Yamaha has given a great facelift to its 125cc bike. The new Yamaha Gladiator SS 125cc comes with designer colours and a pair of black alloy wheels to make heads turn. The cost of Gladiator SS type is Rs.53,800 (On-Road, Tamil Nadu).

Update (18.3.09): Yamaha India has brought in a new color variant into the Gladiator Type SS. The bike is now available in flaming red color. Yamaha Gladiator carries an on road price tag of Rs.46k.

Looks: Gladiator is in close competition with Hero Honda Glamour in the 125cc segment. The choice depends on the taste of the user.The engine guard being featured only in high end bikes is now present in Gladiator SS!

Uniqueness: Yamaha claims that the newly designed black alloy wheels is the lightest in its category. But if failed to mention the difference it would make for the end user. Perhaps it gives better mileage. The engine comes with YTPS, Yamaha Throttle Position Sensor which ensures outstanding combustion efficiency and amazing pickup.

What I feel: When I had a test drive of the bike, I felt that it is just another 125cc bike. Except for good looks, there is nothing remarkable in the engine, but it definitely makes a good choice for upgrades from 100cc range. If you need very good mileage and are not satisfied with the pickup of a 100cc segment bike, this one is for you!

Comfort: The riding position is very good. Very comfortable and spacious seats and you can ride it all day without stress and strain in your body. Higher segment bikes do not to give enough importance for the comfort of the pillion rider, but Gladiator’s passenger seat is as comfortable as the former one.

Engine & Gear: The bike comes with a 5-speed gear box which gives enough pickup to get ahead of other bikes when the signal turns green and great mileage for highway cruising. It is a perfect blend for both the highway and city riding conditions. The engine gives an output of 11 bhp at 7500 rpm which is quite good for a 125cc bike.

Details & Specifications: Yamaha Gladiator 125cc comes both in self start and kick start options. The fuel tank can hold upto 13 litres and the bike weighs 127 kg in dry conditions. Front brake has a 240mm disc and the rear one comes with a 130mm drum. The overall length of the bike is 2065mm. The brouchure states that Yamaha Gladiator gives a mileage of 67 kmpl under standard test conditions. The dash board has 3 dials as shown below.

Yamaha Gladiator 125 Specifications:

Engine type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Cylinder arrangement: Single cylinder
Displacement: 123.7cc
Maximum power: 11PS (8.0kW) / 7,500rpm
Maximum torque: 10.4 N.m / 6,500rpm
Starting system: Kick start / Electric start
Tire size (Front / Rear): 2.75 x 18″ , 42P / 3.00 x 18″ 6PR, 52P
Brake type (Front / Rear): Drum / Disc (Front), Drum (Rear)


Overall length x width x height: 2,065mm x 730mm x 1,100mm
Wheelbase: 1,300mm
Minimum ground clearance: 160mm
Dry weight / Kerb weight: 123kg (Standards) / 127kg (Deluxe)
Fuel tank capacity: 13 liters
Max payload: 130kg

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  • How would you compare it to XCD 125?

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  • ViNoD JaIsWaL

    Mr writer…

    i think tat u have just rode the bike for just for few seconds…..

    Soo..let me tell u ….if u ride this bike for some more time…then…..u would have……understood tat iiitzz YAMAHA…………….!!!

    And..let me..tell u ..tat…..i have been previously using….Pulsar….180 cc DTSi…….<>

    And..nw…………i am using…Gladi…and..their’s hardly any difference in their…….Pickup…….Of both the bikes…..!!
    And…..u know wat..i prefer taking My gladi out then maa…..Pulsar…..!!!

    And tat’s …y the……….Tag FoR Gladi Is…………


    • amit

      hey du u knw atlest kay wt pik up iZ ????????
      piki up iz faltu in Gladi….

      wt r u copring wit 180cc pulsar.

  • Harvir Singh

    Hi Yamaha lovers,

    I just bought Yamaha Gladi.. RS on 08 Dec 2008 and very first day ride it from pathankot to udhampur, non stop 181 kms. I started from showroom at 5 pm and reached home at 9 pm. I enjoyed the ride. Pick up and the comfort level is excellent. Still i dont know more about reliability of the product, so have fear in mind. Though YAMAHA has been a great bike in the past but in recent past “koi dhamaka nahi kar pai hai”.

    I hope Yamaha Gladi and FZ 16 will change the image of YAMAHA again.

    Can somebody give his comments on YAMAHA Gladi, who has used it for a year or so !!!

    For me, i would like to give Nine and half marks out of 10.


    • manjesh kraju

      yamaha gladiator is the bike worst service spares ar dam costly yamaha is not so popular in i india only high end bikes ar good in other country i owned a bike engine sound is more hissing noise of the engine timing problem front fork cup and cone ball set its the worstt bike only yamaha fans buys it i sold it off in 6 months bajaj is better than yamaha in spares , service lost cost

  • prashant

    my father also bought a bike on 8th and he also came from pathankot to udhampur so i also ride the bike it gives trouble in starting

  • Subodh Patil

    Jizzzzz….. I was confussed with Honda-Shine, Hero-Honda-Glamour, Bajaj-XCD, TVS-Flame, & Splendor-125. But finally i brought Yamaha-Gladiator… Bang… i am ready for a long ride…

  • Sarika Patil

    My husband brought a Yamaha-Gladiator bike… Its very comfortable for me to sit behind, very stylish bike with good pick-up and excellent mileage of 60 in the city… I cant belive it cost only 52-thousand rupees for 125cc bike with Racing looks…

    • Bharath

      Sarika Patil,

      Wishes…! Really are you comfort to sit behind in Yamaha SS 125 ? Since the Pillion seat has kept in high position didn’t you feel slipping/sliding down from top ? Basically ladies don’t prefer sitting on high pillion seat. Please explain ??

  • mangesh bachhav

    I am using my glady fron 10 jully 2006 still running 45000 kms.
    i brought my bike from pune.my experience about glady is very funtastic.I told confidently this fist indian bike i seen is very comfortable for long drive.highly reliable,good millage for high speed also.bike getting control from 80km/h speed with in 2.5 sec. from 110km/h with in 3 sec.first precise control bike in india.
    gladiator essily beat the pulsur.

  • muthu

    Correct milegage of Yamaha Gladiator RS / SS ???

  • mangesh bachhav

    when I was purchess the bike up to first previous two servicing bike gives me 45 to 50 km/l millage.but after completion of two servicing bike gives me conteneously 55 to 60 km/l millage, but in highway i was get the 60 to 65 km/l millgae.

    • jagdish rohit

      but my bike deos not give that much yaar.what speed do u mantain pls reply me on my email id.

  • eddie

    This is trully a great bike!! I am going to buy one next month and as I have not much money to get a FZ I will take the Glad. which I liked very much!! And as a Yamaha fan, I am sure it is a reliable bike!!

  • jeetendra jagadale

    Hi i want to buy a bike in 125 cc segment .which should I buy !!

  • vinod

    Hi ,

    I got yamaha gladiator SS on 26/04/2008 ( Black with Red). Before first service , I feel the bike pickup and the mileage is very good .Before first service I was getting 55 km/pl . After service the mileage got reduced for 2 times and now I am getting 42 km/pl in city ( Bangalore). I can say the pick up is very good when compared to all 125CC bikes at present in the market.

  • Bruno Cunha

    Beautiful bike.
    Hom many money it cost? and where you buy it?

    i wont one, but in portugal its not for sale, so I wont go to country and buy it, to bring back for PORTUGAL the most beautiful 125cc

  • Prasad

    I have Yamaha Gladiator 125cc 2007 model..

    my bike inside part of the dome(face) was broken,(inside part which supports and make the light glass dome sits inside that part which got broken in a small accident)because of that now the light focus is not pointing on road correctly…if I turn on high beem..the focus of the light is falling upside(which is not correct).
    Can any one suggest me or tell me where I can get the original part of that….I heard we have to change the complete dome(face) of my bike is that true? or can I get the inside part alone?
    Please someone tell me ASAP where I can get that in chennai…?
    Waiting for reply….

  • SAM







  • puneet

    i am having yamaha gladiator, fz-16, R-15, rx-135-5 speed, rx-100 and enticer all models of yamaha.
    I am getting 70 kmpl from gladiator on highway and 65 in city.
    FZ- i am getting 55 kmpl, R-15 i am getting – 60 kmpl

  • porty

    holla yamaha fans,
    i am a owner of yamaha gladiator. iam satisfied with the bike. iam getting 65 km/l. this bike is so smooth.if someone want to know about the smoothness then 1st drive a pulsar and then drive gladi,,and feel the difference…..
    even in stunner the driving comfort wont reach to gladi..i think gladiator type ss is the best 125cc bike in india amoung 125 series. now i am waiting to see gladiator 165. i saw its image, so cool and sporty. fat tyres, petrol tank is same, handle, shock all have some difference compared to 125,, no career, ofcourse in power it rocks…….

  • Anand G


    I saw your update on price, but on-road Glady SS for 46k, is it true? If yes, can you provide the show room name and location. I am in Chennai, seriously looking to buy Glady SS Black W/ Red.


  • Shailendra Agrawal

    Hi All,

    I am confused for buy a 125cc bike. I have two options..

    1) Hero Honda Glaumor
    2) Yamaha Gladiator

    please advice me for better one.

    • Bharath

      Buy Yamaha SS 125 (upgraded version of Gladiator.

    • vignesh

      gladi is the best choice

  • mangesh bachhav

    Obviously Yamaha gladiator is superb performance bike as compare to hero Honda glamor.

    Yamaha gladiator :- Gladi is power full bike in 125cc bikes family & first precise control bike in India. bike getting control from 80 km/h speed with in 2.3 sec. Top speed of bike is 110km/h speed better than pulsar 150cc.100% mouth shut members are recommended for this bike.performance effi of bike is 98%. this bike gives the fight to 150cc bikes. millage of bike is 58 to 63 km/l. price is up to 53k.

    Hero Honda Glamour :- Glamour loss in power as compare to Gladi,Glamour having the FI system used for better millage response.Glamour millage is up to 60km/l & top speed of bike is 95 km/h. Glamour having the horizontal engine horizontal engine having the high moment of inertia on front wheel as compare to vertical engine cause the slipping problem for 100 cc this is undesirable more than 100 cc this is measurable.If we use the disc brake to glamour then disc brake is harmful for bike effi.Effi of bike is 78 %.


