Honda set foot on the Indian bike market with the legendary Honda Unicorn. With 150cc engine and mono-suspension, it was the first of its kind in India. In one word, it can be summed up as ‘The Smart 150cc Bike.’

Honda Unicorn 150cc

I went to the Honda showroom to test drive the Unicorn, but I was disappointed as they told me that there are no bikes for test drive and if booked, it will take another 6 months to arrive! Wow! This is a great pointer to the fact that the bike is selling like crazy in India.

I called up one of my friend who I remembered to have owned a Unicorn and asked him whether he still uses it and if possible come to my place so that I can take some pictures and test the bike for a review on Bike Advice. He gladly accepted and the bike arrived around 5 in the evening.

As I started the bike using the self starter, the first thing I shouted was “Wow, this engine feels so smooth and silent”. While the Apache RTR roars like a panther, Unicorn is silent and powerful like a cheetah! The gear shifting was so smooth and I flew off for the test drive (because I am a Wing Rider now!).

In comparison to the Apache RTR and Pulsar, it lacks in pickup. The bike does not give a sudden jolt of acceleration, but very efficiently increases the speed in a smooth fashion. The same acceleration power is retained as you go to higher speeds. Unlike other bikes which give a sudden jolt of inertia initially but sucks at higher speeds, Unicorn does a good job of constant acceleration for a long time with its 150cc engine.

After riding around 2 kms, I looked back at the road and paused to turn. The road was not very wide, I usually get down to the mud while turning with other bikes, but to my surprise, with Honda Unicorn I made a full curve without letting the tires go beyond the pavement edge. This is one thing that I absolutely appreciate… Handling! Given the fact that you need to make sharp turns constantly in Indian roads, Unicorn is very well designed for it.

The brakes are not outstanding, but provides adequate friction when you put the pressure with your fingers and foot. The best part of the bike is the mono suspension. You will feel the difference only if have driven many bikes on all types of roads. But it really counts!

The bike does not have a digital console which puts it a little behind the competition, but the dials really serve the purpose. The most necessary feature of dashboard, the speedometer is put at the right place, at the center! Bold and clear, unlike other bikes which have the speedometer aligned on the sides of the dashboard.

Regarding the mileage part, let me get you some words directly from a owner.

Gowtham: “Since I drive mostly in highways I get around 54-55kmpl and around 49-51 in city. Some of my friends have reported more mileage of 57 kmpl it could be because of my riding style too. you will get an average mileage of any where around 52-55 kmpl. So good fuel efficiency, but make sure you fill petrol in only one bunk regularly coz this will ensure steady mileage. Riding speed should be around 50 -60 kmph for getting this mileage as I observed.”

Conclusion: Honda speaks for itself, Honda is a perfectionist in the automobile market. With the Unicorn successfully selling across India, it is a sure sign that Honda will launch a lot of new bikes which will eat up the competition just like that. Buy a Honda and you will NOT regret it.

Pros: Honda Make, Fantastic Handling, Smooth and Silent Engine, Mono Suspension

Cons: Mileage is not as good as its competition

Honda Unicorn 150cc Specifications:

Engine Type: 4 Stroke, Air Cooled OHC, Single Cylinder
Displacement: 149.1 cc
Net Power: 13.3 bhp @ 8000 rpm (9.9 KW)
Torque: 1.3 Kg-m @ 5500 rpm (12.8 Nm)
Carburetor: CV Type
Starting System: Self
Transmission: Constant Mesh, 5 Speed gear
Gear Shift Pattern: 1 Down – 4 Up
Front Suspension: Telescopic
Rear Suspension: Advanced Technology Mono-suspension
Front Tyre: 2.75 x 18
Rear Tyre: 100 / 90 – 18
Front Brake Type: 240 mm Disc
Rear Brake Type: 130 mm Drum

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  1. You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, I

    • Hi please help me out from this confusion..

      I have two bikes in my mind 1.Unicorn 2.Yamaha sz-r .. I need good quality and good mileage bike, money is not a problem, so can u suggest which one is best from the above 2 bikes…? i ride the bike only below 90 km/ph

      • Obviously Honda Unicorn, Yamaha SZ-R is a new bike on the road but honda unicorn is in the market since a long time now and people dont complaint much about the honda unicorn, I have a Pulsar 180 – 2006 ka model and it has served me well over the years, but the time passby got to know that Hoda Unicorn is a good bike low maintenance and it will last long. So my experience says go for Honda Unicorn

  2. Smooth as silk…i have been a Wing Rider for last 2.5 yrs..
    and still after 17000 Kms on road, people say that this bike looks like new…
    My frens who take test rides always feel surprised at the smoothness and quietness of this bike…
    And yes, acceleration is consistent even at High Speeds…
    Infact, i have reached 120 kmph and have felt quite stable at that speed…

    • u can buy unicorn.coz in nepal.aged people ride it but youngsters change the body parts as follows:modification.
      headlight = fzs
      Handel= bajaj pulshar 150/180
      mono shock=height 2″shift up.
      rare tyre:tubless around 45/90.mud guard is taken looking glass.horn =dog bark.
      the bike look likes very danger.& many of girls like that.

  3. guys i need help…my fathers askin me 2 go 4 unicorn…but i m willing 2 buy P200…i no unicorns the best..buttt….Help!!!

    • i also love pulshar 200 more than 220/180/150.& other else.but i hav unicorn.i sticker bull on front mud guard.n my handle is a50 pulshar. seats are seprated. no side guard.2″ shock shift frnzs said its looks devil. n i always ride in safety way.

  4. I am thinking of buying the new Unicorn 150. But I have read in the net that a new refreshed model is going to be soon launched in March or April 2009. So I would like to ask you that whether I should wait for this new launch?

    Will the new model have much more exciting new features than the current model?

    Please let me know more about these new features and the exact date of launching of the new bike.

    One more question: Which color will be good for the unicorn: black or silver (I don’t like the mixed colors like black and red, red & black ).

  5. Hi.Now i have confusion between Unicorn,Hunk and CBZ xtream.As all my friends have decided to buy CBZ xtream or Fz 16.Can u please advice me which one among them will be perfect for me to buy so that they will be jealous of me and my bike.

  6. hi,milan i think u should go for apache rtr 160 believe me it rocks ,i have ridden all 150 cc bikes and i own a 2007 model uni, ofcourse apache is not as smooth as uni but is as smooth as hunk and as power ful as pulsar 180

  7. Hi,
    From the time I bought the bike, I am facing lot of issues in the bike and the service people maintained there were no issues till second service. But in the second service, they themselves fixed one issue and charged me also. They even told me that they can handle the Honda Motors company people if it is escalated. I think it is true since I complained at Honda Motors website and I have not got any response. Though Honda Unicorn gives good mileage, but the people are cheating and does not care about the customers. This was reflected with the other customer who has come there for service.
    If you decide to go for Honda, please check for the customer service. Don’t go to Honda service at Tambaram Chennai. Even though the bike has very good engine and mileage which many bikes lack in this genre, due to this kind of service, Honda will suffer in its sales.

  8. I’m planning to book a Unicorn on 25th Apr 09. The showroom guy told me it is available in full black colour. Pls tell me whether a new Unicorn model will be launched sooner. then i will wait.

  9. raj: I’m planning to book a Unicorn on 25th Apr 09. The showroom guy told me it is available in full black colour. Pls tell me whether a new Unicorn model will be launched sooner. then i will wait.

