I feel really proud to write a review this great bike. Hero Honda Karizma is the best that has been launched in India. Now it gets even better with the all new racer edition : The New Karizma R. The price of Karizma is Rs.84000 and the engine packs an awesome 17 horse power in a 223cc Engine..

Hero Honda Karizma

How does it look?

Indian bikers always wished for a bike like this, a real sporty looking bike, and their dreams have come true with the Karizma. On the first look, people would comment that the bike looks like a fighter jet! The air pockets in the front of the tank has been very precisely carved to blend aerodynamics with beauty.

Hero Honda’s Engineers have put in several months of work in developing their flagship model Karizma. It is not easy to bring a foreign style to India without compromising the engine capacity and mileage (which are the most important factors for Indian bikes). The is technically the first bike in India in which the doom blends with the main body of the bike. One big advantage of this is that the handle bars are free to turn because there is no extra weight attached to it (like the head light and dashboard). Karizma is the first bike in India which came with pre-installed alloy wheels.

I like the tail part of Karizma very much. This is perhaps the only bike in India which features dual tail lamps. When you look at the tail part, it does look like a jet. The slogan ‘Jet Set Go’ is perfect. The seat is little raised for the pillion rider which gives it a really sporty look. The bike has been so perfectly designed that I could not imagine a suggestion for improvement. Considering the overall size of the bike, the tail part does seem to have the right size. In Pulsar, you can notice that the tail is too small compared to the size of its tank, but in Karizma the proportion of the sizes of various parts is perfect.

Hero Honda Karizma

How does it perform?

I can talk about performance all day long, because I have been personally using Karizma for the past four years! But I will try to keep this short and only highlight the main points.

Karizma is undoubtedly the bike with the highest horse power in India. (Considering bikes within the 1 Lakh Range). For a bike of 223 cc, 17 hp is really great! While driving, you can feel the surge of acceleration (and the surge of adrenalin!). You feel like like Hrithik Roshan if you give a full twist to the throttle. My Karizma is the first to dash of when the signal turns green, while others try to catch up with me, I look back to see that they are left far behind!

This bike is suitable both for city riding and riding in highways. As you put the fifth gear and slowly accelerate, the bike maintains its stability upto 110 Kmph, but later it gets a little shaky. I have personally tried going upto 125 Kmph, eventhough the claimed maximum speed is higher, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go faster than 110.

Looking into the dash board of the Karizma, we can see 2 dials, a RPM meter and a Speedometer and next to it is the digital panel which displays Fuel, a Trip meter, total distance and a digital clock! I really love the clock, I do not need to leave the handle bars to check the time in my wrist while driving! Visit the Karizma Photo Gallery to see pictures of the dash board.

The high beam and neutral indicators are situated in the speedometer dial. The indicators are bright enough so that you can easily see its status in bright sunlight.

Hero Honda Karizma

Some people may think that such fast sport bikes are risky, but in my opinion, Karizma is the safest bike in India. Provided with adequate wheel base and body weight, the bike comes to halt easily from very high speeds without losing any stability.

How does it stand out?

For people who love this bike, it is really hard to admire the competition. Right now Pulsar 220cc seems to be the only competition for Karizma, but I would say that it does not even stand a chance with this legend.

Hero Honda Karizma’s high cost and size is not just for the looks and power. Along with it you also get something priceless… the Self Confidence and the King of the Road feeling. If in your college or institution, you are the only one with a Karizma, imagine the kind of feeling of uniqueness you will get. People will admire you for your bike and you will be known as The man who rides the Karizma.

Too many people have already bought Pulsars, CBZs and Apaches.. If you are planning to buy a 150cc bike, wait for a few months, raise some more money and go for the best. Because great people drive great bikes.

This is perhaps the only bike which has got full rating in BikeAdvice’s Reviews.

BikeAdvice Overall Rating: 5/5

Performance Rating: 5/5

Beauty Rating: 5/5

Pros: Sporty Looks, Fuel Efficiency, The first of its Kind in India

Cons: No leg guard

Karizma Specifications:

Engine: Aircooled single cylinder 4 stroke OHC
Displacement: 223 cc
Maximum Power: 12.68 KW (17 PS) @ 7000 RPM
Maximal Torque: 18.35 N-m @ 6000 RPM
Acceleration: 0 – 60 Kmph in 3.8 Seconds
Gear Box: 5 Speed
Brakes: 276mm Front Disc and 130 mm Rear Drum
Tires: Front: 2.75 x 18 – 42P, Rear: 100/90 x 18 – 56P
Fuel Capacity: 15 Litres (+ 2 Ltrs Reserve)

Additional Resources:

  • Visit the Official Website
  • Call Toll Free: 1800-180-0016 from BSNL/MTNL landlines for Information about Hero Honda Karizma
  • Visit the Karizma Photo Gallery

What do you think about Karizma? Please leave a comment below and let everyone know whats on your mind.

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  • Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Malan

    i own an zma . i bought it on 6/2008 . i love riding ths bike. zma is beter bike tht 1 can own .. i love itt thnkz for herohonda for such an bike

  • hemu

    i own this bike since 28.8.8 realy rockin bike guys…..i u wanna buy a bike dan go for KARIZMA…ALWAYS GAME…JET SET GOOOOOOOOOOOO……

  • Amit

    Hero honda’s KARIZMA R 225 is the best bike karizma is the prince of all the bikes which released in india karizma rules the road & i like its sporty look(black)

  • ikku markose

    Ma striking new karizma red rokz nd rule the roads guys!

    • Anoop

      I owe Red Karizma its really a old king of on road and off road….. karizma rocks……

  • Rahul

    Wrong information here… karizma is a beautiful bike, its great, i love it.. but its not the bike with the hightst horse power… pulsars 200+ are higher in horse power..

    • Praveen

      hey may b pulsars has higher HP bt karizma simply race over them very easilyyy

      • pramodh

        yes praveen Ur right……



    • prikshit

      ride both ,, don’t shoot in air

      • sunil

        pulsar suckz

    • mayur

      Hey I had drive Pulsar 220 and Karizma R too, I think Karizma R is great becuse if u ride it on it’s maximum, it’s engines performance remain same for next run. But when u ride Pulsar 220 on it’s maximum performance and health of engine goes down on each run, Pulsar 220 also having more maintenance.



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  • Harry

    The bike is like the king on road. You cant even explain the feeling of riding this bike. The pick up is great, handling is awsome, outstanding braking & the list goes on….!!! In delhi its on road price is Rs.76750. I baught the bike day before yesterday on 7th of Sep’08.

  • sagar

    Karizma BIKE IS BEST BIke Ever,Its Output And Pickup IS Amazing,as compare to pulsar 225cc.

  • dannie

    hey i like karizma i m having model of 26/6/2006 and it steel rocks. top speed of my karizma is 145 why people say it touch only 125 i donot understand i had a race with pulsar 200 he lost poor boy i m waiting 2 race with puls 220.

  • dannie

    i m waiting 4 new karizma i came 2 know that kzma is coming up with 300cc just waitttttt 2 buy it

    • mahmood

      yes i am follow you are comment

  • Rahul

    best bike in business….i am myself driving it for past 6 months….i had tried all pulsars, apache, honda bikes but this is the best…..the best feeling is when u r looking all other riders far behind you in ur mirror…..karizma rules

  • Dhruv

    hi Friends I want to know the Fuel consumption in Karizma R

  • aseerathan

    hi Dannie.how do u know that a new karizma 300cc is going to come.
    And when does it comes.Because i also heard the same rumour.so if u know anyting abt it the plz message meeee.

  • sekhar

    i love dis bike 4 its sporty look & i think it is d perfect bike 4 the indian road.Its braking & controlling is excellent.
    Be carful it dosn’t owns a leg guard…

  • Mathhew

    Hi I went to the HH showroom and he told that Karizma will be coming up a 250cc version and it will be fi..but i am afraid that it will take atleast another 6 months…
    Even the glamour version of FI was a flop…i hope it’s not so with the Karizma..

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  • anals

    karizma best hai re..i have it last 3 years…

  • ruturaj

    hey guyz , i am planning to buy zma. Bt um nt clear about d average as there are lots of speculations made by ppl who dont use one. so plz help me and tell me about zma average. and is there anyway to get 40 kmpl by reducing pick up or anything else?
    do reply…thnxx…!!!

  • praveen

    plz tell me the mileage of new karizma
    is it improve or not old karizma’s mileage is around 25km/l

    • Hunk

      Same bro

    • mayur

      Mileage of Karizma is depends on ur skill of driving a bike, how much smooth u drive it gives nice mileage and also depends on how u maintain ur bike.

  • Deepak

    Praveen, read Karizma customer reviews here – http://reviews.bikeadvice.in/review/hero-honda-karizma/

  • neo

    Is there any one to challange me on my pulsar 220. Open challange to all. Here are some facts about my baby…. 0 to 60 3.5 seconds, 0 to 100kmph in less than 15 sec that too in the 3 rd gear. top speed i achieved 137.5kmph. Mileage 35 to 38 kmpl in city 42 to 45 kmpl on highways.