    Hello Every One

    Let me know U
    i have yamaha gladi since 7 months
    and its oddo is at 10789km
    during this time i have some amazing test and races over it
    1) max everage in city 65, normal-60
    2) max average at highway 72, overall on highway 68
    3) Top speed of my lovely bike is 118….
    belive it or not bt i have go constantly on this speed for more then 50 minuits.. when we r at race with my friend at highway with pulsar 150,180 and one cbz

    only my one is of 125 bt as the race goes on this yamaha shows its Gladiator type performance. amazing when i cross the p150 at 105 and p180 at 114…. my bike is still going on ….it stuck on 115 for 5-6 sec. then it remain constant at 118…..
    4) all over handling is very good with nylogrip tyre
    5) gr8 comfart with pillion(pulsar make ur pillion uncomfart)
    6) feel very light waight bike n very revi n high end power means in city u have gr8 milage n on highway u r rocking guys……when u overtake the cars on highway at 110-117 (bcz u can go 118)
    7) very stylish n sporty bike in this segment…
    tvs n bajaj has very dumb models in front of yamaha glady….they naver can compit againts gladi….n forget about to beat…!!
    8) As i’m in coll. my friends say u r bike is too sexy….n i proude 4 this….
    9) today i have beat the full throtaled honda stuneer(only rider no pillion) with my glady (we 3 friends on it) with 102
    (stunner can go only 98 with 52-57 mileage
    10) dont rea any more i have drive allmost all the bike …. bt as request i have put my honest review on net.
    -> i have experiance of 30-32k km of driving on bike including my collection n stunts all that.
    11) yamaha glady get 95 out of 100
    dont mind bt i havecut 5 marks only 4 it doesent have digital spedo.


  • sanjeev

    muthu: Correct milegage of Yamaha Gladiator RS / SS ???


  • mangesh bachhav

    sanjeev: 60kmpl

    correct millage of gladi ss or rs is 58 to 63km/l

  • shivaram

    its 53 to 58 km/l

  • biraj

    i could not believe that gladiator ss can go speed of 118km, i m still trying to go as fast as i can, but i unable to go beyond the limit 105km. how it will be possible, give me a suggestion, i like speed. otherwise this bike is so good compering to other 125 segments bike.

    from assam, guwahati

  • mangesh bachhav

    I am also not confident about that comment, because I am also driving gladi on 108km/h speed for more than 1 hours then also i am not getting that speed.

  • Milan

    Now i am going to take a bike for the first time.I have told u about this before and u have given me a nice advice to me about 150cc bike. But now my budget is low and i m going to take a bike of 125cc around Rs.55000. So can u please advice me which bike to take.I like Yamaha Gladiator and Shine. So from this which one will be the best. Will Gladiator be the best.Please advice me soon.

  • mangesh bachhav

    yamaha gladiator & shine are both nice bike.If we consider technical specification both bikes near about same . but in practicaly shine performance is better up to 50 to 60 km/h speed if we exceed that speed shine get vibrate more than that speed & millage also decrease on high speed on other hand Yamaha gladiator is powerfull bike in 125cc family
    even top speed of yamaha gladiator more than 110km/h.main thing is gladiator is precise control bike in india bike geting control from 80km/h speed with in 2.3 sec.& millage also getting more than 58 to 63 km/l.

  • Y Srinivas Rao

    which is the best bikes in the 125 cc segment
    I like yamaha gladiator ss type and shine which I can buy

  • mangesh bachhav

    mangesh bachhav: Hi,yamaha gladiator & shine are both nice bike.If we consider technical specification both bikes near about same . but in practicaly shine performance is better up to 50 to 60 km/h speed if we exceed that speed shine get vibrate more than that speed & millage also decrease on high speed on other hand Yamaha gladiator is powerfull bike in 125cc familyeven top speed of yamaha gladiator more than 110km/h.main thing is gladiator is precise control bike in india bike geting control from 80km/h speed with in 2.3 sec.& millage also getting more than 58 to 63 km/l.

  • mangesh bachhav

    Obviously! you have to go with yamaha gladiator.
    gladiator is better performer bike than shine.

  • Vinod Kumar

    Hello ,

    As of now I am getting only 42 KM/PL . Can any one can tell me where I can get a gud service in bangalore ,so that I Can increase my mileage ?

  • Pramod

    Its around eight months since I bought my Gladi and I still have a lot of admirers staring at the bike..thats cool…as long a s u polish your bike it sparkles especially at night.It has great control but Yamaha Service is very poor.IO was getting 70 per litre when the bike was new later it became 40 and then I serviced and now its again in the 60-70 range.It develops small problems but all that is rectified free of cost.Never had any major problems wid the bike.70% of all my friends did like the bike very much.The small screws are getting rusted fast but they can be replaced.Rest all well.Great Bike.Gr8 Cornering.
    Remember-Its very difficult to ride this bike in rain coz all the mud on the road will be on ur legs-same goes to pillion rider too.Thats very very bad.
    rest all well.

    Harvir Singh: Hi Yamaha lovers,I just bought Yamaha Gladi.. RS on 08 Dec 2008 and very first day ride it from pathankot to udhampur, non stop 181 kms. I started from showroom at 5 pm and reached home at 9 pm. I enjoyed the ride. Pick up and the comfort level is excellent.Still i dont know more about reliability of the product, so have fear in mind.Though YAMAHA has been a great bike in the past but in recent past “koi dhamaka nahi kar pai hai”.I hope Yamaha Gladi and FZ 16 will change the image of YAMAHA again.Can somebody give his comments on YAMAHA Gladi, who has used it for a year or so !!! For me, i would like to giveNine and half marks out of 10.

  • mangesh bachhav

    Vinod Kumar: Hello ,As of now I am getting only 42 KM/PL . Can any one can tell me where I can get a gud service in bangalore ,so that I Can increase my mileage ?

    Actually when we get the new bike from showroom that time throttele valve is slightly increase for up to first three services, then u can adjust the throttle valve. when i will get the new bike the same millage i was getting up to 1500kms but after that kms i have get more than 60km/l millage. gladi performance is improved day by day.

  • Sar

    Anand G: Hi,I saw your update on price, but on-road Glady SS for 46k, is it true? If yes, can you provide the show room name and location. I am in Chennai, seriously looking to buy Glady SS Black W/ Red. ThanksAnand.

    hi anand! what happened to ur apache??

  • joy

    i will be driving the bike in city only. which bike will be best for me? I am 5’6″ and 60 kgs. My daily commuting will be 20 kms. I need the performing vehicle with no vibrations?

  • Anand G

    Sar: hi anand! what happened to ur apache??

    Hi, I think, I am not that Anand, you were talking about. I never had Apache. I am having Glady SS B/R now. Earlier I had HH Spl for 11 years. Anyhow, nice to meet you thru this forum.

  • veno

    what about the sound,i don’t like it.Pickup is great, does this bike vibrate above 55 km/h.I went for a test drive last week.

  • Vinod Jaiswal

    veno: what about the sound,i don’t like it.Pickup is great, does this bike vibrate above 55 km/h.I went for a test drive last week.

    Bro…Tat sound rocks…!!
    No…..u can read the above reviews…..U can take,.this beauty to itz top speed..wit no problemoo…!!

  • mangesh bachhav

    hi, Vinod ,
    I think u just taken the test drive of gladiator,
    I was driven that bike more than 50,000 kms & gladiator ss firing is different than gladiator 2006 model because of muffler type silencer. gladiator is vibrate only because of low or end of petrol Otherwise if u drive this bike more than 105km/h speed then also bike running very smoothly & gladiator is first precise control bike in India.

  • mangesh bachhav

    joy: i will be driving the bike in city only. which bike will be best for me? I am 5′6″ and 60 kgs. My daily commuting will be 20 kms. I need the performing vehicle with no vibrations?

    Obiviously go with Yamaha gladiator. gladiator is top performance bike in 125cc to 150cc category bikes.

  • vikram

    i want to buy bike of 125 cc .so i tested bikes such as H.H Glamour,Bajaj xcd-125&135.&also Honda shine.
    but no other bike gave me performance as good as gladi.
    The pickup,comfort,looks,etc excellent bike of 125cc ever
    also i listen form my friends saying that its mileage about 64-66kmpl .thanks to yamaha for providing powerful bike for INDIAN market,after all gladitor is best performance bike in 125cc …………..beacuse, ITS YAMAHA….
    AND i am(BUYING) going for it in next week….

  • Rajesh Patel

    I want to buy bike of 125cc to 150cc . My budget is around 60k max. I heard honda shine having vibration problem.
    Honda stunner is very stylish i dont like much style. Herohonda Glamour having mileage problem(It is giving 35 to 45 kmpl). So, now i want to buy any one among TVS Flame, BAJAJ XCD 135cc and YAMAHA Gladiator ss. Can anyone help?

  • Anand G

    Among those 3, Yamaha Glady is the best choice. No vibrattion at higher speeds, mileage surely above 50kmpl (even regular 60-65kmph speed). Sportive and stylish (only Karizma and Apache RTR160/180 can be matched with).
    Happy Riding!

  • Vishal

    I agrre that yamaha Gladi is best bike in 125 segment, but what about Brand value and resale value in Market…??/
    Frnd doesnt appreciate it after spedning 500000 bucks?????

  • mangesh bachhav

    If we see world wise Yamaha is best racing bike manufacturing company & Bikes came from Yamaha DNA like FZ-1 , R-1,R-6, R-125, RD- 350, RX – 100, ,Fazor-150, this are the legendary
    bikes from Yamaha DNA. Yamaha bikes win the moto GP race more than any other brand name. In India first time Yamaha DNA made the Gladiator 125cc, r-15,& fz-16 this all three bikes are best bike in his category. Resale value is totally depend on you.now in present condition not a single bike having the resale value .if you buy ur bike in market then resale value is very low but if you buy ur bike in friend circle & relatives then u can get the resale value.

  • mangesh bachhav

    Rajesh Patel: I want to buy bike of 125cc to 150cc . My budget is around 60k max. I heard honda shine having vibration problem.
    Honda stunner is very stylish i dont like much style. Herohonda Glamour having mileage problem(It is giving 35 to 45 kmpl). So, now i want to buy any one among TVS Flame, BAJAJ XCD 135cc and YAMAHA Gladiator ss. Can anyone help?

    Obviously you go with gladiator ss because not a single bike in ur selected list cant match the performance with gladiator.

  • vinod

    Hello Friends,

    If you are looking for style , you can go with this bike .Along with style if you are looking for mileage dont go with this bike , because I am not getting more than 41 kmpl. Think once again before taking

  • narendra

    Hi Yamaha lovers
    i want buy a 125cc Yamaha bike, now only gladiator available, i think this is also better bike, but i am weighting for another model in 125cc from Yamaha. If any body knows when the new 125cc bike will be release from Yamaha please tell me

    thanking you

  • Ajay

    I am thinking of buying GLADIATOR SS 125CC. Can any one justify its features so that i will differentiate it from other 125 cc bikes !!!

  • Vikas

    mangesh bachhav: hi,when I was purchess the bike up to first previous two servicing bike gives me 45 to 50 km/l millage.but after completion of two servicing bike gives me conteneously 55 to 60 km/l millage, but in highway i was get the 60 to 65 km/l millgae.