    New unicorn is already launched and available in few branches. But the colors are not so good like the earlier ones

  10. Hi,
    I had bought a new UNICORN(black) a month back, This smooth mechine wow’s me every time i ride, It is becoming smother and smoother after every ride, It also gives you good power and excelent milage (>55 in city), I can say its a perfect blend of millage and power.
    I am cofused when i have to chose between CBZ Apache and Unicorn,But after doing lot of research i bought Unicorn and it is not letting me down so far i am so happy with the performance

  11. I am planning a buy a new bike this month. I am confused whether to chose between Discover,Platina and Unicorn . I need a bike with good mileage with low cost with style

  12. Bala: Hi,From the time I bought the bike, I am facing lot of issues in the bike and the service people maintained there were no issues till second service. But in the second service, they themselves fixed one issue and charged me also. They even told me that they can handle the Honda Motors company people if it is escalated. I think it is true since I complained at Honda Motors website and I have not got any response. Though Honda Unicorn gives good mileage, but the people are cheating and does not care about the customers. This was reflected with the other customer who has come there for service.If you decide to go for Honda, please check for the customer service. Don’t go to Honda service at Tambaram Chennai. Even though the bike has very good engine and mileage which many bikes lack in this genre, due to this kind of service, Honda will suffer in its sales.-Bala

    mr bala its nt the case of chennai.. in gujarat also the guys do the same.. i own a uni 2004 dec model bt the service centre guys jst make my bike worst. i hav jst done 26000 km bt the silencer has made rusted due to thm coz they wash the bike bt dnt dry it up. muy tank has aslo been rusted 4 the same reason

  13. heys guys… m true unicorn lover…it has the best average in its class…but there is most irritating fact of unicorn…i.e. at the start of the day, the loses its power..gradually as it the wngine becomes hot it becomes normal…but till that time u need to hav patience…is there any solution for this rather than using choke…
    Plz Help!!!

  14. hi i am planning on getting a new bike in the 150 cc or above range. i have thought of pulsar 180 cc and honda unicorn 150 cc. i have also thought of the suzuki gs 150r(6 speed gears). mileage is not an issue. more style looks and torque horse power and engine displacement(cc). i am quite a fast rider (not rash though) i wont be using it for highways but just for riding in the city streets. just to know, which of these has resale value and which of these’s spare parts are cheaper? which would you suggest.
    thank you

  15. Hii Guysssss….
    I am 5’6 in height…
    i am thinking of buying this bike…
    will it suitable with my for my height????????

  16. hi i have purchased honda unicorn on 22 may 2008 and after 750kms i gave it for service at city honda service center in double road Bangalore before giving to first service my mileage was 60kmpl after first service 40kmpl worst fellows at service center doesn’t no anything about bikes

  17. Hello everyone,

    I owned new CBZ Xtreme, and I would say this bike is really awesome in performance, look, handling, pickup, power, mileage. Pl. take a test drive before go for another 150 CC bike.

  18. @subrata if you want to go for reliability, quality & comfort you can without any doubt go for Honda Unicorn. But, if you want to experiment on the new claims of GS 150R which has few plus points over Unicorn : Digital Console, 6 Gear & a new design. Whereas when it comes to weight its(GS 150R) heavier than Unicorn.
    So its entirely up to you but i personally feel if you are not willing to take chance and want a nice dependable/quality ride go for Unicorn.

  19. Hi all, I have taken a new Unicorn(Black) a month back, after the first servicing its giving me a steady mileage of 52-54 kmpl
    Initial it was 49-51. I usually ride at a speed of 50-65 kmph.
    Coming to comfort it gives while riding wows me, previously I used Pulsar 150, but the mono suspension that Unicorn has makes the difference. Coming to pick up, its as good as other 150 CC bikes, I hear no sound of engine sound even while going at 65…

    Thank u all for ur previous reviews. I have taken this bike after going through all your review… mera pyara black horse….

  20. hey guy go wit unicorn if u want mileage ………. rtr has sum problem in engine … my rtr has sum engine sound and also they taken many bikes back to tvs company ………… gear shifting is littele not easy in rtr …… go wit unicorn ……… if u need style etc go wit rtr

  21. Like every one, I too like unicorn, but to my disappointment, some parts except the engine is not of good quality. It does not last long for example the speedometer since the first day, it is malfunctioning when riding at 40 kmph the needle exceeds 100 and the clutch cable lasted only to 5000 km. Disc brake not up to the standard, tail lamp is loose, switch keys sometimes becomes tight, false neutral, when riding in city occasionally it is difficult to get to neutral, but all these problems outrun with the smoothness and the stability and the mileage it gives.

  22. Hey guys,

    I am planning to buy a bike. confused for apache RTR or Unicorn??

    I am more biased to apache.

    Can anyone tell me, if honda will launch Unicorn with digital console??

  23. Hi everyone,
    I wanted to buy a Honda Unicorn but when I went to a dealer in chennai ,said the waiting period from date of booking was 3 months.I wanted a bike for my daily use as my splendor was around 10 yrs old. Somehow I ended up with an Apache-Fi.
    I bought the bike thru EMI Scheme.But now I still feel that the Unicorn is the best bike for me and I keep my bikes for many years.I take very good care of my bikes myself as I am a mechanical engineer.My problem is since I bought the Apache-fi thru loan it it possible to exchange it for a Honda Unicorn.
    Caan someone guide me.I bought the Apache in may 2009 and barely driven 1300kms.
    Eagerly awaiting your response.
    God bless you.


    • hi samraj, am in idea of buyin uni’s sporty edition the DAZZLER. am also very glad to see the name samraj cos my name s also the same.its very hard 2 see peopl wit this name n the fact u residin @ chennai s rather surprising as me too live in chromepet.
      am seein ur comment almost 16 months since u posted. . . lol

  24. I have used p150 and i was facing the problem of vibration in it now i m having 2 options cbz-x or unicorn ..but i wuld like 2 go wit unicorn coz of smoothness mileage and stability which u will rarely found in this segment …… go 4 it i m also doin the same

  25. After a long research through the net, I took a unicorn in May. Its black with red strips(sporty). After completing 3500 km and two services I am very proud to be its owner. This bike is very smooth. You wont feel uncomfortable even if you ride for long time. The handling is good. They have made its look also a bit sporty. It gives me a consistent mileage between 50 and 60(gear shift 3000-4000 rpm)while driving at a speed between 50 and 65 and also after travelling thru busy roads of bangalore. The only problem i felt was with false neutrals. I used to get false neutrals while riding in heavy traffic. Also the initial pick up also less compared to pulsar. Otherwise the bike is just brilliant. So for any one whos looking for a 150 cc bike defenitely go for unicorn 150. You will never regret for chosing this bike

  26. Ranjith: After a long research through the net, I took a unicorn in May. Its black with red strips(sporty). After completing 3500 km and two services I am very proud to be its owner. This bike is very smooth. You wont feel uncomfortable even if you ride for long time. The handling is good. They have made its look also a bit sporty. It gives me a consistent mileage between 50 and 60(gear shift 3000-4000 rpm)while driving at a speed between 50 and 65 and also after travelling thru busy roads of bangalore. The only problem i felt was with false neutrals. I used to get false neutrals while riding in heavy traffic. Also the initial pick up also less compared to pulsar. Otherwise the bike is just brilliant. So for any one whos looking for a 150 cc bike defenitely go for unicorn 150. You will never regret for chosing this bike

    Hi, After going through your review I would like to know can I go for Unicorn or Suzuki GSR150 as I already did a test ride on suzuki which is also awesome but unable to find on the Bangalore roads. Most of them say Honda servicing is not upto the mark. Please suggest

  27. Hi, i am planing to buy unicorn, but some of my friends told me it has mono suspension problem please sugguest me which bike is better, iwant 150cc with good performence and mileage also.

  28. can u tell the difference between Honda Unicorn Grandprix GP,Honda Unicorn R and Honda Unicorn?i am planning to take unicorn.can u help me?
    is their any tecnical difference or in look only?

  29. this is the best bike in 150cc segment. i have been using it for last 5 years. yu will never look down. value for money if one buying it forself not to sell.

