Reviewing Yamaha YZF R15 150cc is something which I have been waiting for. Today I had a test drive of this (great?) bike and I can’t wait to share it with you. Yamaha YZF R15 costs Rs.1,08,000 on-road and is a 150cc sports bike that has been launched in India.

Yamaha YZF-R15

I went to the showroom today morning, as I was parking my Karizma in the parking lot, I couldn’t help but stare on the glaring bike that was visible through the glass in the showroom. I had a good study on it and here’s what I have to share with you…

How does it look?

This bike is perhaps one of the best looking bikes in India. The design has been cloned from its dad, the Yamaha YZF R1. Except for a few minor changes including single silencer which does not fit under the seat as R1, it is almost R1 when looked from a distance. The dual head lamps, the rear view mirrors, shape of the tank, seating position all add up to a ‘WOW’ effect. This bike is definitely a head turner where ever you go.

To add to its looks, Yamaha did not include the center stand. This is perhaps the only bike in India which does not have a center stand. And another thing to notice is that the bike has no safety guard!

The handle bars are curved as it is in high-end sports bikes and adds to the grandeur of the sitting posture. Well, the rear part looks a bit disappointing because compared the front the rear looks too small and does not fit in with the whole bike’s look. I wished that Yamaha could provide some big manly tires, but I will justify this point in the performance review part below.

How does it perform?

When I was ready to take Yamaha YZF R15 for a test ride, I really did not expect much out of this machine. I thought it was just another 150cc bike with too much of external make up. But the actual ride did prove my thoughts wrong. Even with a pillion rider, the pickup was awesome. I went upto 30 kmph in the first gear easily without much resistance from the engine.

The bike vibrates a lot and it is not smooth, but users have reported that the engine sound really becomes nice and the bike becomes very smooth after riding 700-1000 kms. So do not let the test ride performance disappoint you!

The first thing that I felt (and the most important thing) is that the bike has a great acceleration in lower speeds but gives a great disappointment when you go above 60 kmph. I can boldly say that ‘Engine Size DOES Matter’, no matter what the technology, high displacement always feels great. But unfortunately except a few bike enthusiasts, most Indians need good mileage too.

The dashboard has the tachometer dial… the only dial and the digital console incorporates the fuel gauge, ODO meter and a bold speedometer.

Do not be disappointed about the thin tires. I heard from some bike owners that the thin tires actually perform very well, the bike is very stable even on wet roads. Yamaha engineers realized that along with great looks, indians also need mileage – hence the thin tires which reduces friction and consumes much less fuel. The bike is said to have a fuel efficiency of 40 kmpl in citis and 50 kmpl in highways.

From safety point of view, the bike performs great. The user’s have reported that the rear disc brakes does make a difference. It wouldn’t be long before all the high end bikes in India comes with compulsory rear disc brakes. The bike comes with mono suspension as in the Unicorn and claims to have better stability. But personally I don’t find a remarkable difference in mono-suspension.


If you give high importance to the looks and status of owning one of the costliest bikes in India, go ahead and buy this bike. As for me I wouldn’t buy it because it is not a good justification to spend nearly one lakh and buy a 150cc bike. If it had a 250cc engine, I would buy it right now. Even though the bike may have 6 speed transmission and other advanced technologies, it will never be able to cover up the low displacement of Yamaha YZF R15 engine.

There needs to be a match in looks and performance. If I buy the the original 1000c Yamaha YZF-R1, it wouldn’t really make a great difference because people will think that it is R15 in the first look. The bottom line is, R1’s value has gone down! The brochure consists of too many feature indications like DAISIL cylinder, liquid cooled engine, 33mm front fork etc… but it doesn’t make much difference to a common man. In fact, it makes people feel ignorant and shy away from the bike.

