TVS has seriously re-branded itself with the latest racing bike, the Apache RTR Fi 160 cc. This bike is the flagship model of TVS. I am basically not a fan of TVS, but this bike has definitely got my attention.

How does it look?

TVS Engineers have worked hard in designing the Apache RTR to make sure that it can compete with Pulsar and CBZ. But however the design is ‘good’ but not head turning in my opinion. The lines along the length of the bike is good and the tank is sculpted well to accomodate the knees. The new Apace RTR 160cc has racing stripes along the length of the bike to make it look more sporty. The front flaring and the side panels look aggressive and shouts the message “Hey look, Pulsar is not the only male bike! I am manly too.”

The tail lights are not as good as in other bikes of the same category. The grip bars for the pillion rider is adopted from CBZ. But however Apache beats its competitors in the design of the handle bar. No other bike has given importance to the meeting point of the left and right handle bars where the key is being inserted and is in front of our eyes during most of the time we spend time riding the bike. The sporty heart shaped RTR 160 logo is really a thing of beauty.

TVS Apache RTR 160cc

I have always admired foreign bikes for their naked rear chains. As far I know, no Indian bike left their chains naked. Apache has taken a bold move in exposing its muscle to the world!

TVS Apache

How does it perform?

Apache’s pickup is simply awesome. Before I took the bike for the test drive, I thought, “It’s Just another 150 cc bike.” But when I took it to drive, I was amazed and had to recheck the specifications… I couldn’t believe that a bike of 160cc can deliver so much power. Apache is definitely better than Pulsar, CBZ and Hunk in terms of performance. It is the only bike next to Karizma and Pulsar 220 which gave me an adrenaline rush.

The most impressive part of the bike is its handling. The bike feels heavy enough and you feel really confident when you drive it. The brakes are excellent! It comes with a 270 mm front disc break and an optional rear disc break. The disc is designed like a saw which is really unique and noticeable feature. The brakes made me feel: ‘Bike are not just made to go, but to stop when you want to.’ Apache like the Hunk and Pulsar has a gas shock absorber unit which is named MIG poly shocks.

TVS Apache RTR

The dashbaord incorporates a digital console which displays speed, fuel capacity, clock and ODO meter. It is a blend of Karizma and Pulsar in terms of looks and features, but nevertheless, it is very good.

How does it stand out?

Personally, I wouldn’t want to buy TVS Apache just because I am not a great fan of TVS. But this bike makes a good choice for people who are bored with CBZs and Pulsars. Apache comes in 3 models… The Apache RTR, the Apache RTR Refresh and the Apache RTR EFi. In the first 2 models there is an extra pricing of Rs.1000 if you choose the Yellow colour. Hence people who own yellow Apaches have a premium!

Overall, Apache is a blend of different bikes of other companies in the 150cc category, but tries to edge them out with little extra cool features and engine capacity.

On Road Pricing: (In South India, Tamil Nadu)

Apache RTR: Rs.66500
Apache RTR Refresh: Rs.67300
Apache RTR EFi: Rs.72900

BikeAdvice Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Performance Rating: 5/5

Beauty Rating: 4/5

Pros: Sporty Looks, Fuel Efficiency, Great pickup

Cons: Comes from the maker of TVS

Apache RTR Specifications:

Engine: EFi 4 stroke
Displacement: 159.7 cc
Maximum Power: 11.5 KW (15.7 BHP) @ 8500 RPM
Maximal Torque: 13.1 N-m @ 6500 RPM
Gear Box: 5 Speed
Brakes: 270mm Front Disc and 130 mm Rear Drum (Optional Rear Disc Break)
Tires: Front: 90 x 90 – 17, Rear: 100 x 80 x 17
Fuel Capacity: 16 Litres

Additional Resources:

What do you think about Apache? Please leave a comment below and let everyone know whats on your mind.

Update, November 30th: I have posted another review of Apache RTR with fresh pictures of a red bike. Visit TVS Apache RTR Second Review (Red)

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  1. Want to know about the milage. Also performance above speed of 80-90Kmph for EFi model, i.e. up to what max. speed it is smooth to ride??

    • my friends rtr 160 gives only 40-45 mileage. pls prefer me to buy whether apache rtr 160 or pulsar 150. pls reply to my email address

      • hi tvs apache is better than pulsar i have it it gave ma 55 kms/liter its breaking system is wonder full and handling and controling is muaaaaah wonder full for all thi is good bike u go for it

      • apache 160 rtr is a better bike than pulsar 150… apache pick-up is better,, its light weighted bike,,good suspension,, average of pulsar is better but u can also maintain average of apache….

      • apache rtr 160 most power full & stilish… maximam milage… but pulser power full ok but milage is low max35 but apache milage 40 to 45….. apache is good…….

      • apache 160 is better than pulsur 150. apache is far better in pickup and in many fields. pulur will give about 60kmpl but apache 48kmpl in highway and 40kmpl in city.

  2. Hi deepak just sharing what we observed, one of my friend having EFi model & starts vibrating about 70kmph & becomes no point to go beyond this speed…

  3. Hi Amit, I did a test drive of an Apache RTR which was 6 months old and had done 33k kms, It did not vibrate even at 90. I twisted the throttle fully and it did not go beyond 105 kmph. May be your friend should do some tweaking on the bike. Apache is a good bike in 150cc segment.

    • Upto 70 there is an vibration. I gone upto 110kmph.
      Disadvantage is vibration and you will get spinal cod problem..
      Do’t prefer this bike..
      Am facing this problem…

      • Hi Antony…
        I agree with you… Even i am facing same proble… after 65 bike is vibrating… after 20 km you get pain in spinal cod..
        don’t prefer this bike..

  4. Oh yes Amit, it was the carburated model, not the Efi one. Thanks for pointing it out! I will be perfect henceforth! πŸ™‚

  5. still would like to have ur feedback for performance of Efi model from any of ur reliable source to know is it problem with specific one we have or common design issue with Efi model. becoz still Efi is not common to see on road..

  6. Hello Folks, I own an apache rtr 160. Its been a year since i bought it.
    I am gonna give you some straight facts.

    This bike has a oversquare Short Stroke engine. which other 150 has had a short stroke engine before this one? huh?
    Lets talk about the initials. i have done 0-60 in 4.4 seconds many times. and done a max speed of 127 km. (my speedo showed 132. there might be a speedo error +-5kmph.) no 150 can do these kinda initials and top wackh. i bet. its not doin 100kmph… its how fast it does it.And i heard someone saying the bike gets unstable above 95… Dude get your facts straight… this machine does 95 in a blink after 70 unlike any other 150 and it is NOT unstable even at 120.
    And if my bike vibrates between the speeds of 63 to 70 i dont give a damn… after 70 it is as smooth as makkhan… and when i say vibes.. the are small tingles in the foot pegs.
    There is no 150 i havent smoked yet…
    This bike is no competetion to other 150s and it is just not an upgrade of apache 150.Its a completely new bike.

    2)MILEAGE – Completely depends on how you drive this beast.

    RIP RIP RIP – Avg speed of 70 and above… mileage = 40 to 45
    Easy Rider – Avg speed of 50 to 65… mileage = 45 to 50
    Some godlike riders might even get 50+, but havent heard many.
    I used to get 50ish before 1st service. with speeds like 40 to 45.
    Its a performance bike…It loves to be revved. Revv it more get less mileage…

    3)LOOKS – Even after a year of buying, it still turns heads… and i mean it. Want proof.. i shall capture a few amused ppl in the traffic signal staring at my bike like they have never seen such a beauty before. Its amazing …the detailing in its features is amazing.

    4)HANDLING – Smooth. Has more turning radius than any pulsar.Cuts corners neatly… but tvs tyres suckks bigtime…its a delight to ride in any kinda traffic… It might take you a day or 2 to adjust to the reat set foot pegs and clip ons.. but is a bliss later…

    5)PROBLEMS – As with any bike this bike too has some.
    1)Tappet noize.Have to adjust it every other month or get adujsted to it
    2)Engine sound – Engine sound is not very plesent. But the silencer note is a bliss to listen.. aswsome…
    3)Pillion Comfort is not very gudd.Brake lagaya to rider ke upar pillion… you would not like it unless its your girl behind.
    4)Front shocks are a lil harder than pulsars. But for a reason..
    I cant think of any other major problem. No oil leaks, brake problems… no electrical problems…. Yeah the oil guage is crazy…
    digital Speedometer is gudd… responds faster than pulsars…

    • thanks for ur review its very gud…now im planning to buy Apache 160rtr refresh…hope i made the right choice…..
      but still i listen to people saying iots vibrates after 60 and mileage s less like less than 40…..

    • HI Rahul,
      Just falt seeing the reviews you given and also the way you presented. too good man.

      I am also planing for a new bike and made a clear view ,which one shud i take.

      Thanks for making a clear picture.

      Quest: I am going to take from bangalore, Apache RTR 160 efi. , Is there any thing which i shud take care while buying…??

    • great yar………….dats what i think of apache..its absolutely better than pulsar & apache 180 got a great pick-up and style…………

  7. thanks deepak… but its really bad on the reviewers part to have stated the cons of this biks as the maker of it, the TVS…
    i dont understand… TVS Makes gudd engines… i bet…

  8. i wanna know whn the bik is launching in jbp.(M.P.), it has been launched in Bhopal, im wait’ng 4 it since 2 months. plsssssssssss i wanna get it as soon as possible!!!!!!!
    wat abt its mileage??
    its looks r awesome, i liked it a lot, its a sheer masterpiece!!

  9. hi ashish… if its available in bhopal… and if its not very far from your place… you can buy it from bhopal and ride it to your place… for mileage check my first comment above… Are you talking about The EFI model? or the carb? carb should be available at your place as its been more than a year its launched…

  10. TVS RTR 160 is really good byke. Better performance than pulsar 180 and the processing of the engine block cast iron so smooth, not like pulsar…. It ‘s better if test it before deciding to buy.. You can reach amazing experience

  11. my bike gets even more vibrated when i cross 70 kmph ,its really very much irritating to me and the person who is siting back cant sit because of the vibrations ,please giveme some suggetions ………

      • hii all my friend , Apache 160 rtr is nice bike, i brought it last month, i have done only 1st servicing, its really wonderful, i got miliage 50 kmpl, apache the best …………..i love my apache more thant anything elaes……………..

  12. hii ppl….

    i have just bought Apache RTR 160 few days back….

    and this is my first bike that i am driving…. also i am completely zero in driving bikes……

    so i would appreciate if u guys can help me with gear shifting at wat speeds n proper riding tips….. xpecting ur help in this regard….

  13. Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me reasons why you recommend APACHE RTR?

    Because, I just did Test Drive for both Apache RTR and Pulsar 150 and I found Apache started vibrating after 70 kmph, where Pulsar doent have any such vibrations. What do you feel about this?

    But in LOOKS, I agree APACHE is good.

    • i have started both the bikes apache rtr 160 and pulsar 150 i have feel that the apache is better than bajaj pulsar and also in look i like apache rtr 160

  14. Ranga,

    I can understand… you are buying a new bike.. you have plenty of thoughts wandering your mind… if you feel that the bike vibrates.. dont buy it.. pulsars are not bad bikes.. they are wonderful… it depends on what you are looking for…

    i dont find the kinda stablity i find in the rtr in pulsars… i like the bikes that perform good… rtr can fight neck to neck even with a zma till 60.. and easily beats p200 in 0 to 60.

  15. @RAj

    Congrats on ya new bike.. i am sure you ll love it…

    ideal gear shifts would be anywhere between 3500 rpm to 4500 rpm.

    keep varying the speeds as you drive. dont go beyond 50 kms for the first 1000 kms…
    make sure you change the engine oil after 500 kms.. thats very imp… depress the cluch properly before changing the gear as you are an amature rider.
    user both the brakes together. rtr dics are wonderful.
    but be careful in the wet surfaces.. the tyres are very slippary in the wet conditions…

    • @Raj

      1.Drive the bike widin 3rd nd 4th gear!!
      2.Don’t use the disc break as they are vry powerful nd the bike may go out of ur control.
      3.As Rahul said,dnt go beyond the speed of 50km/hr!!
      4.Avoid sudden acceleration.

    • @ Rahul WOW! gr8 to see there are so many +ve reviews people from across nation pouring out for Apache RTR160 over here! yes! i myself am too one of the die hard fans of this fantastic street racing heart throb since day 1 when i took a ride on this bike for the 1st time six months ago. this so called “vibration” thing has never been an issue for me ever! irrespective of whether i m riding in cities or hitting national highways! last month, i hit the NH2 for a leisure trip between Agra & Kolkata with an avg speed 80-90km/h & the top speed nearly 125 km/h with no hassle at all whatsoever! & in the end, b4 i sign of,f i wud like to say something about the situation where u r dealing with disk brakes. please do not pull the clutch lever 1st while applying disk brakes especially where the roads are wet or slippery or u want to bring ur bike to a sudden halt! apply the disk brakes 1st & then after a few sec. pull the clutch lever! hope this wud help! 10x.

  16. Dear Rahul and Deepak,

    Most of the bike reviews claims apache rtr 160 refresh gives a mileage of 55km/l. Some people claim it is 40 – 45km/l, which is true? Could you both give your comments.

    Also what is the ideal speed, engine rpm for good mileage and ride.

  17. Caesar, the mileage seems to vary widely. There are too many factors involved in it which makes accuracy impossible. Just follow the basics like having good tyre pressure, regular service etc and you will do good.

  18. HI! Deepak, In these days, is there any bike that compete with apache rtr160 efi considering overall features? you also think of new upcoming models.
    please answered.

  19. Nasir, Apache is a great bike. But have a test drive of the Honda Unicorn before you decide. Comfort Vs. Performance… you need to choose.

  20. If god wishes I will get this bike in next two months Apache RTR Efi some of you are discussing about the vibration in the bike where I think it deepens on the person wait the more wait the more smother the less wait the more vibration I think!!!