    • sai krishna

      do you ever4 ridden a pulsar 220.it is just a scrap pease of metal with 220cc bajaj says it achieve top speed of 140km(but you have to change the engine and its full things because i dont believe such foolish company like bajaj will not achieve this).you coward do you know the performance of karizma i am having a karizma old model my friens have pulsar 220 and apache 180rtr but my friends willk not see me when they come to race with me i will see them only in my mirrors and also you will be like my friends i dont wanna see you in my mirrors because i think you are a little boy then when i beats you you will cry i dont wanna see that your eyes fill with tears.so be a good man and dont even dream about racing with karizma kitty

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  • samip

    dosent look like sporty
    there s need short handle atleast

    • mayur

      short handle is a pain in long drive but handle of Karizma is so comfortable. There is no matter with handle bcoz bike is sporty for its performance.

  • ksingh.

    nothing but nothing has a big bike feel like this one,i purchased this as my second bike after caliber {croma with disc brakes}. the best thing abut ZMA is that the power comes at a low rpm so makes riding a lot refined and gliding best in india.

  • Neet

    It’s my wish and i get it now i fell very comfertable on this bike its my 2nd bike n u know guys ma 1st bike is also Kari.but that is old Model but now i have new one ………URGENT.Information Please Arrange Leg gurd on u r Kari…if u want to safe u r kari ,…thanks

  • Rufus

    i’m waiting for 300cc

  • Mr. Rome

    Im from Sri Lanka, and I would like to know about the colours of new Karizma R,
    last two yrs I had Karizma 225 Red earlier version.

    and now I have confuse about new R’s colours, when we compare with
    Force Silver & Moon Yellow,
    What colour you will advice us to go for?
    plzz tell me the colour

  • Deepak

    Rome, My preference is Silver! Because even though yellow is a cool colour, some people will scream ‘YUK!’. May be you should ask your girl friend for her opinion too!

    • puneethsai

      yaa u r absloutly right

  • Mr. Rome

    Dear Mr.Deepak,
    Thank you for your reply, really I greatly appriciate your service..
    Have a gd day…

  • dheeraj

    i like only two colour of karizma black & silver so u can buy any colour from this . for mr rome

  • Mr. Rome

    Dear Mr.Deepak & Mr.Dheeraj,

    Thank you for your suggeston, I too decided to go for Silver.
    wish u all of u, the great job & Great Service from this https://www.bikeadvice.in from india.
    Have a Good Season’s for all!!!
    Sri Lanka.

  • Ajit Kumar Mallick

    Thanks a lot. Nice review, I m planning to buy a karizma. This review increse my interest. But I m confuse that should I go for my friend’s karizma of 2006 made, 2years, 18,0000 km for Rs. 40-45 thousand or new R-Series. Is there any difference between old and new karizam on the basic of performance, speed, durability ? Plz help me.

  • Mr. Rome

    Dear Kumar,

    Both performances are same, because old version & R versions engine should be equally worked. If u under above budget then ok, or else my idea is only better if you go for Brand new KARIZMA R. Ensure that the engine & electric with an a good mechanic before if you go for Old version.
    However Hero Honda Karizma Always Game!!!!
    Sri Lanka.

  • Aqheel Cobra


    What’s your opinion about Royal Enfield Bullet 500 cc as well as Thunderbird twinspark 350 cc?

  • anjaly

    Hello, yes this is nice bike!! Confortable, good looking, but come on…223 with 17 hp??? Should have like 19, the R15 has 17 in a 150cc engine, thats what I call technology and performance, not getting 40 km/l with 17 hp on a 220…I like the bike, but could have improved the power a little in my opinion..There was a Yamaha called Xt225 like 10 years ago and produced 19hp..

    Come Honda, give us some technology and performance, not just look…

  • bryan andrades

    karizma is the top bike in our country it has good pick up n sporty looks but i have to suggest like modification in pulsar or Yamaha, karizma needs some modification like fule injectied system high bhp n mono shock

  • Srini

    Often Karizma is compared with Pulsar200 and 220, this is phycological comparision, Pulsars NVH is very high and unacceptable, it’ like unprofessionally modified bikes. Zma is great bike, handles highway amazingly, 95kmph at 6200 RPM !! At 150 kilos, this bike is dream !!

  • Jignesh P.

    Yes, thats true, I am big fan of hero honda bikes since very begining, and you will be surprised till date I haven’t own any hero honda bike. Currently I own Yamaha. But to be honest I like splendour & CD100 (very old model). Anyways thanks for sharing this information with us.

  • Shaan

    Guys ! Guys !!
    I have screamed on the roads plenty of time on my Zma R version, and crashed plenty of times,
    But believe me, my Zma saves me plenty of times ,, the muscles is perfect to save u from accidents,,
    Even on top speed u still can be cool because ull be always safe on Zma,,
    Its our desirable friendly pet(Machine).
    Thanks for posting

  • smrutiranjan behera(danny)

    it is one of my favorite bike in india,due to it,s look
    & it,s pick up. i want this bike should be modified
    on base of sporty look.then it will be most wanted bike
    .then it is lot affected to our younger citizen,

    smrutiranjan behera(danny)

  • Kumar

    East or west Karizma is the best, had opportunity to ride only once, once i get good salary I will buy this bike. It’s totally different experience riding a Karizma. Just try once a mix of city/highway/cruise mode for atleast 50 kms !! YOU’ll FALL IN LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kannan

    Bajaj first came with P180(v1) that could beat Zma, remember Vi was very good bike, then came several versions of P180, nothing could match majestic Zma.
    P200 was then launched with 18PS power, more than Zma, so far there is no single incident where Zma was beaten convincingly by a P200, unless the Zma driver was pro-P200 !! Then it was P220 with Fi, Bajaj and P220 owners are busy discussing several issues on hourly basis. Both P200 and P220 are worst quality bikes.
    There’s no way one can believe these bikes have the power specified by Bajaj.
    Better performance is achieved not just by increasing cc but engine technology as a whole.
    And now, Bajaj is back with 1 horse extra on it’s new P200, it’s just Bajaj way of farting over it’s loyal customers !!!

  • Murugan

    Hey guys, Karizma is the best bike on Indian road, my next bike is Karizma. Hero Honda is the BIG DADDY of bikes in India and also the WORLD !!

  • Neet

    Hi Guys m back again……… So i feel so happy now days yo our Kari.. Is looking Cool yup dudes i have cool black and after that some modification and put some sizzling Strikers so it’s look peezeeee and i love my Kari.. Thanks Guys

  • shotckt

    hey guys is der ne city/highway/cruise mode in karizma??m planning to own a karizma very soon….

  • Mr. Rome

    I got my new Karizma R yesterday, it was an special order and its Silver colour, and the performance are better than the previouse version.
    Its superb….

    Sri Lanka

  • nayan

    i own a karizma for d past 2.5 months and always liked the performance

    the way it jumps off
    stability etc

    but a digital console would have been appreciated

  • K.Maheshwar Rao

    Should specify about milage as well. One of the feature of any Reputed is just about to Know about it’s on road milage.

  • ravinder

    hey guys i hv brought KRIZMA R 2009 model it is awesome….i hv no words to tell its performance

  • smith

    hi friends,
    Recently I came to delhi. wish to buy a bike that runs a long.My height is 5.6 .My budget 80000.Confused b/w karizma nd bullet 350.Plz help me ?

  • RZ

    hey i need sum advice bout bikez so can sum1 tell me watz da bwst bike i can ride am rather thin but i want sum gud byk vid raw power n great handling n i need sum city driving tips tooo coz i find difficulty in driving between traffic on city roads!!!!:braveheart_razeen@yahoo.com

  • Ajit Kumar Mallick

    Hi Guyz, I own this dream bike on 31st jan 09′, I m enjoying every second on this bike. Great pickup, good stability, unique looks, 0-60 3.8 sec and 0-100 8 sec, more impotantly breaking is so good that u can drive at 100 carelessly. Mileage 35-40, depending on the driving style. PRINCE OF STREET and KING OF NH….Really Jet set and Always Game.

  • Dinesh

    I hv New Karizzzzzzzzma R Black.
    It is really superb bike. Just this Febuary i’ll buy it.
    i have one problem…
    it is struck in drive. like engine missing.
    is it carborator problem??? or any???
    What can i do???
    Please help me…..

  • Makarand

    Whats the current on-road Price in pune…

  • Mr. Rome

    To Mr.Dinesh,
    I think you should have enough fuel in the tank,
    Bcoz then only its get correct pressure to the engine,
    Bcoz its over 200cc, Pls dont ride for long time under reserve.
    If better to show Hero Honda Authorized Service centre.

    Mr.Rome from Sri Lanka.

  • Dinesh

    Thankyou Very much for your advice.
    yes you are correct, my fuel meter show only 3 block.
    can you give me some advice for maintaining??