    Hi I have been using yamaha glad from last one month I bought this from my friend model 2007 5 may…before I had a good experience hero honda bikes…so wanted to buy again hero honda bike but after using this bike my thinking has been changed completely… it’s look nice stylish….sporty …very good pickup I have checked to run highway gzb to meerut on 100 kmph. withmy friend on my bike so there is no any kind of trouble to go there…really it is very nice bike solid engine..but I disppointed from its mileage which giving 45 -50 per ltr. it may be happen need to make service …overall it is nice..

  • mangesh bachhav

    Hi, Ajay
    Actually Gladiator ss feature is not only better than 125 cc bikes but also this bikes beat the 150cc bikes also.
    Gladiator top speed is more than 110km/h, on other hand Pulsar 150cc dtsi never cross the 105 km/h speed. Gladiator take the Any kind of turn more than 100 km /h speed on other hand not only other 125cc bikes but also 150 cc bikes also not taking that type of cornering. gladiator get control from 80 km/h speed with in 2.3 sec. without any jerk & millage also getting 55-60 km/l.

    • amit

      thiz Gladiator iz waste. . . .it does nt hav gud pik also..
      and u cannot driv fast in little trafik also becz thiz bik iz not smooth..
      az u can controL in speed bikes like apache , fz16 ,pulsar in trafiK Its dam cool.

  • mangesh bachhav

    vinod: Hello Friends,If you are looking for style , you can go with this bike .Along with style if you are looking for mileage dont go with this bike , because I am not getting more than 41 kmpl. Think once again before taking

    hi friend I am using gladiator from 10 july 2006 still my bike is running near about 56000kms . I was never get the millage less than 55 km/l millage in city & more 60 km/l millage in highway, May be the problem in throttle valve setting or wheel bearings will be damage . then u have to check that.

  • Sudhakar

    Hi friends,
    Can any one help me..
    What is the price of gladiator SS on road (July 2009 price)?
    b’coz here yamaha showroom dealer told me 56,592/- on road price…!!!

  • Rajesh Patel

    I asked just 2 weeks back in bangalore Yamaha showroom it was 54,800 (On-road).

  • mangesh


    this is right; Now new gladiator isb just slifghtly modify from old.

  • Vignesh Krishnan

    I have booked Gladi Black-Red Today!..I am so excited after reading all the comments about Yamaha Gladi…I bargained and got it for Rs.55000/- here at Chennai.I am new to bikes actually.I have just drove Active and such gear less vehicles.Even though i have tried bikes 4-5 times,not very much confident with it.Can anyone advice me how to go about Yamaha Gladi without any problems after i get it ???…

  • mangesh bachhav

    vignesh congrets ! for ur new gladi. Actually gladi is high performance bike then also u have to care about up to 1500km u never run the bike more than 45 to 50 km/h speed. Do the servicing of bike as per instruction manual.while aplying the break use both break.this bike is very joyfull for long drives.

  • Vignesh

    Haio! Thanks a lot for your valuable comments.I’ll definitely take care of my Bike with Atmost care!..Btw,can u tell me certain techniques to grasp the basics of Yamaha G
    ladi Bike since i am new to Bikes..Also i haven’t driven the Universal Gear thing of Yamaha.I have only driven TVS Bikes.
    Actually is gear shifting easy or tough to grasp in Yamaha compared to other bikess???

    mangesh bachhav: Hi, vignesh congrets ! for ur new gladi. Actually gladi is high performance bike then also u have to care about up to 1500km u never run the bike more than 45 to 50 km/h speed. Do the servicing of bike as per instruction manual.while aplying the break use both break.this bike is very joyfull for long drives.

  • brijeshbthebigboss


  • Tushal

    This bike is as good as a 150cc bike. But still undercuts the price by atleast 10 grand. Yamaha has done a great job of not scrapping this bike instead they have changed it into a really good street bike from the initial dull gladiator. The one in racing blue is really cool. Yamaha fans would know the importance of Yamaha racing blue……

  • juned

    yamaha gladiator bike mujhe bahu pasand hy

  • Vignesh

    Hurray!i am loving the Gladi drive!..Its too good…Nothing can match Yamaha !Rockssss

  • Rajesh

    Pl suggest which bike to go for – Yamaha Gladiator or Honda Unicorn .. am bit confused.

    Comfort is the major factor

  • nitin


    i’m frm vijayawada in andhra pradesh..here the yamaha dealer says the price of gladi ss is 58,500..he further says the bike cost will increase by 1,500 after this week..after reading these reviews i found the cost mentioned by the dealer is bit more than actual price.

    pls help me by quoting the actual price so that i can bargain with the dealer.

  • Vignesh

    Honda Unicorn is in 150cc Series …For buying Honda Unicorn,you can go for Yamaha FZ Series..Its performance is too good when compared to Unicorn.Unicorn is a better option when compared to Yamaha Gladi as it is a 150cc one.But in 125cc Bikes,there is no one to match Yamaha’s performance.

  • Anand


    Chennai, I bought it for 53k by March 2009. 58.5k is too much. Bargan for atleast to 55K.
    58.5k for Gladi is not good, better u can go Unicorn.
    Gladi is best 125cc bike, and price shud be below 55k.

  • Vignesh

    Now that the rates have been increased,its impossible to get for 53k.I bought it a week back for Rs.55,250 .But anything above Rs.56k is too much.

  • Rajesh Patel

    The rates have been increased, Current price for gladi in bangalore is 56.5K.

  • senthil kumar

    offering my great gladiyator in showroom look and better than showroom condition for Rs.40K. 6875 KM run sofar . Dt. of purchase june 2008. interested may contact 9486248942

  • Shaan

    M going out to but on SS right now…
    Thanks Guys………..!

  • Shaan

    Hey Guys,I have got a gladiator for myself but haven’t registered yet. will be getting it in next two days frm the dealer. Eagerly waiting to control the Mini Monster……

  • nitin


    thanks for anand,vignesh n rajeshpatel for giving me gladi ss price..i did’nt bought the bike till now for some reasons..but i would like to share cost of some bikes in vijayawada which i did’nt saw in any website.

    honda stunner-63,000,fi edition-75,000
    pulsar150 2009edition-69,500
    apache rtr160refresh-70,000
    apache rtr160fi-77,000
    gladiator ss-60,000
    gladiator rs-61,000

    these are the cost of some bikes which i had enquired..i’m sure these figures u wont find in any website..here the prices are high and i also expect same cost in places like vijayawada[its a small city compared to hyderabad]..it is lot cheaper that we buy bikes in hyderabad and transport it here..there is a large difference in cost and also the transportation cost from hyderabad is only 500rs.

    i’m going to buy gladiator ss in september in finance..the down payment is 18,000 and monthly premium is 1850 for 2 years..these figures will help guys who are planning to buy on finance.

  • Rajesh

    Let me know the resale values of the following bikes.

    1) Yamaha Gladiator
    2) Unicorn
    3) Suzuki GS150R

    Assuming that all are some 3-4 years old. I know GS150R has recently came into the market.

  • mangesh bachhav

    Actually resale price totaly depend on condition of bikes,then make & were u buy. If u buy bike in market then u will ge3t 50% dipriation cost on other hand if u buy bike in friend circle then u can get only 25 to 30 % depriation cost.

    market friend circle
    1) Gladiator :- 25,000 38 to 40 k

    2) unicorn :- 36,000 40 to 48k

  • nikhil

    what is the actual on road price in mumbai of gladiator and if we compare it with unicorn or flame or cbzextreme then which is the best bike plzzzz reply fasttttttttttt

  • mangesh bachhav

    1) Gladiator ss :- Power full bike in 125 segment,zero vibration bike,first precise control bike in India. u can control the bike from 80km/h speed with in 2.5 sec without any jerk.millage u can get 58 to 65 km/l. this is first bike whose performance efficiency of engine is 100% actually no one bike in India cant give the efficiency more than 85 %.price of bike is 55 k on road. 5 speed gear box. disc brake, high comfortable bike. top speed of bike is 110 km/h.actually this bike give the fight to 150 cc bikes. this bike was 100 % recommended by mouth shut members.Engine warranty period is 5 year

    2) honda shine :- power is 10 bhp, 4 speed gear box, millage is 49 to 55 km/l . bike is smooth up to 45 to 50 km/h but if u drive more than 60km/h bike create noise & vibration. performance effi is 78 %. top speed is 85 km/h. price on road is 55 k.

    3) honda unicorn :- 14 bhp power, 5 speed gear box, smooth gear box, millage up to 48 to 50 km/l, top speed is 110km/h,better performance efficiency than Honda shine if u r going for honda shine then I will tell u strictly go for unicorn because After gladiator Honda unicorn having best performance engine. price up to 65 k

    4) CBZ extreme :- If u go for 150 cc then strictly go for high refinerd bikes like honda & yamaha . they doing the fine tunning with engine rpm & balancing .

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    ohh not rajesh …..its for vignesh who live in vijayawada….

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    plz provide the information of the bike cost in vij ….i will also try to inquire about the price in vijayawada ,,,,,

    bye vignesh and rajesh sir

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    nitin: HIIIII 2 ALL, i’m frm vijayawada in andhra pradesh..here the yamaha dealer says the price of gladi ss is 58,500..he further says the bike cost will increase by 1,500 after this week..after reading these reviews i found the cost mentioned by the dealer is bit more than actual price. pls help me by quoting the actual price so that i can bargain with the dealer.

    i am also living in Vijayawada. i am planning to buy Yamaha Gladi – SS in this month. i was shocked with the price of Gladi -SS. is this true…have u inquired correctly..i thing we have ” Good will agencies” as our dealer in vij…in eluru road..

    if you got price at this dealer…i was a bit disappointed..plz know the correct price of this buy sir….

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    hi 2 all,

    for price of yamaha gladiator type-ss

    follow this

  • nitin

    hii 2 k.v.n.sai krishna,

    its nitin frm vijayawada..i enquired the dealer in eluru road,he says the cost of glady ss is 60,000 ,rs is 61,000, fz16 is 76,000.But dont worry.They are giving scratch card offer till dussera..they have said that the minimum price cutoff on this offer is 1000rs..so u can get glady for the old rate..also bargain with him..try to get ss for 58,000 or rs for 59,000.

    If u want to know about any other offers, call the dealer and give ur mobile number..they will call u when new offers arrive..also take the current price list of the glady and fz models and do inform it here..it is also useful to me..the phone number of dealer is 08662453096.

    In the previous posts i also entered the finance for this bike..the company is shriram finance and intrest is 3percent..if u are planning to take finance,this will help u.

    keep posting the updated information u have gatherd..this will be very useful.

  • nitin

    The link u have given for glady ss cost is not uniform throughout india..i think the price given is in delhi..the prices of many bikes are cheaper in delhi than other places…we will be very lucky if we get here for the similar price too!!!!

