Having reviewed Yamaha R15 and Hero Honda Karizma already, I feel I have really delayed writing a review of Bajaj Pulsar 220. These three bikes are one of the best and fastest models available in India today. The bike I reviewed was Blue in color and looked gorgeous just after the water wash.

Bajaj Pulsar 220
Bajaj Pulsar 220

Styling: On the first look of the bike, it looked like a cheetah ready to pounce on me. The head lamp is designed in such a way that it adds a life to the bike. It is nothing short of a face of a robot. Look at the tell tale lights, doesn’t it look like eyes? This is the second bike in India after Karizma which has isolated handle bars (like the real sports bikes). Such bikes position itself as a unique category, a higher status of machines.

The tanks are adopted from the original Pulsar and has a scratch pad near the seat. The tail part is nothing new. It just looks like the other Pulsars and it disappoints me a little bit. Someone looking just the tail wouldn’t be able to differentiate whether it is a Pulsar 220, 200, 180 or 150.

Performance and Handling: The bike has great agility. It has a tendency to ‘jump off’ when you twist the throttle which gives a great adrenaline pump. If you really want to whip the engine to its limits, the Indian city roads will disappoint you.

I own a Karizma, and when I drive the Pulsar 220, I feel as if the bike is light as a feather. There are both pros and cons to this. On my Karizma, I feel more safe and stuck to the road with the heavy solid feeling, but Pulsar 220 seems to be ‘flying’ which is good, but does not give me a safe feeling. The details may be different, but this is what I feel, and you would perhaps feel the same if you test the two bikes. The maximum power is 3 PS more than Karizma, but the top speed is nearly the same – 126 kmph.

Features: No doubt that the Pulsar places itself on par with other high end bikes. The features in the dashboard are nothing short of spectacular. With orange backlit digital console, it displays the speed, fuel level and ODO meter is incorporated below the speedometer. Like the bikes from Honda, Pulsar 220 has single indicator for the signal. The tachometer dial and the digital console perfectly blends with each other.

Verdict: In the test rides, the Pulsar 220 is a little faster than the Karizma, but we have to wait for Karizma Fi, a new version of Karizma that is to be launched soon. Bajaj Pulsar 220 is a great bike overall compared to the other bikes in India, but taking into account the international bikes, its stands no chance against them. Hopefully we can see lot of new technology coming up in Indian bikes in the coming years. If you want a high performance bike, wait a little longer for the new Karizma and then make the decision.

Pros: Pickup, aggressive looks, Pulsar branding

Cons: Not so pleasant engine sound

Bajaj Pulsar 220 Specifications:

Engine: 220 cc single, 2 valve, 4 Stroke, EFI, air cooled with oil cooler
Compression ratio: 12.8:1
Top speed: 135 km/h (84 mph) (estimated)
Power: 20 PS (20 hp/15 kW)
Torque: 19.13 N·m (14 ft·lbf)
Transmission: 5 speed manual sequential
Suspension: Front: 37 mm telescopic hydraulic type 130 mm (5.1 in) travel
Rear: Ellipitical section swingarm with twin hydraulic gas-charged shock absorbers; 101 mm (4 in) travel
Brakes: Front: 260mm disc
Rear: 230 mm disc
Tires: Front: 90/90-17 tubeless
Rear: 120/80-17 tubeless
Dimension: L 2,035 millimetres (80.1 in) W 750 millimetres (30 in) H 1,140 millimetres (45 in)
Weight: Approx. 150 kilograms (330 lb)

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  1. I just cant understand why YAHAMA launched 150 cc bike in India, they have to go for a big deal, atleast upto 220cc so that they can compete the Bajaj pulsar

  2. The tail grab rail differentiates the 150 and 180 from 200 and 220…and with bigger tyres and exhaust it is also different..
    agree that these details are minor..but anyway they do exist….
    and this for @chetan..
    have you seen specification of R15…have you seen its performance details…
    large CC isnt everything….its how u use those CubicCms;….
    yamaha has built R15 as 150CC but its performance values are way beyond …P-220…and those are facts….
    i m not comparing both bikes….i m jst sayin dont judge a bike jst by CC’s … did u knw P-180 has better 0-60 acceleration figures
    as compared to P-200 and P-220 only karizma was better than P-180 …….i.e. till yamaha brought our its superbikes…

    and to the site owner..ur stuff is good..keep it up…its simple for everyone to understand..no techno-terms to confuse newbie’s

      • Hi Guys,

        This is sathish here please i am planning to take my new 1st bike soo kinldy help me out which one is the best compared to r15 and p220.


  3. You are absolutely a ZMA fan. It is clear from this blog and other blogs. You will never fully appreciate the other bikes in the segment of ZMA-namely 200,220,R15.

  4. Yes I am ZMA fan and I own one. I write reviews only after test riding the bikes. And what I write is logical and not emotional.

  5. I am in idea of buying pulsar 220cc. But some of my friends says there is some problem with it’s headlight. Something like the headlight doesn’t turn when the handle is rotated. I want to know how far it’s true?

  6. yo deepak.

    i belive that you’ve driven your zma for 2to3 years(may be more) and might’ve covered 30000+ kms on the same.

    but as i say,if i’m driving a zma,p220 and r15 for the first time,i’ll be able to distinguish b/w each of their pros and cons precisely just ’cause all of them are new to me.
    if you were using a 220 instead of your zma, you’ll find the 220 more adorable than zma ’cause you are an expert on a 220 other than on a zma and you’ll feel like “i’m better off with my 220”.

    what i state is that you are experienced on a zma and while driving a new bike like 220 or r15 you’ll fell them a lil too much for you cause both of these are entirely off league with zma.

    i’m not starting a war here.
    i’ve felt that too.
    i own an rx100.when i drive a p150 after riding an rx i feel like this “damn, he(the owner of p150)might be cursed to be put up with this damn bike”

    but things change when he thinks the same with my bike.
    ’cause rx is 40kgs lighter and is a 2 stroke than a 150,and it seems a lil hard for me to drive the 150.

