All Upcoming Motorcycles Royal Enfield is Currently Testing in India (350cc)

There are at least two upcoming Royal Enfield motorcycles that are being tested in the 350cc space. This article lists all the information we have on them so far…

So, Royal Enfield is preparing to launch various motorcycles in two established platforms – 350 cc & 650 cc – and probably two models in soon to be announced new platform – 450 cc. 

We have been consistently keeping you updated with numerous sightings of various test-bikes that are being captured either on our roads or on international soil. 

Let’s recap what we know so far about the new bikes joining the 350 cc platform – 

Upcoming Royal Enfield Hunter 350

The newest model to join the 350 cc platform is popularly known as ‘Hunter 350’, but the name is not confirmed as of now. The new roadster model was first sighted back in August of 2021. 

Observing and extrapolating from the various sightings of the Hunter 350 test-bike, we have a somewhat clear idea of design and aesthetics that it could sport. 

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The Hunter continues its retro roadster look and possesses elements like round headlight, round rear-view mirrors and small oval-shaped tank seen on a clear image captured of the test-bike waiting on Red light.

Other design cues & elements include singular flat seat, rounded turn indicators, upswept black painted exhaust, telescopic shocks at the front, twin-shocks at the rear, single disc-brake setup on both the wheels, and split grab rails.

Additionally, we have a small sample of its exhaust note captured from a test-bike again waiting on a Red light. You can listen to the exhaust note here. 

upcoming Royal Enfield motorcycles

Interestingly, Royal Enfield have changed their testing procedure slightly and have started testing their upcoming bikes in pairs. In the latest instance, a pair of Hunter 350s were spotted testing together, riding on spoked wheels instead of alloy ones covered with dual-purpose rubber. 

Will the Hunter 350 be offered in two variants?? Or will RE provide the spoked-rims as an optional accessory in their ‘MiY’ customisation program?? A lot remains to be seen but what is interesting to note is that Hunter (if it eventually is called by that name) could become one of the most affordable Royal Enfields in India.

Upcoming Royal Enfield Bullet 350

It is only logical that after updating the Classic 350 model with the new J-series engine, the next model to get the makeover will be the ever-popular ‘Bullet 350’. 

It was a surprising sight to see the new Bullet 350 being tested on our roads in such advanced stages. There have only been two sightings of the Bullet 350 test-bike so far – first being run alone, second being tested with a pair of Hunter 350s.

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Since, the upcoming ‘BULT’ has had a limited showdown on our roads, not a lot is known about the bike.

The most prominent change & inspiration that jumps is the use of headlamp & tail-lamp design which is very similar to the ‘Classic Reborn’. The single round headlamp is surrounded by a ring of chrome along with a pair of standard orange turn-indicators mounted just below it. 

upcoming Royal Enfield motorcycles

The new Bullet 350 could be utilising a new frame design. Instead of the previous single downtube frame, the test-bike is running on a new double-cradle frame using the engine as a stressed member. Fixed on the chassis is a new single-unit seat which appears to have a specific curve design to provide better lumbar support for the rider. The new seat combined with higher set handlebars, which are pulled towards the rider, will provide a comfortable and upright posture for the rider. 

Just like the upcoming Hunter 350, the new Bullet 350 will be borrowing the same J-series engine which powers the Classic Reborn. The 349 cc, air-cooled, engine produces 20.2 BHP and 27.2 Nm of torque mated to a 5-speed transmission system. 

Remember, none of the details mentioned above are confirmed. These are all speculations and extrapolations made from the various spy-images captured from numerous sightings of the respective test-bikes.