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    the dealer said the price as 58,500/-…..he also informed me about the scratch card offer….

    kk then i will inquire him again…if we bargain he may come down

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    if we see the price by following the link…their it was said that the ex-showrroom price is all over india….i agree it may vary to some xtent…but 58,500 is too big…

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    hi 2 all,

    i have called t0 1800-180-1600 yamaha help line and inquired the ex-showrrom price at vijayawada …

    yamaha gladiator ss- 49,400
    yamaha gladiator rs- 49,400
    yamaha gladiator graffti- 43,500

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    hai frends,

    i want to go for graffiti ….

    can any body help me if their is any reason to look back for glady-ss or rs…

    i mean as all spec are almost same with graffiti…..but cost is varied a lot….hence i would like to go graffiti…

    so plz suggest me about having this graffiti or shall i simple go for ss ???

  • nitin

    hiiiii 2 all,

    @k.v.n sai krishna, the difference between graffiti and ss is the much sportier look which was missing in graffiti..i will recommend ss as it is very appealing.

    you can pick any of these models as there is no change in the power and torque..if u can compromise on luks then take graffiti.

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    thanks nithin….

    i will go for graffiti as it is cheaper in Vijayawada city

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    hai nithin …

    i tried to inquire about graffiti ..the dealer said it is not available in vijayawada…..do you know any information about graffiti bike availability in and around vijayawada ????

    plz inform me ..its urgent …i have to go for bike in dassara itself…plz man…..

    my email id is kvn.saikrishna@gmail.com

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    hi 2 all,

    i have called t0 1800-180-1600 yamaha help line and inquired the ex-showrrom price at vijayawada …””UPDATED””

    yamaha gladiator ss- 49,100
    yamaha gladiator rs- 49,100
    yamaha gladiator graffti- 43,400

  • bijay dhakal

    I had buy this bike before 6 month. I like the Yamamha comp. bike. I liked this bike also. I fell comfortable to ride this bike.

  • Srikanth

    Hi Friends,

    I’m a family man having 2 kids. The max payload for Gladiator is 130 Kgs. as I read from the Dimension spec. in some other website. Now friends, you tell me, I look for mileage, no/very less maintenance that does not fever my purse, and good pulling and weight bearing machine.

    Does still Yamaha Gladiator fit my bill ? If yes, which variant pls.

    Currently, I am using Victor GL and drive it with family.. It struggles to pull. I don’t want to be in trap next time. Which one will fit me please ?

    My budget is 55k.

    S Srikkanth

  • mangesh bachhav

    hi, Friend,
    As per your requirement & budget gladiator is perfect bike for you because gladiator is most powerful bike in 125cc family. first precise control bike in india gladi get control from 80 km/h speed with in 2.3 sec. without any jerk. gladi is very smooth & comfortable millage also get in city 55 to 58 km/l & in highway 63 to 65 km/l. If we considerwith other bike first consider from honda brand
    Honda shine & honda stunner :- both bikes felt in smooth ness as compare to glai. &fifth gearwas missing.

    From suzuki :- Zeus & Heat :- felt in unpowered as compare to gladi.

    from Bajaj :- XCD,discover & platina 125 :- unrefined &

    rough engine.

  • Aravind

    Hi… i am also looking to buy one bike.. previous i had pulsar 150 cc dtsi… i sold it now.. now i need one good bike urgently.. Now im not an college guy.. I finished my graduation and college days five years back.. Now im not fashion guy.. So i think YAMAHA GLADIATOR will be suit what you peoples says??
    My height is 5.8 inches.. And weight is 80 kgs.. Planning to reduce my weight.. ha… ha.. ha.. ha.. Anyways im looking for mileage around 60-65 kms.. Im a single rider.. i dont have any friends.. and im not much rash driver.. So i have three bikes in my mind..
    TVS APACHE 160 RTR (Mileage low but looks good na?)

    How about Pickup Best maximum speed? About control & steady in speed condition???

    Which you peoples will suggest me????

    Please hurry up!!!!!!!!!! Its very urgent

  • Srikkanth S

    Hi Mangesh,

    I have had a look at both Gladiator-SS and Graffiti.. The showroom guy says the price as 56k and 51k respectively for them. He also says (as I’m a family man) Graffiti will do as the specification is exactly the same except the mufflet assembly and foot rests which are adjustable (in Graffiti the driver’s footrest is fixed) in SS.

    For Graffiti, on road price of 51k is ok ? My old bike 2002 Victor he’s willing to take it for 12k.

    Your reply would be again more helpful, if posted asap.

    S Srikkanth

  • Srikanth


    I have booked Gladiator Graffiti 125CC @ Chennai, Chrompet for 51K on road price which will be delivered in a week’s time. Just wanted to thank you all for your valuable inputs..

    Have a nice time.

    S Srikkanth

  • Ravikumar

    Hi All,

    I bought gladi red and silver type ss for 57,580 including accessories in bangalore. I did registration on 09/09/09, Guess what i got the number as 9919. Isn’t it a lucky one? and also the showroom guy gave me scratch card offer i got 3001/- cash…

    This bike is really a lucky 1 for me…

  • Arshad

    am frm kerala……i need to know the price (on road),mileage??

  • Rajesh Patel

    Hi all,

    I want to share one interesting thing.
    Yamaha Gladiator ss 57380 (Bangalore on-road price)
    Honda Stunner (Drum s/s) 55694 (Bangalore on-road price)
    Show room price for both bikes are almost same but there is huge difference in Road tax Reg.
    Yamah Gladiator ss (Showroom price 49987, Road tax and Reg. 4519)
    Honda Stunner (Drum s/s)(Showroom price 49990, Road tax and Reg. 6034)

    I asked same question to dealar also but he didn’t reply.
    According to my knowledge Road tax + Reg. is depend on the showroom price and city of the vehical.

  • hari

    hi guys……
    i have two bikes in my mind
    one is gladiator ss and another one is honda unicorn.
    which one is the best?
    guys plz suggest me……
    all ur inpiut will be helpful to me.

    Hari Prasad.

  • Srikanth

    Hi Hari,

    You have narrowed your search to 2 quality bikes.

    To be simple,

    a) if you expect more speed go for Unicorn (as it’s heavier than Gladiator – Obvious ! and also heavier in price 🙂 )

    b) else Gladiator will suffice as its engine is really refined as I have just taken Graffiti 125CC. It pulls us (04) weighing around 135 Kgs as a whole. I opted this one as it’s 5.5k cheaper than SS. Probably I might go for a 150-180 CC after 5 years as my kids are very young and may not add 10 Kgs each in next 5 years projected. 🙂 — Another reasoning I took was on the business front which Yamaha is fighting well to catch up its market share and there onwards to take its sales / revenue / profit figures to North. Obvious, they are offering Quality.

    Besides, Unicorn is 65k and if you are opting for loan interest outflow will also be higher 🙂

    Now, it’s for you to decide.

    All the best.

    S Srikkanth

  • Kishor Joshi

    I was planning to buy a bike for last 2 months. For this I went to the showrooms of almost all the companies,saw many bikes.My preference was good looking bike but should be able to use for family purpose also not too costly,descent average & muscular body as I am a healthy person of 6ft height.
    Obviously 150cc segment was not for me.So I started with 100cc bikes 1st.For that I had many options.
    1. Bajaj–Platina(I ignored because of no muscular body),Discover 100cc(Many features but small tank of just 8 ltrs,looks very small & again it doesn’t look like original Discover of 125cc,but still I short listed it for my last consideration),I never liked Bajaj Exceed.
    2. Hero Honda–Passion + & passion Pro.Passion pro has one additional feature & that is self start option.Otherwise technically both bikes are same.I short listed Passion Pro.Splendor NXG- I didn’t even look at that bike,Splendor + is for avg health persons.So I didn’t think of these 2 bikes at all.
    3. Suzuki-I went to a Suzuki showroom,looked bikes & came out without talking even a single word to any of their executives there.So no need to comment here also.Reader’s can understand everything.
    4. TVS–Star sport though has good average looks very small so ignored.Star city–Good look,long seat (good for family),price only 45 k (2 months back, now 45.5 k),Company claims 102 km/ltr average,on road one can easily get at least 60+(as per users review),16 ltr tank(Pulsar has 18 ltr tank).So I short listed this bike also.
    5. Honda–Honda has not launched 100cc bikes yet.I saw shine & stunner.Shine though of 125cc looks ordinary.No sporty look,no special features like trip meter,digital speedometer,length of seat is also not very long.Star city & passion pro seats are better than that of shine & pricing around 55k for (disc brakes).Stunner is really attractive for young minds.I liked that bike.But not useful for family.So Honda didn’t find any place in my listing.
    Finally I chose 3 bikes for my consideration.
    I didn’t like Discover look though it has lot of good looking feature like LED tail lamp,nitrox suspension etc. But it looks very small because of just 8 ltr tank,its head lamp cowl,though they claim it as stylish,is also not looking good,only 94.5 cc engine & most importantly there is no chassis cover,bajaj saved money there(HH passion pro takes a lead here).So for a person of good health & height it doesn’t suit.So I removed this bike from my list.Bajaj people should realise after success of Pulsar at least that people want muscular bikes. They say about Pulsar – Definitely male. Does it mean that their other bikes are definitely females? And when u find that people prefer only male bikes, why are u offering them other bikes? See all their other bikes & one will realise my view.
    Then comes passion pro.Looks really great.U will find this bike everywhere on road,in parkings & everywhere.Great seller bike.But if one thinks carefully & without any preconceived notion he will realise that its onroad price is 50k & this bike is only 97.5 cc,giving average of about 60 or 60+,no other features, no trip meter,no LED tail lamps,no pilot lamp & forget about digital speedometer.HH is selling same 15 yrs old product just by changing name;passion,passion + & now Passion Pro.If u add some 4-5 k extra u can get 125cc bike.So I rejected Passion Pro also.
    Then remained Star city.I was about to buy it on Dasahera.But it is said that,“Man proposes & god disposes”.TVS was making some changes in that bike.So it was not available in the market for last 1 & 1/2 month.I went to showroom thrice before Dasehara.Finally I postponed my plan then to Diwali.
    Meanwhile I had gone to SBI bank & as I entered the premises I saw Gladiator, black + purple.I could not stop myself looking the bike.After parking my bike also I stopped there for a while.After coming out of bank also I spent some time looking the bike.Came home & searched the bike on Yamaha site,found its price is just 52k as mentioned by some users,read comments about it on mouth shut.com.I found that 99% users have given +ve remark about this bike.Thank u all!
    Yamaha was not in my consideration also.One reason is that there is no showroom of Yamaha anywhere near to my house & secondly after sales service complaint of Yamaha.But because of all of ur comments I searched the addresses of dealers.I contacted 3 of them.2 of them responded nicely.
    I went to one of them in the evening itself.Saw the bike & liked it.Yamaha has increased its price to 55.4 k now.I learned there that company claims average of around 70kmpl but on road one can get 55kmpl.So while coming home I went to HH showroom also.HH Glamour costs around 51.5 k It is also 125cc bike;gives better average than Gladiator.Looks good but not like gladiator. Again I searched the net about glamour review.Many users are unhappy with this bike.So I cancelled this bike.
    I was ready to pay additional 10k for gladiator.But my luck was great.On Sunday,two days after my visit to Yamaha showroom,I received a call from second showroom again.And they said that we have gladiator graffiti & its price is only 49k.Immediately I called my friend & went to the showroom which is at least 35km away from my home & booked the bike.
    I feel very happy & proud of my decision.The bike has great control.We have Discover & Pulsar also with us.If u keep 3 bikes in line u will find Gladiator more attractive than these two because of its height & length,its fuel tank & attractive tail lamp & indicators.It has great riding comfort.U will not feel weight of the bike on ur hand.Yamaha has provided Soft seat for this bike.Avg is not less than 55.
    It would be too early to make any comment about performance of my bike, so I’ll keep updating u.
    So to conclude I would say if u are not looking for 150cc bike & u want great mileage with ur budget is around 45k then in 100cc segment u can choose Discover 100cc for good features & avg.or Star city for nice looking muscular body,lengthy seat,110cc engine and good avg.Never go for passion pro just because u will find plenty of bikes on road.Use common sense.U will not get any additional features & u will have to pay 4.5k extra.Don’t follow others.
    If ur budget is around 55k or u want 125cc bike then go for Yamaha Gladiator.Nice looking bike, muscular body,descent average (in 125cc segment – Don’t compare it with 100cc bikes),great riding comfort & price is at least 10k less than 150cc bikes.Yamaha engines are always reliable.It has sporty look and u can use it for ur family purposes also. Ur mom & ur girl friend both will be happy sitting behind u.
    This is my honest opinion after some careful study.Every person has own way of thinking & likings.I have not written this for criticizing anybody or any company or any bike.I got help from reviews of others.So to help others in their decision making I have written everything in detail.But of course one should use his observation & judgment before taking any decision.45 – 55k is not a small amount. Best of luck!