  30. I took he Unicorn 150cc in Feb 2009, after 8 months i feel i have got the best deal…..its simply slpendid to ride the unicorn, smooth, fast & a grt ride is my experirence, but the only worst part for ur bike would be the after sales service, rough handling of ur bike & would never own any mistake made by the honda service centre people……i’ve had bad experience with them on 1st servicing of the bike itself….but the bike is truly amazing.

  31. one of the best bikes of this class, ever on indian roads.i hv been riding it since last 5yrs,more than 70000km.i advice others to ride this bike sincerely to get the best of it!!

  32. New unicorn is superb…I get 51km miles even before the first service..its a great package from guys if u need bike with 150cc,great mileage …. blindly go for Honda Unicorn……BE A WING RIDER……

  33. Hi friends,
    Balkrishan here
    Is there smone to give me an appropriate advice 4 selecet a best one bike among of these three TVS APACE RTR 180, CBZ EXTREME and HONDA UNICORN pls, becoz i m going 2 buy a newer one in next week. I m very convinced with apace180 due to its more power, style but other side i m bit dispointed its vibration factor and less expert mechanics at its service station, insteadly other way i impressed cbz and unicorn but these r bit classic

    After all research of technical specification and experts reviews upon this segment(150cc) now i focused on one of these three one. So pls give me right advice as soon as possible becoz i m going to have a bike first time in next week of this month

    thnx friends

  34. Hi guys,

    I bought this bike black unicorn with 3d logo like a week ago. Awesome bike… the engine sound is really kl… n less noisy, gud mileage and really comfortable but little heavy though. Till now I haven’t had any problem with this bike n may be could get it while I give for servicing lol 😀
    At first I didn’t know that the gear sequence is like 1 N 2 3… in it, was little confused… anyway I got the grip on it later.
    Can’t wait to go for long ride…lol

  35. hi
    myself bharat from panchkula. i like honda unicorn soooooooooooo much. i want to buy this bike very sson. its my dream bike. i really like its looks. i would like to thanks to the company who make such a cool bike for youngsters

  36. Hey guys,
    I’m planing to buy a new bike in this week. but i’m little confused about unicorn and hunk , which will be better to buy as per performance and durability?
    Please suggest.

  37. hi,i bought a unicorn on 8th dec 2009.but i m facing problem in engine start,service man told that it could be due to less charge in battery,they could not solve the problem.although the 1st servicing is done at 500 km ,the engine is not so smooth & makes noise.its headlight beam increases with twist of throttle,is there any way to make the light beam constant so that a safe ride is possible in a dark & rough road?……….please suggest what to do?????????????????

  38. Marvellous!!!!

    Real rocker!!!Silent king!!!I use it kerala-tamilnadu border….I love it even in rough roads of TamilNadu.In Tamil Nadu roads i get a mileage of 43-45.In Kerala roads i get 52-55.

  39. hey guyzz am planning to buy a bike in a while…am confused between Yamaha fazer& Unicorn sports which one shud i go for guyzz?? plzz help me out…

  40. Totally i m very much confused reading most of ur opinions.
    i wanna buy a bike. plz tell me which is better as per below conditions.
    (only 150cc)
    1. good maintaince.
    2. good mileage(50 atleast).
    3. long term without much trouble(reliable).
    4. smooth and vibratonless ride…

    is it unicorn, pulsar 150, hunk, apache or yamaha FZ………
    plz share ur opnion.
    actually i m worried bout this from 3 months but didnt get any…..
    i had pulsar135 in mind but many said ther is vibration prob at high speeds, so i kept it aside for time being n also u can share on this bike too……

  41. I own a 2009 Unicorn. Gr8 bike overall. I even get a mileage of around 67 kmpl but i guess the mileage will vary according to the driving style

  42. i bought a new unicorn 2 weeks ago. i made 400 km on it. but i am getting only a pathetic 35kmpl mileage. i go max 50 kmph, but riding is otherwise smooth. it’s not time for first service. any suggestions to improve mileage?

    • hi… in CB Unicorn, the CB stands for Crown Bent Chassis… If u look at the chain and sproket chassis of CB Unicorn u can see that its slightly bent towards down…. This gives better stability to the bike even at high speed and during sudden brakes…. That is the bike will not skid during sudden brakes….Hope that this clarifies your doubt…….. – Jithin

  43. Hi guys,

    I am looking for a bike of style and mileage. And I am 6 feet tall. Which bike think that it suits me.
    After all research i have chosen pulsar 150cc and Honda unicorn. Am i am bit confuse which one to take.
    Pulsar has good style and pickup and Unicorn has good mileage
    and engine.

    Can any one suggest me which one to take.

  44. Chaitanya, i too had the same doubts in my mind whether to impress the grls by zoomin past them or njoy the ride…but all i can say is its wrth to njoy the ride.
    i hope u hav gone thru many reviews on bikes so thr is nothin new for me to write here…if its btn pulsar and unicorn i wud suggest u to go for unicorn for its ride,stability while hard braking and the trsuted Honda engine
    I hav booked mine and i am already excited to ride it..hope u too do the same, at the end of the day its ur choice

  45. Mathews, dont mistake me but i thnk u r not riding the bike properly..i havnt got my bike yet but my frnds r getting consistently 50-60kmpl…
    just chk the way u use the clutch, use it wen reqd..the bike is fine at 3-4th gear at the speeds of 25-30

  46. i want to purchase honda unicorn. My height is 5 feet 3 inch. My friends are making a comment that my height is not sufficient to ride this bike. Can u help.Can u clearly tell me

  47. @HARI

    I have a friend who is 5′ 4″ and he is having trouble riding unicorn as he finds it difficult to maintain the balance when in standing position.. Its smooth during running.. You may try a friend’s Wing Rider on City traffic before going to book one,,

    No hard feelings buddy,,

  48. @Hari,
    as Sanku said no hard feeling buddy but i thnk riding Unicorn will hav some problem for you at the same time i knw a person who is just 5ft riding wit ease just try the test ride couple of times..but i wud say wait for 1 more week the sports unicorn may hav a lower seat arrangement..
    btw nybody has any info on the new variant of unicorn probably called a unicorn dazzler…i havnt received my bike yet my dealer tells me to hav a look at the new one which will b available only by 18 of this month

  49. i am plannin to buy bike. i ve selected a few…not able to finalize. pulsar135, pulsar150, apache160, unicorn,stunner,.i ve heard pulsar135 engine gets heated up fast, apache doesn’t hav mileage.. is it true? tell me feedback of al these bikes please. heard unicorn launched new variant ‘Dazzler’. hw s it?

  50. i am plannin to buy bike. i ve selected a few…not able to finalize. pulsar135, pulsar150, apache160, unicorn,stunner,.i ve heard pulsar135 engine gets heated up fast, apache doesn’t hav mileage.. is it true? tell me feedback of al these bikes please. heard unicorn launched new variant ‘Dazzler’. hw s it?

  51. hi guys,
    i am very much confused between dazzler and CBZ extreme.
    which one is better. i liked the looks of cbz compared to dazzler.
    but which one is reliable and better performer…?

  52. if u liked the looks of cbz extreme then i wud say go for it..bcoz extreme has the same old grt8 unicorn engine in it but tweaked to giv more power, yes agree that the honda engine wud still be a good one compared to the cbz…i personally dint like looks of both the bikes..the indicator on the headlight is big turnoff for me..the same with dazzler the head is the most ugly thng in i have CB Unicorn, tastes differ i wanted a more sophisticated and elegant lookin and hassle free bike…

    few things noticed on dazzler
    gear shifts not as impressive as CB Unicorn
    good pickup due to reduced weight + nice handling…
    hope it helps u…

  53. @ Aryan,
    thanks aryan for ur comments and ur personal opnion bout bikes.
    well just one more doubt i ve.
    can dazzler ve d problem of vibration at high speeds bcoz of weight reduction..?