  21. in this site the all pic of apachi are in black colour where i can get in orange and i is not Apache RTR Efi it is Apache RTR Refresh
    i really like the strips of Apache RTR Efi

  22. hey rahul….i just read u r views which u wrote on 3rd sep…i m completely agree with u…looks mileage…everthing…i had a test ride of pulsar 180 cbz extreme…they are not in competition to rtr 160…its been more than a year i havent faced any problem yet….

  23. Hi deepak,now iam in a decision to buy apache rtr 160 or efi.But i heard some bad comments about these models like vibrating and so n so.So whatz u r final and guarenteed comment about to buy this bike or not.

    • Hi friends i drive both the bikes but i thing pulsar 150 is wonderful than apache rtr 160 apache rtr160fi model comes with both disc break but pulsar comes with single disc if we want to both the bike stop in same speed pulsar stop first and we never neglect that pulsar is world no1 sports bikes if you run bike 45 to 55 its gave wonderful milege above 55 and bike does not do vibrate at any speed very comfortable to drive

  24. hi guys,
    specially rahul and deepak ……. u r replies are good ones which gives the proper information. keep it up guys and in a TVS style means not speaking any bad abt competetors …. speaking only of the RTR. really a nice attitude. i was surrfing for the proper blogs where i cant get the info regarding the RTR which i planing to bye. I had a test ride of RTR and willing to book in a dya or 2.
    one question to rahul and deepak , whats u r comment on yamaha fz16 ? that where i am geting confused ???

  25. hey folks… had been a lil busy so couldnt keep myself updated with this thread…

    @ Ceasar
    Buddy 55+ is overwhelming for an rtr… only if you manage to drive at low speeds like 45 to 50 or even 55… but i bet you wont… cos you dont buy a performance bike to drive at 50’s. you would rather buy a 100 cc bike..


    Buddy… as deepad replied.. unicorn is a neat bike.. but again we cant compare these bikes as they excel in some dimension.. unicorn is smooth… but not as powerfull as rtr…

    @good boyz
    hey buddy… dont worry about the vibes… go 4 it… you ll love it i bet…

    Yes buddy… we owners of rtr know what it is… and what it can do… doin 120+ easily for a bike in 150 cc segment is a nightmare… but rtr does it like wrooom… i love it…


    Buddy… i dont own an efi.. i have the carb version… and i am not bullying anyone here.. and i am at home… looks like you ve been smoked my an rtr of late… which bike do u own buddy??

  26. I have done quite analysis on the RTR 160 REFRESH. As i was just about to buy Pulsar 150 DTSi, bcs i was the die hard fan of Pulsar. I just gave a thought to go to TVS showroom, to see the RTR REFRESH model. And guys i was just impressed by it in first look. I also took a test ride of it, and believe me it was just a fantastic experience than Pulsar 150. Then i compared the specifications of both the bikes, and i could not find Pulsar in any of the specification higher than APACHE RTR REFRESSH. Moreover, with all the higher configuration the rate of both the bikes are almost same. I have just bought REFRESH today i will get the delivery in 3 to 4 days.

    Still, I am not much familiar with Apache RTR REFRESH. So, i still doubt my decision just because i dont see many Apache moving on road int he city. If any expert or the experienced person is reading this, please give me a view on my decision, as it will give me some more confidence on my decision.

  27. Hi Rahul…

    Really appreciate your sensible and clear cut suggestions,keep it up. I was sold on buying the Apache since the 150 came out but hung around for the 160 and now was going for the 160 FI, there was no other bike in mind for me. BUT..but…something has stirred in me after seeing and reviewing the FZ 16..?!..and its a Yamaha…can u pls gimme ur reviews on it, so that i can take a sound decision, through some sound advice from you…

  28. harsh…
    nice that you picked a refresh… y not an efi??
    anyways not a prob.. you ll will love it… and you will get familiar with your bike soon as you start takin it out… you will know that you made a right choice… trust me my friend… nothing can beat the feeling when you beat a bike doin 100 on a freeway and you zip past him doin 110… its an engine that loves to be revved.. the more you revv it the more it goes.. i am like no 150 does man… i can feel the bike pulling faster when i give full throttle when am doin 80… after 90’s and all when you throttle any other 150 moves but u dont feel it pulling you.. u know wat i mean… ok i am getting all exaggerating here… you cant stop bragging when you own such a bike…

    thanks buddy.. nice to hear you liked what i wrote..
    rtr is undoubtly awesome.. fz is also 150… i did go through its specifications… its not on roads though..not in the showrooms also… i ll take a test drive as soon as it comes and let you know about it.. but trust me… i loved it when i saw it on the computer.. its macho… i went flat over its looks… its a naked beast…
    its 153cc and has like 13.8 horse power… not as much as rtr… and the tyres are also bigger.. 100/80-17 and 140/60-R17 tyre combination… so i am not sure if the performance can meet rtr… and the projected mileage is like 40 to 45… i can say more about this bike only after i take a test drive…


  29. Hi Rahul…thnx..

    The FZ should be out by mid october as per the dealers here…so i guess i’ll keep an eye out in this space for your comments…

  30. what do u want to be sure about Pradeep??
    Please read the full thread…i am sure u ll be sure..
    This thread defines clearly the performance, mileage , pros and cons of rtr 160…
    capital letters makes us feel that you are angry and are shouting in the room.. please avoid.. πŸ™‚

    Please lemme know wat you are not sure about.. i ll try to put the facts straight..


  31. dear guys,

    Is apache rtr 160 refresh suitable for tall guys like me(i.e 5ft 10 in height and 70 kg weight). Most of my friends a telling it will be looking awkward to ride apache rtr 160 refresh for tall riders. Please give me your comments?

  32. Hi Gunasingh, I am also 5.10 and I did not feel small with the Apache. But if you are too conscious about it, the next best alternative is Karizma.

  33. hi frnds.. i read all the posts.. i’m planning to get apache rtr fi this week.. the only thing which i’m concerned about is rtr fi comes only in yello or orange…….?
    does it comes in black…?

  34. I bought apache EFi a month ago.i stay in delhi and i bought it from CPL autos ,okhla . i got my first service done few days ago.i havent crossed 55 kmph as yet. i havent faced any probs till now apart from fuel gauge not working. therefore i cant tell u the mileage. This is myfirst bike and i am a novice but i did not face any difficulties in riding it. I am 5 10 and 65 kgs and its comfortable for me i have used max for 25 kms at a stretch. I hav it in yellow. there are 3 clors yellow orange and gray. the bike had waiting period of 20 days- 1 month. overall its a very gud bike and pikup is awesome. it cost me 72000 on road but wen i went for servicing the dealer told me that the price has been further raised by 1000 rs.

  35. hi,
    after a long wait i am going 2 buy a bike ……but i am confused which one 2 buy….pulsar 150 dts-i or apache rtr fi 160….as far as the look is concerned i bet the latter overtakes….but can i get details regarding the mileage and power…

  36. Hie ppl…
    I’m using my old cbz2002 model but now i hv been attracted,
    with so many options in the bike market, really got confused???
    So at the end now i have 2 options in my mind 1) Honda Unicorn or
    2) Apache RTR . I knw unicorn is dng vry well but after seeing u ppl advice & reviews my attention is diverting towards Apache.
    As u ppl says its a gud performer bike but at the end its a ,
    TVS make. So guys can u help me to decide which one i shud go for???
    Pls Reply

  37. shoeb,

    TVS makes gudd engines.. trust me on this… its your decision.

    Honda unicorn is a neat machine..

    Honda unicorn does not generate as much power as RTR does.
    It will give you 4 to 5 km more mileage than RTR in city though.

    RTR beats it in speed.
    RTR beats it in looks.
    Unicorn beates RTR in mileage.
    Unicorn beats RTR in having a smooth engine.
    there are many more comparisions…

    it depends on you wat you want to buy… power or mileage…

    but end of the day… you feel like riding a 100cc machine not a 150 if you are riding a unicorn…

    if you are too skeptical about the brand TVS.. try FZ 16… its a neat looking bike by yamaha.. has amazing torque of 14nm.

    i have had RTR for an year now.. i like it… more than any other bike… i have the need for speed…. so does it…

  38. hey,
    plz tell me the difference between rtr160 efi nd normal rtr160…….if i go for rtr160 refresh will it be a better option than rtr efi……..plz mail me at (

  39. Hey guys…. What bout a comparison betn RTR and FZ16…. Which one is better…. FZ boasts a mileage of about 40+ RTR 45-50…. So considering the power and looks, which is better? And also the Pulsar-180 is pretty much the same…. Which is the best outta these three…. Im a first time buyer….

  40. @somya
    efi is a fuel injected system. there is no carburetor which Mixes air with petrol vapour… rather a electronic system that does this.. this is considered better and more accurate mixing and better fuel consumption…
    power is almost the same as the carburetor version(Refresh) only 0.5 bhp diff.. which will not make any difference… i ve tried both the bikes.. no diff i felt…

    efi comes with rear disks… refresh does not..
    efi has enhanced speedo… which can record fastest 60, fastest lap times and all…

    there was one known problem with the rtr efi that the 0-ring at the filter was supplied smaller size than required which resulted in less power at low rpm like 2500 rpm to 3500 rpm… which makes you feel that you are losing on throttle because of no petrol flow..which i think now is known and being fixed…

  41. @anand..

    i dont prefer pulsars… they have 2 spark plugs and its not good for long engine life… but 180 is a neat machine and more powerful than rtr… after like 60kmph…

    rtr is neat… read the full thread to c my comments πŸ™‚

    fz16 has a better low end torque than rtr…
    rtr = 13.1nm
    fz = 14nm..

    now does that make any diff?? that means better initial pull..
    but the horse power is less… so it wont be able to do wat it does at higher speeds… it wont be able to sustain the initall pull as good as rtr does… now thats theory… practially i dunno as i havent tried fz yet… but i like that machine… its neat..

  42. K Rahul…. Thanks. I did go through all ur comments and others’ too.

    The P180 with the black alloys captured my heart instantly with its looks.

    Here we have RTR not looking as great. And i weigh just 50…. My final choice would be between a P180 and RTR…. Both powerful enough….

    Which one would be optimal…. I go rather long distances everyday. Like 50km overall….

  43. hmmmm… my friend used to drive a 2nd generation p150… he was around ur weight and height..

    i ve given my views… test drive both the bikes… and pick ur best buddy…

    mileage of both the bikes is similar…

  44. HEy anand u should go for the muscular and naked FZ16 which is prety bettr than the both because it is not so common ~!~! and its yamaha

  45. HI all…juz now came from tvs showroom in chennai..pretty much satisfied with test drives..for ur info ,present price

    1) Apache RTR 160 refresh :Rs.67,135/- (if yellow : 68,230/-)
    2) Apache RTR 160 Efi :Rs.75100 /- (only yellow ,grey

    Hi now my confusion is to go for EFi or refresh…They said Efi will give 5KM extra maileage when compared to refresh..
    he added .,
    Refresh give 45kmpl
    EFi give 55KMpl

    guys pls suggest Efi or refresh..diff is 8000 in price..

  46. hey guys pls suggest me which bike i should prefer between pulsar 150 and apache rtr 160 cc according to performance wise and maintainance wise, also my height is 5ft 10″ so which will suit me more ?

  47. one more confusion is there between TVS EFi and TVS REFRESH which to prefer as there is price difference is 8,000rs and is there any mileage difference between these two bikes ?

  48. Hi chintan…. I bought the RTR a few days ago.
    Trust me…. U’ll love it totally….

    The handling and Power of RTR is really awesome…. And an excellent sporty riding position….

    Also not at all bad a mileage for a bike in its class about 50+. Take a test ride and see for yourself….

  49. And by the way, if not yet mentioned on this site, the important feature to note is that the the Refresh version also has the features of Highest speed recorder and the shortest time from 0-60 recorder. Not only the FI version, but also the refresh version has these features. The only difference in the Sppedo is that there are 3 highest speed records and it has a blue backlight. So people going in for the FI just for the speedo think again. The Refresh is pretty much the same.

  50. See budyy there are a lot of comments by rahul and others which give you detaled comparisons on these bikes. Check them out and decide for yourself. RTR is more powerful and same mileage.

  51. Hi,

    you all guys are great to help other to tell them about the bikes to sort out the problem of novice bikers………
    i would like to purchase my first bike with my own earned money so i m quite confuse……..i like apache rtr 160 and yamaha fz 16 both.but i m confuse which one to buy……….please suggest…….i m 5.5 long and 60 in weight with average athelete body……..i like the bike on this criterias
    1.Looks….i like fz16 more but dnt like its headlamp,merter space……overall apache rtr i like ..
    2.which one is better in Speed……
    3.which one has Sporty power and looks……..
    4.which one is comfortable and cooled for long dirve ……..
    5.which one has better milage……….
    6.which one is powerful to driving fast……..
    7.which one is comfortable for bad roads and in city conditons…
    8.which one is real value for money……..
    9.which one is suits of my personality……..and gives a real touch
    10.which one needs less maintanance and care……
    11.which one i safer on wet roads and not has problem of sliping while riding in rainy season……..

    please suggest me as soon you can do bcz i want to buy the bike in one or two days only……i need one in next one or two days……

    please friends give your suggestion as soon as u can do…..

    which one is better yamaha fz16 or tvs apache rtr efi………….

    • well prathem,, you should go for apache rtr than…and if u want better average, than go for apache 160 or else if you want great power and pick-up go for apache 180………………but the last thing to say is that apache 160 meets ur all above requirements mentioned above……!!!!!!!

  52. I am going to get a bike for long term (Nxt five years atleast) this month… please suggest me a reliable 150 cc bike.
    I am keen on RTR refresh, but worried about servicing quality and long term reliability of TVS engines. I am 5.4 and 65 Kg.
    Any one using RTR for long?

