

    I have Used P220 for 2 years or so, and i could surely say that the bike has never spent a night in a service station.

    I used both of them and i love both of them. however i have more passion towards, P220. Even i am 6.1 ft tall. This bike is really Awesome than Karizma. Karizma is a good Family bike. Nothing else. and it prefers to spend time with sasural once in a while, i.e. HH service centre.

  207. I am a proud owner of KARIZMA R jst sayin d bike iz jst fabbbbbb…….prfctly made for longer ride jst in love wid itttt tooooo proud afta gettin it no maintenace,smooth ride n many more features whch makes pulsar throw far away behind itt……I <3 KARIZMA R. No more words to describe jst U R D KING MY KARIZMA KING RIDER…. <3

  208. Karizma really rocks…. I am the proud owner of Karizma R from last 3 weeks.

    Previously I owned Pulser 180, it was my dream machine before the purchase and it gave me very good performance for one year. Just after 20000+ KM my Pulser started giving me problem with the engine noise; the smoothness of the engine was missing at the time of driving so I sold my Pulser in just 2 year. At the time of selling I realize that Bajaj bikes have very low resell value and I have to sell it at the half of the price.
    After selling the Pulser 180 I decided to buy Honda Unicorn, I took a test drive of my friend’s bike and realize that the bike is good but since I have driven the Pulser I am not satisfied with the power, Unicorn lack in power. So I decided to take the test drive of Yamaha Frazer and KARIZMA R, both the bikes are very good but when it’s come to durability and resale value KARIZMA R is on top.
    Just 3 weeks before I got my KARIZMA R and till date I have crossed 1500 km …and I can say you guys it’s an awesome experience the bike is so stable that its tempt you to throttle the accelerator more and more as you can’t even realize that you are driving at high speed until you see the speedometer.

    My suggestion to all guys who are eager to buys high end Indian bikes with budget less than one lac then go for Karizma R, its truly a value for money because this bike has everything power, stability, durability and cherry on cake is its resale value which is more than any other bikes. Today also a 3-4 year used Karizma cost you more then 55000.

  209. Guys I own a pulsar 200ns and I can its a great bike. It has good amount of power and speed and stability to move on indian roads. The bike doesnt flexes or wobbles even slightly at top speed (6 gear@10000 rpm). Changes the stock tyres with MRF Revz and bike is now literally a corner king. I feel only DUke 200 handles better than the 200ns. I have not driven a R15

    I had drove a Karizma ZMR for say more than 2 hours and I feel that its a good has lot of torque the midrange is best among indian bikes. Also the bike has a long stroke engine which lasts long the writer of this blog is true Karizma lasts long.

    But I feel 200ns is a better motorcycle among the two. Pulsar 200ns has better handling and has more power and pace than Karizma ZMR. Also 200ns has a very great engine derived from Ktm duke 200 and it will last long remember the engine orignally belonged to a dirt bike so it is a very durable engine.


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