    i hope you understand,
    it’s just that,the feeling is mutual

  7. guys guys!!!!!chill..see its clear..all d three bikes(zma,220 n d r15)have der own pride n they really mean alot to der owners..i had been ridin my frnds new zma for a long time n trust me it deserves appriciation,for d fact that after d slow death of indias 1st ever performance bike d rd350,words like handling,speed,ride quality and fun were again introduced in d indian bikers dictionary with d launch of zma.n trust me d bike feels gr8,smooth and stressfree..n its essentially fast too..its ideal for long rides.i respect d bike alot.then on may20 2008 i got myself a p220 after alot of dispute with my parents..i may sound abit baised here but d bike is awesome..its loaded wid torque rite from the bottom..n yes it does get noisy after 120kmph..but i dnt knw i jus luv d exhaust note..power delivery n throttle response r better than both zma n r15..its a all rounder u can say..gud for city as well as long weekend trips with ur better half..on d other side is yamahas jewel in india d r15.my cousin just got 1.red color.looks r gr8.only goes for toss wen u luk at d rear tyre.d r15..is a serious track tool..as 150ccliquid cooled engine opens up only above 6000rmp..n wen it does its insanely fast.even than d p22o(marginally)but i feel u can spend over a lac if ur a track racer..buying a r15 n wasting kilometers on d tripmeter just in d city traffic does nt do justice to a bike like a r15..
    thanx..replies welcomed..
    cheers to all bikerbuffs..

  8. Lolz to all r15 & zma riders,who are fighting out in a P 220 forum.

    GO HOME KIDS,this is a forum for Defiantly males.

  9. Hey Guys.. I am happy that after an hour long search I finally got hold of a worthy info sharing forum..!! I am stuck in a dilemma between choosing a Pulsar – 220 or just keep stalking the Yamaha showrooms till a truck hovers and drops a R-125.. Please suggest me on this.. How big is the difference between the bikes Karizma-R and the Pulsar-220(Both a undeniably gorgeous machines again). I will be elated if anybody can answer this with a deeper thought and concern..

  10. don,t fight on bikes….it’s personal choice n comfort level…i own a zma 2009 model ….it is awesome w.r.t. handling,performance n reliability…. but i d’nt say other bikes r bad….it’s personal choice…plz don’t abuse one another bikes b’coz “BIKE IS LIKE A GIRL FRIEND”…..thanks

  11. Well said Ravi, & well as said earlier,If it is ur Girlfriend, u gotta choose what u like !!

    But equally, u can not choose, between Zma, & a 220 dtsfi, buy looks, both are gorgeous, ride them & see for yourself, & choose.

    I rode r15, zma, & p220 , & settled for the latter.

    Try it out !!

  12. Hello,
    Pulsar 220 is a great performance bike & effortlessly faster then Pulsar 200, ZMA & R15. The reviewer says that the top speed is 126 kmph, I think he was sleeping while testing as its true top speed is 132 kmph. Also qlty is top notch & there is no any issues with its build qlty, ride qlty is plush & handling is far more better then ZMA but yes its not as good as R15. If any of you are looking forward to buy Pulsar 220 then i’d advice you to wait for a while as Bajaj is about to launch an cosmetically upgraded 220 with black engine, black alloys & it’ll possess an all new looking carbon fiber exhaust system. ZMA is an old horse & it doesn’t deserves to be compared with 220. Even a regular Non-FI Apache RTR has the capacity of breathing down the neck of ZMA on a drag strip so ZMA owners, plz don’t ever try 2 race with Pulsar 200, 220, Apache RTR FI & Carb version.

  13. Hi,

    I will be happy and convinced if a Pulsar 220 owner can reply to my questions posted below as I have a lot of decceleratos around me who are de-moralizing me for booking one..!!

    1. As the P220 is one of the first Fuel Injected bikes in india, they say it breaks down after 6 months and incurrs a lot of overhead on the owners pocket.

    2. The rear disk brakes are not as reliable as they have been mentioned to perform.

    3. As it is an Oil-Cooled engine there is an extra expenditure on the Service and maintainance of the bike.

    4. This is the worst of all THE BIKE DRINKS GALLONS OF FUEL AND THE MILEAGE IS RESTRICTED TO 25..!!(Sigh..)

    5. As the bike is an expensive buyout even the service is equally treated.

    6. The spares are like finding water wells in the Sahara..!!

    Please let me know your comments on this


    • dude whats is wrong with you .. all of your comments do not make any sense at all.

      You said that the mileage is way too less.. well what do you expect from a 220 cc 21bhp bike? 100kmpl?
      and trust me the oil cooled engine is bonous point .. u can push the bike further than other bikes .. I agree that the servicing cost is little more than other bikes but then is it not worth it ? … and where on earth r u located .. well i’m in Pune (the city of pulsar’s) which is why I feel that the parts are readily available.

      And fuel injection is the best thing that ever happened to bajaj.. its helps in maintaing fuel efficieny and also adds to the pickup of the bike.

      The only percivable flaw in the bike is that it does not have a kickstart like the Karizma R but on all other counts it does beat the might Karizma R .. so go figure…

    • @Chetan I am using P220 for more than a year now, I think I am good enough to answer you.
      1)I am using P220 DTSI and not Fi. So can not answer this in my words, But yes I met a person who is using it for appro. 3 years now. who is a tourer. He rode his bike from Kolkata to Visakhapatnam. His bike is doing gr8.

      2)When I first took my bike from showroom, I too felt the same. That feeling did not leave me til the first month. after first month I experimented and understood how to apply the breaks. Dude just think once…. double disk breaks… if both work in the same way as we expected (like the front break) then just imagine what happens when we ride it on an uneven grounds… if the wheel stops soon after u apply the break u get pissed off with it soon…. Hope u are trying to understand what I am saying….
      after 1 month I realized the correct way of applying the breaks.. now I can stop my bike in a reasonable distance without touching the front break.

      3)220 has a bigger engine so it need more engine oil that the 150 version. appr. 1150 ml of oil is required cost is 350 bucks appr. its the same castrol oil.
      till date I changed did 11500km on ODO. changed engine oil every service. changed 2 rear disc pads and 1 front disc pads(changed in advance to maintain it well) I drive my bike real fast so breaks are very very important for me. what else dude….