  53. Hi Guys,

    I own a TVS Victor Edge..Looking forward to buying the RTR FI..Is it too heavy a bike compared to mine..anyone of you can answer..Rahul,Deepak..I got enough info from your overall comments..That vibrating thing is even in my it some problem that due for correction from TVS..?

  54. i recently rode apachi rtr fi and its the best bike ive ever seen …..can ya tell me exact rate of tis bike in chennai cos ma frndzzz are not sure about it

  55. Hi Guys,
    This is Balu from chennain and I am planning to buy a bike and shortlisted two bikes yamaha FZ16 and RTR FI. These both bikes are same price (73500-on road)and both have some pros and cons. I was very confused in choosing one. So u guys pleaseeee help me to choose one. And about me am 5.11 and 71kgs in height and weight.

  56. thanks for keep updating this post with your comments.

    I saw rtr-efi (does it called rtr -fi), the showroom girl showed bike with read disc and without. She priced RTR for 67216 Rs. & EFI for 68314 Rs.

    I need to know weather the code name EFI and Fi are same or not?

    I am a damn tallest & thin dude. (6.2 feet, 55KG). I like the sporty look of apache. Tell will the bike will fit for me? I like this apache rtr fi only for its damn sexy look. I choosed to buy Black.

    I have never used Disc brakes. Dual (front & Rear) disc brakes will make any problems for me?

  57. Hi, I own an apache-FI for the past 3+ months, and I have done 3500km in my bike.

    The bike has both pros and cons.

    Great pickup. I have done 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds
    Great topspeed. I have reached 120kmph in short stretch
    decent mileage. I am getting around 40 to 50 km/litre.
    Great Handling. Unlike Pulsar, the bike feels light and going around the corners is a piece of cake, and manoeuvring in traffic is much easier.
    Decent look. Thought it doesn’t look as good as FZ16 of Pulsar 200, it looks very good.

    Bad tires. Tvs tires sucks.
    Engine vibration. The engine vibrates a lot, so some people call the apache a RATTLER.
    Less power. (15.7 bhp, 13.1 torque)Since the Apache has a short stroke engine, it has great pickup, but less (torque)power, so I could feel a huge drop in pickup with a pillion on the back and during windy days.

    Over all, the bike is great. I love to ride my Grey color apache-fi. I have beaten Karizma, pulsar200 and pulsar 150, but whils I am going doubles, I think that even a pulsar 180 can smoke me.

  58. Hi karthik,

    Efi means “Electronic Fuel injection”.
    Efi and Fi means the same.

    Some people feel that Apache is not right for tall guys, but I dont know anything about it since I am just 171 cm in height. I feel it very comfortable. Only you could tell whether you feel comfortable riding it or not, so better take a testride from your nearest dealer.

    Rear disks are not much different from the conventional drum breaks. Since the rear disks are very small, they dont lock the tires that sharply, and if they did, then you will endup loosing your balance.

    Hope this answers all your questions.

  59. Hi Guys,

    Nice to know that u ppl exchange info.. i wanted to know if Tvs RTR 160cc FI is comfortable compared with pulsar-150 DTSI..coz i had an info tat using Apache will lead to development of back ache… is RTR 160 FI available in black??.. i wud b very happy to have info about this 4m u guys…

  60. Hi All,
    i am planing to Apache RTR160 without EFI.My main concern about this bike is abt Mileage.Could any one tell my the Mileage of this bike in site road (those who are experienced).

    Thanks & Regards

  61. hi rahul i was confused with pulsar200 and apache rtr efi which is better ,first i planned to buy pulsar200 but it lacks kick start and handling is not that much good so shall i go for apache rtr efi please reply to thank you

  62. Srinivas, The RTR 160 carb will give you a mileage of min 45+. As services are done, it will improve much more. A lot depends on your driving style. Follow the manual and enjoy the bike as well…. Its a bike whose handling and front petal disc youll totally love…. TC

  63. Hi
    I own a Honda shine. Now thinking about changing to a power bike.TVS rtr fi is my first option.They are using this FI for the first time. Is that tchnology reliable?
    Or should I go for good old Carburator version?

  64. Here comes the SHOCKER.TVS Apache RTR FI is said to be the best bike in its segment.I believed that & bought one.In less than a week I was disappointed.I took the advice of the dealer & self appointed experts that it will take time for the bike to become “FREE” & everything will be alright after FIRST & SECOND servicing.Two Services later,I am not disappointed but rather embarassed that I actually did buy this bike which is nothing but a gigantic piece of HORSE SHIT.Even HORSE SHIT is better,because it does not disguise itself as a bike.The Legendary Racing Trottle Response (RTR) is nothing but actually a Ridiculous Throttle Response.Riding this bike feels like riding a pregnant Camel which is undergoing severe labour pains.Riding a SPLENDOUR feels much more relaxing after riding this bike.To Cut a long story short-DO NOT BUY THIS BIKE!

  65. get out of the 100 cc blues… get real.. do u know what your bike can do to other bikes in its segment?
    i bet no! ride it for a few days… get it serviced.
    this machine loves to be revved! after 5k rpm… it delivers gigantic power in its class.. pumps up ur adrenaline…
    if your nead for speed sucks! this bike is not for you.
    sell it and get a 100 cc.

  66. Sandeep singh… i am sorry you dint like the bike…
    but thousands of other ppl did.
    who do u think are we gonna believe..?? u or the thousands? huh?

  67. hi everybody,
    I bought a new RTR 160 refresh jus ystrday…. Its amazing in pickup… I really love this byk… Believe me or not, it is really eye-catching.. Everybody’s look is on my byk…. πŸ™‚ ..
    I am holding my nerves to keep the speed below 50kmph…. and amazing handling… The low bass sound from silencer really rocks… Clutches r perfect to race…
    And i have a doubt… When i shift gear to 2 or 3, its a little hard than others…. Is it becos its a new bike???? will it get smoother..?

  68. sandeepsingh,

    One can never judge the entire calibre of a bike by riding it just for a few times, that too, a new one. So get to know your bike better. And as rahul says, its a beast that loooovvvvvves to be revved. I’ve had it for about three months now, and beleive me, im in love with it. Theres nothing more i can ask for in a bike in this segment. The fastest 0-60/100 sprint, top speed, looks etc…. The excellent disc brake, the enormous power, the super-sporty riding position…. name it, got it….

  69. Ram Prasad,

    Yes. Being a new bike, the gears do feel a little choppy. They should get better the more you use them. It will solve in the first service or max the second. So not a problem….

  70. hi Anand,
    thanks for ur comments. i was planning to take RTR in next week.i will let you know my experience abt RTR.


  71. CΓΆΓΆl 2 see al d coments…. Frnds i m planin fr takin first bike f my life interestd wid apache… Bt s dat posible 2 maintain d mileage around 50 to 55 kmph fr evr… Advic wil help me in chosin…

  72. Hey Guys….m going to purchase a bike soon maybe in the onth of march…and i a really confused between Apache RTR 160 FI and Pulsar 200…please help me out….

  73. i got my apache rtr fi yesterday awesome bike really handling was so good than any other bike in its class litlle vibrations are ther but its ok lucky i got a nice bike

  74. Hi friends….!!!!

    I thought of buying apache rts 160 refresh. but there some of my mates told that we have a problem with rtr while we are driving on the wet road… They told that its skidding on the wet road. I even saw the feed back on some sites saying the same…. Can someone pls gimme ur feed back abt this bike. pl help me out…Lot of confusion in buying that…

  75. HI NAGU……..

    I’ve been using the Carb Apache 150 since May 2006 and have met with Accidents in Wet Conditions cause of the Tyre…
    I’ve changed my Rear Tyres to 120/90 18 Spec and gues what No Skidding at all..
    Just Installed K&N Filter and the BEAST just got Better…
    In my Opinion a Simple Change of tyre will Help Drasticly…

  76. hi guys .!
    m jai , i have purchased Apache RTR double disc(front n rear)on feb 16th. i was facing a problem of wrong alignment of d rear disc from d show room itself.. now m worried abt d maintainence n mielage…!
    any one could reply me abt d mielage n d maintainence problems dat occurs in future..

  77. Jai apache RTR refresh 160 gives up to km pl mileage.It did not get maintenance after 1 year because i already driven that bike and i have that bike so don’t fear OK

  78. Everything about my Apache RTR FI 160 in as few words as possible:
    4 months of patience & 2 “legal notice” type letters asking for a refund or repair of my dud bike result in a spectacular reaction on part of TVS-They figure out that their “Everything is Normal” kind of response is no longer working.Guess what they did?.They discovered that the Fuel Injection Pipe in the fuel tank is defective & replaced it.They also discover that there is a loose fitting component in the silencer which they rectified.
    End of a nightmare?.Naa…
    Next it was the turn of the rear disk brake to take command of maintaining the offensive.
    I noticed that the rear disk plate is getting very hot because there is unwanted friction with the brake pads all the time,irrespective of me applying the rear brakes.I noticed it because of the screeching noise which you hear when one applies disk brake because the brake pad is at it’s fag end of life & needs to be replaced.I replaced the brake pad on my expense,but the friction was still there.TVS service centre people said that the rear disk set has to be changed.Still,they changed the disk plate but not the entire disk brake set.Result?…The friction is still there.The rear disk plate is getting incredibly hot in the distance of just 4-5 KMS.It’s eating away the brake pad & 2 months later after getting the brake pad & disk plate changed,the brake pad is again at it’s fag end of life.
    It’s been 6 months since i purchased this bike & it’s been in the service centre for at least 15 days,including 1 week in TVS service centre for the rear disk brake issue,when absolutely nothing was done about the issue.
    With such a long list of terrible experiences,i know for sure that expecting your TVS bike to get repaired under warranty which a customer is entitled to is next to impossible.
    I tried getting service support online at “”.And the response i got from them was just this-“Thank You,we’ll get back to you shortly”.It’s been 10 days & i am still waiting.
    I decided to try my luck again.This time i encountered a sugar bag whose job brief appears to be-deny,deny & deny.No matter what i said he just denied it by saying everything is normal.The free play of my rear tyre is disgustingly tight.He still thinks it’s normal.
    He goes by the name of Surinder Babu & is a TVS company appointed Engineer for Hyderabad Circle.He is like a rock-unmoved & unaffected.Here is his mobile number-09440611584.Try contacting him if you reside in or around Hyderabad.Maybe you can make him squeal.

  79. m facing d same problem with rear disc break….!
    its getting hot due 2 friction pads… sliding d disc….. resulting in heat generation on disc… some times we can observe d friction pads opposing d free motion of d bike………!!!

    i hope dat TVS shud take necessary steps and satisy its customers…..! to keep d brand name…….!!!!!

  80. Hello All,
    I have to Agree when it comes to the Bad Service by the TVS Guys.I ws asked to Pay for the Oil & Filter change in the 1st Free Service.Since that incideent i service my Bike at my friends Garage.
    I mean why should i pay when it’s Free Service for the 1st yr.Also the Spares for TVS are Expensive compared to Other Bike Manufacturer’s.
    But after the Satisfaction and Attention My BEAST Gets is WORTH IT………..

  81. I’ve also discovered a continuous Problem with The FUEL GAUGE…
    TVS Guys had Replced it Twice but the same problem.
    The Mechanic at My Friends Garage just Unmounted the Fuel Tank & Gauge inside the Tank and made some Changes in it and it’s been almost a yr and NO PROBLEMS TILL DATE……… πŸ™‚

  82. hi frnz,,,
    i m planning to buy TVS APACHE .

    BUT i m confused between RTR FI nd RTR refresh.
    which bike is better?

    RTR fi available without rear disk?

  83. hello guys,
    my height is 5.11 ft
    want to buy a bike which one to buy
    hero honda hunk or tvs apache 160?
    does hunk really vibrates above 90 kmph speed?
    apache slides on sharp turns?
    plz help me its my first bike

  84. Hello Apache’s,

    Firstly let me be very thankful for an relevant information provided above in the review column which is really helpful for guy like me…Now coming to the point though i’m not really great Fan of TVS but recently after a lot of R&D done was impressed with the Stylish Apache bike which is Roaring in the market now..I’m 5 ft 8 inches with an athletic personality…felt this bike really suits me before to this i was in great dilemma choosing my suitable bike like(Performance,Milege,less Maintainence)wise… i seriously made my mind to go for APache-RTR160cc but honestly the price 66500 is only concerning me…..Thus Wondering if their is any possiblities of fall in prices in coming days….as it being an end of financial year..Thus would appreciate if someone can give me needful information or comment on it



  85. hi i have apache RTR 160 its a great bike better than hunk or stunner in matters of performance,pick up and top speed. when i brought some body told me to check its topspeed and i was amazed that it got to 160km/hr. i don’t what happened either the fuel was increased but now it does not go at that speed.

  86. @harman,

    Well that 160km/hr might be a technical problem in your speedo.

    My Apache RTR 160 Refresh gives 115km/hr average. I hope it may hit 130-135 max. Does anyone knows the tested top speed?

  87. @Vibrators

    In a new bike. If you try to go more than 50Km/h you may feel little “Tightness” in your engine.

    See my personal experience.

    40-50 damn smooth.
    50-60 harder (engine makes some stressful sound)
    60-70 same hardness with little vibration.
    70-80 little vibration, But it becomes so familiar now.
    80-90 I dont feel any vibration.. It feels smooth for me (may because of road) ?
    90-100 Same.. No vibration.. I just feel it like 40-50s.
    100-113 just watch road with 100% stress that, No buffalo should cross the road.

    I havnt rided yet more than 113.

    Man, All machines vibrate when it forced to do more than its normal/average torque.

    Man, Even flights are vibrating(i am not a pilot lol).

    I love ApacheRTR160. It is really a kind of racing bike. It was really an amazing moments when i over take all bus,cars & other bikers in 110km/h in NH7 highway.

    But it with double disc brakes. It deserves.

  88. Hi Harman,

    Apaphe-fi can never do 160k/h. Its just a speedometer error. It happenened once even in my apache-fi on a rainy day, but the speedometer got normal as soon as I switched off the bike and turned it on.