  • Ved

    great work on reviews. I like Karizma too but it seriously needs some renovation specially the back. It needs better and wider tyres. Not just cosmetic changes but it needs serious changes if it wants to keep up with the competion and remain love of the sports bike fans before it gets too old for them

  • puneet laade

    hero honda karizma no doubt its the end in biking for indian bikes but have some probs it gets stuck while running and gets off automaticly what the prb can any bosy explain whta to do ?thx

  • tabrez

    feel really proud to own this great bike. Hero Honda Karizma is the best that has been launched in India. Now it gets even better with the all new racer edition.The New Karizma R

  • sobbey

    why should i buy KARIZMA but no Yamaha FZ 16?
    I am confused please help.

  • Prashant Jain

    hai guys i brought my new wroom wroom karizma but i will suggest u that if you are buying such a costly bike (for middle families) than please have full stisfaction in throughout in the showroom only otherwise u will have to suffer a long way in requesting as i suuffered because my silencer of the bike was making a hillerious noise and i took it for the granted and on 1st service i told to them about the matter and such a way it was on the run of 500 km or just say it was my luck that they were ready to replace my khatara silencer with new one… so bealert it a costliest thing you buy please please please dont let ur bike survive injured from any point…………

  • Shekhar Sinha

    Hi, HH ZMA sucks……! If you have money then go for either Pulsar 220 or Yamaha R15. Even the new ZMA FI is not worth waiting for as there will be no rear disc brake, mono shock or even a gas charged shocks. Also there will be no increment in its power or top speed. If you still wanna waste your money on ZMA R then go ahead!

  • bharadwaj

    deepak i dont think karizma is all worth praise .It is a good bike .You dont Know The ACtual Reeality???? Karizma is just an external make up of indian enginers.
    Karizma uses engine of A dirt bike named crf 230l.
    just some modifications have been done.
    also Cbz extreme uses the engine of dirt bike crf150l with higher compression ratio.
    Check at honda mtr sports the engines look same, have 223 cc
    same bore stroke etc .

  • romil

    i have a karizma nd i love to drive it . i bought it in apr 07 bt as a hero honda manufacturer the ride dsnt bt smoothly after two years . my driving is rash bt i care my byke properlyi.e. service etc bt nw it seems to be like 10 year old byke

    so i wnt to say there should be a little bit a more improvemant in there product

  • Shekhar Sinha: HH ZMA

    Zma is a good bike, even i am not blamming Pulsar. But try to understand my bro “Bajaj lacks of Quality issues”. I had a ZMA since 2006 June. I never thought of changing it because of its performance..not by the new technologies in BAJAJ. Get your self clarified when u visit Bajaj Sevice Staions.

  • sumit

    i lik bike….it’s of black color…..if any ready to buy a bike i prefer him to buy KARIZMA (superb bike)…..

  • anand

    how come there are no karizma bikes in the showroom of late…are they going to release a new one?if so when?

  • VDP

    Ajit Kumar Mallick: Hi Guyz, I own this dream bike on 31st jan 09′, I m enjoying every second on this bike. Great pickup, good stability, unique looks, 0-60 3.8 sec and 0-100 8 sec, more impotantly breaking is so good that u can drive at 100 carelessly. Mileage 35-40, depending on the driving style. PRINCE OF STREET and KING OF NH….Really Jet set and Always Game.

    0-100 in 8 seconds? Dude please… more like 14-15 seconds.
    0-100 in 8 seconds? dude please…. more like 14-15 seconds.

    Ajit Kumar Mallick: Hi Guyz, I own this dream bike on 31st jan 09′, I m enjoying every second on this bike. Great pickup, good stability, unique looks, 0-60 3.8 sec and 0-100 8 sec, more impotantly breaking is so good that u can drive at 100 carelessly. Mileage 35-40, depending on the driving style. PRINCE OF STREET and KING OF NH….Really Jet set and Always Game.

  • Clement J.

    bharadwaj: deepak i dont think karizma is all worth praise .It is a good bike .You dont Know The ACtual Reeality???? Karizma is just an external make up of indian enginers.Karizma uses engine of A dirt bike named crf 230l.just some modifications have been done.also Cbz extreme uses the engine of dirt bike crf150l with higher compression ratio.Check at honda mtr sports the engines look same, have 223 ccsame bore stroke etc .

    Hey! Buddy there u r…….u r right!!!!!!!

  • agni

    Shekhar Sinha: Hi, HH ZMA sucks……! If you have money then go for either Pulsar 220 or Yamaha R15. Even the new ZMA FI is not worth waiting for as there will be no rear disc brake, mono shock or even a gas charged shocks. Also there will be no increment in its power or top speed. If you still wanna waste your money on ZMA R then go ahead!

    pulsar only sucks
    the wate of money is pulsar
    karizma rockz for ever
    pulsar only sucks man
    the r15 is stupid

    • Prasad

      Just shut up u looser…!!! If ur loving Pulsar means ur the top most idiot in this universe… Karizma R rockzzz…

  • sushant sharma

    karizma is the godfather of the street and go’s to hit every bike of 150cc, 180cc or pulsar220 or bullet royal enfield

  • ashutosh

    I understand this bike is a good piece of machine. But please don’t underestimate other bikes around. This review looks like a highly biased one. I own a pulsar 180cc, although having slightely lesser power, is almost comparable with the karizma. I expect the reviewer to present a more balanced review.
    Appologies if I hurt someone’s emotions.
    Ashutosh agarwal

    • Prasad

      Hey dude why u people go and fall in a gutter named Bajaj Pulsar…???
      Go for Karizmaaaa..!!! Its really worth for ur money… Dont care for milage boys just pay for the heart beat increasing when u all see other riders riding this FIRE DRAGON K223…
      Karizma Rockzzzz…..


  • Mr. Rome

    Deepak: Rome, My preference is Silver! Because even though yellow is a cool colour, some people will scream ‘YUK!’. May be you should ask your girl friend for her opinion too!

    hi, i got the silver, its superb

  • Mr. Rome

    I owned second brand new karizma 225 R,
    I really happy with this bike. But thr r some…

    • Prasad

      Great dude.. Ur soo much happy with Second only But keep in mind tat Gun is always Gun only enjoy this FIRE DRAGON…. Buss offf Bajaj P180 & P200…!!! Karizma Rules


  • mayur bhagat

    hey guys, i recently brought this bike (KZMA-R), i can’t express a lot in words but this bike is truly awesome, it brings attention of people on me, makes me fill like a king ………….

  • BAB

    sumit: i lik bike….it’s of black color…..if any ready to buy a bike i prefer him to buy KARIZMA (superb bike)…..

    Hi I would like to buy kzma pls help me


  • ripsss

    yes,, ihave got a red zma in march,09.,… n it really rocks,, ihad a top speed of above 115 but less than 120..it has no vibration,,the handling,braking is superb n people always gives a cool look to it.. it cannot be compared witha r15, bullet or any other bike,,it has got its own characteristics,,

  • agni

    Mr. Rome: hi,Im from Sri Lanka, and I would like to know about the colours of new Karizma R,last two yrs I had Karizma 225 Red earlier version.and now I have confuse about new R’s colours, when we compare withForce Silver & Moon Yellow,What colour you will advice us to go for?plzz tell me the colour


  • ranjib sarkar

    im used kma last 4years.i think this is not a sports bikelook.i think this bike not modify.but zma good byke

  • dhiraj c raut

    hi guys
    zma is good bike but its kind of getting very common….see for these the society where i live we have almost 13 zma thats a kind of common this is what is keeping me out of this bike and brought a r15 instead…

  • sunil hegde

    Plz can anybody inform me accurate milage of karizma under normal riding condetions?

  • sunil hegde

    Dinesh: I hv New Karizzzzzzzzma R Black.It is really superb bike. Just this Febuary i’ll buy it.i have one problem…it is struck in drive. like engine missing.is it carborator problem??? or any???What can i do???Please help me…..

    check carburator Diofrum And Spark plug

  • Dinesh

    Can any body tell me, What is the Zma’s RPM in Starting Condition??

  • Hamyd

    Hi frnds i need more details about new karzima… Send me mail 2 hamidgany@gmail.com

  • mallikarjun aradhya

    i got ma ZMA R on 26-may-09…..great piece of machine to ride…..m gettin 40-45 km/lt.wit no filter (+nal)…doesn’t it worth…?…sure it will guys…n comments in youtube abt ZMA is far to truth….they can show 50cc bikes tat can chase ZMA R..jack ass ones…PULSAR 220 is nothing with ZMA R…if u want identity ,u go with ths m/c…..no worth for bursty yamaha R15,,,tat too 150 cc for tat bike….i suggest go with ZMA R….ul feel d difference in a LEGEND ‘N’ FAST-LESS(TEST) INDIAN…!!!

  • hi guys!!
    but u should speed at least 60kmph in often even in start,
    because its 225cc.
    Karizma Always Game!!
    frm Sri Lanka..

  • DG

    after this review I am totally for this bike..
    Great review..I was a bit confused with Yamaha’s new Glamboy R15..but then this review worked out alot…Thanx..