      4)I learnt carb tuning from bike advice(deepak raj) because my friend working in service center willfully spoiled it for pickup. My bike returned me 45kmpl in hyderabad. Daily 10km up to office and 10kmm back home. now again it is back to the form… in between because of my friend in service center it gave me as u said 20 to 25kmpl.

      5)my bike is provided with 4 free servicing after that according the servicing bill i have in my hand right now it is just 300 + engine oil 350.

      6)I lived in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam(Andhra Pradesh) I don’t no whats happening in other parts of the world. I never faced scarcity of spares..

      Hope it clears……….. let me know if u still have any question on this……….

    • reply for ur ques…
      1. agreed that p 220 Dts-fi has cons more than pros …
      2.rear disc is working properly but if u ride 100km/h or above, u must have to apply both disc simulataneously in p 220 as well as in other bikes too ..
      3.if u r fear of extra expenditure than go n buy bike around 100cc … he he he
      4.my experience says mileage depends on ur driving skills how u apply clutch n braks … @city : 30-35kmpl & @highway : 35+kmpl
      5.speacially for p200 & p220 … bajaj has PROBIKING centre …
      6.dude everything is not like butter

  14. Mr. Deepak
    I read all three reviews of Pulsar 220,Karizma & R15
    but still i cnt decide which one will better to buy
    there is no problem of cost i just want everything look,speed,power & i will have to thish for minimum 4 yrs so plz kindly tell me which will be better among this 3 cos i dun wanna myself in a problem with bikes,which make me to go round of service centres.
    plz help me out.
    just tell me which will u prefer.
    and also infrom me abt mileage of this three at highway as well as in city.

    thank you
    Nikhil singh

  15. d 220 shud hav a cover over its engine vich will surely enhance its looks{ it shud be provided wid d bike & not as an accesorie ,, as d r15 has ,, & it shud hav d widest tyre dan any odr bike in india

  16. hey dude you say that peace of crap karizma is better than pulsar then you are a peace of junk who yells at things without knowing what is the real thing if you dont take care about karizma you get a milage of 15 km/ltr which is shit and r15 thats another junk you just dont require speed only if all the constituents are good then we say a good bike have you ever seen the fron and back of r15 it looks like big boobs and small ass so you keep your things with you fuck off

  17. Chill people. Lets not get berserk over a few immature remarks. I am a P 220 DTS-FI owner and I guess only the owner knows about how many facts that he can actually brag about his bike, which is much appreciated than trying to be a looney and speak on behalf of the creators(and they are least ****in bothered)as to what addition would have been better, which part needs an enhancement, which color would have made it more vibrant or which bloody piece of crap needs to be where….!!!
    Try be more focussed on an individual machine which includes both ups and downs rather comparing the two and hurting the ego of all others.. Banes… Chill… Leave the rookies to bark

  18. banes: hey dude you say that peace of crap karizma is better than pulsar then you are a peace of junk who yells at things without knowing what is the real thing if you dont take care about karizma you get a milage of 15 km/ltr which is shit and r15 thats another junk you just dont require speed only if all the constituents are good then we say a good bike have you ever seen the fron and back of r15 it looks like big boobs and small ass so you keep your things with you fuck off

    yes man u have really given him a punch i agree with u fantastic

  19. Chetan: Hi,I will be happy and convinced if a Pulsar 220 owner can reply to my questions posted below as I have a lot of decceleratos around me who are de-moralizing me for booking one..!!1. As the P220 is one of the first Fuel Injected bikes in india, they say it breaks down after 6 months and incurrs a lot of overhead on the owners pocket.2. The rear disk brakes are not as reliable as they have been mentioned to perform.3. As it is an Oil-Cooled engine there is an extra expenditure on the Service and maintainance of the bike.4. This is the worst of all THE BIKE DRINKS GALLONS OF FUEL AND THE MILEAGE IS RESTRICTED TO 25..!!(Sigh..)5. As the bike is an expensive buyout even the service is equally treated.6. The spares are like finding water wells in the Sahara..!!Please let me know your comments on thisThanks

    just go ahead and be a proud owner of THE PULSAR 220 all are fake.
    one thing is true its rear disc brake dosen’t work priperly but after 200-300 kms it works

  20. pavan: just go ahead and be a proud owner of THE PULSAR 220 all are fake.one thing is true its rear disc brake dosen’t work priperly but after 200-300 kms it works

    Well, I bought the bike 3 months ago. The rear disk brake is an issue till date and it has not been fixed even after 2 services..!! Its a little pissing off to pay a sum close to 6 digits and listen to a screech every time you foot the rear break. I enquired about this problem with the service station guys and they told me that THIS WAS A BLACK SHEEP in the herd and they would fix it. Now that the new DTS-I is released, hope Bajaj lives up to a proper functioning rear-brake(disk or rear) which they proudly claim it as an extra accessory given in charity..!! Sigh… Which bike do you have?

  21. THE writer seems to be hero honda karizma fan and his views may be biased. the top speed in reviews of 220 dtsi is 134 kmh and not 124. the Cons: “Not so pleasant engine sound” confirms the bias.


  22. I see all the responses above. majority are guys fighting out to prove that the choice they have made is right and superior to others. all are posers! no true bikers here…and the review on pulsar 220 written here is incomplete, unprofessional and silly (too amateur in totality)same as other reviews in this site.

  23. this is a good bike but thi price is very high so please make this price meadumly because everyone can buying it manualy thank you.

  24. Dude……clear up your facts and figures , my 200 reaches 140 top speed due to high performance spark plugs and air filter and whereas the new 220 is concerned its top speed is more than 150 km/hr…..

  25. yes this is bike.

    Pulser 220 is smarty bike
    i have new pulsar 220cc they r very smoothly before bike and so charming bike. suspension a very good and very comfortable bike and u also that speed r very fast. i also drive 120km/h in i.t.o.

    • i dont know exactly … but i drove it till 136kmph while i had a second person too … so as i supposed if i would be alone it will definitely go upto 146kmph or above …

  26. heyy guys wait a min….who said that the sound of pulsar 220 is nt so pleasant….just back off…..the writer itself seems to be a huge fan of hh karizma…thats y he is just takin karizma in front of us extravagantly…..if you will go for an allrounder bike….close ur eyes…nd mover ur head towars ex bajab showrooms….220 cc bike…21.04 ps….19.4 torque…with 145 km/hr original recorded speed with more rpm left….in a price tag of just 70,000…..thats wat make pulsar 220 just distinctly ahead than any other indian bike.,..!!