  54. chethan, the weight is reduced by 8kgs to make it more of a city bike and increased power delivery at 14bhp…ny bike with a reduced weight is bound to get vibrations at higher speeds…but 138kgs should not be a problem for dazzler at higher speeds…the bike can reach 105 as its top speed…ofcourse mileage will be less
    test ride the dazzler its got sporty sound of engine…
    if u r a college boy or <24 i wud say go for dazzler without saree guard els CBZ/CB Unicorn should be fine..

  55. well confused between CB uni and Dazzler now!!!
    i m 24.
    i need some clarification if u can find some time 2 reply.
    1. will these b d shortcomings of Dazzler for long run(for me
    7 or 8 yrs):
    a. Half chain cover
    b. Disc brakes at rear
    c. pillon rider – (my mom, how is it for old people compared
    to CB uni)
    d. very importantly No Kick start – will it b a prob

    2. will these b d advantages of dazzler over unicorn CB:
    a. light weight
    b. Tubeless tyres
    c. some maintaince free features compared to CB UNI
    d. ofcourse power (i think it wont effect mileage)

    This will b my first bike if i buy…..
    also with one test ride i cant get answers for my above questions… i m expecting ur reply….

  56. guys, will anyone answer my above query if u find time……..

    Also uni has very less bhp in 150cc segment, wats ur take on this…..does it look powerful, can it go beyond 110kmph???

  57. yo…man…
    cb unicorn suits you>.
    dazzler is much more sportier by look………
    but only a minute upgradation in engine////

  58. @ Chethan
    I booked a Dazzler. Personally I dont like its looks. Unicorn seems more stable. Yeah dazzler is sporty and added power. But personally I would have preferred Ol’Uni. They asked me to wait 5 months. So dazzler !!! If you are a big man go for Ol’Uni. It looks great and more stable…
    (Hey there is a review on Dazzler/Apache & FZ16 in this month’s BIKE mag. Worth reading)

  59. hey guys i got my new dazzler….
    amazing bike…great handling,great pickup..good sporty looks…
    amazing bike…

  60. Hi Guys .., Im a big lover of Honda Unicorn i just want to clarify one thing friends i use to ride a distance of 40 – 50 kms per day i just want to know whether back pain arises by riding that much distance with this Unicorn Please help me guys

  61. Hi Ravi,

    Well I’m a lover of Unicorn too. I have had the same problem once when I just bought the bike. That happens more often when I speed bike on bumps. I ride distance of avg 30 kms per day.

    When I gave the bike for 2nd serving the problem just vanished, then I had loose shock absorbers. May be the shock absorber settings can make the difference.

  62. guys, will anyone answer my above query. i buy new honda unicorn .its nice and good ..but i have some query …bike give me avg 43 per liter

  63. Hi guys,

    I buyed new CB Unicorn in june. All are good and satisfied.
    But i observed my bike is giving avg of 43 per litre .

    Just Completed 2nd service 2 days back . not satisfied with my mileage
    any tips for increasing mileage..?


    • Hello frnd i owns two unis old one n the new version same as urs the problem is tat my bro uses it so his driving is rough tats y he also gets mileage of 45-50kmpl n wen i drives its gives me almost 55-60kmpl average u might think i must be faking but it all depends on ur riding skill i have mentioned in my others comments about how to handle ur clutch in traffics dis is the main cause many of the new rider feels wait have some patience n drive safely in traffics areas it also depends on the road conditions were ur riding.
      Wen ul control ur bikes tat time use less clutch use only wen u wants to reduce ur gear n dont worry UNICORN has a good engine dont worry ul definately get 50kmpl mileage its my words remember only follow the tips ok
      have a nice day..
      Ride Hard……..& Ride Safe!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hi rohan ,
        Thanks for the useful tips . yes i am a new rider .
        at busy traffic roads i usually swith to 2nd gear and goes and when tried to use less clutch the engine gives lose sound as if it is going to stop, then immediately i pull the clutch . so is it a good practice ?


  64. 43 is quite less, do u engage clutch while riding. some plp hav this habit of engaging the clutch without noticing it…
    also check if the petrol that u use is good.

  65. @raghav,
    Yes, i use clutch during applying break and slowing down speed .
    But while riding i just keep hand on it.

    Could you please tell me some tips on increasing mileage with my driving style .


  66. i had unicorn 150 cc…..mettalic colour …..i m using the bike daily …but only 10 kms…..but my bike milage is only 38km/litre…..i had completed 3 services….Could you please tell me some tips on increasing mileage ….and any tips with my driving style

  67. I m confused…..what to choose….unicorn dazzler and simply the unicorn….dazzler has no kick start only self start….so it may create starting problems…another thing is a there any suitable bike having good milege and within 150cc to 180cc with in rs. 50k to rs.70k…PLZ ANYONE SUGGEST…waiting for ur reply…..plz reply me via my mail id –

    • im using old unicorn frm last 6yrs n i hve not faced any problem only d problem i have mentioned bot d fibre part on the bikes. Dont get confused u can go for test drives of p180cc its one of d best bikes i have ride though im using HONDA UNICORN coz my frnd own P180 n its mileage is 40-45kmpl so u can think bot p180cc n my brother uses d new unicorn not dazzler its not tat much smoother than d older uni… so u can go for pulsar 180 its price is also affordable 72k…
      in simple word dnt go for d new unicorn coz of d luks n the tires are also not suitable on dat bike if ur a true lover of honda unicorn u can buy d unicorn CB its also a nice bike its alll up2 u wich bike u want to buy so take a nice test drives on all the bikes u want to buy n den decide if the older version of unicorn wud b available nw i wud have suggested u to buy tat bike. Ask the ppl who uses Unicorn n den decide i wud prefer u to buy P180cc coz u wants a bike within 150cc to 180cc n not go for Apache… willl wait for ur reply..

      Thanks N Regards…..
      Ride Hard… & Ride Safe…

  68. @ above.- buy dazzler, good style,bit more powr than old one . most of the bikes in this category don’t hav kicker. eg. pulsar220, yamahaFZ, R15 etc.

  69. hi friend s i am going to buy a new bike this month. I am confused whether to choose between twister, platina and Unicorn . I need a bike with good mileage with low cost with style.plz…………….reply

    • @prakash,

      For unicorn – it depends on our body physique (height mainly) .
      Out of above 3 , i prefer u to buy unicorn if u can handle bike weight.
      I hope twister and platina will not run good after 2 years unless u need mileage with low cost go for any one (twister or platina).

      • well said srinath
        go for d new unicorn CB not dazzler n no twister is too smalll bike n its tires r also too small so think ot it n go for test drives den ul b able to find out wich one is better will wait for u r reply………….

      • @ashutosh,
        I suggest you to go for FZ or Karizma(these bikes r for college guys)
        If you are a jobber or family go for CB Unicorn but not shine . 🙁

        In my view Unicorn is a Feel Good Bike . haha

  70. Dear all,

    I bought this bike yesterday from Pressanna Honda in coimbatore, with all acc, it cost 72,900.(bike with insurance 69,600Rs)
    One good thing abt this bike is, in first gear i can go at 25km/hr & in 5th gear i can go in 35km/hr,& there is no ehgine stalling sound.. I dont know whether checking like this is good or not, since i started learning it just a few days ago..

    @ Deepak: Thanks for the blogs and the e-mail, which makes me to get this good bike. If possible can you pls share the imporatnt info’s for a new bike learner with a new bike.
    ex. speed should not be 45Km/hr for 700 Kms & so ..