    • mayur

      thanks bro

  • venkat

    Hi kishore,

    Thanks for your neatly compiled comparison and review of bikes.

    Is Graffiti available in market now also?. I heard this version has been stopped by yamaha. You r luckly to get this version as it is a perfect bike for family man as well college goers.


  • Kishor Joshi

    Hi Venkat

    Thanks for comment.

    Unfortunately Yamaha has stopped production of Graffiti. I don’t understand the reason. I am going to write to Yamaha also.

    However if one is as lucky as me he may find Graffiti somewhere.

    If you are from Pune I can give you the address of dealer from whom I bought the bike. They had 2 bikes available in red colour when I booked the bike.

    Kishor Joshi

  • kokz

    I’ m gona hit the road right now for Yamaha Gladiator after reading all the comments of u guy’z. I really appreciate that help

  • prakash

    hi all,

    Thank you very much for your comments on Gladiator. Based on your positive feedback, I started searching gladiator graffiti and finally got it.

    I could managed to negotiate with the dealer and got the bike for 45K on road. Isn’t it good deal?.

    What a bike it is guys? Ultra smooth Engine, very good handling, World class gear box. Amazing!!!!

    I have a RX100. But we cannot compare directly Glady with RX100. Rx100 is RX100.

    If you really want to have family bike in 125CC segment, you may consider glady as first choice which will deserve for this position.


  • Kishor Joshi

    Congrats Prakash for your Gladi,

    It’s really a great bike. And you will become addicted to it very soon.

    By the way how did you manage to get it in just 45k, when it’s price is 49k.

    Kishor Joshi

  • hari adoor

    hi friends
    surely gladiatore rocks
    i brought bike yesterday and it is very great experiance

  • rakesh jain

    can anyone tell me the on-road price for yamaha gladiator ss in bangalore?

  • rakesh jain

    Hi rakesh,

    you bought in how many bugs?

  • rakesh jain

    I asked to lotus yamaha show roombangalore.
    they told 57,380.
    i think this is more.

  • sohilps

    0-60 acceleration time for Yamaha gladiator type rs ?

  • Amit

    Gladi is very expensive in Bangalore. Nearly 60k. I suggest that you go for a more powerful 150cc bike if you live in Bangalore. IMO Gladi is overpriced and should be around 55k OTR.


    Yamaha Gladiator ss has starting problem and the dealer has confirmed that it is a manufacturing defect. I purchased it on 28.4.09 in kolkata but I am very disgusted with their service

  • Kishor Joshi

    Hi S Mukherjee,
    It’s really unfortunate that your bike has starting problem. But it can not be a manufacturing defect as told by your dealer or it may be with your bike only. Because no-one has got that experience. The only thing could be that when engine is cold it sometimes gives problem. But later there is no problem. In case my bike this problem is also not there. So go to some other service center and ask them.

  • nilwarad

    hi,i rd al cmnts n gladi imprs me. its too gud cmpr 2 stnr shin glmr.i dcid 2 buy gladi. plz giv me al info abt gladi

  • Kaustav

    Hello friends,
    I want to purchase one 125/150 CC bike some time soon. Not too much aware about bikes but all i care for are good looks, reasonable price and of course good mileage. I can get from all the reviews that gladiator meets all these requirements. Just a question, is there any serious or minor flaws found by users for this bike? please mention..

  • Kaustav

    and one thing more.
    what is the basic difference between SS and RS models?

  • rakesh jain

    Difference is only color and graphics.

  • gfgfg

    gladiator is very bad byk..not satisfied wid that

    • dsk

      Hey u have specified gladiator is a bad bike…..If ur passing the comment u have to tell the reason as well why u didnt like the bike ok?next time when u post any comment be specific…

  • asif

    i want to buy a 125cc bike which can give us mileage of 60km/ltr so please suggest m i have seen pulsar 135cc and gladiator also.

  • Jagadish

    Hello Friends,
    I own Yamaha Gladiator type RS today. It is very comfortable to ride, good looking 125cc bike. First i thought, hard to handle this bike, but i was wrong. Handling the bike while riding is very good. But this bike does not comes with ladies foot rest on the left side of the bike. please any one tell me where it is available. I am living in Bangalore.

  • tejash shah


    I bought Gladiator RS on last wednesday. It is really very good bike, stylish, Good pick up(Same as Unicon), Good Mileage(I am getting 51 before first service), smooth gear shifting and easy to drive.This is the overall best bike among all 125/150cc bikes for mileage, look and pickup point of view.

  • Biraj


    Hello riders.. i am also a satisfied owner of the Gladiator SS. I am satisfied in all side concern except too expensive spare parts, compare to other same categories bike.

  • Rupesh Saxena


    I am planning to buy Yamaha Gladiator , and need to go with the 125 cc variant of Yamaha bikes. Is it good for the Delhi roads? I just need a good looks as well as the performance (Both in equal amount)


    Hi yamaha Gladiator is a good bike in all most all the features in milige its excelent it gives me 65 now in long after it had runned for 19000 km but i think the postion of the rider must be changed to z shape then the bike is very very excellent in 125cc segment

  • Amit

    Hi Yamaha group.
    I want to buy a bike with good look, comfort and milage.I have two choice i.e gladi… n shine.
    I am confused…..betwn these two…any one using gladi..please suggest…..waiting reply..

  • leop23

    Is there any Suzuki Bike in India like the EN125…

  • Dhanzy

    i purchased glady on nov 8th 2009, i never rode a bike previously and iam very new for bikes. i picked it up for its astonishing looks and style, comfort. it was an amazing performance but my friends told me that my bike in particular has a very poor pick up. so i went and asked my mechanic about the same , they tried out some thing and then milage dropped fron 53.5 to 48 suddenly. Iam still much worried. later after some adjustments its giving 53 constantly in city and around 60 on a long drive. can some one please suggest me to improve the mileage with out loosing pickup………..

  • Jagadish

    Hi Friends,
    I purchased Gladiaor type RS bike 25 jan 2010. It’s giving very nice mileage of about 60km/l, before first service. After the service it is giving very good performance and good riding capability. I proud to say that it is very good bike compare to any other 125cc bike like HH Glamor, Honda Shine or CBF stunner TVS Flame. Before buying this bike I go through all these above mentioned bike. But none of them are comes closer to Gladiator Type SS or Rs bike in any way. Believe it.

  • Dinesh ramaraju


    I am dinesh.i am web developer from hyderabad,AP.Am recently married in oct 2009.I was driving all the way splendor which is my cousins bike.I own a small family car and I have no bike till date.I used my cousins bike for 2 yrs, now I need to return it so I am looking on for good bike.I am good fan of yamaha.I have made enough home work on bikes for around 2months of time.But even still I am in doubtful state.I still remember about my father’s bajaj bike which came to re bhoring after 30,000kms.I decided never to bajaj any more.As hyderabad city is best in traffic and pollution it really makes 4 wheelers hard to move and beyond all these things only 4 wheeler usage in general is used once or twice in month or two on an occassion etc.Business guys usage will be more.Anyways I looked out for gladiator which is 56,000 on road in hyderabad and now exctly rs. 57,500 after budget 2010.I even have the capability to effort for 150 segment bikes cbz,unicorn max of rs.70,000 as well.What ever its all about finance option with minimum down payment.I was almost fixed with the bike and my wife was happy too.Unfortunatley bike mech’s from show rooms are stating not to go for 125cc segments not only in yamaha but in any other companies as there is no good market for 125cc bikes.either 100cc or 150cc is what they are opting.owning a bike for rs.70,000 is something like owing a second hand family car.I have already driven yamaha gladiator type ss and i found it to be superb bike which i cant express in words.I weight about 72 kgs with good built and height of 5 ft 8 inches.

    In hyderabad there is not much marketing on gladi but fz16,fazer rocks in hyd which i cant own coz its 77,000rs after buget 2010 which is out of my range and no comfirtable sitting for partner .i have no intension to sell bike coz people speak about resale which only happens after 6 yrs or somethihg as auto mobiles are not fixed assets obviously relsale cant be expected to be 50% cash back.

    Please do suggest me about taking gladiator type ss/rs.I appreciate all your valuable suggestions.


    Now i am going to take a bike for the first time.I have told u about this before and u have given me a nice advice to me about 125cc bike. I m going to take a bike of 125cc around Rs.55000. So can u please advice me which bike to take.I like Yamaha Gladiator and Shine. So from this which one will be the best. Will Gladiator be the best.Please advice me soon.