  27. hi, ppl 1 need ur help big time….
    i badly wanted 2 buy pulsar 200, since dey stopped it i wanna go 4 pulsar 220 “the fastest indian”…..honestly im really thin & ppl tell me dat bike looks 2 big….i loved it n i wanna buy it…..

    1] but is it dat heavy at it looks???
    2]will it give at least 35 millege??
    3] after 100km does da bike vibrate a lot??
    4] most importanly im goin 2 travel 25 km daily 2 my coll….

    so a p220 user pls help me out here….pls….

  28. hi frnds ………

    i m about to take a bike in just a week’s time n i m a bit confused between pulsar 220 and yamaha fazer…….. both r very appealing … but wat if we look them for a long term …. hw wl the bike go after one year…. wt s d maintaince required in both bikes

    do gv me some speedy comments so just i cn zoom fast…

  29. Hi Everyone,

    I am started off my Biking with an Apache 150cc in the year 2007.

    I would Share my experience with various Indian Bikes(Correct me if am wrong)

    I had feeling in months that I could have bought a Pulsar 150, RTR 160, CBZ Xtreme or Unicorn as It

    seemed to be outdated in months.

    Now in the year 2009 I planned to go for a new Bike and never commit the same mistake of

    OUTDATING myself in style and Performance

    So I wanted make sure that i have the most updated bike in syling as well as in performance,

    I was about to pay the advance for buying a Pulsar 220 as I thought thats the only bike which can

    perform well in Intial Mid and High end grunt.The reason for eliminating Karizma is bacause the P220

    itself is a better performer than the Zma, Simple reason is Bajaj has brutally designed it to out perform

    ZMA after years of Zma’s existence.

    But one of my friend gave me a test ride in a P200 with which i could easily see the 90-100 in the

    Speedo which made me go for the P220 as it was a new experience for me from the Apache 150 which

    rarely exceeds 85KMPH but no wonder surely return a Mileage of 60KMPL in any condition (Even the

    TVS Service Center is amazed with the Mileage).

    Here just two days before the date of booking for a P220 I happened to get a golden chance(At that

    time) to ride a R15 from one my friend.

    Trust me I got it in a Highway and Just I remember toggling to the 6th Gear where I saw an unsual

    figure of 121Kmph in the Speedo.

    Usually I shift between the gears and drive the bike in a top speed according to the Vibrations I get

    from the bike.I was expecting the R15 to vibrate so that I can stop accelating but it never did, I was

    ROCK FEVICOL IRON STEEL SOLID. At 125KMPH my friend started to bug me at the back so

    unfortunately gave slowed down.

    First I thought the R15 was a small bike in Dimensions and power but after you sit in it you may feel

    that you have the View of a Real Sport bike. The One main difference I noticed between the P220 an

    the R15 is that honestly the P220 vibrated from 90Kmph preventing me exceedign 110Kmph and my

    friend informed that the top speed he has done in that P220 was 118Kmph.

    But I have seen in the websites that guys have acheived 130KMPH in a Pulsar,
    The truth is one has to be so couragious, Dare enough towards Death can take the P220 to 9500 RPM

    in the TOP gear.Almost everything starts to vibrate at that speed including the RIDER.

    But thats not the case in R15 its like a Unicorn driven in 60-70kmph, even top speeds, Butter smooth

    engine urges you accelerate more and more.Please leave the critics on 150cc vs 220cc as Super Sport

    125cc Two stroke bike can develop a max of 55bhp.So its Yamaha which has decided to give India a

    Sports Bike that could be afforded at 1 Lakh without any compromise in the quality ride.

    So I bought a Yamaha R15 (Mar 2009) .

    The Enginner in Yamaha Showroom Chennai informed that this Bike would be the best as it has a

    programmable ECU and explained everything to the Best.

    Till Sep 2009 I have done around 8000 Kms and still I feel that its like a rocket and my observation is,
    A person giving a Negative comment on R15 has to understand that it not a bike like a ZMA to get the

    adrenaline rush while accelrating.

    Things Different in R15,

    1) R15 is 150 cc so it can perform well with a Single rider not with pillion
    2)R15 without any strain would reach above 8500RPM so you mst keep it in Top notch to win.
    3)The Sixth gear in R15 is for High Speeds above 110Kmph as per the gear Ratio, So if you are in the

    Sixth gear in 60-70kmph and suddenly racing with an Apache RTR you will loose as R15 with take

    more than a 30secs to reach 100 from 70 in 6 Gear.
    4)The appropriate top speeds in every gear would be
    40kmph – 1st
    59Kmph – 2nd
    78Kmph – 3rd
    90Kmph- 4th
    115Kmph- 5th

    This data is according to the Power to Weight & gear Ratio provided in the Specs.
    If you maintain the same in R15 you can pass 0-60Kmph in 4 Secs and 0-100 in 12Secs.
    5)Also the braking is not like a usall bike, As you may easily hit >100, You have to apply more pessure

    on the Front Brake than the rear as the Rear brake is the most powerful one and may cause the bike to

    6)Every tight coner is yours, bend as much as you can with the Bike as the tires would never let you

    7)R15 is ideal only for a person 20Ps @ Max RPM(I dont know the Max RPM)

    In real life when you race with the P220 you will win provided its a Highway as in a gully a TVS XL

    super will outperform the Hayabusa.

    But life with R15 is not with sweets everytime there are some negatives too,
    The Tires are made of soft rubber and give the best grip, but it affects the Looks (known issue), Since

    the tires are soft it also attracts Metals pieces which are not as sharp as to be pointed.