  71. Hi

    I picked up a Uni 2 months back. My experience is as follows,

    1. Bike is heavy. Great when it is moving, but painful if u have to shift it around in small parking spaces etc.
    2. Turning has to be like…. hugging the curve…. using the handle to turn can be painful on your shoulders, again due to the weight.
    3. It’s sheer “hell” for the pillion rider during long rides. The pillion seat design is not good, no support for thighs and the hunched nature of seating causes a real pain in the foot, and back for the pillion rider.
    4. Great riding experience as long as you are not looking for a thrill 🙂 like jump first at the traffic lights, or go vroom…no way..Uni does not do these things….it is more a smooth fast rider and not a furious rider !… or as Honda puts it… a wing rider…..

    • For Uni corn no problem. I dont know what the logic is, but Honda claims 60, while the mechanics say 50 max! I get around 45.

      In general for a 150 CC bike, I dont think u can get more than 48 to 50 under our driving conditions of frequent braking, stopping, potholes, inferior fuel etc.

  72. Dear Friends

    .i own a unicorn bike. The over all performance of unicorn is unique. Does any one know that the dealers are enjoying the benefits of our money for a certain period. Do you know hOW ? why?. while we are booking the unicorn at the dealrs show room initially they are asking to wait us forminimum 3 months to 5 Months for the delivery.So mean time our money(Booking amount) is being invetsted to various financial sources to get profits.So people just understand this . Our money is being invested inorder to enjoy the benifits of our innocence .

    people just think. it just a selling technique which is taken place to get reputation..

    show rooms are become black market , i hate these statergy which is adopted by honda

    Thank u

  73. hii frnds i am planning to buy a new bike which one is good in maintance,,,,,,CBZ or UNICON??
    after becoming the bike old which one give a good recell value CBZ or UNICON??
    if i am going to buy the CBZ is ther any diffects in CBZ and in UNICON also ?
    frend plz give me the good sugection
    waiting for ur good responce and good sugection
    thank u

  74. Hiiii

    I am planning to buy a Honda Unicorn bike. confused for Stunner, Unicorn, Hero Honda Hunk, CBZ xtreme & duzzler ??

    Can anyone tell me, if honda will launch Unicorn with digital console??


    Sandesh Kondvilkar


  75. Dear Charan , you asked which is the best among unicorn and fz16, so must be told which is better overall..
    in my opinion you should go for Honda Unicorn , if you want long term reliability,better mileage, comfort in long drives too, easy handling , AND YES IF YOU ARE NOT A RASH DRIVER .
    on the other hand fz16 gives very less mileage than unicorn.
    (has all other features mentioned above) , unicorn give you an overall mileage of 55 , if you drive at optimum speed , and maintained properly. but fz16 hardly gives you 40km/l.
    but yes the look and style of the fz16 is more agressive and sporty than unicorn,
    Ride Quality : on unicorn , its’ awesome man , absolutely fanatastic , you will definetly feel like you are driving a car, even at speed of 90-100 km/hr., on the other hand fz starts shaking after 80 km/hr. acceleration is hard in fz too.

  76. Hello everyone I have 4 bike one of Honda unicorn. This bike is good but after some time u feel very bad bcoz when u need any spair parts that is not available in authorised service deler. And in gurgaon The GANPATI AUTO is very very poor service they have untrained machinic & they dont have any spairparts of bike.

  77. i am confused between Shine & unicorn ,as i know unicorn is good than shine but what matters is the milege …….i heard unicorn gives around 50-54 kmpl while shine gives 55-65kmpl ….plllz help me out …..i am planning to buy in the current month…….

    mail me at

    • After 3 free services .. my CBUni continues to gives me only 40 to 43 KMPL mileage. Even the mechanics were saying the claim of 60 is an exaggeration and 45 KMPL is a decent mileage for a 150 CC bike.

      Has any one owning a CBUni actually got a mileages as claimed by Honda?

      • I got my unicorn serviced @ 535km for 1st free service.I have noted the petrol meter has six
        sections. After I have ridden 15 km,the pointer goes down by 1 point. my unicorn seems to give very low mileage. now its done nearly 1000km. service people said they could tune the engine for me right away so it will give good mileage. but they also said, for now Honda has specially made these setting for the running in period. Not to worry After the 4th free service is over or after 5000kms are done, the tight fitting piston and bore would have gotten smooth
        and its worthwhile to get low kms during 1st 5000kms which will ensure excellent running in and ensure the good health longevity of the engine.

    • I had a unicorn that was first released with alloys and graphics and used it for about 4 years after which the bike was stolen.It was my first bike and it was a gift from my dad.It was a horrible experience when i lost it so i recommed all the bike owners to fit a remote lock with anti-theft alarm.Our unicorn has good and maintenance free battery so go ahead and fit your alarm.

    • My unicorn gave me a mileage of around 55km/l in city and around 58-60km/l in highways,for this i used to maintain a speed limit around 60km/hr,a gradual acceleration and near perfect gear shifts ie.,no over revs,shift when your tacho is between 3 and 4 except for 1gear,regular service.When i travel above 80 and 100,i used to get 50-52km/l. I’ve verified my mileage manytimes.

  78. hi friends.

    Yester day i bought my new cb unicorn bike. i like the engine smoothness. can any one tell me ? is this mandatory to maintain speed limit up to 40 km/hr, for its first 2000 km.. i dnt know about this?

  79. Im 24 & a resident of Guwahati. Im planning to buy honda unicorn, my first bike next month. After making a detailed research on internet about unicorn, i found that there is one major problem i.e. availability of spare parts. I have seen people complaining unavailabilty of spares with honda dealers and service centers. Please give your suggestions on what should i do. Moreover Im 5’5, will unicorn be fit for me in this regard ? Please give your views on that.

  80. Hi Karthik congrats for buying the most balanced and refined bike.
    Yes it is mandatory to ride a new engine at a low speed for atleast 1000 kms,this is to ensure a healthy life of the engine & a good performance in the long run.For the first 1000kms maintain a speed of 50kmph,never accelerate too hard ie.,keep your tachometer within 4.

    Despite the above said things follow these for better results always warm up your engine before you ride,use choke to start a cold engine,use high octane fuel since unicorn has high compression ratio.

    Fit an ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM for bike’s safety.

      • Hi Sid,

        Im planning to buy a Honda Unicorn. Im afraid after looking at these comments.
        Can you please advice me if i can buy Honda Unicorn 150cc?
        Also can you please advice me on its pros and cons.
        Thanks in advnce for your help.

        warm regards

  81. Hi Pran,i had a unicorn but i’ve never met such problem of unavavilability of spares before further nothing much to change frequently in that reliable bike.Honda has a good customer support and attends complaints immediately,just register your complaint in honda2wheelersindia website if you come across such problem.

    Regarding your height 5’5 is no problem for unicorn but test ride the bike and see whether itz comfortable for you before buy.

  82. Hi Pran,i had a unicorn but i’ve never met such problem of unavavilability of spares before further nothing much to change frequently in that reliable bike.Honda has a good customer support and attends complaints immediately,just register your complaint in honda2wheelersindia website if you come across such problem,you get an immediate response.

    Regarding your height,5’5 is no problem for unicorn but test ride the bike and see whether itz comfortable for you before buy.

  83. hi friends,
    i am going to buy a new bike this month. I am confused whether to choose between unicorn and dazzler . I need a bike with good riding position and comfort. please…………….reply

  84. Hi,
    I have bought new CB Unicorn January 2011. I bought my bike in Silicon Moters, Bangalore. I rode 3200 kms till now and 2 free services are done in Silicon Moters only.
    There is no doubt about unicorn’s performance. It is really rocking either city or highway. But I am really worried of my bike because of service center people. After 2800 kms I was feeling that bike is slightly wobbling. So I gave my bike for 2nd service. After that so many problems are appeared. Before service 1 was getting Appx 43 to 45 kmpl in Bangalore city traffic. But it was reduced to 38 to 40 kmpl after the service. Wobbling problem is also increased. Some kind of sound is coming from silencer ( i feel because of fitting problem).
    I am feeling that wobbling problems coming because of some kind of problem in rare suspension and I told this thing to the service center people. Still they are not able to solve this problem. After the 2nd service within 20 days 2 times I took my bike to the service center. Still that problem is not rectified. I am really worried about that. I really pissed off because of this silicon moters.
    Can anybody tell the exact reason for this wobbling and is there any solution for this problem. !!!???