  89. hi! im leon,
    I have an Apache RTR160 for 1yr 8mnths. the main problem is gear shifting .all u people say the bike cannot go more than 105 are talking shit. I have personaly taken the bike to 128kmph. yes it is very understood that the bike will vibrate its a macho bike and it has raw power it will behave like a man. I have also riden this bike more than 720 kilo meters in one strech. its not always the bike its got to do with the ridder also. ha!ha!

  90. guys i was not an owner of apache rtr and had confusions in buying a machine which can turn on the heads, initially i thought that i should go for pulsar meanwhile my friend purchased an apache rtr 160 in yellow color and i had a test drive of apache rtr and found it amazzzing in pickup, looks, control but found pulsar fine. But one thing disturbed my mind as people use to say that it is a bit small but the new one is really macho and the reason why it is made smaller so that it won’t vibrate even at high speeds(did a lot of research)and decided to purchase a bike in black. Let me give u some goods and bads of this bike :
    2.power,grip,control,looks, ease to ride in huge traffic
    3.sporty posture while riding.

    1. mileage only 40-45
    2. riding comfort is not as good as other bike becoz it is a sporty bike and u have to bend a bit
    3. when u apply brakes be careful brakes are very powerful discs are very dangerous in apache rtr.
    4. tyres not that good.
    even though the bike is better if compared to any other bike in 150-180cc segment.
    ……….fast now got faster……apache rtr 160rtr carb version…..try it urself and then comment further……

  91. hi planned to buy a new bike..but i confused to choose which bike to take , whatever brand it is i need a 150cc , 50mil ,easy to drive, and no problem in engine after 2 years, while theres long drive no back pain, good suspension.. this all i need to plan a new bike can any any one guide me ??????

  92. BALAJI: hi planned to buy a new bike..but i confused to choose which bike to take , whatever brand it is i need a 150cc , 50mil ,easy to drive, and no problem in engine after 2 years, while theres long drive no back pain, good suspension.. this all i need to plan a new bike can any any one guide me ??????

    balaji as u have mentioned that u need a bike which should be 150cc and wont give u any pain then u should go for honda unicorn with mono suspension shockers which give u commuter feel and give mileage of around 60kmpl.

  93. guys, i got my FI delivered today, im still confused regarding certain things which i noticed after my initial ride.
    1. engines heat- i cant even bear the heat & some kinda burning smell generated from the engine. I consulted some of my frnds they noted it ll be there initially. did u guys face this initially

    2. engine sound – exhaust note is really awesome but i feel the engine is bit rough in idle & ic an able to hear some additional sounds with the timing chain sound.

    guys did u notice the same feelings anytime,please help im reallly annoyed

  94. this review is totally biased… just cause a bike comes from a particular company it cant be a con !! 😐 IMO this reviewer is the most pathetic i have ever come across.. a true biker drives for the thrill of it not the brand or whatever it is.. if your writing for the 100cc segment i agree but this a premium segment !! and this review isnt complete either.. have you ever read an autocar or overdrive roadtest?? do you know what reviews the RTR got from the biggies of autocritics?? if you want run a successful site you should be focused on your work not what you feel about a brand personally !! TVS have been around long enough let me jolt your memory once bajaj was a SCOOTER maker.. do people not buy their bikes now?? or hero before its collaboration with honda and still is a cycle manufacturer.. wanna joke about that?? I dont kow how you thought you could review bikes..

  95. i am going to buy tvs apache rtr 160cc
    please help
    give me sugeisions
    cost of bike compare with other bikes
    what is the difference b/w apache rtr160 and apache rtr160 refresh
    is there any backpain problem
    what about style compare with other bike

  96. Here are a few tips before u buy TVS Apache RTR:
    1)Check the bike thoroughly before you take the delivery of the bike,without feeling ashamed about it.Or else,you would be sorry sadly ever after.
    2)TVS is renowned for poor build quality of it’s bikes so don’t be surprised if you discover a major flaw in the bike before taking delivery.Just ask for replacement or sacrifice the booking amount if replacement does’nt come easy.
    3)Check for any signs of “Frame Bend” in the bike.Look at the rear wheel of the bike facing the rear portion from a distance & make sure that the rear wheel appears to be perfectly aligned with the mud guard.If you notice the alignment does not appear to be perfect,then do not take the crap of the dealer that it’s a minor mud guard issue.Insist on having the bike replaced or ask for your money back.
    4)Similarly check for any signs of bend in the front forks of the bike.
    5)Check the free play of the rear & front wheels.
    6)Last but not least,driving a bike with a bent frame is potentially dangerous & could be life threatening especially during the monsoon,because the bike veers towards left or right side of the road all the time.
    1)Engine is powerful but also very shaky at the same time.Apache is the most vibrating bike in the 150-200 cc segment.
    2)It requires frequent Tappet tuning,at least once in a month.Or else it becomes a “Splendour”.
    3)The bike requires at least 5 ltrs of fuel in the tank at any point of time for optimum performance or else it’s fuel injector starts getting paralyzed & the bike feels like a pregnant camel on a run.

  97. Hey man I got new APACHE EFI on 4-4-1987 at completed almost 1600 kms till now…. its a superb bike in this segment … Mileage is also gr8.. but it depends on ur speed…

    I get this

    between 85- 111 kmph….. when I when on tool of 200 km
    it gave avg.. of 46 kmpl….
    and in city I avg get 58-63 kmpl … with speed range of 45-65 kmph…


  98. HI frienes,

    Apache-Fi just doesn’t stop with beating pulsar 150. I have an Apache-FI, and I have taken down pulsar200, karizma, and cbZ Extrere. However I cant even beat a Pulsar180 when I have a pillion in my bike.

    Apache has good power, but poor torque which is due to the Short-Stroke Engine.

    Though Apache-Fi is fast, It has many problems. I enquired with many Apache-fi owners, and they all say that there is a drop in pickup at around 3000 RPM, And I have that problem too. I tried to rectify it through the Service Mechanics, but they could only reduce the problem, but could never get rid of it. Fuel Injector Technology is new to TVS, so they may take some time to perfect it, so wait for some time, if you want to buy Fuel Injected bike from TVs. Better wait until TVS Mennace arrives. It’s my sincere advice to every one who is looking to buy a new bike

  99. Hi guys have got Apache RTR 160 referesh (efi). the mil is 45-50 and also will agree it vibrats till 70s, but once u cross its upto urs what ever speed you go it is smooth and more over if u can observe the RPM rate of the bike once bike could not effort to go limit, but Apache is exception for that its RPM is 8500 whr as u can reach up 10000 RPM also (self vitnes) and also no bike will effort to drive constently on 100+, have to give break some time but apache u can drive like that

    My Max speed in apache is 118

    Its purly race type bike and good at long rids and for citys change the tires then ur the boss.

    Deepak: Hi Amit, I did a test drive of an Apache RTR which was 6 months old and had done 33k kms, It did not vibrate even at 90. I twisted the throttle fully and it did not go beyond 105 kmph. May be your friend should do some tweaking on the bike. Apache is a good bike in 150cc segment.

  100. I am confused between Apache RTR Refresh and Pulsar 180 (new model which just came). I need a bike and wanted to book it asap.
    One thing which worries me about Apache is that some people say that the bike is not comfortable with tall people. Myself have a height of 6 foot so it worries me. Can somebody comment on this aspect, which of these 2 bikes would be better?

  101. Hi all you great guys in India. I’m from South Africa. Have bn reading all ur comments an comparisons.. extremely interesting, for I am about to buy an Apache RTR160. This is a stunning bike. Will go to dealer this morning to check it out again. I am bit worried about
    1:the bad reports on the tyres, though. Impressed by Yamaha FZ16 tyres.
    2: Vibrations.
    Still, great bike. Hope to do some long distance riding with many stops.

    By the way, been watching the IPL cricket here. Great sport!!!

  102. Ok, guys, so now I have my Apache RTR 160, carb model, not Fi.
    Running in at avg speed 50km/h.
    I tested milage after 100km… 50 km/l
    Then after a further 226km it took 3,55l which gave 63,66 litres.
    I found very little vibration at these speeds, still have to test at speeds over 70 km/hr.
    I really like this little Apache. I am considering replacing the tyres with Metzeler or Bridgestone Battlax tyres which give fantastic grip, though milage will decrease. Better to sacrfice milage for safety.
    Also no backpain problems so far. Seating comfortable up to 100 kms, then get off and walk around. This anyway good safety tip. It keeps you alert on the road.

  103. hi to all . . . .
    i’m planin to buy a bike in the 150cc segment i drove the Apache and absolutly loved it . . . .but i’m 6’3 and i m told that Apache is kinda small and looks akward on me and i should go for the Unicorn insted i liked the unicorn also but i fell apache is better. . .i ‘m not sure wat to do please tell me!!!

  104. All the best Aditya in choosing the right bike.As far as Apache is concerned,it’s a wonderful bike,but you need to be very careful if you are seriously considering buying it.I don’t want to scare you,but still there are few things you need to know about TVS service support & their manufacturing quality before you press the “BUY” button.To begin with,before taking delivery of any TVS bike,make sure that the rear swingarm is not offset towards left or right.I’ve heard it is very common in TVS bikes.I own TVS Apache RTR FI & i have a swingarm which is dangerously offset towards the left.You can view the video footage at “”.You can also visit my blog site “” to know what could be expected unexpectedly from TVS build quality & their clumsy service support.Better be informed rather than being sorry.

  105. Jatin: Want to know about the milage. Also performance above speed of 80-90Kmph for EFi model, i.e. up to what max. speed it is smooth to ride??

  106. Hi guyys i ve been reading all yr reviews and its very informative.. love it…

    am gonna a get a bike in one or two weeks.. i planned to get the cute apache rtr refresh.. when a yellow colored apache run off in a road i cant take my eyes off from tat till it is long gone..

    so i planned to get a yellow colored beast but my frnz scare me tat yellow color will be fading in few months and no longer it ll look great.. so pls help me frnz.. is tat true..? and any of u faced tat truth..? its the reply from u am waiting for frnz… thanks…

  107. I have the grey titanium and black one. I agree…. it looks better than the other colours.
    Have now done about 1000 km’s on my Apache, average consumption 49,8 km/l.
    This includes running in, town driving and long distance.

  108. Hi Guys,

    I took a test ride of Apache RTR 160 Refresh, the bike is really a sports bike. I cannot compare any bike on 160CC engine. can any one list what are the disadvantage of this bike.
    Main things I concerned are 1) Vibration( I dont want my bike to start vibrate at 50, if it vibrate at 80 means that its okay 2) Is there any concerns with Gear box, Engine noise any other issues.

    We all love to ride a bike like this, but we have to ride for atleast 3 to 4 years with a kind of bike like this.
    So before I purchase this bike I want to know your suggestion.

  109. Hi Krishnan
    I have been riding the Apache 106 RTR for a while, pushing it to the limit every now and then. In reply to your comments and questions…
    Vibrations: I experienced vibrations from 7000 rpm onward. When I spoke to the technician at the assembly shop here in Pretoria he said it could be corrected by properly tightening all engine mountings. He rides an Apache and had the same problem until he tightened engine mountings and any other relevant bolts. He was so kind as to do this for me. The problem has noticebly disappeared with the needle standing still at 8000 rpm. There is still a little vibration, but it is much improved.
    Gearbox: I have had no problems with gearbox… only occasionally trouble slotting into 2nd gear from 1st, finding neutral instead.. This mainly from foot-laziness on my part, I think.
    Engine Noise: Bike gives a pleasant purr when on the move. No annoying engine noise. I am planning to fit an aftermarket ‘Stealth’ exhaust system later.
    Average fuel consumption: 39 km/l under all conditions, including high speed riding and city driving.
    Have also fitted Bridgestone tyres for better grip in wet conditions.
    Overall comment. My Apache makes heads turn wherever I go and people often approach me commenting on the appearance of the bike. It’s a great little bike. Keep well and safe riding

    Krishnan: Hi Guys,I took a test ride of Apache RTR 160 Refresh, the bike is really a sports bike. I cannot compare any bike on 160CC engine. can any one list what are the disadvantage of this bike.
    Main things I concerned are 1) Vibration( I dont want my bike to start vibrate at 50, if it vibrate at 80 means that its okay 2) Is there any concerns with Gear box, Engine noise any other issues.We all love to ride a bike like this, but we have to ride for atleast 3 to 4 years with a kind of bike like this.
    So before I purchase this bike I want to know your suggestion.

  110. Jatin: Want to know about the milage. Also performance above speed of 80-90Kmph for EFi model, i.e. up to what max. speed it is smooth to ride??

    its about 48-54 mileage according to your drive it may vary

  111. Hi,I own a rtr 160 with rear disc,since 4 months.Pickup is amazing.Vibration is not a big problem,(Yes,it vibrates at 60Km/h and above speed).But it feels sporty,and really not unbearable.
    Mileage is between 40-45,(Depending on riding style,I used to ride at 60-70 speed).
    I achieve top speed of 109 KM/HR.(can’t go beyond because RTO checkpost was ahead.)
    Overall good satisfactory bike.
    BTW,Don’t blame on brands.TVS is always better than Bajaj.(Who stolen twin spark from Honda(InterNational) and quarrels with TVS.)

  112. Hey Guys,M New To biking, Planning To Buy a new One Soon.Really Liked Apache. Can Neone Plz Tell Me The Exact Difference Betn RTR 160 & RTR FI 160 Models? How R They Diff In Terms OF Mileage, Performance And Speed?

  113. Deepak: The bike gets a little unstable about 95. I hope it answers your question!

    i just wanna say that i own one ‘the rd one’. i have ridden it at 112km\h in 2kms and the bike didn’t seem unstable to me.