Bike Advice Overall Rating: 4.25/5

Beauty Rating: 5/5

Performance Rating: 3.5/5

Pros: Great looks, 6 speed gear

Cons: Low displacement, Thin tires, no leg guard

Yamaha YZF-R15 Specifications:

Engine type: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve
Cylinder arrangement: Single cylinder
Displacement: 149 .8cc
Bore x Stroke: 57×58.7mm
Compression ratio: 10.4:1
Maximum power: 17PS @ 8,500rpm
Maximum torque: 15 N.m @ 7,500rpm
Starting system: Electric Start
Fuel tank capacity: 12 liters
Fuel supply system: Electronic fuel injection
Clutch type: Constant-mesh wet multi-plate
Transmission type: Return type 6-speed


Overall length x width x height: 1,995mm x 670mm x 1,070mm
Seat height: 790mm
Wheelbase: 1,290mm
Minimum ground clearance: 160mm
Dry weight / Curb weight: 120kg / 131kg

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  1. Hey man, u got stupendous knowledge about the Indian bikes of all categories.Hope your reviews become the deciding factor for the bike buyers. I really stunned by the review of this R15.

    • Really Rajrajan, this guy is not having proper knowledge of bike rather Indian bikes……and he is saying that this bike vibrates a lot…… if he will be trying Royal Enfield then he will die after experiencing its vibrations….. ha ha ha ha ha

      • ^^ +1 to that. You’re absolutely right. It fact it has the least amount of vides in any indian bike. Even though it’s 150cc, it performs as good as pulsar220 and much more reliable. Handling is one of the best features in this bike.

  2. Nice review. The bike looked great on paper but dissappointing dut to its small engine size and high price. As you have said, the common man cannot appreciate all the technical specs unless there is some great benefit while riding.

  3. Hello, I am a Tech Specialist in a MNC in Noida and a great byke lover, I am riding since the age of 9 and I am 29 today.

    I have completed 4000 Kms on R15 and using it since a month. I totally agree that when I first made up my mind to go for it, I thought it must be a something more powerful (when it comes to pickup).
    But I would really say that its far more better than any other Indian Bike in the market.
    Having used both Karizma and Pulsar.
    And I will like to share my outlook;

    1. I have travelled straight from Lucknow to Delhi having only two stays in between thats about 200 kms of non stop riding at a speed of 75-80 on avg. (coz of its DIasil cylinder and Forged piston, cilinder has 20% silicon which keeps it cooler than rest of the bykes.)
    I dont think any other Indian Byke can do that, it will burn out and the clutch plates will cease.

    2. It has given me amileage of 45 km/lt on highways and 38-40 kms/lts in City.I n which I have operated it around to 135 km/hr at times.Which means Its best in its class.

    3. It has an awesome grip on roads, its not important for a bike that it goes past 130-140 what is important its that how much safer it is to go to that speed. Toy can really feel safe at speeds of 120, the byke will not skid when applying brakes as that speed.

    Some people say that it has narow tyres, they were specially made for R15, having soft rubber and different raddi, complete tubeless providing 3 times better grip that Pulsar and about 2 times better that Karizma in my view.

    Before riding this I loved Karizma, coz it was better than Pulsar, but those two feel to be pieces of srap of primitive machines when comapred to R15. Dont check the speed and pickup. Ride it above 120 km/hr you will forget about the price and comparisons

  4. dont stupid to cc size. my fren you are an expert. technology is above all. technology makes things change. dont ever dare to compare it with other bigger cc bike with primitive tech. you know wat i mean.

  5. Good review, but what about top speed? Guess you could’nt check that out with a showroom test bike.I thought the real benefit was the transmission – Karizma and P220 have equal or more bhp but that dosen’t translate to greater top speed.I thought this was the only Indian-made (ok,available in India) bike to the masses that ACTUALLY CAN cross 140 kmph

  6. Spare parts are not very expensive but they are not cheap either because of advanced technology. And yes they are very easy to get.

  7. well im sorry to say this but i think ur too biased on this review….
    why wouldnt u shell out 100000/- for a bike which offers a tough competition to those higher segment(200+cc) bikes in india??…
    well the only reason the bike is costly right now cos its engine and a few other parts are manufactured outside India….
    and if u wait for the ninja 250 im sure the price wont fall below 175000/-
    when some parts are to be imported u can nvr expect the prize to fall…and yamaha is plannin to set up a factory for R15s engine production this year….
    so im expectin the prize to drop say upto 80000/-

  8. indian bike makers need to provide some 200cc with good fuel efficiency since belwo 250cc is unknown in overseas markets except Ducati which makes the fastest and super good italian 200cc below bikes that run in the 150s….very, very, very fast.