  • praveen

    very nice
    send me the new models in hero honda

  • Vidit goel

    Hey fnns
    I m vidit goel from Merrut(UP) I m felling pleasure to review this great bike. Hero Honda Karizma is the best bike which i ever ride.Its looks its speedddddddd.Great pickup, good stability is the most imp. feature of karizma

    Abt karizma i just waanna to say”Drop the gear & disappear””

  • rajesh

    hi guys,

    i do agree that kza is a value for money product, bajaj cannot be compared with kza, kza stands out…

  • ya guys,

    Ever cannot compare karizma with Bajaj… Never..
    Because Karizma always in first.
    Its always game.

    If compare to other indian bikes, for an example:

    Car & (Indian made) Three wheeler

    I enjoying Karizma from last 3 years.
    Previously I had Red & now having Silver…

    Also Im really really happy about as a Distributor and Agent in Sri Lanka is >> STAFFORD MOTORS COMPANY LTD.
    Above mentioned company is well organized and the satisfaction is to the customer is always!

    hav gd weekends!!

    Rome Tuan
    Sri Lanka.

  • kiran

    hey guyz,ZmA’s anytime d perfect bike!! jus love ridin it!! ppl jus talk shit abu it!! trust me performance wise!! its d best!! dun listen to ppl who say R15 n al’s better than zMa!! noways!! r15 cant take up d pickup of zma!! coz i’v ma frn who ownz r15!! v usually drag!! n olso other bike’s so far!!

  • kiran

    look wise!! its still rockin!! though R15’s flashy wit d new huge shield!! but its jus crashed fibre which breaks soon!! dats d only reason y it goes faster tha zMa!!


    hello frndz.. i got my karizma on 1st may 2005 n felling pleasure to review this great bike til 2day…this is the best jet on the road…so JET SET GO guys



  • adarsh


    i agree your point but karizma is only one bike who has got 223cc
    in any other bike even pulsar220 even.

    as compare to ur suggestion pulsar 200cc and had 18bhp and 220 cc had got 21bhp but in those power pulsar is good.

    when it come to race karizma come first because of higher cc
    u know abt royal enfield that has much power 499 up to 349 cc segment then karizma,pulsar 220,200,R15,Apache rtr 180

    so my frnd when u talk abt karizma its a good bike for Indian road. I don’t have karizma but this true. for bajaj only 180 cc and 200cc bike is good 220 has lots of problem in engine whn u talk abt fuel injection trust me frnd my frnd had got lots of problem.Don’t see the power of bhp of 220 pulsar

  • adarsh

    look for those bike which have no problem for riding like karizma r.karizma r have millage of 35 while putting fuel for
    speed 97 which rate in Delhi is 61 rs it gives u the millage 45 to 50 trust me because i had measure with millage tube test.

    any suggestion mail me to adarshcool2009@gmail.com

  • Rome

    Ya its Always Game!!

  • Aqheel Cobra

    adarsh: segment

    Dear Adarsh
    royal enfield that has much power 499 up to 349 cc segment then karizma,pulsar 220,200,R15,Apache rtr 180
    Royal Enfield that has much power 499 up to 349 cc segment then karizma,pulsar 220,200,R15,Apache rtr 180

    What’s your opinion Royal Enfield 499 cc / 349 cc this bikes can be compared karizma,pulsar 220,200,R15,Apache rtr 180, if copared whichis best from your view in all aspects letme know by putting comments on bikeadvise or on my email maar07@gmail.com bz I am planning to by RE 349 cc/ RE 499cc.

  • mukesh

    guys plz advice me wich 1 one buy btwn karizma and pulsar 200

  • Rome

    go for Karizma…

    Rome frm Sri Lanka..

  • agni

    fi launching for this diwali?
    with engine guard large/?

  • dattaraj gaitonde

    well am not happy with my karizma specially with color of my bike eg :it has sifferent color shades(dark light shade )for under seat faring

  • tausif

    we want more power full bike

  • FAIS

    Dont trust those DISK BRAKES, Coz U may Suffer LIKE ME./

  • Joe

    HAPPY DASSERA to All…!!!! 🙂

  • sathya

    i love live wit it. i ever immpresed like dis as my karish

  • Dattarj

    I hv New Karizzzzzzzzma R silver.It is really superb bike. Just this august ibought it.i have one problem…it is its silencer makes noise , What can i do???
    & front faringto when i drive it on rough roads
    i approached showroom they are ignorig me ??? Please help me…..

  • sharath

    Dattarj: I hv New Karizzzzzzzzma R silver.It is really superb bike. Just this august ibought it.i have one problem…it is its silencer makes noise , What can i do???
    & front faringto when i drive it on rough roads
    i approached showroom they are ignorig me ??? Please help me…..

    contact other service centers…they may help you..

  • Aneez

    wohhhhhhhhhh this is a cooooool bikeeeeeeee

  • Gelek Samten

    I respect to all the team of Hero Hoda and thank you for that karizma 223cc is a really amazing and smooth, last couple of years I used to ride the pulser 180, 220(bajaj) but karizma 223cc is more comfort, having model of 2009 (karizma 223cc) and I bought on 09/10/09 from Palampur, H.P.
    But I am requesting you to that please and please we got lots of trouble when we going to registration, because karizma 223cc Chassis number is cover by wire and really difficult to make copy on form number 20, hoping to concern.
    Thank you

  • preetham

    new improved karizma is looking sexy but the graphics on petrol tank of should me made as perivous bike karizma R


    I bought a ZMA on 29/10/2009.. The bike just rocksssssssssss really king of road……….. When come to Speed its rules the road……….. sereously THE CONQUERER

  • Ritesh Singh Kushwaha

    Hi guys,,,,

    It was the festive DIWALI 2009 season and I was so confused to select my dream bike after the fresh arrivals from YAMAHA. Earlier karizma was the only my dream bike I hv 2 think abt.but this is the YAMAHA which make me double minded…so I hv very briefly reviewed all these FZS, FAZER PULSER and KARIZMA bikes b4 my final decision…All these bikes are respectable for their unique features…Undoubtly YAMAHA engine performance is so well and this is only the YAMAHA who has brought the new bike revolution on Indian roads with their looks and performance… YAMAHA proves how a 150cc bike may look and performs with great stability features on Indian roads…No doubt its monocrss suspension, broad radial tyres, and sizzling look makes it very impressive but still the points disappointed me about FAZER that is open chain, no kick and major one is both head lights can not be turn on at the same time…PULSER become so much common and its engine performance and controlling is not quit well…Now it’s the time for old yet gold KARIZMA…. Beside its ROCKET styling, its great controlling features, stability makes me so much impressed…it is so lazy bike that you cant guess about your speed until you take a look at your speedometer…. it is not shaky even at higher speeds….it is the safest bike I hv ever drive….no doubt it loves to drink some more fuel comparatively but its other sizzling features and 223cc power make not to think more abt mileage…My KARIZMA R gives easily a mileage of 38-40 km/ltr on busy Kanpur city roads and I dnt think it to so bad…so I bcm the pride owner of this LEGEND on 15/10/09 and I m proud of my decision…
    So guys its time to get your JET (KARIZMA), SET your gears and GO forward to leave your competitors behind and proves the slogan JET SET GOOOOOOOO… After all this is KARRRIZZZZMAAAA…………….

    Ritesh Singh Kushwaha

  • ganesh

    hi friends in my team all are having yellow karizma R am really v happy that i had choosed karizma r . first i go for perfomance . i had a drag in strech and in traffic also . with new pulsar 220 dtsi , yamaha r 15 and with rtr 180 .accordong to perfomance all these three bikes want to hang.compare to karizma .karizma only won the race. and in confort karizma rocks , in handling superb handling .breaking fantastic. karizma rocks……….

  • arun

    can any one say how ill i increase the performance of my bike ……. is that good if i change my cam shafts …n shall i change my clutch springs

  • Anoop

    Hello , friend
    I need karimzma R’s engine guard.
    how much is the cost?
    whether its available ?

  • arun

    you can get the guard from any of the herohonda showrooms ….. it will come around 1300 ….

  • Zmalover

    Hi everyone,

    I bought a blue Zma R yesterday. I rode it for 15 Kms so far in Bangalore. I had read lot of reviews on Zma. Two things which i felt on the top in Karizma are:

    1. When you ride it, you get the feeling as if you are flying at speeds on the ground. You do not feel the road. The suspension and balance is too good!!

    2. You get the feeling that all other vehicles on road have become powerless. You can beat anything on the road.

    After the ride, i just keep dreaming even if i am away from the bike.

  • Zmalover

    2nd Part:

    I have driven my Karizma around 225 Kms.

    I have so far observered many times – people turning their heads to see my bike when i stop anywhere or the signals.

    Yes, its confirmed for me now that Karizma is unique and rules on the road.. thats why people call it King of the Road.