  114. Hi

    I have planed to purchase a bike.

    but i am very confuse, which bike r good, better, good looking.


    pls tell me about this bike…

    1) MILAGE
    3) PRISE

  115. i want know about TVS Apache RTR 160 (Kick Start)( 160 cc)
    price and the particuler area Tamilnadu Tanjour Dt.

    please mail the abou details
    thank Ragards

  116. Im getting Confused Now.. I had Pulsar 150CC bike and now i solt it.. Very Urgently i need to buy one good bike with good pickup and good mileage…. I have three bikes in my mind that is:

    TVS APACHE RTR 160(Mileage is low but like it!!!!!!!!!)


    Few of my friends suggested me to go for YAMAHA GLADIATOR because of good engine by YAMAHA Company.. And good pickup and good mileage..

    Im now not an college guy.. I completed all my college days five years back… Now i dont have friends also.. im alone in my World!!! So im not an Fashion Guy.. So single rider…

    I had plan to buy APACHE bike.. But after i saw all reviews few things i noticed like, UNSTABLE in Speed, Mileage problem, and few of them are getting Swingarm not good it seems… and Pillon seat is not comfort it seems.. As i dont have friends, only my mother and sister very rarely sit on my bike to go to city for purchasing… And rest of the times I only single!!!! So please suggest me friends please please

    My height is 5.8 inches
    My weight is 81 kgs.. (Planning to reduce my weight!! he… he… he.. he…)
    And my age is 29 running.. Not married.. Planning to get married within three years..

    So finally which bike can i go for????


  117. Hello Aravind,

    Hear a valuable piece of advice.

    Apache: I won it for more than 6 months. Now I feel something wrong with the machine. Lower than 45-50km/lit for someweeks.

    85-90kmph is ok now.

    I had 115kmph before 4 months. Now it seems not possible.

    Honda Stunner: Sorry stunner owners, It looks like a CRAP. I wonder why a company like Honda tries such creepy bike. Please do not buy it .

    Yamaha Gladi: Just buy this one. It deserves. for your need.

  118. Dear all,
    I am riding TVS Apache RTR 160 since last one and half year. Till now I have travelled 45,000 kms and I observe following points those may help those who want to bye this byke.
    1. Overall looks – Excellent.
    2. Milage – 55 to 60 Kmpl at the avg. speed of 50 to 70 Kmph.
    3. Riding comfort – Those, who are riding old conventional bikes, may feel to much uncomfortable for first couple of weeks, but after that you will get adjusted and other bikes you will feel uncomfortable. (Avoid heavy helmet, because you need to lean forward and weight of helmet cause more stress on your spinal cord. I experienced it.)
    4. Sound/firing is excellent – I like it.
    5. Handle bar width is less, so lesser control on turning, especially when you are in 90 degrees to road. On every small turn you need to lean the byke.
    6. Its true that it vibrates more than other bikes after 70 Kmph, but again it runs smooth after 80.
    7. Since the chain-sprocet assembly is open, it gets damaged early compare to other bikes. (I required to change it at 32000 Kms.)
    8. Gear shifting is little harder than other bikes.
    9. Beware of front disc brake. It is very powerfull. Risk is too high at turnings and wet or slippery roads.
    10. Maintainance very low.
    11. Body/chasis is very tough. No problem riding on rough roads having big pot holes.
    12. After one and half year, it still turns heads at signals, petrol pumps and parkings even if it is not washed.
    So, these are the facts I experienced.

  119. i lov biking just feel like bird while i ride,m a happy owner of rtr 160 since last two yrs,,,no complain,,go ahead,happy biking,,,,

  120. Hi guys,

    I am going to buy Apache RTR 160 in the month of January 2010. So please can anyone suggest me my idea is great or i need to change my idea to pulsar 150. Because already my brother having pulsar 150. That’s why i am planning to buy Apache RTR 160.

    Also i am hearing some news about suspension problem in Apache RTR 160… Is it true?

  121. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the valuable information. I am planning to buy Apache 160 RTR in 1 or 2 days. Can anyone suggest me best showroom in hyderabad where I can get the best price and good service. Also can anyone tell me the latest on-road price in hyderabad.

    Once again thanks to every one.

  122. hey guys jus suggest me
    abt rtr 160……. da model wi black strip in tank ………
    i was gettin dat model ……….in second hand
    actually it was accident
    i am gettin 2007 model in 22k ……………aur mujhe uspar 2k ka kharcha hai ………to plz suggest me is i reasonable or no…

  123. hello sir planning to buy apache rtr 160 or cbZ extreeme now in this month…can u give me some + and – points of this bike so that ill choose the best ..and can i expect mileage of 50km/l from apache 160?????? and give some more details of apache 160 ….

  124. Boss, this bike was my dream immediately After I test rode the first RTR 160. Apache 150 is a good bike no doubt, but the extra punch in 160 RTR pushes it further than Pulsar and CBZ. Though from the stable of TVS, this bike has shown some consistency in sales as did the Victor in the 100 to 125 segment. Though it could not take the popularity of either CBZ or Pulsar. RTR has its own buyers.

    The second best part is the balancing, I feel. Maybe because the curvatures of this bike suits my physique.

    Fuel efficiency is up to the mark. Gives 42 – 45 in city and upto 50 in HIghway.

    Overall looks is next to be mentioned. Though the tail lamp assembly could be done better.

  125. Hi All

    I have just manged to buy a new Apache 160 Black.It’s really a amazing bike bro and I think it is rally give you the right value of your heard earn money.. πŸ™‚

  126. Hey Guys

    I ve got sumthing dat u all will love… My RTR 160 clocked 140km/h?? unbelievable rite…. well mods i did are NGK irridium spark plugs nd customised K&N filter(with jetting done). . . .

    Fuel Eco:- i get around 45kmpl in city nd 55 in highways (wit de mods)

    My RTR 160’s performance chart:
    0-60 in 3.7secs..
    0-100 in 14 secs..
    Topspeed 140kmph(actuall speed 138Kmph)….
    pls give me ur comments…

    i actually took tis as a challenge since all my frnds own p200’s nd they r die hard pulsar fans… i was de oni one wit RTR 160 they said dis bike wud not touch 130kmph… but nw mine is as power full as de p200…

  127. hi guys m going to buy apache 160 rtr. but m confuse in rear disc aur drum break. wich one is better drum brake or disc brake. will dis rear disc gives problems ???

  128. hey frds,

    vineth here from bangalore,i am in indra nagar, i want to give my Apache bike serives , can anyone tell which TVS serives centre, its good

    pls help me out frds

  129. hey guys,

    i m keenly intereted in RTR 160, but i hv heard that apache has some problem in gear box of RTR 160, is this a thruth??

  130. Hi, I own an Apache 160 (rear disc) for the past 11 months and have not had much problems with it.
    I does not vibrate even at 132 and had great pick up, braking and handling. It sure is better than any other in its class.
    Since tvs tyres are of Nylon and are of the hard class, there are chances to skid on wet/smooth roads while taking low turns. however, its life is longer than those of other bikes. A peacful bike when you look after it well.

    Problems: Customer service is bad in most show rooms and the fuel meter is not proper..i think thats a defect with almost every Apache.

    Saurab : give your bike for service and the Cox Town branch.

    Vineeth: Go for the rear disc. Its class and has gr8 braking. though I changed the rear disc pads after 10 months .


  131. Hi , I recently bought the new Apache RTR 160 (DUAL DISC Version). I am little confused about the fuel measuring digital gauge , it says abt 3 indications 1) F – Full 2) 1/2 means Half and 3) R – what it is? is it the Reserve indicator? Secondly, how could I got to know that the bike is in reserve , as traditionally bikes got to stop the engine to indicate that it is now on reserve , is it also with apache rtr ?? Thirdly, if the feul gauge indicates a level on ‘R’ , that means now the bike is in reserve??

    Hope to got your answers. thanks….

  132. if your bike is having blinking R That means there is low fuel in it, if this condition is when you are in main, it refers to you that your bike is going into reserve within few kilometers

    if blinking R appears in reserve condition, then it is time to refuel your bike before it stops due to no fuel in reserve.

  133. Hi Frens, Yesterday only I bought a new TVS Apache RTR 160-Fi, I am really enjoin’ the ride … M’ riding at the speed below 40 km/h, as i was told not to exceed 50, so thought on my own to be below 40 … I just rode 50 km in total by the end of the day today … While on the ride today, i felt some warm sensation on my leg coming out from the engine … i felt the engine was overheated, as i have never felt so riding on others bike … I am really pissed off with the issue …. Is it really an issue or is just with all the new Apache engines .. Please help me out … I am really worried !!!!!!!!! Would b Really thankful to all the replies ….

  134. Hi frds… Thks for all the valuable info above…

    I m planning 2 buy a second hand Apache RTR 160 (2007 Model)(Yellow Colour) and the price quoted to me is Rs. 40,000/- Although the bike is not used much & is in gud condition but i still believe the price is on a higher side.

    So if any body can help me wit the pricing and how much shud i pay (at the max) for the bike, it wud very useful. I luv the comments given in favour of the bike.

    Also, i hav been driving Pulsar 150CC from past 5 yrs and had lower back problem related to it, so can any body throw some light on the comfort level (sitting posture, Shock-ups etc)of driving a Apache? Has anybody experienced any sort of back problem/pain in driving Apache… pls suggest

    Thanks in Advance!

  135. Hi everybody

    I am trying to decide between apache 160 rtr and pulsar 150. I know apache will give the best performance from above posts. But what about reliability and longevity? I am not tht into speed, had earlier driven a bajaj platina at a highest speed of around 85. So i am not sure whether i will ever go above 100kmph especially in Bangalore… But in looks Apache is the best in my opinion.So just want to know whether apache is the best choice for me(as i wud consider comfort more than speed)…

    Thanks in Advance

  136. hi guys, brought rtr 160 a week ago,its overall fantastic bike.
    good millage of 45 to 50 km pl, bt its little vibration at handle bars when driving above 80km… that’s not a problem,, overall excellent bike , mine was yellow and i paid 72000/- for it . go for it, its worth it.

  137. I have bought a used Apache 150cc bike of 2006 model black color. I am trying to find a good mechanic to get the bike done according to my taste. Can anyone suggest me a good mechanic in Hyderabad ??? THanks

  138. I own a RTR 160 and i find it quite good honestly..I have touched top speed of about 123kmph and the pick is superb..but the problem i find with apache is since the footrest is fibre (that is what i guess ) it tends to break easliy..i have replaced them a couple of times both sides, apart from that i think its really good in its category..i had a pulsar 150 earlier and i can say its better than 150 without terms of pickup, top speed, performance..the mileage apache gives is around 50 quite honestly…

  139. I own a Apache160rtr with double disk. It pickup is superb and everything is good except it’s mileage.It mileage is about 30to35 km/l

  140. hey guyz i own a rtr 160 .i covered 3k. Mannnnn the pickup of the bike is awesome. i get 0-60 in just 4 secs. I beat pulsar,cbz,hunk,suzuki gs150r 150 easily….

    apache roczzzzzzzzzz

  141. my apache 160rtr has completed around 18 months , no problems encountered with it , really a wonderful bike … also getting mileage of 57+…..provides a very good sporty siting posture n good control…..a very outstanding experience!!

  142. Hi Deepak,

    I agree with you that the bike is absolutely stunning in terms of amount of work done in designing it, and the RTR (Racing Throttle Response) thing does stays up to its name. It has the most amazing throttle I have ever experienced, however I felt that it lacked the smoothness. I rode a brand new RTR 160 and it felt like the clutch plates are blown off.

    If TVS could do some R&D in this area, then this bike can give a hard time to Pulsar and CBZ.

  143. Thanks for the honest review. I also learned a lot about the bike from other people’s comments. I was planning to buy the normal version of RTR. Now I decided to spend more to get the RTR EFi version

  144. Hi everyone out there..!
    I ve recently owned a tvs apache rtr 160 n let me tell u, i ve made the best choice. Its been nearly a month and my bike has completed 800 kms. ya i know its too early, but i ve been to a few long trips. Believe me guys, my new bike has given me an unexpectedly good response. You wont believe but my apache rtr 160 gives a mileage of 50+ kms/lt. But the condition is that you should not exceed 5000 rpm during first 1000 kms.

    Once i took it to a speed of117km/hr on highway. It was so easy for my bike and i didnt even felt that a single vibration…
    Really guys, this bike rolls on a lot of power. It will give u a really good response if u take care of it.
    If any one of u is about to buy a bike of 150 cc category, i advice you to buy apache rtr 160.
    Apache rtr 180 is again a good choice but theres no difference in power production. But it will surely cost u with more fuel consumption.
    Rest is up to u guys…
    See ya…!

  145. Hi Friends,

    Thanks for providing the bikes review. I would like to know which bike is better Apache rtr or Honda dazzler. By going through the reviews, could anyone compare the two bikes.

  146. hi,
    Every one listen carefully , all u need to belief in your self that what u want in the bike β€œAPACHE RTR 160β€³. u can find all things like comfort in long distance travelling, power, milage, style in its catagory. this is call if u buy u wont go for other bike in 150 cc to 160 cc catagory. its giving in city 45 axactly if u are riding it in between 50 to 55 km/hour. an d in high way its shows in my bike 50 to 55 km/hour . even the maintanencer is not so much if u give sericing it in every 3000 km after ur 3rd servicing and check for ur tapping of the engine which is very important for apache.

    so good luck guys
    any comment mail me

  147. Hi,
    Apache RTR is excellent bike..Superb pick up…I recommend my friends to pick this RTR..Good Mileage of 50km/L

  148. Yeah ..I have made up my mind to buy Apache RTR. Thanks for the suggestions. Could you tell me, is there any problem with the RTR EFI bike ? When i asked in the Showroom , they said it has some problems.
    Is EFI not available? Which is better RTR EFI or RTR RD . Please suggest. Thanks

  149. Hi, i want to kno abt the type grip and its functions. is it radial (tubeless) r normal tyre with tube ah… just ans me pls. also for 180..

  150. Apache Rtr 160 is a powerful bike im using it for a year now and i travel around 150 km a day, however it use to viberate earlier at 65 to 75 speed but now no. it easily touches 120 kmh speed without any viberation. it an great bike. great power,pick up ,style ,control &handeling, breaking.