  9. yesterday i was checking up in karol bagh i found many r 15’s couple of months back old lesser by 20-25 thousand that makes me think twice for going for r15 as i was seriously plannig to go for a newer one what do you suggest about a resale value

  10. I m pretty disappointed by the view from rear dise of the bike, what if we replace the back tyre with the one used for Bajaj Eliminator. Plz let me know as i m planning to buy this one with what i hv in mind.

  11. well my name is santosh…i would lyk to knw de correct milage of r15…i have buyed recently…
    but y most oof ppl are sayin it is waste in millage…??
    why??can u tell me de reason plzz??
    it is bcz of rough maintance or manufacture defect???
    i dono in others view…bt in my view i simply luv R15…
    and aslo what abt spare parts of r15??
    it ll available at reasonable..??
    and plzz tell me de maintance..!

  12. techn@@ has quite a different perspective as compared to the bike review. Thats exactly what I wanted to hear. But the R15 has generated so much criticism. Its a complete disappointment. And coming down to Nithesh’s comments I am impressed that the R15 is overpriced. When will our local bike makers offer quality for money?

  13. Hope Yamaha upgrades it to 250CC and gives it bigger tyres.
    People liking this segment will be okay with bit lesser mileage.
    So, no luna-like tyres please.

    Haven’t driven it, but build quality doesn’t look encouraging.
    esp. the metal parts.

  14. Boys & girls….. No one cares about silicon in engine and forged piston, when you are left tailing behind in a drag….. so save that bluff about technology for later embarrassment.

    I dont own any of these bikes bt am planning to… Since Indian roads are not friendly for 120km + speeds….. I need a beast with a bad attitude. Its time to get real…. which is the hottest trail blazer to date???

  15. Hai i am aijaz i have taken allready bike of the year R15
    i am waitting this bike last 2 year back thank for the bike one thing is problem in the bike about one is type and second is silenser there is no bitting or sound in my bike so please can u give me reply as soon as posoble i want only silenser i want sound in my bike plzzzzzzzzz can u help me ok

  16. guys i am plannin 2 buy this bike …. act me need is just 3 hours ride daily…… is it gud…. i mean … all i need is good milage, looks, riding comfort and pickup….. plz suggest me wat 2 do… or which 1 to take

  17. I have R15. It is the best looking bike. Though it’s engine is only 150cc, it’s riding gives true satisfaction. While driving we really feel that we are driving real sport bike. My freinds who are complaining about the width of tyre they are also didnt say anything after riding the bike. And about the colour don’t take blue or red it become very faint after few days prefer black or yello.(This is my openion only).

  18. I have a Pulsar 220!
    After doing the first service I think the engine has smoothen a lot 🙂
    I am very happy with the bike, Only disappointment is its short mirror length, which creates problem in seeing whats in my back…
    Rest is great… I love to push it beyond 60 & its keeps me asking for more speed :p its really smoother in high speed unlike other small engine bikes who cries around 60 KMPH mark.

    Its wider tires & Dual Disk are very assuring. The gear shift is very smooth. Its a big & Heavy Bike, earlier I was a bit scared of it, but over time I think we have developed a bondage & started respecting each other needs & Limitations 🙂

  19. if all the “users” had to “advice” u on everything,,,then i dun really see the point of u writing this review…nd besides check out youtube ull get plenty of videos showing R15 beating the likes of ZMA nd the 220….

  20. I feel you have underrated the R15 in your review. R15 is a bike which will forgive it’s rider for his mistakes. Enter the corner at high speeds and brake violently, the bike won’t push you off like how Pulsars and Karizmas do. I feel the price is well justified considering it has got parts such as a Radiator and ECU, which Karizmas and Pulsars lack.

    Besides, its not just a better handler than Karizma and Pulsars, it has got better top speed as well. What’s the point in having fatter tyres, which don’t translate to better traction on road?

    I know, this is a very controversial topic, but we need to think with an open mind here.

    • yaa buddy…. also p220 and Karizma are havng bigger engines compared to R15 (150 cc) though this “bumble bee”(R15) takes on these 200+ cc monsters in Straight Drag….. Right from start to finish…… I have experienced it….