    I also touched 100 Km/Hr on Domlur Kormangala link road in Bangalore. I was amazed to see that my speedometer was at 100..then i slowed it down to 80. It went to that speed without any efforts. Other cars, bikes etc on road were fading away in my mirror. I felt so proud about my bike..

    I was coming back and was on M G Road in Bangalore when another bike overtook me from behind. Guess which bike it was?

    It was a Silver Karizma R being driven by another guy. I felt so happy seeing another Zma.

    We drove like two sharks in an ocean for around 500 metres. After that that bike left the road and took a right turn.

    I want to tell this to everyone that whatever bike you dream of… take a test ride of Karizma R if possible. you will definitely fall in love with her..


    – Nishant

  • Zmalover

    3rd part:

    I have falled in love completely with Karizma..this is my second post in a single day..

    My total kilometers in bike reads 280 Kms now. It means i have driven 505 Kms more after writing the previous comment and that also within Bangalore city.

    I saw a Red and Silver Karizma in the evening. Though seeing Karizma on roads is not that common but when you see one, you feel and think – another masterpiece from the same league – Hero Honda Karizma. Wow!! .. the feeling cannot be expressed in words.

    Hero Honda — How can you be so mean that when a person rides a Karizma.. theres no competition for him on the road.. s/he feels invincible!!

    I will not post after this otherwise i will never stop writing comments on Zma!!

    Line for Karizma–>

    You are Adorable!! Muuaahh!!

  • Rome


    hi guys,,
    watch this clip of a Karizma R

  • lucky

    i have karizma 2003 model . . .
    still it goingon top speed of 135-138 maximum . . .
    i just tuned carb and bigger jeets . . .
    i want to increase top speed like 145 to 150 . . .
    how can i done it ? ? ?
    how about chain sprocret ? ? ?

  • Johan Ahmed

    I do own a silver color karizma r n do hv k&n air filter n it givs me a top speed up2 184kmph..

  • kishor choudary

    good bike performance and style of fashion is creative

  • sasank

    i reyally want to die for it send me how to maintain milage..my milage is 30kl/leter

  • gaurav

    woooooooooooooow…this is wat i say while driving my bike..THATS KARIZMA…..whenevr i ride on ma bike my friends say HUNK IS COMING ON HIS FANTABULOUS RIDE..then i feel lil more confident & unique..no one can compare karizma with any other bike because it has got unique class..LIKE MERCEDESE IN CARS…I LOVE MY BIKE KARIZMA…i have touched 130km/hr while driving ma bike it doesnt shake…..

  • gaurav

    my bikes performance is unbelievabble it gives me 40km/ltr…woooooooooooooooooooow….sometimes more…

  • swapnil

    its cool bike milege is superb about 40 in city(pune) 44 on highway

  • Shashi Warrier

    i am 50 years old and my wife is a year younger. we went looking for a comfortable (one that doesn’t give you a backache) bike to ride in town. we tried out every non-bajaj bike of 150cc or more, and settled on the zma. the bullet family, specially the thunderbird, is probably slightly more comfortable, but too heavy to push around, less reliable, and a little expensive to maintain (3.5l of oil for the bullet vs 1.2l for the zma). so far the zma has been reliable and comfortable, which is what we got it for, and it goes up to 100kph without breathing hard. even an old man like me feels safe pushing this bike a bit.

  • hari

    I am planning to buy new karizma R bike, but i am really worried about my height. I am 5.6 feet, so is it makes uncomfortable balancing the bike at traffic signals?

  • smith

    Hi Hari..

    ….5.6 is ok wid Karizma…even I am also 5.6…i am havning karizma R…well i am muuch..much happy wid my ZMA…..there is no issue at traffic signal (even in delhi..traffic.)..:)..


  • Hi friends..
    Im looking for a new power bike but im in a little dilemma………. Pulsa 220…………or………… KARIZMA. Which is better and suitable for me? Im 5.8 with 60 weight.
    And i want to know the correct mileage of karizma.
    Please suggest of the suitable bike. Email me at spiderman_sundeep786@yahoo.co.in

  • amit vare

    its look very good’ and its gives me good milege{about 40km|lit

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  • Rahul

    Hey all, am planning to buy karizma r red color next week, wat is the worst mileage i can get 22? 25? or atleast 30 with tolerable riding? i wud be really happy if i get anythng more than 30 or lik 35…

  • Aqheel Cobra

    Rahul go for RE thunderbird/RE Classic EFI u will get mileage Thunder 350 cc 35/40 RE Classic EFI 500 cc 30/35 RE bikes r very heavy looks like they r Tiger’s of Roads also traditional bikes. U will enjoy log journeys on this bikes.

  • Srini

    hi bro’s, Karizma, wonderful manchine, can be used for both touring and racing, i accept Pulsar 22o is faster and quicker than ZMA. ultimately for long run i personally feel ZMA is much better than Pulsar 22o though Pulsar is techinal advanced than ZMA, at the end of the day, ride qulatiy and handling is mosted expexted which pulsar lacks,


  • Nishant

    After riding my Zma for over 2225 Kms so far, i have come to know the following:
    1. On Karizma you feel connected as if your body is part of teh bike and you too move together. I have rode P220 also…. u get a feeling that the bike will escape beneath you if accelerated. Now thats bad. Even the owner said its maintenance cost is high.
    2. You do get that royal feeling “King of the road” when u are riding.
    3. My suggestion is never race with any other Hero Honda bike on the road. They are part of the same family and should not be raced against each other. And never race with a bike below 200cc. Karizma is meant for pleasure riding and occasional speeding. If required it can beat anyone on the road, but being Zma owners, one should not forget sensible city riding and follow other bikers who just show off.
    4. Riding Zma is a luxury and we should always take pride in that.
    5. My Karizma touches 100 in no time. I have not seen any other bike around me when i do that.
    6. Lastly, i do not think that any other bike should even be compared to Zma. Karizma is a class and would continue to rule the hearts of people like me and indian roads until Hero Honda brings in new such masterpieces. (Currently, i see only Ninja as a next higher alternative after Zma but Ninja looks over priced at around 2.6 lacks ex showroom)

  • Nishant

    Karizma is unmatched in its styling. Love everything about it. Love its wider seats, sitting position and bike balance. The zapper tyres allow you to bend a great degree on turns. It has got the feeling of big bikes.

    Give Zma a race and it responds like a jet engine. Thats why HH calls it Jet Set Go!! Zma makes our lives special in real way.

  • nesar

    Over all best & nice But I don’t see physical body, I think buy the hero Honda.

  • Sunil

    Hey i am planning to buy a karizma R in next few day, but i m worry about mileage,
    What is the worst mileage i could get …???

  • Kaustubh

    Hellooooo guys…i was very confused about buying karizma r or pulser 220 but after reading your comments i realised that the karizma r is the best bike in India. Now, i have decided to purchace the super sporty bike- karizma r………..KARIZMA R ROCKS.

  • Hi Friends,
    I am planning to buy Karizma R So, Pls suggest me the Colour and Mileage…..
    I am 6.1 height and 85 kgs…
    Send me u r feed back to govind.jraj@gmail.com

  • Animesh Raj

    karizma r is the best bike ever.It is the king of the road………..all things r good in it……but it should have the leg guard….though it reduce the look of bike…….but it’s safe to bike & rider…………100 speed is nothing for karizma………….whenevr i ride on ma bike my friends say HUNK IS COMING ON HIS FANTABULOUS RIDE..then i feel lil more confident & unique..no one can compare karizma with any other bike because it has got unique class..LIKE MERCEDESE IN CARS…I LOVE MY BIKE KARIZMA…

  • prassu

    i was planning 2 buy a new karizma r can u plz tel me the xact mileage of the byke

  • prassu

    hi… guys
    dis is prassu can u plz tel me the xact mileage of karizma r and my height is 5″8″ i was in a confusion dat i can rule dis byke r not plz help me yaar….

  • srini

    Hi dudes,

    I’m here to share my experience with you guys abt the trip i made from chennai to B;lore,

    To be honest with i made this trip to season my bike, hot winds swept me, i have pillion he weighs approx 80 and me 82 KGs and our backpacks, This machine doesn;t struggles at all to push we guys at 130 KMph, i was amazed, ealier i had Bajaj avenger, but i did not had chance to make long trip like, the ride qaulity what is experienced with Karizma far better tha avenger, i don;t mean avenger is BAD, ZMA this is soothing Machine, one small modification has to done in ZMA is add power full focus headlamp bulb. proud be a ZMA Owner.

  • pramodGangwar

    can any one tell me what is millage of karizm

  • sonushar

    Hi All,

    Would like to sell M45 4×18

    I got excited and added M45 4 x 18 rear tyre for my Karizma R instead of zapper 100/90 , Initially the effects were evident as having excellent grip and cornering capabilities. But with in two days i tested these tyres thoroughly found that my ZMA requires a new front tyre and also there is small amount of lag say 1 – 2 Km.

    Cant afford to have these tyres or in other words it would become a chain reaction.