    Vedavyasa Bhat

  85. I am planning to buy a 150 cc bike this week. Please suggest me a good one.
    Main issue im not that tall and I am not sure I can handle too heavy bikes at signals.
    I am lookin on one of the three on this

    New Hunk
    CBZ extreme
    Honda Unicorn (dazzler)

    If no other options I am thinking abt buying Pulsar also, coz I drived it and I am able to handle this bike without any issue. But i am not impressed with its performance.

    Some one please help me

  86. Hi please help me out from this confusion..and suggest me,
    I have two bikes in my mind 1.Unicorn 2.Yamaha sz-r .. I need good quality and good mileage bike, money is not a problem, so can u suggest which one is best from the above 2 bikes…? i ride the bike at 80km/ph.

  87. @Vedavyasa Bhat…take ur bike to Saffire Honda Jayanagr…get it serviced by the mechanic called Zeeshan…I guess he shud solve ur problem.
    anything less that 45kmpl on unicorn is a trouble of course driven at a avg speed of 50kmph

  88. Hello friends, Read carefully with my deepest research:
    I have HONDA Unicorn and driven more than 52000Km till the date
    My friend circle have all type of company’s 150CC bike which available in INDIAN MARKET
    Bajaj bike gives more maintenance and Noise pollution it’s not comfortable at long Distance riding, May be your hump will got extra pain!
    Bajaj have simple method like stolen of looks at the “International super bike design” please note its latest bike 220 look like DUCATI & its (all new models)Tell Light design copy from Aprilia Strange but True!!
    But TVS Apache gives us like DESEL Engine it’s throttle power and pickup not quicker as company says throttle is very poor of any apache bike even 160RTR model too,
    I had challenged my friend but his bike does not response as shown in Advertisements.
    Apache hade BULLET like firing of its silencer its mean that Noise pollution is very HIGH Produced, even the as worst of quality my city’s all showroom gone shut off!!!
    Gare Shifting is as smooth like cut a piece of butter with a knife of UNICORN but when You see its copy of CBZ & Hunk it’s very Hard
    HERO HONDA Have every 150CC model’s chases, Engine, Gare Box, Silencer and its base design is through (COPY of) Unicorn because Bajaj & Hero Honda Company gives us as like Pirated or copy pest items like. “CHINA MOBILE”
    In short after HONDA gone its own company HERO gives Royalty till the Date To Write HERO “HONDA” , HERO have to work hard to make bicycle not motorcycle because now a days people eyes are open and Look everything about the products .
    It’s all about our LUXURY & how we have to suffer to every things purchase.
    Think about my thought at where first, you have to buy any 150CC bike
    Because value of money and waste of money both are depend on your MIND !

  89. unicorn really superb i’m using it since 2005 , 83k done already, no major repairs mileage min 51kmpl to max 62kmpl , only prob now araised is timer chain sound n poor headlight power nothing else ………… unicorn rocks

  90. Hi Guys,
    I have booked for my unicorn last week(4th Aug), waiting period (4 months) is real painful. I have opted for pearl igneous black color, but i feel that the waiting period is so long mainly for black. I have not checked with the dealer yet regarding silver color. I just wanted to make sure from you guys whether silver is good looking, coz i think i’ve rarely seen any silver uni on roads. Also guide me about the riding techniques since i don’t want to mess with the running-in period.

    Thanks in advance

  91. Dear all,
    Need ur help. pls suggest someone who can solve wobbling problem in my cb unicorn bike. Wobbling problem is there since i purchased it. i have visited 11 times to honda service center at charkop, Mumbai. Bt no change. I think those service centre people just dont understand origin of the problem. I am an unsatisfied customer of Honda.

    If anybody knows the solution pls let me know.

  92. i am not a proud owner of unicorn, these are the facts everyone should accept,
    best in mileage , worst in pick up,really skids a lot,weight distribution is not up to honda standards,
    people feel single shock observer is better then normal but parctically its really pathetic,really its too hard , better to go for stunner or pulsar

  93. Hi Guys,
    I am planning to buy a 150cc bike . i have choose five among the segments viz., Honda CB unicorn , Dazzler , Hero honda CBZ Xtreme , Hunk and discover 150cc. I am in a dilemma to choose among . pls suggest someone the best bike in terms of handling , road grip and mileage

    • I think you should go for Honda CB Unicorn……but dont commit the mistake i did…i did not check bike before taking delivery… i am facing wobbling problem…..first take a drive on your bike then sign on delivery note. honda people are disgusting in final assembly of parts. good luck

  94. Hi readers,

    I am a wing rider from last 7 years
    I am very much satisfied with it
    I never want to exchange my bike with any junk iron on wheels

    • I got my new CB Unicorn on 5-Oct-2011. So far 150 Kms done. It is nice. I’m not raising it more than 4 RPM till I get my first service done.

  95. I use my Hond5a Unicorn previous 5 years…i have no problems…when i purchase a new bike then i ask advice to many people… they tell me that…
    1] If u want style, medium fuel efficiency, medium riding control, having some back-pain then buy “CBZ-XTREME.”

    2]If u want style, low fuel efficiency, no comfort & final main thing is having Rs.10-15000 maintenance after 2 years then buy “Bajaj PULSAR”

    3]If u want descent style, better fuel efficiency, Excellent riding, pillion comfort, regular maintenance so buy “”””Honda Unicorn””””…

    so finally i choose Honda Unicorn…and now i am happy with Unicorn’s performance…..

  96. I bought my Honda Cb Unicorn last month. I drove 750 kilo meters and first service is over. I strongly believe that this is the best bike in the 150 cc commodore segmant. Driving comfort is very high, same for pillion also, very smooth riding especially in highways, best pick up and controls. Only problem faced is starting trouble in initial cick of the day. You should use chock and manual cicker in the first start of the day. In initial rides (atleast upto first service) you should change gears in right speed, ie, 1st gear upto 10 kms speed, 2nd upto 20, 3rd upto 30, 4th upto 40 and 5th gear upto 50. Speed more than 50 kms per hour not recommended upto first service. Do all services in right time, also ensure engine oil is changed after each service. happy riding!

  97. Hi every1,
    i booked my cb unicorn yesterday. I would highly appretiate if sum1 could tel me wat r the precautions to be taken during the run-in period. I hav also heard that u should also focus on the tachometer and it should’nt exceed 4k

  98. hi guys i am sachin, i am damn confused between honda cb-unicorn and latest hero cbz xtreme;
    i want smooth engine, and what i hate is vibrations which may occur in bike when we exceed 60 KM/HR. and accessaries malfunctioning.
    with that please suggest what decision i should made, milege is not a problem, i would like a bike with 40+ milege.
    please suggest me a good bike 🙂

    • i dont know about CB xtreme…. unicorn is best bike…i advice based on ur choice suzuki gs is best.
      milage is 45+ you never get vibrations till u going in 80kms… test ride that bike you have better option i hope….
      Fz also same like that but never get milage all time..
      apach u suffer back pain..
      unicorn first when u touch 60kmp u feel inner vibration if u keep on going u never get that. but s not like that all time smooth..

    • Hi ronny i have expr with this two bikes..

      both bike are grt.. for best milage is unicorn only no doubt in that. But smooth drive is best in GS. even you going in 80kms GS is soo smooth. seating comfortable is unicorn is best. style is depends upon your view.. both bikes are heavy gs is more than Cb.. handling is easy in cb.
      dont try latest unicorn thats not like old one..
      (55 sure)milage+(100%)comfortable+(100%)handling+(70%)smooth+(70%)pickup+top speed i tried(115km)+mono suspen+no engine off button+ maintain free up to 5 years.