  21. As per r15 is concerned it is the most horrible bike in terms of road safety. I am telling this from my personal experience.
    I am riding bikes and cars for almost 10 years now and in these 10 years i have put my hands on various bikes and cars.
    Well, now we talking about bikes i will speak only about bikes. I have owned bikes right from 100cc segment to 1000cc ninja. I am a total bike freak. So, even the r15 looks impressed me and thought of getting my hands on this one too,but my interest for this bike turned into a night-mare .
    This bike has no road grip at all. The thin tyres does not do justice to its handling at all. I had my first crash in my life of riding for 10 years with this stupid r15. And some of you above said that it has a nice road grip even on wet roads. The road grip is not enough on dry roads forget the wet roads. I know only a few would like to understand what i am saying. But guys if you take my suggestion please do NOT go in for an R15. Coz at the end life is more precious.

  22. Hi ,I am a bike fanatic and currently I have the 150cc Pulsar 2009 model. I have had both good and bad expereince with my pulsar ,good being the speed ,smoothness and comfort and bad being the relaibility and mileage of the bike. I am not a rich guy but I want to buy the r15 although it has so many negatives ,still I love this bike and the only problem is that it is out of my budget. Should I save for it or should I not?

  23. hi neo so it seems like even you are a crazy person for the bikes. so let me give you a piece of advice here. if you have read my comment above yours you would understand why i am against this bike ( R15 ) Trust me there are many other powerful bikes than the r15. Like the pulsar 220 , karizma R,
    apache RTR 180. These are the top 3 powerful bikes in indian market today. And it will also suite your budget. Well power is not the only criteria safety is also what matters. The r15 lacks road handling drastically, i have explained this in the above comment. So i would suggest you not to go in for r15.

  24. I am sorry to say but it is a very poor review done by a novice ! almost every biker knows that R15 is haveng excellent top end performance and poor at lower speed because the peak torque is developed at 7500rpm ! which higher than normal indian bikes ! which means that top end performance will be better than the lower end performance !
    And DELZAD it seems that you have never rode a R15 thats why you are saying it is having poor handling or you dont know how to ride a bike !! every biker in india knows that r15 is the best handling bike in india (ninja is an exception) !
    So it’s very clear that a person who is saying that R15 is having a poor handling will be a crap ! pick up any magzine you know autocar,overdrive…anyone n check the review esp. about handling !

  25. DUDE!I have this bike its gr8!! I got it in 24 march 2010. It is blue in colour. It cost rs.1,09,300 on road. And I ask about white r15 in showroom they tell me in UTTAR PRADESH (U.P.) their are only 32 white r15.

  26. This review is rubbish??? First go again and ride it again. And I know u are just comparing it with karizma. It is one of the best bike like p220. Its controling is best. It is bike for YOUNGSTERS and average dont matters for YOUNGSTERS only style, speed matters as usual. It is the fastest bike after p220. Chill dude! dont feel shy a person can not judge this bike only by driving it once. Go again and try this bike its extreme. And drive it freely!

  27. Hello to all
    Can Anybody please tell me the Average of R15?
    I heard it is around or less than 40!:(
    Can it be increased by decreasing pickup of bike to some extent or it will be of no use?
    Did anybody got Average above 40 in CITY?
    PlZ Reply

  28. Guys!!

    Don’t confuse people… can someone give the overall review of this bike. I am planning to buy this bike. Is it best fit for the Hyderabad roads?? Should I go for it???


    • Yes dude its sturdy enough to clatter Indian Roads and I think Hyderabad roads are very well to ride this machine and that’s also depends on you how do you ride??

  29. I have finally bought this bike and it gives me an average of around 30 to 35 in the city.
    Here are the positives:
    Great looks
    Great handling and power.
    Grip is excellent and maintenance is almost nill

    Bad fuel economy of 30 to 35 km/l.

    • Hi Anil,
      dont listen to all of this, just go ahead and buy dis bike, its great overall. Fuel consumption is about 35 km/ltr. but its a blast to ride and own.