  151. saahil , both FI & refresh are nice one, only thing with FI is hard to maintain & minimum 4 litres must fueled , and must soft use if anything happens bad ,it may cost much comparing to the carburetor version , FI has very less availability in showrooms & some says TVS stopped manufacturing it, it was banned for some reason , don’t take risk by choosing FI verion , better go for Refresh which is much better than FI

    TVS should have provided the good tyres like pulsar , cause its lacking in Grip ,,, hope TVS guys should look in to it in future

    one more thing i am bored of looks on pulsar, but pulsar is a nice bike too !

    ***** APACHE ROCKS **********

  152. Hi frnds,
    I want to know the exact milage of RTR 160. In the above comments somebody says milage is 40-45, 45-50, 50-55 etc.
    Any one plssss tell me the exact milage getting by u.

  153. yes aneesh ,,

    you cant expect that much of mileage as comparing to pulsar just gives 5 kml more than RTR , approximately 55 in high ways and 50 in cityrides & one more thing is its on hands of riders who rides them , needed special care on maintainance !!!!

  154. hi..
    i ve a rtr160 for more than 30 months now..itz mileage is not above 37kmpl at present. but i’ve tested itz speed at 129kmph & beaten down all bikes <220cc time n again. i'm a stunt maniac though, but due to itz thin worn out tires & itz not possible this days.performance is the only aspect that overpowers other bikes.

  155. very waste bike i got problem in 15 days so i request all my friends that dont take this tvs co. bike its just waste of money and time both.


    ON ROAD.

  158. HII ALL
    4. I HAVE CLOCKED 148 KM/HR FROM MY RTR 160 AT 10500 RPM.
    5. YOU WILL GET A 50 KM/HR AT 3000 RPM,80 KM/HR AT 5000 RPM AND A TOP SPEED OF 148 KM/HR AT 10500 RPM .

  159. Hi guys

    i have a RTR 160 and i have a problem with the milage any help on that because i have noticed when ever i travel long distance and when i go more that 80 or 90 kmph i have noticed that i get about 30 to 35 milage per liter. It would be of great help if u guys can help me to increase the milage of the bike

  160. hii
    use patronas sprinta 5000 full synthetic engine oil in your bike,and replace stock front chain sprocket(13 teeth) with orig. bajaj pulsars(15 teeth).
    it will increase milage by 15%. as well as a great top speed.
    u will feel it is having a little less torque but its not a big deal if u use k&n filters and iridium plugs with this mod…

  161. Hi all,

    in terms of performance i feel the RTR 160 is the best bike for it’s cost. But people have told me that due it’s fine tuning for performance the engine and the components wear our in about 2 years. is that correct? because i am looking for a bike that will last me a long time with minimum maintenance but still give me an exciting ride.

  162. Hi all,

    I want to buy bike which should be good looking and with better mileage of 50+ and of-course performance… Please suggest me. I don’t expect above 60km per litre but i want MINIMUM 50km mileage. My father works hard to earn money and don’t want to invest in wrong bike…Please honestly tell me about mileage factor and its maintenance cost…

    Anybody tried the suggestion of VIVEK and GERARD …Does it really works…?

    And yes my budget is around 70K ..also suggest me some bikes of that range with good performance and mileage…Thanks in advance…

  163. hello Friends i would like to purchase appache rtr 160 i am confusing to take which bike wheather it may be unicorn/fazer/fz i took a test drive of appache its good one of my friends said that its good but sound is coming from the engine please sugguest me the good one i am going to purchase my first bike

  164. Hi All..I have changed the front sprocket my bike from 13teeth to the pulsar 15 tooth sprocket gives me more top end..its gives me 5000-6000 more RPM..approx 13-15 kms more on the speed meter.. πŸ™‚ have not had the time to calculate the mileage..i now have to stay between 40-60 speed for mileage rather than staying between 30-50 speed..TVS (Cox Town service center – Bangalore) also sells a racing sprocket that is smaller..they said the cost is rs 950 for that and it could give you abt 8-12 kms more on top i may change that as well.. πŸ˜‰ aiming for my bike to beat the 160kmph mark.. πŸ™‚ happy riding everybody.. πŸ™‚ cheers…

  165. Hi all,
    After reading Vivek’s article i have changed my RTR FI’s front sprocket with pulsar’s one. I felt the initial pickup was reduced but the bike’s vibration was reduced very much and am getting an mileage of 52kmph in city. Previously it used to touch 130kmph easily but now its struggling to go above 120kmph itself. please suggest on the same..thanks in advance

  166. Hii balu

    as i told u earlier n now again i am telling that you have to use k&n air filter as well as oil filter and nbk irridium 9 spark plug with this have to adjust or tune ur fuel injection.use a better master jet in it.use castrol power one racing engine oil.then you will get what i am getting from my rtr 160. If u replaced only front sprocket and nothing else then it will give u a littil less power as u r feeling.
    1.use k & n filters
    2.use nbk irridium 9 sparkplug
    3.use castrol power one racing engine oil remapping of fi system.
    5.revv hard till 10500 rpm in 3rd,4th n then shift to 5th
    coz only front sprocket change is like you have removed first gear from ur bike and installed a 6th gear in u must have to rev it hard to get the best speed.
    6.if u can manage to get the tvs apache rtr genuin race performance kit then it will do the query your nearest
    tvs workshop for the same.
    7.remember one thing
    the tyres in your bike are made to bear a max speed of 150 km/hr. So dont go beyond 148 km/hr else u will burst the tyres
    and may have serious injuries. So always safety first.
    If still any doubt
    call me on +918058098212.
    Mail me at

    thanks and regards

    vivek verma


  167. hi ishan
    i m rding my grey rtr 160 since last 1 year initialy it gave me around 40. But now i am getng an average of 48-50 including city trafic ride
    i am well satisfied…

  168. @ vivek:
    Thanks for ur response.

    Did anyone knows any experienced mechanic in chennai who can remap the stock ECU or custom one.

    After done the tuning told by VIVEK now am getting 55kmph in the city.

  169. hi ishan

    wud u plz tell me abt any diff in acceleration nd dat of top speed.
    Do you hav any discussion with mechanic for dis type of tuning. Is it relible for engine life…

  170. hi ishan

    wud u plz tell me abt any diff in acceleration nd dat of top speed.
    Do you hav any discussion with mechanic for dis type of tuning. Is it relible for engine life…
    Thanx …..

  171. Hii all
    itz vivek again
    i hope all r njoyiing rtr.
    Well i am an engineer and i did this mod after a lot of testing.thatz why i m getting 61-65 km/ltr and a top speed148 which was earlier record for me.
    Now i did something extra with my machine.
    I used 5%nitromethane with 93 octaine premium patrol and the response is amaizing.i crossed 170 km/hr benchmark…..

    yes u read it right itz 170km/hr.

    So get the top fuel.take care of ur bike properly and u can beat even my record,but remember one thing i have changed my tyres for safety.coz the stock tyres have a limit of 150 km/hr.

    So tips 4 all:

    1.use 15 t front sprocket +lock of pulsar
    2.use castrol power one racing engine oil.
    3.use k&n air and oil filter
    4.use irridium spark plug with performance cable and cap
    5.use 5% nitromethane with 93 octain patrol.
    6.use specific tyres with a rating of 225 km/hr or higher.
    7.use proper safety gears.
    8.remap ur ecu/efi
    9.retune carburator.use bigger master jet for a free flow of fuel.
    10.if u can manage to get genuin tvs apache rtr race performance kit then grab one and install it.with all this u will get a 200km/hr thatz true.coz i got 170 at 9500 rpm.

    So do it all properly and u will be far ahed of anyone

    so for any info mail me at

    or call me at 08058098212

    thanks and regards
    vivek verma
    jodhpur rajasthan

    • please can anybody of you suggest me whichone among the three apache models is optimum and milage is around 60 kmpl with good performance

  172. Hi Vivek..i had changed the front sproket to a 15 tooth as u said, i sure did give me 5k RPM more..however, i could not race much cos i did not get the mileage as u said..i droped to like 30 or so..
    However, I did race the R15 in 0-80..FYI..the R15 also had a K&N Filter.. πŸ™‚

    So now,am thinking of puttin a Racing back sprocket instead..its from TVS and is abt 950 bucks..wat say…?

  173. Hi Murle,

    Have you modified ur bike in anyway..and if not..were you ridin downhill…cos my bike touced 147kmph and that was down hill..otherwise,its average speed is between 120-127kmph..

  174. HII CRAIGE,

  175. hi,
    i m very confuse abt bike i m going to buk tomorrow.dis is my first bike.plz tel me abt its mailege in city. i m live in udaipur and my height is 5’6″.i m confuse between pulser135 and apache rtr160. cn u plz suggest me.

  176. Great comments!!!
    Guys I am going to buy my first bike and i like the RTR160.I am amateur rider and have no idea of the 15 teeth sproket and lock of bajaj which you u all are putting in your bikes and please tell me as ii when to change the sproket to 15after buying a new bike…
    Please guys I am Apache fan .Help Me out with this!!!!!

    • go to a spare part store and ask for a pulsar front sprocket, its lock blade and nuts that fit it.
      Front sprocket is the one one which your chain runs in engine side.
      take this to your fav mechanic and ask him to change one in your bike with this
      Remember to take the sprocket which comes out from your bike from him including the lock blade and nuts because it is a costly one.

  177. hi m robin hea.. ma frnds r tellin dat apache s not so grip so if any one hav an expereince wid plz reply me fa dis ……………………..?????///>>

  178. Hi Everyone,

    I need advice from you guys please.

    I recently bought Apache RTR 160. I’m new to gear bike and just learnt to change gears. (I got rid off first gear problem quickly). but I do not know what is the ideal speed for each gear up and down the reason why I am asking is when I down the gear from 4th 3rd or 3rd to 2nd my bike stops with jerk and also my biggest worry is when I slow down the bike in corners and hump it stops with jerk. I tried 8 or 9 times slowing down the bike in corners and hump (to learn if I am able to control it) but still not able to get rid off this issus. I’m also worring too many sudden stop with jerk would spoil the gear or engine. Could someon please advise me like what should be the gear and speed when slowing the bike. Thank you very much in advance for your help

    • Hello breeze me to ride gear bike first time in my life. Even apache rtr160 efi is the first bike which i ride in my life i learn slowly it can take life time to learn else it can take ur life also. . no body teach me how to drive i bought most expensive bike in my apartment and learn myself i didn’t fall a single time while learning. first half hour is very crucial and first 500 km in leaning bike. I learn with caution because am 5.2 tall 54kg Well i drive gear cycle for 8 years it doesn’t stop if we not change gear but in bike we have to change gear continuously according to speed and road condition. we can use gears according to our convenience not necessarily 1 for up-to 15 speed second for up to 30 so on you can shift gear quickly to higher gear it makes bike smoother but it cant give u instant pulling power. For racing u will have to change gear differently u will have to use all gear till there capacity ( to red line ) then you will get 0 to 100 in 13 seconds like that ofcource it will burn more fuel thats why normally people dont rev ( acceleration till red line ) give full acceleration. ok let me tell you apache rtr160-EFI can take pick up not only from 1st but also from 2 gear without acceleration means at idle speed @1100 rpm. Ok you will become expert slowly till then try not to drive slow in higher gear cause when bike is in higher gear it require more patrol and if u not give it then bike will stop suddenly with jerk which can scared learner so try to drive according to principle like o to 10 at first gear, 10 to 20 second gear, Third gear till 35 and after speed of 45 u can use forth or fifth gear according to ur convenience for over taking u will have to downshift for better torq and for cruising u can use fifth gear at slow speed as much as possible (will also save patrol ) after 1200 km driving experience you will become aware of how to use clutch effectively and drive bike in higher gear without jerking. Before bike stop with jerk it gives warning with strength sound and jerk you are not understanding it now cause ur new to gear bike. Do not press or release clutch on corning slow down before approaching corner then pass corner with steady speed. after becoming expert u can press clutch in corner also. When you change gear for example third to forth you press clutch and change it to second but your not adjusting throttle accordingly your keeping throttle at same position which is wrong to adjust bike engine speed with road you will have give little more or less throttle while releasing clutch if this adjusting went wrong bike give jerks and sometime engine stop in middle of the road. To over come on this problem release clutch slowly so engine get adjusted with speed.

  179. Hello dipesh view – Thank you very much for your advise. I will follow this and hope this would help me to get rid off sudden stop with jerk. Can I ask you one more question please? There is a cross road or hump ahead of 50 meters and I’m riding the bike in 4th gear with speed of 45km. when I reach cross road or hump should I just apply brake and cross the road (here when I apply brake, the bike slowdown to alomost to 0 speed then it stops because bike is in 4th gear, this is what my understanding) or should I change the gear from 4th to 3rd hold clutch, apply brake then once crossed the road I can change the gears. once againg thank for your advise and time.

    @jujukemist – thanks for you advise too. I used to drive honda active for a long time. so i’m pretty much used to balance and control the bike in traffic road. My only problem is operating clutch and gears becasue I’m new to gear bike. As you said, my friend shown me practically (just once).It looked easy when I saw it but in practical it’s diffictult. hope I can learn this quickly if I pracice well.

    • Yes of course what your thinking is right you will have to first press clutch then downshift gear from 4 to 3 to 2 and also brake. If bike speed is above 10km/h you can take speed from 2 gear if by chance you slow down till 7km/h then don’t take risk downshift to 1st gear then up shift gear as u cross 15 km/h speed. don’t brake while clutch is release it will put unnecessary pressure on engine. for now you don’t need to up-shift often just change gear if you feel engine is vibrating or when rpm needle reach @4000 mark this will be ideal for you. One example while driving some pedestrian/people came in our way or in traffic some auto suddenly came in the way in such situation if ur driving at 35 km/h speed on 3rd gear then you slow down till 12 km/h and as obstacle pass you try to accelerate from that speed itself. in this situation bike will stop with jern and engine will turn off. In scooter like honda activa this doesn’t happen and your used to it so you simply forgot to downshift this is only problem. As u will drive RTR your unconscious mind will learn this.