    So more Punture and costs you more(Better you have to buy a Punture repair kit Yourself).
    Also I have a Crack in the rear tyre.(Waiting to be replaced)

    Service Service Service,

    This is were Honda bags the credit, Poor/Cheap/Illiterate/Ignorant or whatever it means I mention the

    lobour in Yamaha Service they are still the same old RX100 technicians I suppose, I tried with a service

    center in Chennai was Bad(No Profanity) and I recently switched to Hyderabad was the even bad(Again

    no Profanity).Everytime we leave the Bike for a service we have to note down all the trouble in a paper

    and speak to the Manager and then check those problems while taking it back again I am sure its not

    upto 100% satisfaction, Boss where can I go with my 1 Lakh bike for service with has Limited


    Fine.I had a impression on Yamaha thats its a kind of bike company which gives performance bikes like RX100 at a low mileage and never thought of Yamaha when I bought the Apache in 2007, But I salute the R15 for the built quality and the ride thrill that it gives and I am a Windows Server

    Administrator working in IBM Hyd, I completely use the Mumbai Highway for riding to Office.also I

    am proud to say that I am the TRUE Fastest Indian.

    Hmmm life’s rocking.

    I STRONGLY SAY R15 IS A BIKE AHEAD OF ITS TIME LIKE THE RD 350, ALSO ITS THE BEST AMONG THE OTHER INDIAN BIKES, If I am wrong please leave your comment on my view.

  30. Hi Windows server administrator,thats a great feel i had after reading your review about the beast(R15) from the R1 family, I was quite confused about which bike should i go for..!! 220 or R15..?? But after reading your review about R15 i feel great about R15 coz as you said the bike is considered to be bad if its not stable at high speed as 220 vibrates at speed when its more than 100,thats really bad !!! So my vote always goes to R15 and no way we can compare our Indian bikes with YAMAHA !! Sorry Being an INDIAN I shouldn’t say this but Our Indian Bike Industry has to learn a lot in terms of design of technology in order to compete with bikes like YAMAHA.

  31. Yes Friend,

    I have hold my breath everytime I go to the Yamaha Showroom and 1st talk to the Manager about the issues and he will advice the Service personnel and then I have to bug them like anything to get the work done.

    I left the bike for servicing last week and merely nothing was wrong with the bike, I just simply added complaints like Mileage and Pickup etc . While I took the bike for delivery I noticed that the rear mudguard looks like its eaten up.

    Funniest thing is Half of the Mudguard is missing. Then I asked the security he smiled at me I got irriatated, again back to Manager and he informed that a Dog bit the Mud guard and agreed to change it.

    I know Honda is the best in Service, I dont have any experience with Bajaj, TVS the worst of all.

    So If you have to be awake when you have problems with your bike, no matter its Bajaj or Honda or Yamaha.

    One message to all you friends, R15 is more than an bike its an identity as I own one I can see many people starring at me and my bike everywere I go,from Porsche areas to slum. Man if you have one atleast 50 people will come to you and ask the cost/mileage/speed etc. Not with any other bike. So if you can afford for an R15 its the best choice.

  32. ya, i also feel the same though i dont own one till now….but i m planning next year

    but one thing i screwing up my mind….muscle or perfromance

    coz if u look at fazer….it looksa far better atleast acording to me….n the price is also cool

    what do u suggest?


  34. i m very much confused which one 2 buy karizma r or p220.after reading these comments i took a decision. right now i will go for a karizma…i will use it for 6 months and see the response of p220. then i will sell it(it has got gud resel value).nd buy the later if da response is good.p220 has some drawbacks.like vibration above 70kmph,rear disc brakes, pain in shoulder and back while riding, servicing only in special outlets,etc.by doing so i will lose only abt 18000/- bt if the p220 flops i will be fucked.pulsar doesnt hav good resale value as well.my friends who own pulsar 220 says that the bikes’ performance goes down after abt 5 months of use.i believe that you should nt buy a product which is new in da market and costs no joke.

  35. the r15 costs like hell.yet it is only 150cc.that is very dissapointing to hear.that may be ok but look at the size of the bike.it is way too small.how will it look if a 6 footie sits on it? now the fazer…. only one headlight can be used at a time. also the front fairing is too large as compared to other parts of the bike…it seems yamaha is targeting the short people with lot of money and no brains.

  36. Hey guyz um confused btw buyng xma or p220 and moreover after reading all d above comments mah mind has stopped wrkn….
    So kindly suggest me vch 1 is betta???
    xma or p220.
    um planning to buy it in cmng January…..
    plz reply soon

  37. Karizma lovers must wait for years…..but the new Zma was not up to the mark….there r 4 great differences from pulsar 220 and the Karizma Zma
    * Karizma is more 9kg weight than the p220
    *Milage difference ,pulsar give 5 km extra than ZMA
    *Pulsar220 top speed is 145km
    Karizma ZMR topspeed is 120km
    *The $ the money pulsar220 cost Rs.79873 & ZMA more than 90,000

  38. what ever bike u purchase..everything depends on how well its maintained…i purchased a pulsar 220..it was good..initially..but after each service its perfomace came down…mailage went down..pick went down…all this is due to bad quality service provided by bajajs service partners…they just dont care…you know what after my second free service..THEY RETURNED BIKE WITHOUT POURING ENGINE OIL… without this knowledge i drove the bike…for around 20 kms…later i noticed..dash board inticator…and bike perfomance…but to my surprise.this is not a uniqyue case….i came to know from others the same incident happened with themm..tooo…. also one poor guy with an avenbger..one day approched them compainting that engine burned off while riding..they charged them heavily like 9000+ for piston repairing…i think these guys are purposefully doing this for generating revenue…this incident happened with the people who purchased pulsar or avanger from sri vinayaka mobikes..located @ hyderabad > secundrabad > tharbund signal… dudes so if you happened to be a customer of these people..then watch out for trouble… others keep away from them…

  39. i own a blue pulsar 220 DTS-i nd i hav test driven Karizma-R, Karizma-ZMR and my friend’s R15…. when u take into account sheer performance, the karizma R, zma and d R15 doesn match my 220’s performance… coz 220 hs 21.04Bhp whereas d other 3 hav around 17Bhp…those can b compared to pulsar 180 rather… for highway runs at top speeeds, the R15 and pulsar 220 can rev up to more than 140kmph…whereas d Karizma and zma can only reach 125kmph….
    but in highways, the R15 and the pulsar 220 dtsi are equally matchd…they make a similar sound after 130kmph… but 4 street racin none of the mentiond can match p220 coz of its amazing pickup….pricewise p220 dtsi is d cheapest compared to R15,karizma R and zma….most of all its pure desi;-)