  30. i doesnt matter abut d cost wat all i need is that performance n milage upto 40 min.
    tell me which is the better,best

    any 1 reply me quickly

  31. hai anil kumar.R15 is a good performance bike.In my sense the only problem of the bike is that it does not gives good resale value and reliability when compared to gives the average mileage of 33-35km/L.If you want a good mileage and performance go for honda unicorn dazzler.

  32. Hi All

    Yamaha R15 is just an Amazing Bikes, if pulsar 220, Apache, Karishma & Yamaha R15 Rides together, every one will vote of R15, It seems to be giving arround 35-40 KM, but millage depends on driver too.. Raching DNA, Pick up and Style dominates the Bike Market Now.. 20 – 30 Age group GUYS will vote for R15 :)..

  33. I personally feel this review is amatuer.

    The reviewer has given most of his views based on ‘other users’ observations, and not his own.

    Also, the opinion on mileage is wrong as someone buying this bike would obviously buy it since he/she has money to spend and need not bother about mileage. Even p220 gives around 30 kmpl.

    The reviwer has lavished praise on the seating position but fails to mention that this position while sporty and good for track use is uncomfortable for street use, which is what most people would do. A long ride in traffic would result in back pain. But given the focus of the bike (track usage) this can be excused.

    The point on ‘size does matter’ is not entirely wrong though inaccurate. This bike loses out on a straight line to say a p-220 but beats it on the track. No wonder pulsars are never used in official races in India, whereas Apache and R-15 are.

    And finally the point on R-1 is absolutely ridiculous, i dont even need to comment on it.

    • This is one of the most irritating review i have ever came across.
      Ask any one and he will say the r15 lacks initial pickup while it has got a great end torque and zero vibration engine but according to this guy…the r15 has got nice initial pick up and lacks end torque.what is wrong with him man.

  34. thanks to all for their supportive views. actually i am also planning to buy a good value for money bike.can u suggest me which bike is better i.e.p220 or f15 Yamaha regarding millage and comfort.some bdy told me that f15 has a seat trouble,have to bent a back while driving and its sucks.can anyone tell me the actual problem for this.thanks

  35. buy r15 coz of its lookz performance and value for money pulsar will last u max 2 years and then hell breaks onthe bike but yamaha d name is enough

  36. Plz update the review deepak and guys dont compare r15 to p220 and apache180. They are rubbish bikes and r15 is the best 4 stroke indian bike.

  37. I think the R15 you tested was worse than many other R15s’. I’ve ridden it and it feels great in corners and is very stable and less vibration..!!! It is really fast,acceleration is not that good but if you are a good rider the cornering performance of this bike keeps up the speed really good..less acceleration/higher gear ratios really helps in cornering. This bike is a really really good performer..!!

  38. I agree with you about the looks though..Yamaha could have made it a better looking bike. About the tire,it may be small but the grip is phenomenal!!! And i disagree with you about the pickup,it is not that good but the cornering,balance,seating position,less vibration,powerful brakes and the smoothness and the above all gearing/gear performance,the way the gears catchup with each other makes it a really fast bike I say!!!!

  39. This bike is designed for hard core bike enthusiast, not for common man, i believe.and yeah it gives a speed of 133kmph even though it has a 150cc engine which proves that it has got something under its engine.this is not a commuter friendly bike.the yamaha is bringing the racing culture in india and thats really good.

  40. R15 is only for truly bike does not compare with another local gives good handling,modern technology & high gives 17 bhp of power & good torque about 15nm.when compared to power ratio it gives good mileage35-38km/l . price is not very high because it gives water cooled engine & modern technology.The performance of the engine cannot be decreased even at 500km because of this water cooled engine & modern gives good handling because of its aerodynamic shape(deltabox frame) and good seating position.the only bike that can beaten the r15 is is bitter comfort than r15 in long jouney due to high weight and high cc engine.But r15 is only for truly bike riders,I liked R15 very much because of its easiest handling and very much comfort. if there is any

  41. hello everyone
    i am planning to buy r15…can anyone please tell me its exact it below 30?? is it capable of delivering 40kmpl on jaipur roads??
    please reply as soon as possible

  42. hey shail,i am riding my r15 from last two months on jaipur roads,as i belongs to jaipur itself,and i am happy with the performance of this bike.about average,near by 35 on average speed ride,(50-60kph).pickup is awesome, handling is good, maintenance is affordable,i think u should buy it without any hesitation.