    I do have the bill, Bought these on 08 May 2010. Bought these tyres from lalbagh road Michelin dealer paying INR 1800/- . Mfg Date is Dec last week 2009.

    Now i have gone back to zappers 100/90 18, which are lean and weak, could feel it.

    Thinking that this would be not help me during the warranty period.

  • sonushar

    If anybody interested, can sell the same for a negotiable price.
    Currently i stay in old airport road, Bangalore

  • Himanshu

    hi dude … can u tell me the right mileage of Karizma R…. bcoz i purchased a bike on 20 th may 2010…plzz help me dude..
    my mail id is vij.himanshu@rediffmail.com and contact no is 09555042888….

  • Karizma and FZ16 not deserving a comparison….Thouse are entirely different models…I would say Karizma is far better than FZ16. But better if you can go for a review btween the Great indian Models like P220,R15 & Karizma ZMR will be much better

  • Rohit Kumar Rana

    wow!!!! i luv dis bike bcos of its sporty looks nd speeeed…nd i luv speeeeed …dis bike is totly one of ma type dat i wants……Karizma R in a blk wd Rd clr is ma favrt …..u kno vry mch abot karizma whn u ride it……so lets have a ride………get set gooooooooooooooo

  • Mr. Rome

    hi guys!!

    with Karizma R, i fell twice and i had to replace a new handle…. but during with that damege i had very bad feeling to ride,,, but i had some records in ma country even though,,, bcoz within a day tour i hav been 400Km to hill country in ma local… but i didnt hav any pain in ma body,,,, just i replaced a new handle to the bike n a very good service for the bike,,,,
    hey, but now i feel still the same pleasure of Karizma R,,, and its really again make me flying a jet>>>> WooW wOOw 🙂


    but i have no idea to go for ZMR still,,, bcoz this ma second version in Karizma hero honda,, i think am happy and i should be happy with ma existing “KRIZMA R”

    Thanks for HERO HONDA..


  • Mr. Rome

    i tested ZMR as well recently,,, but i think Karizma R is more enough for me now,,,, its perfect (^_^)

  • Puneet Saini

    Hey guys,

    Karizma R is the safest one bike also recently i meet with an accident but m safe with that vizer its really safey kind of bike yah after accident i have to pay to the service center owner huge amount of mony ……………. but me happy now m safe

  • hey huys,

    I think it’s d best bike…n rule d roads..

  • Shailendra


    From last 6 years i am continious user of old lady CBZ(I m lucky i have she) I booked Karizma R & she is on the way to me in coming 4 to 5 days.I guess you might be surprised that why didn’t i choose Karizma ZMR(New monster in HH family)?So here are following reason(Yet i am not sure are they valid or not.Let’s see)

    a)I was looking for bike which is not too much costly(ZMR is 106000/- here) & not too much cheapest too(Hunk is 65000/-) as I don’t wanted to spent huge money on bike.
    b)ZMR, I seen ZMR & felling like she is with something bulky fiber on her body, may be I don’t like that.
    c)ZMR & R are with 223CC,no change.
    d)If I would have book ZMR then i could had wait for 6months.

    I hope my Karizma R purchasing dealing is best.I will get very good result from her…

    Please wish me luck with her…


    • smith

      i think u r rite on ur point……..evn me also feelng the same…..was searchng a opnion lik ths…..i am also plng for the karizma R…i lik her shape thn ZMR…….1bhp is more 4 ZMR…bt thtz ok rathr thn gvng 20k more………wish u all the best……which colur ur plng…….am gng 4 black one…..

  • its look is not great as compare to r15

  • pankaj sharma

    though look hs got apprnce,bt price do matter a lot………………………………..

  • Srini

    Hi Mates,

    i would like to share my ultimate Racing exp with you all,

    Lately night arround 12.45 am, i was rasing my ZMA to 80 KMPH, i was flash passed BY Yamaha R1 roommmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!
    i was running thro a second tat will ZMA be able to over TAKE this little beast R15, as i doubt i was unable to make it up, after entering the urban road i decided make a tough race, we guy was had strong heart not to give it up to each, we started to push our machines harder , on the urban road, (Lorry traffice was opened) i pushed my ZMA to 125 KMPH but still can pass by the R1 still did not give i pushed it hard and i was so confident that can move in between parallel moving container truks but little Beast R1 started to sake and give up, so eventually i was able to pass by R1 now, but later that we guys stooped in cafe shop and R1 Owner said Karizma is blunt force, and it adds up confident while making up risk moves,

    AGAIN ZMA is TALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, and it gives up hardly,

    GUYs can someone tell me how to increase the top speed of the bike and to get beeter Throtle response on ZMA

  • sidhu


    Karizma R it is sexy. i am waitig for 280cc. compayn should remove.

  • Originally by Shailendra


    From last 6 years i am continious user of old lady CBZ(I m lucky i have she) I booked Karizma R & she is on the way to me in coming 4 to 5 days.I guess you might be surprised that why didn’t i choose Karizma ZMR(New monster in HH family)?So here are following reason(Yet i am not sure are they valid or not.Let’s see)

    a)I was looking for bike which is not too much costly(ZMR is 106000/- here) & not too much cheapest too(Hunk is 65000/-) as I don’t wanted to spent huge money on bike.
    b)ZMR, I seen ZMR & felling like she is with something bulky fiber on her body, may be I don’t like that.
    c)ZMR & R are with 223CC,no change.
    d)If I would have book ZMR then i could had wait for 6months.

    I hope my Karizma R purchasing dealing is best.I will get very good result from her…

    Please wish me luck with her…


  • Mir Amjad

    Hai gus, this is Amjad from Hyderabad.

    I need a 500cc (NOT UCE) bullet engine from madras, i need. recondition or new how MUCH it will cost me in which place in madras recondition engines are sold mention the place name also please let me by email/bikeadvice.

    If u have recondition cost
    New engine cost


  • syed awais

    i bought a yellow colour karizma r on 27/04/2010 & i love to the riding on road the super bike of indian no 1 …

  • Shiv@Madhu

    Really a superb bike………………………………..KINGS OF THE BIKE is KARZIMA…………………….

  • stini

    what is clamined top speed of stock karizma,

    can some one say who is the best mechanic in chennai can deal better with zma

  • Yuv

    Really good review … I am looking for an upgrade from my Discover 125 after 6 years … One of my options (for an 1 lakh + bike) is this …
    But one of your info is wrong …
    Karizma is not the first to come with Stock alloy wheels .. The first “bike” to come is RE Silver Plus and Explorer .. I may not be sure how many know this .. This is 1 50cc bike in 1980 – 1990 period.

  • rahul

    I know karizma is very good but pulsar 220 is really the best in performance dude pulsar can take one a karizma any time which is a fact man! if hero honda wants to rule they should really improve their bikes performance like the pulsar range and not just really on quality and looks!they should upgrade this bikes engine and stop repeating their tactics of cosmetic changes people are fed up of it now man! hero honda wale are you guys listening?

    • Praveen

      Hello rahul i feel very sorry 2 say this…..hav u evr ride on a ZMA b4….n if u had did u wud nt say lik this….This Is The Best Bike With The Best performance On Indian Roads…..don jus simply blabber something here…i hav driven both…..n i feel lik shit wen i rode pulsar 220….coz being a high speed cruiser i wud lik to put the bikes 2 its limits….n wen i crossed a speed of 80 the pulsar wobbled lik somethin n made me loose control i was jus escaped wen i tried 2 cut through a local cruiser…..my breath had been out 4 a sec…thn some hw i managed 2 pul it back…….bt i had no such probs wit my ZMA….i had reached a max speed of 140 bt evn thn i had no probs 2 over take any obstacles….so better kno abt both thn u leav a comment budyy

      • smith

        Hi Praveen,

        Thanks for ur info abt ZMR mileage…actullay i went to shwroom last saturdy 2 book…bt then i really got confusd abt karizma and ZMR….show room guys offrda mileage of 45 for ZMR……bt really i dnt lik the luk of tht comprd the Karizma which is simple and stylish…..thn i thought tht karizma is old ..nvr done any tech improve..hope ZMR has gt modification evnthough nt up to mark..Finally i made my mind to Karizma black wid red alloy ..price 92.5k&35 Mileage..hope my decsn is rite?…bt if i had a chance to own bullet classic 350..i wuld hav gone 4 tht…bt buking time is 10 months…:(….

        anywyz i am happy 2 get karizma…..:)

  • Sanket

    Hello All,

    I am planning to buy a 180 cc + bike. One of my friend has a old version of Karizma and one has P220 4 months old. I already went through all the reviews an specifications on net, so it was time to test ride these monsters. When i did that i came to a conclusion that both have pros and cons. Karizma is way better in riding comfort and handling and with a super smooth engine(2005 engine), this proves the build quality.Where as P220 is good in pickup and mileage. I drive mainly in city n i prefer comfort more anything so i am going for karizma R..(People who want to race whenever they ride should go for P220)

  • Animesh Raj

    the look of zmr is far better than r bt zmr gives irritating sound bt there r iz far better…….karizma r is the best bike ever.It is the king of the road………..all things r good in it……but it should have the leg guard….though it reduce the look of bike…….but it’s safe to bike & rider…………100 speed is nothing for karizma………….whenevr i ride on ma bike my friends say HUNK IS COMING ON HIS FANTABULOUS RIDE..then i feel lil more confident & unique..no one can compare karizma with any other bike because it has got unique class..LIKE MERCEDESE IN CARS…I LOVE MY BIKE KARIZMA…

  • bobby mishra

    I m loving it..