  40. I have a black p220 dtsi, got it a month back,
    im just curious which fuel should i use coz this bitch has got a compression ratio of 12:8:1, so i guess one should use fuel with octane number more than 93, n i guess only speed 97 is available and that too in metros only. I live in Ahmedabad so can you guys suggest me an octane booster and where to get it, or should i use 91 octane Xtra Premium…

  41. hi,
    guys i am pulsar 220-dtsi owner,really its great bike with awesome performance,according to me every bike is good like karizma,apache,R15,etc.i know that every bike have minor problems,but it does not mean that its worst product.my friend have all this segment bikes,i have ride all this bikes every bike is good then other. BUT “PULSAR KI BAAT KUCH AUR HAI”

  42. Hi guys…!
    I wanted to buy the yamaha r15 so i went for a test ride and to grab some information about its performance.
    but R15 is not upto the mark compared to itz price
    .no matter its front looks are killer but the rear look sucks big time…!
    Then i went for info on karizma zmr.similar to r15 it looks dashing when u see the front view but the rear view sucks as well.
    But the all new Pulsar 220 is just awsome..
    Great with the dashing looks,too cmfrtable and good performance at an affortable price…
    so go for the New Pulsar 220 guyz…!
    u all will love it…!

  43. Dear,

    Its a power house and i have achieved top speed of 146KMPH but due to lack of space i slow down, other wise engine was going up. it has a power its up to your technique how you enjoy it or feel it and my next target on this bike will be to cross 150KMPH. you can ask any thing about 220 my email id is rakeshthefox@gmail.com

  44. hey guys,

    listen me…y u guys getting so confused..abt bikes every bikes has a different technique…which bike would u like…go & buy it after all 2 ya 3 years every bike get a problem…u can face it also that time….who want 2 ride it 4ever……..

    By the way…

    why should u guys check it out.. The [ROYAL ENFIELD]…It’s a baap of all bikes….

  45. hey guys,

    listen me…y u guys getting so confused..abt bikes every bikes has a different technique…which bike would u like…go & buy it after all 2 ya 3 years every bike get a problem…u can face it also that time….who want 2 ride it 4ever……..

    By the way…

    why should u guys check it out.. The [ROYAL ENFIELD]…It’s a baap of all bikes

  46. I do agree with you..
    But acceleration of ROYAL ENFIELD is too less compared with these bikes..
    But ROYAL ENFIELD is damn stable at high speeds..

  47. “Strictly for P-220 owners”

    Hi Guys!!

    Need ur help……..

    I am planning to buy a P-220 within dis week, but jst wanna know dat 1ce i buy it, is there any speed limitation for 1 month like normal new bikes have a limit of 40-50kmph for approx 30days or so???

    Pls comment…


    • Hi this is for all bikes. When buying a new one check the month and year of manufacture. If the gap between the manufacture date and purchase date is more than 3 months, change the engine oil immediately with any synthetic oil. Ride the bike below 50 kmph for the first 500 km. Change the oil again and replace with semi synthetic engine oil (motul or valvoline). Ride the bike for another 1500 km below 70 kmph. Again Change the engine oil. After another 500 km you can ride it however you want. Make sure that you dont ride your 220 over 130kmph for more durations (appx 1hour) Have patience to do this as every machine has to get used with the corresponding parts. Else you are going to create major problems, then dont say, my 220 hardly touches 120. LOVE YOUR BIKE MORE THAN YOUR GIRLFRIEND

    • Saurav Paul, for this information you don’t have to google or verify any website. Its there in the manual given at the time of delivery. don’t forget to verify that at least when you are free. Its useful when you are new to a new bike. for the first time when you are using brand new bike then its very important to understand some of the most important points in the manual.

  48. @Saurav….
    No man,thrz nthng like u have to ride pulsar 220 @ the economy speed nly fr 1st few dayz,bt do have some mercy on the bike n dont ride too fast…!

  49. 220 is just awsome…!
    U get the ultimate riding pleasure on 220 guys….!
    M in love wid it…!
    They say that a man’s 1st love was ment 2 b on weels n not on heels…!
    Very true…!

  50. hey……any1 looking for a bike from zma,r15,pulsar220 can go blindly for pulsar 220 as when my bro bought it i was strictly against the bike and wanted to buy r15…but now its my fav. bike bcoz its power is awesome.

  51. anytime go fr 220 guys its the best value for money..in just 83 thosand there are all the features in bike and even the fastest indian bike..go for it blindly

  52. when i m on my p220,i think that no others byk can race with me,i dont know others top speed,but guys believe me, i touch 157km/h.guys u think can any other byk do dis?

  53. pulsar 220 is the best bike i have ever rode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the people who questions its quality must take a test drive of the new pulsar 220 f
    its a beast!!!!!!!!!!
    best pick up than any other bike
    good seating position
    and also great looks
    the main stand is a little problem
    but still the bike roxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. i bought pulsar 220 s one months back after going through huge analysis over internet.
    initially i am confused, but if u go for pulsar 220S, i think that’s a best deal.
    till now bike is awesum, mileage is around 40 km/h. i am not biased with p 220. before than i have apache 160, but riding comfort, style, performance, everything is amazing in p220S. there is not a single two wheeler in bangalore, which is there in front of me, when i was riding the veshicle. pickup is damn good.
    i dont have any idea about yamaha-R15, BUT as far i heard, you can’t ride it on daily basis, as sitting posture is not good in yamaha R15, you have to be bend while riding this.
    so decision is up to you.
    anyways, afterall its personal choice, i just want to add , so that future buyers can get some clue about pros and cons.
    one more thing, i attain 100 in my 220 and my frnd siiting back, said that he even dont know that when it attains this limit. no vibration at all. its a smooth riding style.