  • Dinesh ramaraju


    I am not aware where you reside I mean the state.Anyways I would suggest you Yamaha gladiator type SS or RS to own compared to Shine.My friends own Honda Shine.As i said I am from hyderabad more people opt for honda shine,cbz,unicorn,apache.Nowadays we can even see gladi to run on the roads.Its not a matter of how much you go for the looks even refined engine matters.Both honda shine and gladi have refined engines but gladiator has very smooth gearing system and yes yamaha is always known for its engine power.Believe me it runs nearly like a 150cc bike.Looks a bit weight of 123kgs even then the performance is excellent.Here in hyd now service after sales are good.More youngs guys look on for yamaha fazer,fz16 and now gladi as it comes from 55,000 to 59,0000 range depending on the state.As andhrapradesh has state govt rule, tax for central govt needs to be paid.Thats reason for variation of price in states.Delhi being central bike costs very less.anyways sorry for deviating.Cuming to shine after 60kmph the chain makes noise and the bike shakes I personally felt it and many say the same thing.Now with alloy wheels and good defined design it looks professional looks its good bike with soft run.but gladi is trendy and professional as well.if you are married or single doesnt matter gladi is suitable.10,000 less than 150cc.good enough for people who are opting to 125cc.only big draw back no good cost on second hand sale.pls dont think of sale.any bike will have its own priorities.Lets see yamaha is almost in the race back.gladi runs 110 speed it has 11bhp and new shine 11.4 bhp show room guys say.Even then gladi is smooth in performance and gives good fight to 150cc and is oustanding in 125cc segment.milages is never dropped less than 55kms/lit.only 2 color are available here black red and silver red.spare parts bit expensive.never go for outside mech’s for service.yamaha has its own service men.if you even service outside and something goes wrng any showroom will not give you good service support.so think of it.

    finally,coz you decided for 125cc i am suggesting you for this bike.I still did not think of 150cc or 125cc as i am married and iam looking for long term bike may not change in future.May be 150cc will be my choice.Unfortunately I cant own in yamaha as partner sitting is height and i cant carry my mother as well in 150cc above all its expensive.I may even land up to gladi if i think of 125cc segment.

    reply me when you own this cool gladi.

  • sourabh

    i am piyush.in past 5 years i have driven yamaha bikes one is libero and other is FZ.These bike are super fast compared with other bikes have no doubt but when you buy it you have consider few ponts
    1.Yamaha bikes have no resale value if ur condition is so good then you have get 3000-4000 more.
    2.Service of yamaha at dealer level is not so good and the spare parts are not available in maket or if available then cost is high
    3.Maintenence of yamaha bikes are much then other bikes.
    If you have purchase these bikes please survey the market and report of bike.

  • Sanket

    I bought the bike about six months back. Tough the bike looks great and smooth to ride, the customer service of Yamaha truly sucks. When i bought the bike from Chandigarh showroom it was without front number plate and speedometer wire. It was only my over-enthusiasm that made me take it hope despite the lack of the parts. I was assured that parts would arrive but it seems that shortage of bike parts is a permanent phenomenon. I even checked in Panchkula showroom but to no avail. The guys at Chd showrooms got my front number plate from fixed from local repair shop after one month (the original hasn’t arrived yet), i got my speedometer wire only after six months. To top it all, i had to pay for the wire and labor charges. On my frequent visits to the dealer i discovered that i a not the only one facing this problem.

  • prajesh

    friends dont blow away with all these yamaha gladiaters i am using this bike over 2 years and although i did regular service i still have to change my crank shaft and ater that its pulling is very poor belive me i get milage only up to 45 to 50 km bad bike and badest service i have not riden any oyher bikes so i dont know about them

  • chethan

    Hey guys,
    i m bout to buy a bike and surveying from 3 months but confused a lot. i like yamaha its very good looking but not reliable i think.
    i also have UNICORN, HUNK, PULSAR 150, PULSAR 135, APACHE, SUZUKI GS 150R, GLADIATOR in my mind. so plz suggest me a good bike which will be RELIABLE, LONGITIVITY, MILEAGE, NO VIBRATION AT HIGH SPEEDS, GOOD LOOKS.
    please suggest me a bike from the above list friends…..plz i ll wait for ur opnion…….

  • prabhu

    guys glady is 56,000 on road in chennai

  • shashi

    hi i brought new gladi………….. red wit silver,,,,,,, i lik the yamha bikes so i buyed,, its nice wit great pick up, i lik the sound,,,, gud bik,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yet i dint check milage……………

  • mathi

    hello sir…….

    Correct milegage of Yamaha Gladiator RS/SS???

  • pradi

    Hi…guys…good to hear from all the yamaha bike lovers…no doubt it is a great brand…and the bikes brought out by Yamaha are world class…I am planning to purchase a bike and was bit confused between…Pulsar 135 cc, honda twister and Yamaha gladiator but now i have decided that i will own one GLADAITOR only…ther is not if and buts when it comes to YAMAHA….thank you guys

  • sarav

    HI guys
    I am looking for a bike , I liked Gladiator for its looks but little apprehensive since i dont see them much in chennai, where i live . Can i go for this or Shine or discover 135

    what u suggest

  • chethan

    i just want to know one thing.
    i am planning to buy unicorn but this gladiator is coming in my way.
    i want to know from experienced gladiator riders tat is it reliable for long term(may be more than 6 or 8 years) like honda…..
    plz post ur reply

  • Nick

    I purched Yamaha Gal SS 125CC in Apirl 2010, now my bike has covered 650KM,,, after 01 service i am sure you guys should not purchase this bike now i am feeling that this bike is made for only 01 person, if you are driving alone then bike pick-up is good but if second person is setting behind you, then you will feel that you are driving 100 cc bike,,, its feel very bad in city, 02nd thing, gear changing peroblem, 03rd peroblem is that my bike speed meter is not working since my bike crossed 400km, i dont know how can new bike speed meter gone bad,,,i am very disappointed with this bike, even i went there in service center but the service boys dont know about the speed meter, so please do not buy this bike,,,,,now i have many complaints with yamaha product i dont know whom to contact…….help me

  • @ Naveen…I seriously wonder how so much problem has happened to your Bike.. My Gladiator has completed 5 services & it has crossed around 4000 odd Kms…But not even a single problem has happened till now…The speed etc are terrific… Infact Gladiator is the only vehicle which matches most 150 CC Bikes in terms of looks, speed & smoothness..Probably u can try calling up the Customer Service of Yamaha head office & file a complaint..Call this toll free number….Number-18004201600

  • vikram

    why not able to make his market yet?gladiator not look so much on the road after having so quality????

  • Madhu

    Hey guys,
    i wanna buy a new bike for me…..
    as i heard so much abt Yamaha Glady on the net compared to other bikes in 125 cc category,
    will any1 pls suggest me for which bike i can go for….
    awaiting for ur replies guys….

    • sandeep shrestha

      go for gladiator.this is the best bike in its class

  • Vivek Saah

    I am really confused between 2 bikes Yamaha Gladiator and Honda stunner. Can any one suggest which one is the better one for millage and maintenance as well as performance. plz suggest

  • Omkar Deshpande

    Heyyy YAMAHA Lovers

    friends I am using my gladdy from year 2006. She is my girlfriend….. me & my 3 friends buy bikes together…. we had bought 1 YAMAHA Gladdy, 2 Bajaj Pulser, and 1 Karizmaaaaaaa

    i Proudly say that my gladdy gives me same performance as well as average, but others hahahahahahahahaha…………

    Yamaha is yamaha & Gladiator is the best bike is i seen ever….
    i Love My Gladdy Than my GF. Some times she feels joules about my bike ……….. Go boys go for Yamaha:)

  • karthik

    Hi Guys,

    I have purchased my gladi a week back and driven 450 Kms from my native to Bangalore.
    Don’t go by Yamaha official site or any other site for gladi photos, visit showroom near by you, because color variant and graphics are changed now.
    1. Bike reaches to 100 km/h with ease.
    2. Vibration starts at top speed.
    3. Millage of around 55-60 on highway.(good for new bike)
    4. Not fully recommended for highways due to lesser Weight, gets little shaky when heavy vehicles cross you.
    5. Smooth engine, good pickup, nice looks, great control, good braking and value for money.
    Overall I am really happy with what I got.

  • john

    i have been a proud owner of gladiator for 1 year now. i added acetone in my fuel (.8 ml/litre, have done this since i had my bike. apart from changing the engine oil, evrything is pretty clean (carburettors, plugs etc.) i never visit the service centre, i dont trust them eversince the mech told me not to fill one of the empty battery chambers (i’m an electronics mech myself). with acetone i get about 50 km/litre on a hilly area like mizoram, without it i get about 40 km/l. try adding acetone and experience greater mileage!!!! long live acetone :D. i’m not responsible if u xperience any problem, add at ur own risk 🙂

  • ragahavendran,salem(tamil nadu)

    am the owner of YAMAHA Gladiator….125ss:-)
    good pickup,done milleage,& stylish…..
    don’t confuse go and buy gladi…..
    gladi is rocking star…..
    yes my YAMAHA:-)9629101179

  • Amigo

    Hey guys… i live in kolhapur, maharshtra & after seeing all d gud comments n photos i’m tempted to buy gladi… D market for gladi is very low in my city but i dont care about tat if it is really gud bike… My main requirements are low maintainnce, gud service, gud mileage, low spare part cost. does gladi match all my requiremnts???? if not then is there any gud 125cc bike which match my all requirmnts??? Kindly advice me plz…

  • aravind

    I have purchased yamaha gladiator in january 2007 and completed 36000kms up to know. I can say its the longest bike i have ridden because i loved this bike so much i cant get any alternative to replace this bike. This bike is daamn good in reliability and comfort. I have ridden the bike from chattisgarh to andhra pradesh in mid summer non stop. I have covered 1080kms in single day. Now i say thats the reliability. riding non stop at a speed of 60kmph. I feel no other bike can beat it in any term (Bueaty, reliability & Mileage)

  • Vivek

    hey hi frnds,
    im vivek here i bought my gladi type-ss on 17th of june 2010…
    it is a gr8 bike….
    whn i had 2 buy 125cc bike i was so much confused btwn gladi,stunner,shine,discover,glamour,splendr
    bt finaly aftr lots of survey i bought gladi…
    realy superb 4 my clg going frnds
    and realy comfertable 4 family membrs also…
    seat is extremly comfertable…
    just 1 thng i dislike abut it is its front overhead number plate…
    in performance rt nw i dint knw much abut it….
    bt i cn say it is the best best best 125cc bike in india….

  • Prashanth M.S

    Hi ,
    I like yamaha gladiator But Avg Milleage per Litter ?

  • kumar kanth

    Hi so u all ppl prefer galdiator… wt i heard is the servicing is not so good is it true… and one more thing is that the spare parts are costly for yamaha…? can any bosy give sme info on this…?

  • David J

    Now that was an interesting read. I had planned on buying a Honda Shine then I read all the feedback comments about vibration and engine noise so I went web searching for alternatives. The Yamaha Gladiator 125SS came up and the reader feedback has been about 90% positive. I like the look of the bike and the lack of graphics, give me solid colors. Five speed trans and a front disc are icing on the cake. I will haul my self off to the local Yamaha dealership, where ever that is in Dehradun, and test ride one. …..DJ

  • Mukul

    Hi All,

    After a through market research and by comments by you all, I have decided to buy this bike this week itself. I hope the bike matches my expectations. With such a sexy features it’ll definitely make you think if you are buying any other bike.