  • smith

    hi guyz..
    read all ur commntz….b4 4yrs i was havng karizma…frm thn onwards i am a fan of thiz karizma…since i went 4 aborad,i sld ma karizma at delhi…nw i am at blore aftr 4yrs….so just confused abt the tech upgradation to bike in ths 4 yrs……bt still also karizma is leadng…i prefr cmfrt nd handlng…i hav found ths kind of cmfrt in bullet………thtz all dude…..cheers to karizma…..bt i am nt in favour of ZMR

  • Shawon Maity

    i want to buy karizma r

    i want to know the fuel consumption of this bike?
    is there any 150cc karizma model available in market right now?

    plz help me to get information
    my contact no

  • Tuhin Mehra

    Karizma-R is really a stunning bike and is the top pick of the today’s youth. It’s looks is far better than than the pulsar 220cc and also than the Karizma-ZMR.
    So one should really must go for the Karizma-R because it is really a rocking bike and is the king of the Indian roads.

    • smith

      yes….evn me to thnks the same….Karizma R has got bettr luk thn ZMR…..bt lacks in miileage…

      • Praveen

        Hey Smith no its nt…..actually ZMR lacks in milage as i get around 35KMPL whereas ma frend who owns a ZMR gets jus 20KMPL….tat too i ride at 130 bt he havent evn crossed a 100…..Karizma is always best in its class

  • Ram Singh

    Hello All,

    I am basically from vizag. The sad thing is that after working for three long years, i had saved some money to but this bike. The bikes are not available in the showroom here. I request/BEG “HERO HONDA” management to get me one bike PLZZZZZZZZZZ……I have waited for a long time to save money…It is my dream to but this bike…

    Thank You…

  • Kunal

    Karizma pickup is great but i have fill in over take in problem

  • hi this is a very good bike . i never seee that such like this bike


    This is a good bike for the youth……………If anyone is of young in mind fully………plz go for KARIZMA…………..GO INDIA GO..DHAK DHAK INDIA

    • aakaash

      hey, shantanu…………..you are absolutely true……………thanx yaar

  • Ravinder Kumar

    plz tell me the, on road price of hero honda karizma R in new delhi…


    i m goin 2 buy a bike so i m confused wich 1 2 buy
    1> KARIZMA R
    2> AVENGER 220
    suggest me wich 1 2 buy pls

    • shivaraman

      hi i am having karizma black and i keep this bike like my baby i never see this kind of bike Hero honda is always perfect AVENGER 220 engine problem soon get karizma and enjoy ur life

  • smith

    Hi guys,
    Last saturday I gone to book the bullet classic 350…but bad luck..they told me that it will tak 10 month !! to get deliverd….so i dropped tht plan….now i am going for karizma…aftr bullet i nvr find a gud bike lik this….bt nw gt one more confusn……KARIZMA R (Red alloy-Price 91k) or ZMR (1.12 lak@banagalore)….ZMR has got better mileage….bt i lik tht shape of the old karizma…zmr is som wat bulky….am 5.8 ht only…so which will suits me more?…
    suggest plz…!!

    • Prince Vinu

      If your heart really likes ZMR go with it, d’not luk ur physio look ur riding capabilty…
      i too wanted to get ZMR but due to cost variations i went on with R series…
      There is a draw back too in ZMR the hadle & side shileds are seemed to be equal in size if your bike hits the floors it would directly hit the shield, if its hit badly its time to cut off your pocket… The shield from the front end seems its covering whole of the engine where heat dissipation is too low if your bike is taken for a long ride the heat may bring changes in the front shield… after all its your choise.. gud luck nd ride safely…..

  • kiran

    hi friends…..i am 6 ft….and slim…pls suggest a stylish bike for me

  • rulzster

    hey ,guys thing is pulsar 220 and Krizma R both are good bikes but..everybike has it own pros and cons
    @pulsar 220 : if u are looking for a speed race.. , a good style .. some like pulsar and when u see the milege and cost , where u are getting a 220CC for (76,000 ex showroom ) and who dont want to sell ..coz bajaj bikes will have lower resale value than herohonda ..u can go for pulsar .. its mirrors are useless , not suitable for riding in heavy traffic … and its shock absorbers are not that good..on the contrary ..it has awesome speed , acceleration, cheap maintence..compared to karizma..go for it ..its for the youth who wanna do some stunts , race , .. blindly go for it
    while karizma see its style ..girls are gonna like it .. its will be a pretty show piece before your home… and KARIZMA has its own status .. and if u wanna have a good ride , comfortable and feel likea king go for karizma and if money is always secondary go for karizma..there is absolutely nothin to complain about karizma R ..
    anyways i am going for Karizma R ..coz .i wanna a good looiking bike and my girl friend likes it … its comfortable and ofcourse my salary is huge .. i need not worry abt its maintenance and mileage

  • hritik

    zma is legendary but with time it has became common n outdated…no doubt hero honda launched karizma zmr pgmfi with som really hasty development team….it looks as if a old granny with lots of clothes from side looks…the old zma was really a head turner at its glorious time i.e. 2004-05…in zmr engine is sam wid nly fuel injection…power output is minimally enhanced….wen a 220cc pulsar produces 21bhp n our very own r15 a lil 150 cc beast produces 17bhp…den a 225 cc producing just 17.6bhp from the stable of world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer hero honda is real shame…..they hav given a pulsar copied oil coolde engine which is just a carburator with oil flowing in it……i wud have appriciated if they had given us a liquid cooled engine lik r15….may be its a good tourer but we indians definitely want technologcally enhanced world class bikes which provides superb handling,ride comfort n optimum performance…..sure we have bikes lik R1,Hayabusa,Mt1 but at wht a huge price…even if u hav da money to buy tht…u cant drive it on the indian roads…also the spares n maintainance is a real problem in india as service centers dont even have knowledge to fix nything…leave som cities lik mumbai or delhi….plz dont say royal enfield….they r good but they r on they r on their own league n i m nt a huge fan of tht

    well…all i want is a good performer bike with ride comfort,handling n occasional <200 km touring but under my budget all i got is r15,zmr n long awaited cbr250

    where the hell we have a choice….i really lik r15 but small capacity engine n those skinny tyres ruins the show…zmr needs no explaination…it is the worst upgrade ever….n as far as cbr goes..i dont knw if it will good for indian roads or not…..

    damn why dont we have a yamaha or honda or suzuki with a sporty looks,250cc engine n amazing performance under 2lacs n capacity 2 perform on our very own indian roads…

    wht u think guyys…

  • Tapan

    Hi i just want to know what is the on-road price of Karizma in pune & is this bike available??

  • ra

    its 90,000 .. on road price nearly
    dont waste your time

  • Sanket

    Karizma 2011 model coming by feb end or early march..not much difference but tubeless tyres…Improved battery and some cosmetic changes…So ppl planing for karizma wait for sm time..

  • Rakesh.kumar

    its superb bike ‘ i love it

  • Tariq Salmani

    No doubt great performer on roads as compare to other bikes in this segment,I personally ride Karizma R Series from last 2 years and never had any issues in terms of everything……..and i heard from quite lot of people that it doesn’t give u good mileage so to answer their question i would say DUDE u r riding KARIZMA if u need superior mileage go and buy u r self ACTIVA or even HERO PUCH what say……………….

  • SK

    hey guys … is karizma advisable for first timers ?? Im just planning to buy a karizma R but people around me are tellin me to go for some other bike as I am a amateur driver … what will u suggest ..
    plz do reply …

    • Deepak

      My first bike was Karizma. And of course, with power comes responsibility.

      • SK

        so do u actually think i could manage with it ?? Am not an total amateur though , i currently have a honda shine .. but new to the higher segment … And i also heard the spares of Karizma are costly . whats your take on it ??

    • Akash

      Hi there,
      The new Karizma R has a lot of power in it. If you have power , you tend to rise the speed which could be dangerous for first timers. I would advise you to ride your shine for 1000kms and then go to karizma ,because by then you would have got pretty good with your driving.
      The spare parts are reasonable priced only as it is a Hero Honda. Overall , its the best package.

  • srinivasan

    i’m in the process of increasing the bhp of zma.will update u guys soon with the results, annestimated top speed of 160 KMPH



  • Farhaan

    i own a karizm R for 1 year and its rocking the engineis amazing and the power is just way to powerful i think this can out do the pulsar220f the karizma just zooms through th traffic
    i think its a better sucess than the zmr the zmr is just way to big compared to its size

  • KK

    This bike is amazing..m a proud owner of karizma R…

  • Rajdeep

    Hai guyz, I’m dying to have this bike …Can any one plz tell about the availability (How many months I’ve to wait to buy) and the price of Karizma R in Chennai now ( Fab 2011)..