    See guys its depends on u
    whatever u have in ur garage its the best
    So, we shud think buying u all shud knw the Yahama r15 cost Rs.30000 more then Pulsar 220 . So it obvious it has best technology moreover its 150cc rather giving power they have concentrated on quality.
    Pulsar 220 is best n Yahama R15 is also best in its own>

  56. Guys! Stop boasting about the bikes that you own and stop confusing the people who have come here asking for help. Just tell your good and bad experiences with the bike you own. Every bike has its pros and cons. And top speed is not the only feature that you need to consider. I dont think you would be driving at 130 + every time you sit on your machine. There’s roadgrip, braking, maintenance, headlight efficiency at night, manouverability in traffic as well as ride comfort on long tours apart from looks to die for. I am not considering fuel efficiency as it shouldn’t be of that much concern when you can afford a bike for more than 90 grand.
    I was an owner of two pulsars before. But now, I want to own something that I can keep all my life without worrying about what if a new version comes a week later – a P250 or P220 DTSFMi or ZMR2 or a something with a reverse gear and new graphics.

    I have booked a thunderbird and would be a proud owner only coz I and no one else has paid for it. Its my personal choice. I like touring. And with age, its antique value would grow.

    Happy and safe biking to all of you whichever bike you have. Its your life and your money after all.

  57. i hav tune up my coustmers pulser 220. his normal speed is 135 bt i hav done some perfomance tuneup now it goes up to 154-155 kph. bt then also some works is pending like piper cams etc afterwrds it will go upto 160kph and also can beat kawasaki ninja 250 easily.

  58. i dont like this bike coz it has a bad handling. it is difficult to ride in traffic. handle is heavy. looks ugly. and the best part is gear shifting, not good as it supposed to be. i have to kick the lever for gear change. chain noise irritates a lot. the bike cant turn around in small places. the bike design is not that good which affects handling. and its bajaj… jus cant trust this brand

  59. i just cant trust bajaj. anything can happen wid dis bikes. lazy ppl of bajaj have only changed d headlight and the engine, rest is d same. wats the point in buying 220cc bike dats luks similar to 150 cc bike? p220 has got more cons than pros.

  60. my brother owns this bike. i own cbz xtreme. this bike gives u adrenaline rush but i felt a little unsafe when i applied the braked i felt like i was gonna skid off. this bike is great to ride on highways. it gives a mileage of 30kmpl. this is the most powerful indian bike by far. i love this bike. but my all time favorite is yamaha rx 135

  61. i really wanted 2 get my hands on r15…bt me being 6’1..i feel its small..not suitable for me..
    so..i m down to 2 bikes…d p220 dtsi and karizma zmr…
    more inclined towards zmr…because of reliability, comfort, handling…(i think it has more dan enuf power, performance), safety( read abt pulsars being more involved in accidents)….
    but now after reading a lot of reviews i am having 2nd thoughts about it…
    confused…this is gonna be my 1st bike… and i cant afford giving time to sort out niggling issues (which is why i am not preferring pulsar)…
    bt d 25k difference comes in….is it worth it?
    besides ..i don feel a 4 kmph top speed difference…or 1 sec 0-100 kmph difference is of any importance…
    guys please help me out on dis …

    • @anshul, I don’t to confuse even more but I like to mention one thing. Maruti Swift is involved in more number of accidents(at least what I heard and seen in my city) then I slowly started looking little deep into it and then I realized the fact that Swift is mostly driven by people from 20 to 30s of age and traveling real fast and causing major accidents. I do not say that no other cars are involved in accidents but look at the major accidents. Basically I like swift for its external appearance and for its pick up, but I10 for interior. Any ways not much about cars here.
      coming to pulsar: today if you step out on the road.(at least 3 years back) pulsar was the only vehicle that youth prefer, and I guess you understand the remaining as why it is involved in more number of accidents. P150 was the only one having Disc breaks so one are habituated to this kind of breaking system. This is not the only reason but this one of the major reasons.
      you dropped R15 from your list for your criteria not being met, just like me if not R15 is the best choice when are ready to invest more than a 100K.
      I don’t talk much about ZMA because I got no idea about it, except one thing; there is no difference between Karizma R and the new ZAM except the graphics and front faring.
      I read in one of the magazines that “Pulsar made people more passionate/interesting about biking and Karizam R fulfilled the need of sports bike in city.” This statement was a couple of years ago, roughly 3to4 years.
      I believe that statement is true.

      LOL just to mention. recently I noticed problem with service centers of Bajaj. I have a future idea of going for Ninja but I had to drop it from the fear of servicing point of view.
      I expect you to do a good research on after sail service before you make your decision.
      Yesterday I got my bike serviced and I was not happy. Thought of blasting the people in service center but they are fortunate because my friend in that received me as soon as he saw me and solved my problems.
      First service, fourth service (free for P220 DTSI) , 1st paid service made me unsatisfied.
      I got the maximum extent to fix the problems always so MY BIKE till date doing its BEST no issues with bike. when ever I see a problem unsolved simply I write an Email to customer care of bajaj and i receive a call from local manager with in 2 days and ensures to satisfy me at his best. Bajaj P220 DTSI point view My rating is 9 out of 10. Servicing point of view its not more than 5 of 10. I should think twice to rate it 5. Today I am going to write an email to customer care and also mention that my idea of owning a Ninja is dropped just because of after sail service. and hoping for the best.

      Like to mention again my bike from jan 25 to till date no drop in its performance or the satisfaction level. similarly no sign of improvement on service centers.

      Nest time I decided to make my decision going by service centers too.
      How ever even TVS has similar same problems. 2 days ago I suggested to talk with customer care and the problem was resolved yesterday.

      There are no feedback forms or a call after servicing. I don’t know on what bases they decide they are good or improve their level of servicing. I have many points to check out with customer care of bajaj. I don’t leave my questions unsolved.
      Wish you all the best for your choice. Do let me know you decision.

    • Dude, I like to mention here that today all my problems are solved when I spoke to a manager of probiking service station.

  62. listen buddieszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz each n every bike of yamaha havin a kin of riding feel it doesen matter tat hw fast is ur bike da thing hardly matters tat hw reliable it is. yupp! yamaha r15 has a tremendous reliability n a sort of feel lyke u r ridin r1. pulsar 220 is gud n litle faster dan r15 but its quiet noisy yarra; karizma-r is mor cool dan zmr, r15 reached upto 151kph,pulsar220 reached upto 160 kph, karizma i dun take off da ride of it yet. but yet karizma was da queen of racin bikes nw it is p220 but as far as yamaha would launche its 200cc segment bike den its goanna tear-apart of pulsar 300. me nitin i had got ma training of 1 month in yamaha faridabad.if anybody wanna ask abt. bikes i’ll be dere cause i had assembeled da engine of fazer . ma hello no. iz 09896975253 msg me first.