  180. Hello Dipesh, Last night I was having wonderful ride. First day the bike stopped so many times and because of the frustration I didn’t ride the bike on 2nd day but Last night I drove around 25 Km at the speed of 30-33 in 3rd gear with 3000 RPM and it did not stop anywhere. where ever I had to slowdowm, I down the gear 2 so RPM also came down to 2000 and speed reduced to 15 to 20 and once I pass the obstacle, I changed gear to 3 and increased the speed to 30. The one more thing was, while changing the gears, I didn’t feel that I was changing the gear (no vibration or sound).It was smooth. but only thing I noticed was when I stopped my bike there was so much heat from the engine. it is normal? or it’s because I drove the bike in 3rd gear for a 25km or should I complain it to service station in 1st service? Thanks for you great suggestion and your time too.

  181. Hello breeze nice to hear that your situation improve. well i also get frustrated during first couple of day intact i use to feel sad before going to ride bike. but i knew that situation will improve as days will pass. engine heat up problem is quit normal because when engine is new there is lot of friction inside you will feel engine is rough. its nice that u had comfortable ride and smooth gear shift you can try other gear also you can use 4th and 5th gear @35 km/h speed. feel the difference then you will realize significance of gear. Are sure you drive 25 kilometers ? well its quit big distance. That oversqare engine block will get heat up don’t worry there isn’t water around it. its air cool engine Here concept is like when u ride the flow of wind cool down engine automatically and when u ride fast like 100 km/h @ 8000 rpm wind flow on engine is also huge so engine doesn’t heat up excessively. so if you drive in higher rmp with less speed engine will get heat up infant when we stuck in traffic things are exactly opposite. But engine are made to tolerate such heat. but as your bike is new don’t drive it continuously for such long distance in same speed till 500km give small brake like 5 minutes. Its better if you change your engine oil after first 100 km because engine break-in happen at great extend during first 100 kilometers. don’t drive more than 60 km/h till you complete.

    • @sunny
      i m confused between 160fi & 180 pls help??

      RTR 180 has 17.3 hp horse power top speed is 124 km/h and RTR 160 EFI have 15.7 hp and speed 120 km/h so power difference is 1.6 hp. and top speed 4 km/h. If rtr160 carburetor is giving 50 km/litre mileage then 180 will give 45 km/litre but 160efi give 5 km more mileage than RTR 180 carburetor so difference between rtr180 and rtr160 efi is 10 km/litre. EFI is dam smooth and real rev free machine with pure short stroke engine. 180 is also pure performance now one can choose between this. power is useless without control price difference was only 2000 when i bought EFI model.

  182. I am going to buy P200 β€˜coz of its bold and masculine look. but Apache RTR version with Rear disc and FI attracts me. can you tell me how much more mileage does it give than the older RTR. also does the rear tyre skid when you press the brake hard?

    • @sunny
      Though P200 was good bike from bajaj with oil cool technology but it has been stop if i am correct.
      Yes if you press brake hard then Any bike rear tyre will skid but its true rtr rear will skid first than other. but rtr is best in 60 to 0 km/h stopping.
      front disk brake work fantastic. you have to learn how to brake effectively some people don’t know how to brake there should be proportion like 40/60
      Expect overall 5 km more mileage than carburetor this will increase more if you drive @ 50 km/h speed.

    • @sunny
      does the rear tyre skid when you press the brake hard?

      well i just like to tell you its not like bad quality material or like that. Tvs have use that tires specially to keep balance between performance and Mileage. if tyre have soft compound then it will give more friction, more road grip but less mileage and tyre life. And if tyre has hard compound then it will give less friction ,less road grip but with more mileage and long tyre life. So Tvs engineer have compromise on this front just to keep RTR mileage @50 km/ litre other wise its not possible to give performance with such millage. RTR is more powerful then pulsar and all other 150 cc bike and has more cubic capacity still it give more mileage its due shorter wheel base and hard tyre.

  183. thanx man for the info i would like to tell u that my daily run on bike is about 68km so is rtr good for me if yes which one or else suggest a bike ?i m talking about comfort?

  184. Hi Everyone,
    I have got a Apache RTR 160 and it has crossed around 25000 kms,
    I have a problem that the engine gets shut down a few times when I decrease the speed (mainly during night). Any solution? I think this is a generic problem and not bike specific.
    Another question: I use castrol 4T. So after how many kms sud I change the engine oil?
    Waiting for ur reply πŸ™‚

  185. Hi
    Apache bike Sabse bekar bike h rear disc break me mere 3000 /- lagane ke bad bhi break sahi nahi lag rahi h iska maintenance sbse mahnga h
    res ka tar other bike 40-70 apche 150
    meter ki kebel other bike 100 around apache 415 /-
    i means very very costly maintenance apache bike

  186. hey dude ,
    i had hero honda cd deluxe nw i have 2 purchase another bike my budget is between 40000 to may u suggest wich bike is suitable for me between that range i want apache”s 150cc onroad price of mumbai . I stay in panvel ,new bombay .PLZZ REPLY

  187. hi murle ,me to own rtr160 i am afraid to use brakes atonce when i am riding at high speed, nearly 70km/h……..(tat to stop suddenly before a meter ahead)

      • It means without applying brake you have to reduce the gear to 2 .. Don’t use this method unnecessarily ,it will damage your gear box..
        Am having apache rtr 160,Actually tyre is not good compare to other brand…
        I think it is helpful..
        thank you

  188. Hi friendz, i am prasanta from kolkata. I am going to buy a new bike on this january. At 1st i have decided to buy Yamaha Fazer but for any reason i have changed my mind to TVS Apache RTR. So friendz please suggest which one is better among 1. Apache RTR 160 Refresh, 2. RTR 160 eFI, 3. RTR Hyper Edge. Price doesn’t matters to me, i want performance and style too.

  189. Hi Frnds,

    I am planning to buy grey Apache rtr 160 on Jan 2nd Week.
    I have read the comments but its all mixed comments…
    some say maintaince cost is more, some say tyres are not good, some say less mileage, Some say its very gud bike..

    Can any one of you please clarify my above doubts…
    That would be really helpful…

  190. hai deepak,

    please give me a suggestion about apache rtr160 and cb unicorn which is the best vehicle for all in milage.pickup,performance,maintenance

  191. Hi Frnds,
    I m planning to buy apache rtr 160.most of them say that tyre doesnt hav good grip as in pulsar and it skids in smooth roads and also during rainy season.I also hear that it vibrates above speed of 70kmph.Frnds whoever driving apache for morethan six months pls give ur comments.

    I really feel that apache impressed me than anyother bikes.Pls give ur real comments

  192. Hi Guys,

    I did a test drive of RTR with pillion, the bike looks comfortable.
    I am planning to go ahead with this. One last thing I am concerned about it is -1. vibes issue that people mentioned about RTR
    2. Skidding issue with its tvs tyres.

    People even mentioned that vibes become so high at speends above 65 that it becomes difficult for pillion to rest his/her feet on foot pegs.
    Is it really true? please throw some light on this.

    • Apache has vibrations more then the pulsar , but these are drastically reduced now with the supplemental oil .You can drive apache more the 100Km/hr very comfortably
      And regarding the skidding issue , the default tyers with apache may skid in the the rainy seasons, so u change it to MRF zapper which most of the power bikes come with
      overall Apache is very good bike in terms of handling and pickup and looks as well

      @ahmed :- i have apache rtr 160 for more then 2 years , and i m getting mileage of around 57kmpl

  193. hi friends will u help me to know whether apache rtr 160 or unicorn dazzler is best in mileage and overall performance…… pls pls pls get me any idea to my mail id “”

  194. Hi,

    I would like to buy a 150cc bike. My height is 6ft. Am confused in choosing whether rtr160,hh cbz 150 or unicorn wil suit me. want an average mileage and good look though.

  195. as usual…i wanna buy RTR 160 refresh…..and the review i see i.e s the negative part s vibration…..and the tires……
    but i usually drive more than 70’s so im really worried abt the vibration part and this s my first bike which im buyin for myself…so really i dont wanna regret abt this latre after buyin….i shall go ve a test ride and let u knw…..thanks all for ur reviews.

    • Hi Gautam..i have the same bike you want..and i have no regrets..cos the vibration is not for very long..but i dont think you should be judging that cos all bikes have there own faults..and i think you can still handle the bike real well when you get used to it..u barely notice the vibration..but all the best with the test ride..cos as far as i know,its the best bike in the 150cc class (except for the R15 that is a whole lot of difference..)

      Happy Riding when ever you get ur bike..

      • Hi craige……..
        Today i had gone for a test drive……i tried both 160 and 180……pick up in 180 was gud …but there was not much difference betn the 2 bikes…but wen i raised the throttle it was lik my leg was vibrating and even the handle…is it cuz its the new vehicle or is it lik that….and the vibration was minimal wen it was driven with less throttle and high gear………………..

      • And the new model RTR Hyper edge looks awesome wit a diff race strip…….but other than tat der s no changes in the bike..

    • Hi Gautam..
      The vibration is there is any bike as far as i know..u really wont realize it once ur used to the bike…the 180cc will give you more top end..tat is abt 135-140kmph and if weather conditions favour,u can go more..for eg, i touched 147kmph (downhill)..but that was only 160cc on avg touched abt 125-127kmph on the highway..the mileage diff will be about 5-8kms diff per liter..but i use my bike more for long mileage does not matter that much..i get about 45-50 kmpl…. πŸ™‚
      i’d go for the dual disc cos braking is better and faster at top speeds..just that u’l need to be careful on wet roads as tvs tyres are not that good on wet roads..i have never fallen though…and i’d go for the 180cc since its only abt 6k more i think than the “refresh”..
      Where are you from if you dont mind me asking?
      All the best with whatever you choose though.. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Craige,
        I am from bangalore…wr r u from??
        I ve decided to buy the bike….dual disc and for 160 cc Hyper Edge……
        i am taking 160 cc cuz for de mileage cuz frst of all de fuel s do expensive and i want a mileage of atleast 40-45….cuz i roam a lot lik almost 80-100 kms for a day…..
        i was using Bajaj boxer till now though it will give 65 kmpl….i used to put 100 rs fuel daily/…
        Or even i liked 180cc very much especially the white colur…..
        I asked the tvs showroom guys whether they can give white for 1600cc but they told no/……
        Thanks for reviews…..
        So dude wru from…..just mail me

      • Hi from Bangalore to..good that you have chosen that bike..maybe when get my bike back, we can go for a long ride on the weekend or bike got robbed in November..the police have found my bike in just waiting for the police to send it to the station have to take it straigth to the service station for repairs as its badly damaged..thats whats happenening with my bike now.. πŸ™‚ both the bikes are good..the 160 refresh and the mail id is

  196. HI all,

    Guys, the era of Fuel Injection in Apache is over…no more EFi.But the lucky ones njoy it’s perfmnc….. the vibrations can be reduced with good Engine oil and sophstctd Servc..

    I have taken Efi one yr ago n m frnd took rtr 160 6mnths ago.. we xchanged our bikes … there was a loss of power in rtr160. and the driving conditions are same through out the period.
    ………………E F I….Rocks>>>

  197. Hi Guys….

    I have gone through all above reviews of Apache…n i planed to purchase apache this week….After huge dillema betwn honda shine n apache …i fixed apache….but my local mechanics(hyderabad) say that gear box of apache givs trouble,,,they say that they found customers come to them for gear box issues..wat do u say frnds???.n also i wud b thankful if any one suggests for best colour…? i planed to go for BLACK one…..

    Thanks in advacne…

  198. Hi All..i just rode a Pulsar 220cc..and it was really fast,i touched 130kmph and it was good…but here is the thing..after owning an Apache Refresh for almost 2yrs, though the bike does not touch 130kmph,i personally think there is no bike as good as the Apache..the engine sound and braking is just to awesome..i think the only thing good about the Pulsar 220 was the speed and nothing else..i certainly cant trust the brakes on a pulsar like how i can on an Apache….but this is just my review… πŸ™‚

  199. hey guys , Im planning to buy a Apache 180 but i have a small doubt … Will it actually suit a tall guy ?? Im almost 6 … Im not the one going for long drives every now and then … only occasionally i go for long drives … will it actually affect my comfort n any way ?? Plz do let me know , i was confused for a long time .. and when i actually zeroed in on apache 180 i read this.. sp please help me guys …

    • Hi SK..I own a TVS Apache RTR 160cc and am decide..i dont think 2inches will make that big a difference…but the choice is yours although…happy riding… πŸ™‚

  200. Dear Friends,
    Iam currently using Pulsar 150 which is obsolete(2002 model). so am going for a new bike and stuck up between Apache 160RTR and Honda Unicorn. Which is the best pick in your opinion????
    Please post your valuable comments coz i need to book the bike in two days….
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Raja..i own an Apache 160RTR and its a great bike to start with..but heres the differences only as per my view..the Unicorn is smoother, about heavier and costlier to maintain..and the RTR’s engine is little more rough (but the sound is awesome when riding), faster and cheaper to maintain when i guess its just upto you to decide which bike you wana go for now.. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Vasu..i am a proud owner of a Apache RTR 160cc with rear disc..and i sure would not trade it even if sum1 gave me a pulsar 180cc for free..i think the apache is way better than te everything…but end of the day,the choice is ur’s…mayb you should do a survey and find out between the showrooms..if its speed and performance maybe you should go for the Apache…..all the best with whatever bike you choose… πŸ™‚ Happy riding and God bless..

    • That i think you would have to decide for urself Adwait..cos from my experience..i have seen the worst service from where the service center has taken of 3-4 screws/nuts from the bike to another center that has given me awesome service…much more than i can ask for..and till date,i get good service.. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Deepak..may i know the reason why you say the Apache’s “wizer” is not good when it does not come in the way or have anything to do with riding..i think its just for the style..and from what i have seen,its much stronger than that of almost all the other bikes….