  • priya

    hi guys…
    my bro is crazy abt kari R (Karizma R), he cals kari!!
    he wana buy 1!!
    he is just 5.1 in height n a student of 9th class, though he has drove pulsar many times..
    i just wanna knw, will he b able to contol the bike??
    n is there any problem of being skit while turning on any point??

    • sahil

      no dear……..he will control it………….as there is no abs still lowproblm of skit


    Hey Guys , tel me whether can we reduce the seat height of bike by any means up to 2-3 inches down , so that i would land my foot completely for better comfortableness…

    Reply me soon …

  • Saurabh

    Have a 2yr old black Karizma-R run 15k kms and just doing great. No extra maintenance except oil change at regular intervals.

    My Karizma-R changes:
    1. MRF ZapperQ 120/80 rear (1.5k)
    2. Dual pulsar horn (250/-)
    3. Golden silencer cover (800/-)
    4. Iridium plug (500/-)
    5. Philips Extreme Power 65/35 (1100/- pair but only 1 used)
    1. Great overall ownership/biking experience
    3. Superb acceleration/driving comfort
    2. Low maintenance
    1. Low mileage (average of 33kmpl city, 38kmpl highways)
    2. Parts availability is problem


    hey guys,,,,,, i want 2 know that wich one is best kaizma r or pulsar 220 fi,,,,,, plz help me out i m totaly confused?????????????

    • Prasad

      Pls go ahed for Karizma R.. Its worth for your money. RIde the bike below 50Km/hr for 2500 Kms and you will have milage of 42+ for sure

  • Mr. Rome


    Go for karizma R,,, its in fit alwyz….

  • Jayesh Tare

    I have this bike and I Love to ride it. Superb Performance.
    Just say Go Baby Go………………………!

  • Kumaresan

    Hi frs im a clg stdnt. my weight s 51 kg&height s 170 cm .is krzma comfort for me? Plz mail me

  • Hunny

    Hi frnds i want 2 buy a new bike 4m these plz suggest me which 1 is better nd why?
    1) Karizma R new
    2) Yamaha Fazer
    3) Bullet
    and also tell me is there tubeless tyres in karizma nd fazer.

    • Rakesh

      1). Bullet
      2). Yamaha Fazer

  • Tausif.shariff

    hi guys, bought a new karizma r 2011 racer edition(yellow) last week…. To be frank i am proud to own this beast… Looks amazing, acceleration is superb compared to p220 which i owned earlier to this. Over all a great performance machine… I like travelling the most, so this suits me exactly but mileage is a concern.. But lol who cares about mileage 🙂 its a different feeling when heads are turned when you zoom off the road….

  • vipin

    hai, frnds,, i need more details for karizam., pls help me

  • Praveen Prasad

    Hi all. The karizma undoubtedly is a fantastic bike. It has all the necessary attributes for a superb one. I hav been owning one since 2006 dec. Evn in mileage it does not perform badly its been giving me not less dan 38 kms per ltr i the city ride… It all depends hw u ride… Gradually one gets in a synchronization wd the bike… be it ne bike… especially the first 1000 kms r crucial coz u ought to be disciplined and drive in the specified rpm and speed…Maintain it well, fill the best quality synthetic oil, spend an xtra 200 for it, and she’ll be the best beast on the roads.Look after it and she’ll do all thats necessary to keep u thrilled. Happy RIDING..

  • Abhi

    Hi All,
    Just bought Karizma R. Few question about it:

    1. At What speed should I shift gears? Means 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear till what speed?
    2. Should I not run it over 40kmph till 2000 kms (as Deepak Suggest)
    3.Any other advice to take care of it.

  • Yogesh

    Do not shift the gear above 8000rpm of karizma while racing,,it will reduce the engine life & performance….

  • ravi

    i want to buy a bike is Fz is ok or karizma in all performance pls

  • Abhishekh manhare

    i have driven many bikes but the feel while riding a karizma R is just out of this world!!!!!

  • Kush

    Hee..don,t mess wid 220 riders….dis bike goes like fire juss in 3.5 sec…and bike wan,t prfsnl biker..not fttuu….

  • Prasad

    i love my karizma

  • Mittu

    Hieee guys…… Me mi2 i mean mittu….. Karizma is the best ever bike in in india…. It is the only bike which can ride to heaven…… Karizma is only for riders…… According to me karizma R means Riders bike….

  • milan kumar sahoo

    I love hero honda karizma r..i will buy this bike.

  • Malik shakil

    it thought buy a Karizma r bike.Anyone suggest me.

  • Malik shakil

    karizma is a great bike i like it.

  • pinhaz a shershiya

    please any one suggest me how performance and maintenance about karizma and about average also

  • stalin

    i like this bike very much. and i love this bike.

  • I own a Karizma,its a Gun i can say in one word. I feel very proud when i b on my bike. It gives a Damn to other toys on road especially (Pulsor 220).

  • I own krzma. I fell very proud to b on that. I gives a damn to toys on road especially pulsor 220. Safe riding…..

  • which clour is ns

  • Sanjay

    Can anyone say wat is the real mileage of new karizma r. I was informed that it only gives below 20. But I love this bike.

    • Akash

      It will give you 30-40 depending on your drivin style .

  • Abhijith m viswanath

    Hai Friends
    i Want To Buy A Karizma Because Karizma Is the Racing HeRos in our Roads.
    KARIZMA R is Better Than ZMR

  • sahil

    helloo..i wanna to ask about its milege in city n about its body,,,is it fully plastic???

  • ajmal

    am going to buy new one

  • Premjith

    Comparatavily which color is better from Red and Black color of Karizma R??? Pls rply…….

  • bhavesh kamdar

    hi myself me pratap pachange staying in pune i am a student of BSC COLLAGE OF SYMBOYSIS . i buy a new karizma r on gudi padwa its amazing for me. its is better than other sport bike. bike performance, pick up, good looking, and smart design by engineer. its suspension is good than old karazma.

  • bhavesh kamdar

    its a power ful bike

  • Naveen guptha

    I have two options karizma r or yamaha FZ 16 kindly suggest me which one to go.

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  • pavan kumar

    hai guys my name pavan from nellore i like to buy karizma r can u tell which colour is good one

  • mayur

    Check out all colors but I think yellow and white are more sporty colors than other colors.

  • guna

    hey guys i am going to take karishma r …….plz tell the milage of this bike in the city……can i take this bike or not…..

  • vijay kb

    nice bike

  • of course like your website however you have to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts.
    Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very troublesome to
    tell the truth nevertheless I’ll definitely come back again.

  • ram reddy

    hi frends i wnt karizama bike 2009 model with good condition near to cost 40000 and the colour is black in red clr. i lve the karizama bike…

  • anand

    guys whch bike shld i prefer based on performance,mileage n maintainence…..?
    Karizma R
    Pulsar 220
    Pulsar 180
    Apache 180
    Bajaj Avenger

    Reply soon m planning it to get dis friday..17-08

    • Prasad

      Karizma R

  • Manash17

    Does New Karizma R is upgraded with-
    1) Tubeless tyre.
    2) Full Dc Lighting.
    I’m planning to buy a Karizma R in next few days.

  • vivek

    i m buying second hand karizma..single owner ….but model is 2007 ….engine is great …. but m confused about both models… which 1 should i buy ? 2007 or 2009 ? m buying it for 39k … does it worth?

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  • Surya

    It cannot beat my honda 250. So it is not the fastest. Even Pulsar200ns is better

  • Prasad

    Hi all… Am gonna buy Karizma R white color by Feb 1st week… Karizma rockss….!!!!

  • mani

    hi friends…..
    i am booking for new karizma r bike….
    we all r knw tis bike ….if we hav any problm in tis bike pls tell me……
    E mail:k.mani19.05@gmail.com

  • Prasad

    I Got My Karizma R White color. Its awesome and engine is smooth compared to P220 and R15…. Guys its worth for ur money… JET SET GOOOO….!!!!

  • Kunal

    Hi FRienDs .. i Got D nEw Hero Karima R (bLAck Red) on February 17.Got D 1st Service on 26.02.2013 at 722kms. Now m Just cross 1000kms .. My karizma returns about 32-34 kmpl in city and about 42-45 kmpl on the highways.. Smooth riding..
    I wAnT 2 KnoW how i maintain my BikE dat gibvEs Me A good Result in FutUre..
    WouLd nething i need 2 change dat gives me batter result ???
    plz some1 tell me ….. …. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Most iMpoRtAnt Thing )< always use best quality of petrol 2 get good performance 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • wtf

    WTF? 220 doesnt stand in front of karizma….dont make a laugh of urs……it smokes out karizma with full 10 bike lengths… and ya of course learn some english dear author.

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  • nalinda

    y……….. …good . color good