    Thank you all. You’ll have a added comment from me in a fortnight with my experience with this bike.


  • Krish

    Hey guys,

    I had actually booked Honda Shine, on looking its mileage and the Honda reputation. I still not sure whether it was best of bikes. On reading many complaints about the vibration, i just peeked into Yamaha site, looking for a 125cc bike. I found this one… i changed my mind now!

    Thanks for bikeadvice and all your comments.. i am goin for Gladiator!

  • Mukul

    Hi All,

    Mukul here. I am back with my experience with this bike. I bought this bike last month, after reading all your review. And I am satisfied with this bikes performance. Milege-52, after 2-3 services it may go up. Pickup, I can rate 3/5, Looks 5/5, Power 4/5. But two things which may not be like, the noise (not very much) of engine after a long run, and all mud on your legs in rainy. The pillion rider will find very comfortable for sure, so did my friends & family. Trust me, everyone on the road will definitely notice your bike & keep looking @ it. Dam sexy looks I must say. Good response from the service centers. I’ll rate as “Must buy”……

    Wish you all a good luck & Have a safe ride.

    Don’t forget to wear helmet.

  • Ajay Shankar

    Now i am going to take a bike for the first time.I have told u about this before and u have given me a nice advice to me about 150cc bike. But now my budget is low and i m going to take a bike of 125cc around Rs.55000. So can u please advice me which bike to take.I like Yamaha Gladiator and Honda Stunner. So from this which one will be the best. Will Gladiator be the best.Please advice me soon at ajayshankar23@gmail.com

  • Ajay Shankar

    And also state its on road price in Chennai and the availability of spares if I pt for buying it ……….
    And Where to buy it in chennai as I live in Tambaram…….
    Please advise……………..

  • Malhar

    please tell me the price of Gladi SS125 on road in Ahmedabad..??

  • Krish

    @Ajay hey machi, this is hari from chennai.. I have got this sexy bike, 2 weeks back! I have been looking into many bikes, but this bike’s reviews are very good.. After i bought the bike and rode it, i felt that it was really a very good buy.. worth the price! The ride is very comfortable. Doesnt seem to ride a bike actually, seems like flyin in air.. 🙂

    There is a Bikerz showroom in Chromepet! Price On Road Chennai – 57123. Cheaper than Honda Shine, P135.. in ride quality, this bike is the best!



    hi i have bought a new gladiator ss 125cc . can u tell me where the tool box is???????????????????????????? plz????????????????

  • Vilton

    I modified My gladiator ss with using yamaha racing kit, before i modify, it would go 0 to 60 in 6.8sec now 4.2sec topseed 119kmph now 147kmph Unbelievable it raced pulsar 150,180,200,apache 160, fazer,fz

  • Biker

    Now that the ‘Gladiator’ is being stopped by the Yamaha motors and in it’s place the New ‘SS125’ is being sold, of course this is the clone of the ‘Gladiator’ but with a different graphics. So, what I want to ask is that is the spares of SS125 too are similar to the Gladiator or not? I’m asking this as to know weather the spar parts for the old i.e., ‘Gladiator’ will be available in the market or not? Plz reply……..

  • Parth

    hello, i am confused between discover 150 and gladi SS……. kindly suggest me for which bike should i go..? and if possible give me the reasons also……

  • sandeep shrestha

    at top speed it vibrates horribly. when heavy veichele passes near by u while riding it get unbalanced horribly.its mileage is good compared to other 125 cc bikes.

  • KrishnaC

    I purchased a Yamaha gladiator in July 2009. It has clocked approx 11170.
    Realy its well designed bike by YIPL but service support is very poor.Unfortunately my bike comes back from service centre with a new problem. Scheduled Servicing of the bike is never carried our properly by them. Bike is used only within 5-7 KM radius.Every time new snag is gifted to my bike by service Centre.

  • Guman Patra

    I purchased a Yamaha gladiator 125CC in July 2006. It very comfortable for ride other bike. But, its Front Socupcher will be problem due to oil seal likage can you any suggetion for control it?

  • mangesh bachhav

    May be front fork was bend then u have to repair that then replace the seal.

  • vishwas

    im bought 1 in june 2010.. its truly a bike.. not a motor cycle….. smooth powerful n comfortable……
    now i cvr d distnc form home to clg in js 7 mins which ws earlier 15 mins far..
    amazing byk!! YES YAMAHA!!

  • Hey guys I hv brought Yamaha ss125 on 6th August 2010. My self Suman I m from kolkata I think I m the 1st owner of this bike in kolkata may be India.
    I have complited 1400 km. Every time when I riding this bike one word coming out from my mouth “ YES YAMAHA “ !! Amazing build up quality of engine it’s bearing the true Yamaha DNA. Smooth gear shifting with good pickup feel like flying on air as well as suspension.

    After reading lots of review and magazine from last tow year also considering the TV show I have selected few bike.
    1.Pulsar-135 refresh
    2.CBF stunner 125
    3.Yamaha gladiator 125
    I think this tree is high end midrange bike.

    1. Pulsar 135 has delivered the raw pickup and bad setting position and poor quality steel plastic used on body, engine noise and vibration disappointed me. Breaking is most important for bike I didn’t understand that how Bajaj avoided that area.
    Good thing with this bike power and pickup is very impressive, look also stunning, and the bike available in very cheap price.
    Over all a good city bike u can touch speed 115km/h.

    2. CBF stunner A good option for 125cc segment. With a huge body having the small engine and power. Passionate look but not ever green. One thing, only One thing its after crossing 60km/h shit noise and very bad vibration too much disappointed me this not expected from Honda. Mileage average around 45 to 50 . this bike is too high price for 125cc segment other wise beak is superb balance is good, handling is ok but I not feel any thing remarkable.
    Over all the bike is good for city riding average speed not for race  if want pay some extra money. Advantage is tube less tier.

    3.Yamaha the name make your feeling !
    Yes finally I got my all requirement in one bike Yamaha introducing ss-125.
    Actually I was searching for a bike good look and style with powerful engine and average mileage.
    1100mm seat height with 155mm ground clearance superb sticker work on the body having huge fuel tank 13.6ltr its 0.6ltr more than Gladiator also Aluminoum foot rest making the bike high end look. Remarkable thing is Aerodynamic design of engine cowl its giving the sporty look and also help to keep the engine cool.
    Engine sound good but after crossing 80km/h making more noise. Very easy to touch 80 I think around 10sec or 12 sec u can touch 80km/h , I never feel any vibration up to 90km/h I don’t know above because I didn’t touch more than 90km/h due to the new bike.Gear shifting very smooth with back heal gear.
    Break is superb mostly I like the MRF Zapper zap the road ……..
    Overall a good quality product affordable price for 125cc segment Ever green look with stylist engine cowl and new graphic. Average or little bit poor fuel economy 45 to 55 .

    Hope your dream bike will be soon with u ……….

  • Narendra Panchal ‘DEV’

    Hi , Friends !
    After reading lots of review and magazines from last two year , I have selected only my favuirate yamaha gladiator 125. Really, i love very much my bike….

  • gladiator bike super … engine sound is nice …

  • S.Vinoth

    My Galdi SS gives 46 on city(coimbatore) on highways 54 only dude is it crct mileage of i dont rash driving in city condition
    But i love my bike very much my gladi touches 115+- in coimbatore to karur by pass road several times in city 90kmph touches very easily i dont have vibrations at that time also but my frndz & mechanic says bike is awesome but mileage is too poor tell abt u r comments frndz abt mileage

  • Sam

    guys plz do reply me soon. i prefer 2 buy this bike 4 my dad n he needs side box for sure. sumhow or other can the side box be fixed in this bike? will the seatin -posture be comfortable not to cause any pain? til now we havin star city 100cc n lookin 4 replacement!!! plz do reply soon!!!



  • Hemanth kumar

    yes, Gladi 125 , the best i bought one on 24.01.2011, completed 700 kms, one service done ,have to check milege, when it came to reserve filled 10.6 Lilters, kms was 268 , so have completed 432kms dont no when it fall to reserve . performance too good , after 1st service its giving some sort of sound or viberation need to check.

    feel great choice…………………

    • Bharath

      How you are satisfied with SS 125 with the following ?

      1. Mileage
      2. Gear Shift in traffic
      3. Starting trouble
      4. Maintenance issue
      5. Maximum speed in High way

      Do you have any starting trouble with the bike ? How to solve this issue ?

      Are you facing any problem with the bike since 3 months has passed ?

  • ahashan

    want a update of this bike.
    I’m 5’2″ tall, is it suitable ?
    any other suggestion ?
    btw, i like the look of twister, hunk, discover etc

  • apurv gautam

    hi myself apurv from bhopal. i bought one of the last of ss 125 as i think it is out of the production now. done about 1500 km on odo .mileage is 66 in city never taken it to highway.it vibrates in 60 kmph but after that its ok .i have never taken it above 80. plz tell me can i take it above 100 and after how much distance coverd on odo. one problem is it leaks engine oil.

  • Bharath

    Dear Friends,

    As I am waiting since 2 months after booking Yamaha SS 125. Now the dealer is telling Yamaha has stopped the production of SS 125. Is it true ? May I go for another company or wait for SS 125 ? Suggest please….

    • raj shakya

      where do u stay dear??? if in Mumbai…. then its available over there….i called yahama dealers 2-3 days back……

      • Bharath

        Hi Raj Shakya,

        I Stay at Hosur near to Salem, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri Dist., Tamil Nadu. No vehicle in these cities. I am waiting and searching since 3 months for SS 125. Can you help me ?

      • Bharath

        Hi Dear,

        Last week I purchased Yamaha SS 125. Since it’s unavailable at my home city. I’d booked from the father in law’s place where 250 km from my home. I took the vehicle by parcel service transport. Now you can explain me how to maintain the vehicle as it is new. ??

  • raj shakya

    @apurv gautam>>> did u actually got a mileage of 66……. i cant believe it as its yahama…. Plz tell me more abt the bike n especially mileage as i thinking to purchase this Bike….. Personally i like this bike very much…but little bit concerned about the mileage nothing else(bcoz of rising petrol prices)… I stay in Mumbai…. Just let me kn please… Thanks in advance dear….

    • apurv gautam

      i m sorry i m rplying a bit late but thats the truth. i did it by driving at the speed suggested by the company people. i checked it myself, my friends also checked it. as per i think that this bike is out of production now as company was not making a lot of profit as it makes by selling fz and sz series bikes. that indicates its vfm factor . if u can find it in any showroom directly go and buy it . its a grt vfm .the vfm thing is right as my uncle has a yamaha showroom.

  • Satish

    Iam totally confused on buying whether Yamaha sz-x or galdiator series.,,if gladi.,which series is better.,,,??? Also tell regarding the mileage of both in city.,,,,!!!
    Pls do give me a good suggestion.,,

    • Bharath

      Hi Satish,

      No need to confuse. I can say directly, you can go for SS 125 its available with all the benefits of 150CC bike. SZ Series (incl. new SZ-R) mileage is 40-45 km/h only, All other things are average. Only you can enjoy 150 CC acceleration in SZ series bikes, that’s all. Then you can desid which you like.