  63. for those who own karizma….it’s bettr u stick to it!!!
    cuz it totally sucks!!!
    and those who own 220, ride it with attitude as karizma stands no where around it!!!

  64. hey guys!!!!
    well i’m a owner of pulsar 220sf
    i need to know about performance enhancement on this bike and body kit
    if anybody has the knowledge about it please reply

  65. cc doesnt make the difference in power .it is the tuning of the engine that matters

    here are few examples

    aprilia rs 125

    2stroke six speed liquid cooled
    34 hp

    derbi 125


    honda cbf 125(tuned version)
    15.4 hp

    honda cbr 150r

  66. m a girl n i ride pulsar220f….dad buyed me 1. its n awsm bike wid a wild luk…y shud boys hv ol d fun! its definately male n i like it!!!!!!!!

  67. hii i m sunil i just got my bajaj pulser220 2week ago and really it was so plesent time for me after buying tht i went temple with my mom and i prayed for my byke . and next day i was ridding my byke tht is really so ammazing feeling and after 1 week i realise tht milage of my 220 is 65to70 i got shocked i went to my showroom and i said abt tht they were saying tht sell ur pluser to bajaj compony i said no can u belive this 65to 70

  68. Hi pulsar lovers… Hav jus turnd 18.. And nw in an idea of gettin a p220…
    I own an activa… And d reason i lik pulsar is bcoz my dad had pulsars(150 & 180 dtsi)… So guys plz help me with d on road price(chennai) and mileage of p220….

  69. Hi Guys,
    I have a Pulsar 220 DTSi Fi 2009. History- Had Pulsar 150 2005 done 65000+KM, which i guess is one of the most successful bikes by Bajaj. Had no issues with that and was looking forward for the same from P 220. No doubt that P220 has the best pick up and mileage for 38KM in city and 42+KM on highways. Top speed done as of now is 124KM/hr, and still had more room to go. But once it crosses 10000KM- 15000KM, you are bound to have breakdown at almost every 3-5 months. Following issues are the most common:
    1) if the bike is out in rain for long, the battery goes for toes. The bike heart and soul is the battery, without which it wont even blink. Even if its a new battery, its bound to go.
    2) rear disks are horrible, if you dont change them. They can hardly stop the bike without applying the front disks.
    3) the locks gets spoiled almost 15000Km, have to replace them often
    4) Pray that this never happens- once the internal wiring goes, even the Probiking guys cant help, till the engineer comes from Pune. Which will cost you a bomb
    5) the chain bracket, which will make irritating noise cant be fixed easily in any other bikes(150, ZMR, RTRs or R15). It has to be completely changed in case of 220
    6) vibration- guess most of you already familiar with this in P220. At 90+KM/hr the bike strats to vibrate, but if you can learn ignore it, you’ll reach 60KM/hr to 100km/hr in less then 6 sec.
    After spending so much on P220, you don’t expect it to visit the workshop because of problems so often. Agreed that every great bike has its issues, but not so often. Even Pulsar 220 DTSi- Carborator engine have almost the same issues.
    Choose well!!!

  70. I am planning to purchase this bike but will this bike last long(>3yrs) ??
    Any one having the bike more thn 2yrs plz comment and let me know abt reliability of the bike for a long run bcoz I can trust on yamaha and hero honda but can I trust on bajaj?
    coz they are using parts frm china(service center mechanic told me) so can this bike be trusted ?
    help me out

  71. Pulsar 220 have more power than R15.The mileage of both bikes are almost the same……………If one wants a reasonable power and good mileage……go for pulsar 180

  72. i’am very like pulsar 220cc is not bad waste bikes list 1.r15.2apeche3.karizma pulsar group boys 006 ok sorry sorry 4.fazer 149.7cc only this not buying

  73. Friends i like bot r15 n 220 . I like to buy r15 but sum peple say wit tat bike backpain ocurs . After 1 month v feel its boring bike. N I wen i look 220 frnt side way the doom it luks luks like a hat put bike . Can any 1 sugest me vch bike shud i buy n also i want the exact mileag f 220 . Is r15 bad for long rids .

  74. I have just completed my bike’s(P220) second service . and now when m riding at a speed of 60kmph + , my bike starts vibrating , even the bike sound changes . Can anyone tell me why it is happening and what m i suppose to do to reduce the vibration .

  75. i am having a pulsar 220 fi and r15 v2. I do have experience on a pulsar 220 new model too as my frnd owns dat. I do feel dat pulsar is good for city ride. But on highways r15 is the king.. Once it crosses rpm of 6000 it gives good performance and the six speed gear box helps to attain a max speed of 152 without any vibration. Thats yamahas quality. Even other parts do last long and yamaha gives guarantee of five years including engine and fuel injector. The spares of bajaj sucks, especially talking about chain and sprocked. Then rear brake is excellent in r15 and one in 220 is of no use. When pulsar crosses a speed of 120 it starts shivering which r15 doesnt. I do recommend all of u to choose an r15 because i do own both.

  76. This is amazing bike, but i love Pulsar 200ns much more than that. By the way , i have tried a ride on pulsar 200cc and i am loving it. The people who questions its quality must take a test drive of the new pulsar 220
    its a beast!

  77. i love 220 pulsar, in lng drive it’s excellent n i like 2 drive in night because d lens lighting very excellent n I cross 157kmph sped n their is no vibration I love 220

  78. I own’s a Pulsar 220 since past 2 years, & i had done 32000 km on it, Believe me it still runs like a brand new bike and their is no clutch change in this Piece of GEM. Only chain set of this bike got changed at 26000 Km.
    I am very happy with this bikes Performance. The bike can outperform any bike on road, but it needs proper maintenance and regular service at every 3500 km. This Bike is really a beast, More you drive it ,More you Love to ride it.

  79. Yr mai cnfus hu kaun si byk lu pulsar 220 ya 200ns dono me se kaun shi h plz muje dono k bare me detail me btaye price aur mileg b


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