      (45-50 sure)milage+(80%)comfortable+(70%)handling+(100%)smooth+(100%)pickup+ top speed i tried(119km)+no mono suspen+engine off button+no idea abt maintain after 3 years.

      over all unicorn is best and treditional bike…gs is best and latest bike….

  99. hi,i bought new CB UNICORN bike one month before.its very smooth to ride but i ‘ve one problem that is while driving in single hand i ‘ve small shaking.i couldn’t find the problem so plz help me for this problem to rectify………


  100. Thanks a lot saravana. Really appretiate ur help. Finally i opted 4 uni which is tried and tested over the yrs. I dont want to take any risk since this is my 1st bike. Even i heard that gs is more of a highway tourer and the pickup is les compard to uni. Uni is an alrounder. Perfect commuter cum highway machine. Nyways thanks to al of u 4 ur experiences and comments. Cheers 😀

  101. Hi,

    I just got new Unicorn last monday (05-dec-2011), there was about 0.75 ltr of petrol when they delivered it to me, then I filled 6 ltrs of shell petrol……. after 231 kms it came to reserve.
    I find mileage as 231/(6.75-1.3(reserve)=5.45) => 42.38kms….. 1st service not yet done since its not yet 500+ kms……. is the mileage ok for a new bike? I have never crossed speed of 60 kmph and i drive at constant 50 kmph or below.

    Plz advice!!!!

    Thanks in Advance.

  102. Hi I bought a new Unicorn on 05-Dec-2011, there was about 0.75 ltrs petrol, after delivery i filled 6 lts of shell petrol. after 231 kms it came to reserve, so my mileage is
    231/(6.75-1.3(reserve)=5.45)==>42.38 kms…. Is ithis ok for new bike without 1st service??

    Also i drive at constant 50 kmph/less and never crossed 60kmph mark, will it help??

    Plz advice, Thanks in Advance!!

    • Hi Raki, me too faced that same issue.. I bought new unicorn bike a month ago. At that time i checked the mileage and it gave only 40 kmpl, Shocked. But now a days its providing me more than 52 kmpl. Even though i m riding at 65-75 km/hr. But don’t ride with target of 50 km/hr only, drive as usual.

  103. honda can implement the digital sppedometer for their bikes in 150 cc and goes on .if they introduce buyers ll increase and it ll show rich look

  104. Hey Guys, I hv seen almost all reviews on pulsar 150, but there was no proper review which tells exactly Pros and Cons of Pulsar150 DTSi.
    I am thinking to buy a bike and confused between CB Unicorn and Pulsar150. As I want bike in 150cc segment with good millage and performance with low maintenance. Till now what I have seen is Pulsar150 has good performance but maintenance cost is too high and is problematic. I am looking for a bike that has atleast 45kmpl of millage.
    Kindly post some informative reviews from which I can get some proper details and I can decide which bike to opt.
    I searched for below bikes:
    CBZ Xtreme: No kick start, poor millage, vibrations: rejected
    FZ: Poor Millage : Rejected
    Apache: Not reliable
    Suzuki GS : High Maintenance, not reliable
    Plz correct me if I am wrong somewhere.

  105. I like bike very much, especially unicorn is very good bike and smooth riding
    in highways as well as city. when compare to other bike good maintainance cost.
    super bike for youngster.

  106. Yes money is a big matter.So you should choose unicorn because SZ-R gets only 35Km/Litre.But unicorn gets above 50 surely.I am saying this because my brother has a sz-r and i am rides it regularly.

  107. Hi I am Dr M Bala Subbaiah i bought Honda Unicorn in 2006. At starting it was good to riding.But recently I developed most Severe Back Pail Which is radiating to Right Leg.I think reason for above is Mono suspension and Suspension(Cushion) effect lost very early. Now i am very afraid of my health Doctor suggested me MRI of Lumbar Spine and the report came as Diffuse,Mild Disc bulge at L3,L4 and L4,L5 level.

    So my humble request to the Honda Company People consider this with utmost priority as customers of them or getting most Severe Back pain and try to solve the problem by giving good Suspension (mono Suspension) or in my view it will be better to remove mono suspension and provide good Double suspension.

    My request to people who are looking to buy new bike or Honda Unicorn Dont Buy Honda Unicorn as i developed most Severe Back pain with That Bike.

  108. hi every1, i bought a new silver wing CB Unicorn recently, 1st service done and completed 1500kms on rough Bangalore roads. i feel that the disc brake is not so efficient when compared with Pulsar and RTR, lacks in initial pick up when compared to 150cc segment bike. gives mileage up to 52 at economical speed conditions. overall its a ultimate good bike in case of maintenance & fuel efficient. butter smooth gear shift and Finally a silent BEAST killer on the ROADS! no regrets to own this BEAST!

  109. I am very new in bike. Now I have decided to buy my first bike -Unicorn. what are the accessories required to buy ? and whether it is best to buy from Honda showroom or outside shops? In Bangalore, which is the best showroom to buy that provides good service after sell. thanks , Abhijit

  110. Hi everybody I have no honda unicorn I m in the process of deciding to purchasing of bike. Every thing about honda unicorn mentioned above may be right because the waiting period of the bike itself which dealers tell to customers is 3 months at Honda showroom. We believe in the proverb “……… ka phal mitha hota hai”. As this bike is available with unauthorized distributors with additional payment. This also indicated the importance and quality of the bike. Most of the reviews attracts the customers and most of the reviewers try to justify their selection was excellent. Based on the reviews i visited out Honda showroom, but there no body is interested to sell their bike, attend the customers. Actually their behavior is also right, because customers come ask the waiting period, current price, what would be the price after 3 months, condition of the service station and not doing any purchase. After all these are also human beings. Although all these I will purchase Honda Unicorn because the Honda is Japanese company and Japan’ s technology is best in the universe. Also there might be some help for sunami affected persons.

  111. Hi,
    By seeing all reviews finally I got my Unicorn.
    My review after 3K Km,

    Once you slowdown, have to shift to 1st gear. Compare to other 150s, Uni laks 2nd gear torque.

    I have already facing issues with gear slipping. Recently took it service for this issue and looks oki now.
    Horrible cold start issue, upto 2 or 3km bike will not response to throttle, after that it looks fine.
    Very silent engine, good mileage,
    Not soo good in heavy traffic, You have to move always in 1st gear.
    Gear shift in 2nd and 1st is bit hard and noisy.

    Very good control and stability

  112. Hi guys,
    I also suggest you for Honda Unicorn really it’s a awesome bike with great look and mileage. Whether you go for old or new model i.e 150 cc it doesn’t affect at all. In other bike segments like CBZ xtreme, Hunk, Apache or Pulsar etc this bike is really good.

  113. I have gone lot of reviews ,let me also put forward some findings of Unicorn.
    I have compared Uni with Apache & Pulsar (150 Cc) riding at same time with my friends,first I observed was the pickup ,its very equal for all of the three,but the engine is very very calm even at 90km speed ,only you have to see the speed-meter to control the speed bcz very gradulay it increase the speed unknowling ,but in others u have to control the speed only by knowing the sound which comes out of the engine (very heavy sound).Secondly the maintaince is very simple & not required very often .
    If u want the disadvantage of unicorn ,I would only say that style is little low commapred to others ,otherthan that its good life time invesment.
    Hi Uni riders any comments on this pls..

    • well . i appreciate your view ,but one thing honda lack is avalability of spare part parts easily …which causing more problem to customer

  114. Hi,

    I am from Latur, maharashtra. This is a good bike. but the support after sales & the cost for maintaines is unacceptable. The delivery time is really worst. I had personal experiance of all this. Those who wants better performance, reliablity, & comfort & surly better service go for TVS or Bajaj.