    • Hi Revanasiddu…

      Either 2 things can give you such bad mileage if ur bike is kept in good condition..

      1..there could be something wrong with the bike and you need to get it serviced properly by a TVS mechanic who knows what they are doing on ur bike.. aint riding the bike properly/or would have made some changes to your bike in the past that could be affecting now..

      End of the day..go back to a TVS mechanic (since most showrooms have trained mechanics) and tell him the same..cos the only 2 times that happened to my bike is when i put a Pulsar’s 15tooth sprocket in the front for my bike and when i did not give it for servicing in a long time after I rode it in rash manners…but the mileage came back to about 45kmpl…

  201. Hi Guys,

    I am planing to buy a new bike…but i am in big confusion whether to buy Apachi rtr 160 or CBZ 150cc…I am little bit fast rider…so i am bothering about the vibrations if we are going above 80 or 90…

    Any once please suggest me which one is better…and please let me know the millage of both…

    • Hi, why dont you take both the bikes for a test ride and find out for urself and also check with the showrooms about the pros and cons of both bikes..but if ur talking about speed and are looking for 120+ then i think you may wana look at a bike like the Apache RTR 180cc..cos 80 and 90kmph is now called an average speed in this era..

      The details people have given on this webiste should be more than enough actually to decide whether you want the Apache 160 or no…anyways..all the best with which ever bike you are gonna buy… πŸ™‚ cheers…

      • Thats awesome happy for you..and sure that you wont regret anything about that lil monster…lol…let me get my bike..then we can meet up and go for long rides once the 1st service is done for your bike alryt…cheers… πŸ™‚ just make sure you stay safe when u ride till ur used to handling that bike..cos it sure is powerful…God bless u.. πŸ™‚

  202. Hi guys,
    After a long wait i have brought my Apache 180 RTR pearl white, and its so so awesome………..
    Apache s really gr8, and a thing s its ur view mainly how u think it is……

  203. Hello All,
    i am planing to buy a rtr 160. but confused between EFI and Normal model.
    out of these two which bike gives better milage? can you please tell me.

    • Hi Shakti, as far as my knowledge can go..the EFI has now you have to choose between 160cc and 180cc RTR..also you can check when the 180cc RTR with ABS is launching..i dont know how good that is,but u certainly can do some research on the same..the 160cc can give you anywhere between 45-55kmph (from my experience as and Apache 160cc RTR owner) and 180cc (40-45kmph from what i have heard..) ofcourse, if ur planning to race around then they mileage maybe a little more less than research and decide..

  204. @ Author:
    “Cons: Comes from the maker of TVS” – Sorry to say. Its really a stupid statement…
    the vibes or the ride quality can be a con. How can you say the manufacturer as a con???

    Name any other manufacturer who has given such a performance bike???
    Buy an R15??? Compromise on price, mileage, service.
    Buy any other 150??? Compromise on performance (compared to apache).
    Buy an Apache??? Compromise on ride quality.
    Remember : You cant get any thing without a compromise.

    I did not expect this from you Deepak. I’m terribly disappointed.

  205. Apache is the best bike in the 150/180 segment
    i think TVS should work more on improving quality of service centres,i had some bad experience during the last two servicing at the authorized service centre
    Now i service my bike with an local mechanic (as my bike is out of warranty) ,and he does very well then any service centre i visited, also at much lower cost, also he services the bike with personal touch and now my bike is performing at its best!!!!

  206. hi gyuys am going to buy apache rtr 180 in 3 days. Please help me with the advice because i am really confused. will it vibrate at high speed?
    yesterday i did a test run on it but it was refined and didn’t vibrate. please help me before i give my hard earned money for a wrong bike. please help me which bike is better???????????????????????????

    • Dont have second thoughts bro! Go for it. you wont regret.

      Vibes: Yes. The bike vibrates a bit. but NOT always. Only in the 60-70 kmph band. But once the bike runs more and more, it gets refined and the vibes reduce. Once you get used to the riding position, you wont like any other bikes with normal riding position… Its definitely a value proposition….

      I own RTR160 and its 15500kms done. Not it vibrates only in 65-60kmph.

      • Hi Nitin and Saran..
        @ Nithin..dont waste ur time thinkin and go for the 180cc bike..just keep in mind that that bike is very powerful for a 180cc alright.. πŸ™‚

        @ Saran..i own and Apache 160cc RTR with rear disc..i’ve road the bike for about 25,000kms.and i dont even feel the vibes cos am used to it..but i have no issues handling the bike cos i know my bike well..the only thing i noticed is when am racing,the rpm needle vibrates when it goes between 7000 to 8000 rpm..and then its normal again..but that has never created any probs for me… πŸ™‚ lol

  207. hai…
    i am planing to bye apache rtr 160. which color looks beter???? and can i get white color in 160 segment??? did the 160 model hav dat small beautiful structure near fuel tank like in 180 model???

    • Hi..the color choice should be what you like better..not what people think..i have not seen white 160cc RTRs..but u can check with the showroom if they can custom make one for you..not sure if they can and if poss,there maybe an extra cost..that small beautiful structure on the tank are called air scoops…they are just to help ur bike pierce throught the air..thats al..thats racing technology..and yes,its is there on the 160cc..mayb u should go to the showroom and take the bikes for a ride to u can know what the bike has and does not have…

      • White colour is not available in RTR 160 no matter how much ever you pay. If you are damn sure that you want only white, you can get RTR180 kit and install it in RTR160 but it will cost you close to 7000. For that extra amount, you could go for RTR180 itself…

  208. hey hi craige,

    myself arun from delhi, i want to know about the two bikes which one better Apache 160cc EFI model or Apache 160cc Hyper Edge,

    and one thing EFI Model is available in market or not…..
    kindly suggest me…..

    Thanks & Regards
    Arun Tiwari

    • Definitely RTR 160 EFi is better than the other. The power delivery is smooth at any speeds unlike in other model which is best at some rpm alone. EFI also has a unique exhaust note which you’ll love… EFi also will give you more mileage in city and especially in highways… It is a bit pricy (equal to 180 or around 500 more than 180) But it is worth the money you pay.

      I’m not sure about the availability coz it depends on your location and the dealers. The dealers wont promote EFi model. When you walk-in, they will convince you to go for 160 saying wrong information about EFi model. Just go to a dealer and be strong in your point that you want EFi. May be if he is convinced, you could get one…

    • Hi Arun…both the bikes are good..but Efi is better..however, Efi has stopped being produced aa long time back..the company does not manufacture it u will have to choose between the 160cc and 180cc bike..the 180cc is better..but just give it a try and see if they can get u the Efi if u so want it..u may have to put a request and hope they can get it on that basis…

  209. I took a test ride of Apache rtr 160 it’s awsome but will the bike suit me coz i m nearly 6ft tall and weigh 68 kgs?

  210. dudes i heard that apache needs a higher maintanence and is not good after usin a year or so..
    is it true?? plzz help me coz i am lookin forward to buy an apache rtr 160 in coming few days

  211. i am having Apache rtr 160 (2010 model) and the problem which i am facing is in pick-up. Till 4th service the pick-up was OK and when I gave for 5th service the pick-up has dropped. Till the 4th service top speed was 120-125 km/hr after that max speed is 90-103 km/hr to reach 100km/hr we have to same speed for 0.7 km. I told the problem to showroom mechanics and they are telling this is the maximum and i asked many mechanics about this problem but no one is good enough to rectify the problem. Can any one is familiar to solve this issue please drop a mail to

  212. Hey Guyz…m planning to buy a bike within 4 days..please help me out.M pretty much confused between Apache rtr 160 and dazzler..Considering honda’s technology i was considering dazzler first bt apache β€˜s looks are more fascinating.Comfort-dazzler is high on comfort.Price-Apache is a bit mre costlier dan dazzler.Plz guyz help me out in making a clear cut decision.

  213. hai guys..
    i am having apache rtr 160 2010 model..
    the bike is giving a mileage of 45-50 constantly,even if rode rashly..the maximum speed i went is upto 119kmph..
    the control is superb and the performance is gr8..pickup is nice even in doubles and even in triples..
    so i would suggest to buy this bike…
    thank u…

  214. I have apache RTR 160CC front & rear disc while raid in highway my bike giving 65 KMPL but i guess break system is bad

  215. i love Apache RTR version…… 180 ABS is gud Tech but Price is high. Because of price concern i preffer to buy RTR160, I will ride on RTR 160 from July two o 11… this machine is simply superb.

  216. hey lolz i m vrndr
    apache RTR 160 fi is avilable in white or not
    i think it is but i m confused
    so help me lolz..
    mail me
    lolz i know every prob. solution only 4 apache 160 if u have a problem than ask me i already give my mail address it is free of cost than ask me i m sure i will help thax

  217. Hi.! frnds………..
    I am looking for Apache 160RTR. Have any body want to sell his bike. Prefer Delhi or Gurgaon location. Pls contact me.. on 9953073416.

    I m waiting for ur reply………..

    Call or mail me

  218. Actually I am planning to purchase a bike in 150 CC segment and is confused since I am 6’2″ and 90 kgs, does 160 RTR will look good on me? Look wise I guess, either Unicorn or CBZ will suits me but Unicorn has 6 month waiting period and I am not much willing to got for CBZ….pl help… what shld be chosen ? or can u suggest me some other bike in that segment?

  219. hai guys..
    i am having apache rtr 160 2010 model..
    the bike is giving a mileage of 40 to 43 constantly,even if rode rashly..the maximum speed i went is upto 121kmph..
    the control is superb and the performance is gr8..pickup is nice even in doubles and even in triples.. & rear disk break system is very good..
    so i would suggest to buy this bike…
    thank u…

  220. Hi frns….. am Ashok, Am planning to buy a TVS APACHE, but am confused which one to go 160 or 180. Am expecting min mileage 45kmpl. is apache 180 gives mileage about 45……….?

  221. hi:)
    am not getting an average mileage…engine noise coming when ever i drive around speedyyyy,
    As it has very good bhp of around 17, it takes very short time to rach 0-60…. good pick up…

  222. hiii frndzzzz i m gong to buy a bike on octobr but i hav a big confusion between apache160 efi and pulsar 150… so plzz help me frndzz which should b better……. plz reply

  223. I am going to bye Apache RTr 160 Fi..plz tell me it is good or not?? & which colour is best??? what’s its millage????

  224. Plz all bye apache 160. Pulser is a wast bike camparing 2 apache.. I love apache my frnds all bys apache onley. I love tvs… Apache is the bist bike of all the bikes in outher companeys.. If any one asked me to bye apechi bike i will give 100% support to them to bye apache onley. The sount of the apache engen is suporb.. Ntng to sy about apache. I love u tvs and apache 160,180. White is my favrat clr..

  225. my apache bike is the all over the world bike’s. it’s given the mailege 55 km/l. it my best bike. it’ s brek, handle and racing is the best.

  226. I’m from sri lanka.I bought a second hand (made in 2007) black Apache rtr 160 recently(1/1/2012) and oh my gosh it’s awesome.Still it has a great pickup and no vibrations at all.This is a great machine and I hope to buy a brand new one soon.Love my RTR.

  227. hii frnds i wnated to buy a bike but i m confussed between cbz xteam new one or apache rtr 160 so pls suggest me which is better which i can buy pls..pls..pls..pls.. and as soon as posible

  228. hey guys can anyone say me wat are the colours available in apache RTR160 hyperedge and wat is the milege in 160.Is it better to buy 160 or 180

  229. Hey Apache is simply awesome bike. Very Good Handling it’ll never and ever let you slip – good road Grip. Amazing braking system and good milage. Giving 50 to 58. then only con would be sometime gear wont respond and sometime will be hard to change the gears.

    Overall it Manly Bike !! Will really feel it and worth for it.

  230. hey guys, i own a RTR 160 and I never regretted buying it. It surely vibrates at 55-65kmph but once u cross the 70kmph segment it doesnt feels much. And definitely we apache riders not a slow gentle riders. Ahh , everytime i hit the curves at high speeds it starts asking me,” so this is wat u got?”. Mine shows upto 50+ kmpl and reached the top speed of 119 ( toggles between 18-19 ). I dont really think pulsar riders can beat the apache tribes, our baby just handles it all smoothly.

  231. Hi sanjay…..Apache rtr 160 colours are 1. Titanium gray, 2. Blood red, 3. black, 4. yellow……..but in rtr 160 white wont come yaar…am having Titanium gray, it will give you a ROYAl look man…so, better you can go for gray.

  232. Hi Mahesh & Akash dont get confuse guys…….i had bought Apache rtr 160 – Titanium gray on jun 14th 2010..its gives mileage 54-58..Rocking look, amazing pick up (when u r over taking in Oscillation mind u know that – just buy it & feel it), low maintance vehicle, only thing is between 55 – 70 vibration but if it crosses 70 means it will be like a flight…i had gone with high speed of 126kms/hour, really awesome bike…… my friends circle 6 Apache rtr 160 is there….So, buy Apache RTR 160 – DHARMA THATTU THATTINALUM SUMMA PATTAYA KELAPPUM………………..

  233. hi, i want to buy a powerful+good pickup bike…… but i was confused to buy hunk r apache ……. plz tell m the all fact about both the bike

  234. Apache is about power n not smothness while riding….
    I hv d black beast… yeah there is vibs at 60 – 65 kmhr but after that no issues … go above 70kmhr n then u will feel the smoothness…
    Done top speed at 125 kmhr.. RTR 160 …
    Beleive me once u ride this beast u never want to try any other bike…

  235. Hi,
    Is it true that currently dual tone colors (like black & yellow, black & red, black & green) of new apache 160 are stopped?
    Because of that I had to book complete red color of new apache eventhough I dont know how it looks. When I searched internet it does not return any results of complete red bike.


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