  43. […] out the competing bike Yamaha YZF R15. You can also enjoy reading Indian Bike […]

  44. See that the r15 has only 150cc engine but u all r comparing it wid 220s 180s & 225s.A two year old R15 can also beat a new rtr180,220 or ZMR. U ppl want mileage and power both but bhai log kuch paane k liye kuch khona padega,and here money matters.

  45. good initial acceleration and slow after 60 ?????
    what’ve you been smoking my friend ?
    i really dont think that you even rode that bike

  46. Boss….if u want mileage…go and get urself a hero honda…it makes no sense to talk about mileage if u want a performance bike…its like asking for ferrari and u want good fuel consumption….if u buy a R15…it gives u only about 35km pl… good day!

    I have a R15 and my only concern is getting a wider tire…nothing else.

  47. Hi guys..just an update for someone want to buy an R15…

    Guys…I being riding bikes since 1995. So from experience I talk. I own a R1 in Sydney, Australia but this bike cost above 14lakhs in Chennai (it cost AUD$20,000 in Sydney on road that is Rs 8.8 lakhs) i ended up with R15 to use in Chennai during my short stay here…now let me tell u why I picked up R15 comparing to other Indian bikes in the 150cc category…first…the bike got the looks…no one can deny also has the best technology in the 150cc category available currently in India. Also the bike has good performance above 5000 RPM range. The bike runs smooth and virtual vibration free. Before buying a R15, I had a RTR180 almost new one from a friend for 2 weeks…RTR180 is as good as R15 in performance but lacks in smoothness unlike YAMAHA otherwise it is a good bike as well. Other 150cc bike is no match…so I dont comment here. The only down side of R15 is the cost and it does not suit you if u are above 6ft. But Yamaha justified their cost and I think they are well priced for what you get. This bike is AUD$3000 on road in Australia (Rs1.32 lacs) so it is still cheaper in cost more even in other Asian countries..just check it out for R15 is cheaper in India..

    Downside of R15
    My friend is 6.2ft and he finds that the bike is too short for him..but he loves the overall I recommend have a test ride and then decide if this bike is suitable for you. It makes no sense comparing bike with a bike which has higher CC and it is unfair to even compare so I talk only about 150cc category here and R15 and the second choice RTR180…I think selecting a bike is a pure personal choice…dont listen to anyone…just take a test ride on a R15 and other bikes of ur choice and then u yourself decide how comfortable u r with the bike and budget and I am sure your inner heart will tell u lets go for this one…Just remember…ride the bike and then talk…not vice-versa. Most of the above comments are childish…do ur own homework…and take ur ass to the showroom for a test offence here mate!!

    I respect all the bikes in India has it has their Pro’s and Con’s but R15 was my choice…good luck guys….last thing…please dont talk about mileage if u need a performance bike..there are other good Indian bikes for that…all the best…:-)) Arif Hameed …email: ( pls feel free to ask me if u need any more information on R15)
    Facebook: RChobbies

  48. i love tis bike , its fantastk i do my wheelies, n stoppies……….this n pulsar is best for stunts in india…………but r15 is GILLI………..

  49. Every youngsters in India will like r15. But the only thing is it lags in mileage and it is too costly while comparing other 150 cc bikes.

    I dont know why all are comparing prices of r15 to other 150 cc bikes and comparing performance of r15 with 220+ cc bikes.

    No other 150 cc bikes in India will stand up against r15.

  50. Not nice… Good in looks but bad in riding comforts… Lengthy byke, hence difficult to take U-turns, and smooth curves in city traffic, moreover the gear shift is high and so rear of riders seat hence gear shifts makes tough to reach as the ankle is already bent in normal seating position… 800mm seat height is not average height for all riders… height need to be rebuilt….

  51. tHx 2 Yamaha cmpy my bike R15 gve avg 93km in 100rs petrol in NH-1.. (Punjab)
    1- After services to change oil filter, chain clean, engine oil, air filter also
    2- Driver weight about 55kg only
    3- Top speed b/w 40 to 55 km/h


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