      Positive’s of SS 125 CC

      1. Good Pick up and acceleration
      2. Mileage 55-60 km/L
      3. Attractive Look design
      4. Disc Break.
      5. 5 Speed Gears (No 125 CC bike contains 5 Speed Gear, e.g. Hero Honda Super Splendor, Honda Shine, etc etc…)
      6. Engine sound is lovable.
      7. No Vibration at high speed.
      8. Engine crawl is attractive.
      9. Metal foot rest
      10. Soft cushion seat.

      Negatives of SS 125 CC:

      1. No chain cover
      2. No foot rest in Saree guard
      3. No separate back indicator.

      But these negatives are small and negligible. We can tolerate. Any way I suggest Yamaha has to consider the chain cover and foot rest in Saree guard at least. If they did this then NO BIKE of 125 CC CAN BEAT SS 125. I am sure about this.

  • Bharath


    If you want to ride speed you can go for SZ-R. Except 155 CC engine nothing special with SZ-R.


    1.Break control is also not good with SZ-R as comparted with 153 Cc engine the breaking power must be power full.
    2. No Kick Start. Optional pay Rs. 3000.
    3. No pass button and engine cut button.
    4. More costlier than SS 125.
    5. Very new to market. No body knows about mileage. May get 40 -45 km/l approx.

    My best advice is for you is go for Yamaha SS 125. Best bike in India. Then what else you need more ??? !!!! Go purchase and Enjoy Riding with Safe.

    Best Regards,

    R. Bharath Babu, M.Pharm,

  • sunil koul

    the bike is stunning and i amusing the same from last 2 years run more than 30000km without any issue

  • Niraj

    Hi Guys, I m new proud owner of SS 125. After reading several reviews on net, I zeroed on this bike. I want to ask that is there any harm in starting to move the bike in 2nd gear, which i normally do because it is very difficult to come to no 1 gear.So near traffic and signal, i start moving in 2nd gear instead of coming to 1st gear. Is there any harm in it?

    • digital_devil

      places unnecessary load on engine ruins it…………………..

  • favas

    i am using gladiator ss 125 for last 2 years. Actualy i hadn’t trust this bike before i getting it. At first ride also i got very comfortable of its smoothness. It has high action shockabsorbers. I am getting very good milage around 55 km/litre. And i am very proud to say of its pick up power. I made a race with my friend having hero honda Hunk. At first he raised his bike and taked first. I followed him with my gladi. And i downed my gears from 5 to 3, and increased the accelator. At that moment i excited and wondered of my bike’s engine pick up power. It was a fantastic race and made me a belief on gladiator. Now i am ready to chase with you i f you can. I also drived this hunk but i didn’t get that pick up power as my gladiator, also it jumps widely as the backseat person may thrown to the road. And there is a roomer that yamaha bikes have less milage , it is a great lie made by the fools who uses cheap bikes as my friend has. I believe in my Gladiator and my YAMAHA. THANKS TO YAMAHA.

    • Bharath

      I agree with favas



    i want to purchase a 125cc bike plz sugest me, which one should i go for.

  • apeksh

    i wanna buy bike in this 3….
    passion pro,yamaha ss125,discover 125
    which one is better in mileage,comfort,reliability and pickup

    please reply me……………..

  • Nouman Mohammed

    Hello all,
    I was initially planning to buy Honda Shine, but I found in its review that there are some problem with the bike like rear tyre, vibration etc., but I did not see any negative comment on Gladiator, now I have changed my mind and I am going for Gladiator, lets see if it meets my expectation, Thank you guys for the valuable feedbacks.


  • Arjun raj

    Im interested in purchsing the new ss 125,but if any 1 was interested in sailing there gladiators, I am ready to purchase, bcoz I lyk the color mixing of gladi than ss….. So if any is interested in sailing there old glades. Contact me at -7207109767

  • harshad

    Wht is the difference between yamaha gladiator 125 SS and yamaha gladiator 125 RS models?

  • okharbote

    hi, i am going to buy the byke ss 125 yamaha, i think it is the good looking bike , i don’t know it’s other thing because i just going to buy it

  • Anil Nalawade.

    I am ANIL
    I like Yamaha Bikes.
    And most like bike is YAMAHA GLADIATOR 125cc Motorcycle.
    I am using yamaha gladiator. My experiyance, I am gating last week 78 km/pl. Millage.
    Thank You.

  • pushparaj

    yamaha sz is super to ride.and way of easy to drive. . . .so iam going to buy sz


    Gladiator is one of the worst bike I have ever ride.
    I have glardiator SS model which I had purchase in Apr-2008.
    Average is not good.
    Engine has problem.
    spare parts problem.

    this bike should be rename as “The problem Bike”

  • Phani Krishna

    I am using Gladiator(not SS) since Oct 2006, travelled more than 75,000 KMs :).
    Pros: Driving comfort in traffic (only for singles)
    Cons: Except above one every thing :((

    My current mileage is 34-36 kmpl.
    On an average I have to change clutch plates for every 5000 kms (Overall cost crossed bike actual cost).

    Pick up is good when it is in very good condition, Gladi can beat Pulser 🙂 (till 1 or 2 weeks after servicing)
    After that cycle can beat Gladi 🙁

    • Deep

      hahaha….. i agree wid you Phani Krishna……….

    • Squid

      Awesomely put Phani. I had a good laugh! Cycle can beat Gladi. 😛

  • sumit k

    i bot gladi ss 3 yrs back.. still it gives me 68 kmpl on highways… n it drops to 50 kmpl in city… its nice bike

  • Syed Mansoor

    Dear all

    i am a professional guy and i have field work job, please any one suggest me, is it good bike for mileage?…………..

    • Karthik.S

      Nope!! i made a research on all the available bikes till 150cc. SS125 is giving average around 50kmpl, for sane riding 50-55kmpl, rash riding 85+kmph constant then 40kmpl. SS125 is for performance and mediocre mileage.

  • Mathan

    Plane to bye new bike this is my first gear bike so, i have full confusion only which one is best?
    Honda CB shine
    H.H passion pro
    Yamaha Gladiator ss or sx
    PLz let me know which one is best

  • Nischal

    Hai to all.i am great fan for ss 125.i l1.ove tis becoz it has great millage.55 in city nd 67 in high ways.plz maintain ur speed from 40 to 50 for first 2services.my bike has only one proble that is chain problem.other wise it is superb.nd one thing dont accelarate ur bike in ideal up to 3000 rpm nd in 1st gear also.read user manual.happy riding yes yamaha.dont think take it immediatly.

  • shameen

    I was riding this bike past 3 months .milege was 50 to 55 .Now it is reduced to 40 .but riding is ok.nice moving.

  • M.Ganapathy

    Dear all, can anybody suggest me to buy a Good 125cc 4 stroke four wheeler bike of Good make offeredable price for both mileage and acceleration with sturdy long life Engine.I amat the age of 55 years old need to travel K Ms daily on NH7 Road.I will be grateful to if any body suggest me TRUE and best 1255 cc segment bike.Wih kind regards.Ganapathy

  • manimaran

    Is it k for ride and mileage

    Gladiator type ss125
    Gladiator has been a part of yamaha family for quite a long time now. It is one of the best bikes that Yamaha has offered to its customers. It places itself among the 125 cc segment and occupies a well desearved position and is a good competitor for its rivals in this class. Gladiator offers 123.7 cc Ytps(yamaha throttle position sensor) which means it has outstanding combustion efficiency and great pick up, it gives out 11bhp of power at 7500rpm.And yamaha claimed that it will return 67km to a litre.
    I brought this bike back in 2010 and been riding it since then the first thing I noticed about the bike is that It looks extremely good and sporty.The engine cover added an extra mean look to the bike, the second thing I noticed is that it is quite tall and long as compared to its rivals and belive it or not I have been asked a couple of times that weather it’s a 150cc bike or not. The bike is exceptionaly good in handling and you can seriously lean the bike in corners (if you have the confidence to do so) the MRF nylo grip tires works extremely well but Yamaha could think of a tubeless version for it future models. The best thing about the bike is it is quite steady in speeds above 90 and the engine only starts vibrating if you push the bike above 100 but on the other hand you will have to remember that It is a 125cc bike. The riding position is very comfortable one do not have to lean forward to ride this bike thanks to its wide handlebars and comfortable,cushioned seats even the pillions can be comfortable at the back .. I have revved the bike hard and it clocked 107 kms in its analogue speedometer which is quite high as compared to the rest of the bikes of its segment.
    But there are few things which i did not liked about the bike :
    1. The headlight illumination is not at all good which causes a lot of problem’s if you are riding the bike at night.
    2. The bike returned me a mileage of 42kms in city and 47 km in highways which is quite low for 125cc class
    But afterall its yamaha and they were never known for Good mileage. This bike is extremely well built and although its 3 years old i am confident I can give any other Bike a good competition with the Gladiator.

    Final review
    I have rode the bike for almost 30,000kms till date and I am vey happy with its performance and never had any major problems with this bike except few knick knacks and the most common mileage issue.. Yamaha is always known to deliver the finest and good quality products to its buyers and this is yet another example. After riding this bike for more than 3years now i can certainly say “YES YAMAHA”

  • Deep

    Bakwaas bike…. the engine is so cool that you need to wait for few mins to start the bike even in summer… no pick up at all, problem with gears. Mileage is not bad, it will give 55kmpl however you ride it. The only worst bike in India is YAMAHA SS 125……….. and the service in bangalore is awesome that you will start hating yamaha bikes. Am thinking to sell my yamaha SS 125( showroom price 64.500 Rs) which is 10 months old. People are asking for 30 k, this bike has got no good resale value.

    never go for this bike guys………

    No Yamaha……

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  • Savan Kumar

    My bike Gladiator 2006 model.
    Total Km = 90,000 Km..!
    Average – 55 Km (highway) 50Km (city – Pune)

    Clutch plate changed – 2 times ( fault of service engineer)
    Tyre changed – 1 time (front n rear)
    Speedometer wire changed – 2 times
    Front 1 Shock absorber – 1 time

    Guys its worth a money..!
    Beats other 125 CC and 150 CC bike easily….! ( no need to mentioned the name)

    Will keep it for ever…!

    Love U Yamaha..!

  • I have used, bought and sold many bikes in the last 35 years. Bought the Gladiator recently and feel this bike has a light but very mature feel. Power makes me smile. Engine refinement is at very high level. I think I may have found what was missing in my riding experience and may keep this bike for many years.

  • vemuri veera venkata sathyanar

    i have been using gladiator since 2008 and did more than 68000 km so far and still runs nice and mileage is still 65 kmpl on high way in the speed range of 50 to 60 kmph