    Kind rgds,
    Ashwin Mane


  116. Hi, I want buy new bike of good looking and better milage too…
    I am in confusion withUnicorn,Passion pro and Newly Launched Honda Dream Yuga…Please suggest me which one is better. I ride this bike in semi-urban area.

  117. Dear All Unicorn Ownwers – How many of you start facing back pains ?
    I am sure more than 90% of unicorn owners have.
    I had a personal chat with more that 100 Unicorn owners more than 90 are having back pain but they were unaware that its is because of Suspension Problem of UNICORN
    VERTIBRABL PAIN/Back Pain because of UNICORN-
    Dont buy this- other thing like resell value ? Its is gud as compare to other bikes but money is not valuable when it comes to your health.

  118. Any body can tell me what mileage would be get in CB Unicorn Dazzler 150 cc bike?

    Plz update specification for CB Unicorn Dazzler 150 cc bike.

  119. Hai This is Bala, I Got Unicorn One month back, Unicorn is good bike, show room service is very waste and material is very high, mileage is average it is ok better compare other pass driver super this bike

  120. that is good very less maintenance but better than unicorn we have to purchase some other bike if we r paying high money then why we suffer problem.

  121. Mileage Less:

    I am just lost due to Honda CB Unicorn as I trusted it will give minimum 50 – 55 KM mileage but it gives only 40 KM per leter. Feeling really bad as my bike is 7 weeks old with 875 KM ran.
    Ashraf KM Mangalore

  122. To Ashraf KM,

    Wait for 3000 KM run in period to complete. Then check the milege. The milege which you are getting now is temporary. it will give less since it is still under run in period. Trust Honda! 🙂

  123. hi guys can you suggest me, as I am confused to choose from HONDA UNICORN, HONDA SHINE, PULSAR, please suggest me I go for which bike of this three.

    thanking you


  124. ihad purchases one unicorn in 2006 and now i want to buy another one unicorn only to my son . undoubtedly low maintenance good mileage 62 best riding experience superb but somewhere and somewhere weak after sales service

  125. I bought new Unicorn before 3 months and now I am going to reach 3000kms, I am sure it is giving mileage above 50, I am very happy to invest money on this Vehicle, my points are

    Positive Points:
    1. Good Mileage
    2. Good and Decent pickup
    3. Decent style (but still not so attractive)
    4. Steady Braking
    5. Very Smooth

    Negative Points:
    1. Its seats are hard (one long trip faced with lots of traffic, my back and pillion back got pain)
    2. It is heavy (While parking the vehicle I need to lift from behind)
    3. Most of the youngsters not impressed (they go for pulsar, apache, fz), most of the office going persons and matured guys loves this bike.

  126. Honda CB Unicorn it was a bike with 18 litres capacity of petrol?
    company has given only 13 litres capacity, but i went and filled full was 18 litres capacity.. shock….

  127. I am looking for a short handle bar for my cb unicorn which i have purchased just 6 months back and i want to go in for getting a smaller handle bar what u guys suggest and where could i find one please reply me on this page shall be looking forward for a reply thanx

    • Hi arjun,

      I will not recommend you to change the handle bar of the bike, because the brake cables and clutch cables designed to handle bar given by manufacturer, when you change the handle bar the life of cable will reduce, if you go for change of handle bar the life of cable will be upto 5000kms, and then you have to change for smooth accelarator and cluthc operation.

  128. Please advice me what to do on this too.

    While riding @ 20-30 kmph my bike feels like going into reverse.. for this I waitied for the first service but nothing was solved then I got the carb opend and set properly after 2 more service i.e at 3200 km only as i change the engine oil every 1800 km anyways coming back to the point ones the carb was opened and cleanded properly to my surprice the problem of the jerking finished awsome but today after 5800 km present km that same old problem is back owwwww.
    well after reading and finding alot of things on the net I found a post where a person has mentioned the same kind of a problem and same km there here what he writes
    . At last they found that problem was in Vaccum Piston Diaphram. It was torn. They replaced it and charged me with 500Rs.

    do u think this could be the reason should I get this changed too. advice are welcome.

    I really wonder why all the unicorn owners hide this fact of the jerking problem as the new CB Unicorn are using CV Carburetors and the way it has been explained about the CV Carburetors here on bike advice i really appreciate got to learn alot.

    I will appreciate if u can guide me on the above matter and email me

    thanx friends.

    • Hi Arjun,

      I would like to ask you, are you using the same petrol bunk everytime, and regarding the carburettor diaphram complaint, I will say the honda service person will not understand what we will feel and incase of shouting on them just throw the money for keeping ourself calm and relaxed.

      • the problem was solved well telling this for future friends also if u also get the same kind of a feeling with your machine.
        Just when u r going to hit to reserve take your bike to the asc and just ask him to get your fuel tap removed and clean it properly thats it the problem will be resolved in my case it did. now the bike is much much more relaxed at any speed.

      • I agree with sriram there is no other bike in the market which is so trouble free and relaxed bike specially on the pocket.
        the spare parts are also very cheap but it guess the new cb twister which will come out is also going to be a good bike.

        just get your bike serviced according to the manual thats it relax and enjoy

  129. Hi Guys,

    I am in confusion stage on buying bike of Honda unicorn or Apache RTR or Yamaha fz-s or pulsar 150. Among these bikes which would be the best one to buy on the basis of Mileage, Style, performance, Maintainance and cost.


    • Hi Karthik,

      Unicorn is lagging only in style and youthness, other than that its mileage, quality, long life, performance all are perfect

    • hi karthikeyan

      well if u r seeing all this the major factor which Honda rules on is the pocket of the customer a trouble free bike and that’s it one does not like to go the work shop every time correct me if I am wrong. on this the only thing which unicorn is the best is on that it is a trouble free machine and more over if u can wait for another 15 days max a new gen of unicorn is coming out soon in all the showrooms across India i.e. is HONDA CB TRIGER 150cc.

      I have compared the specifications with all three unicorn, dazzler and triger.
      Well it is a carbon copy of cb unicorn. triger is having every thing of unicorn only thing is that it has new outside but the inside is the same of unicorn.

      Even I am waiting for it might purchase it in exchange of unicorn.

    • go for p150 or rtr 160. these two are the best bikes in 150 cc segment ! will offer best performance, value for money & great mileage(p150 gives 55-60!)!

      • Hi Karthick,

        If you are a college student go for p150 or rtr160, if you worried about quality, mileage, performance, long life and reliability go for Unicorn, I accept unicorn looks are not good compared to p150 and rtr160 but Unicorn’s quality is unbeatable.

  130. I love Unicorn because riding it and having it gives me feeling of riding real Unicorn in paradise……Because Indian roads are real paradise for it.
    I have driven several bikes I love CBZ first ever version and i still have it in my possession still i have Unicorn JUST FOR THE SECOND THOUGHT!!!

  131. Dear friends,

    There is no doubt that unicorn is a good bike. Awesome gear box, smooth engine, high quality body, but only the drawback is lower torque, pickup is slow compared to any 150cc bike. Because of low torque u have to lowdown the gears in hilly areas like anything. This bike provided with both zapper Tyres so this bike skids like anything , for that u have to replace both the tyres by button type tyres. My advice is its better to book HONDA CB TRIGER 150cc, more powerful compared to unicorn.

  132. My Honda Unicorn 150 CC Bike compressor going down frequently. I have changed new plug still the problem is same. What may be the possible cause?

  133. hello,
    I have bought new cb unicorn and done 7k km. there is problem of top speed. I tested that it hardly reaches speed of 75 and can not go above 80 ever. I checked that at 75 speed rpm is 6k. It can’t be pushed any further. Please guide what could be wrong ?

  134. Friends i am going to buy new unicorn 150 but i have no ideas how long they gonna take to deliver??? I need it as soon as possible


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