Great news for biking aficionados waiting to unlock the next level! Tired of the regular 150-180cc machines? Not able to get that heady feeling everytime you unleash her on the streets?? Or has your set of wheels achieved the cliched tag, with quite a few people other than you owning the same metal-job???


A common problem this is, and the biking scene needs a nudge in the forward direction. So we have manufacturers from every corner of the world trotting over to our land of snake-charmers-and-maharajas, brandishing fabulous steeds from their stables!

Today we bring for you a list of the hot-wheels that are about to scorch our Indian tarmacs and did we say ‘SOON’! The order of presentation does not list our preference for any brand nor does it mention anything about their possible landing times. We are truly excited about each and every bike!

Here’s a quick dekko:-

1.Bajaj Pulsar 375 :-

Rajiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj Auto, has given an official confirmation. Just yesterday we had reported about Autocar’s confirmation, new details and a spyshot (Read it here). Here is how the bike will look.

Bajaj-Pulsar-375-spyshot (1)

Pic Credit: PowerDrift

It will be powered by a mill close-to 375 cc which it will share with Duke 390. A power figure of 40-42 bhp is a good approximation, and it will boast of tech specs like liquid cooling and a close-ratio gearbox. It threatens to redefine biking on Indian streets, as the original Pulsar did a decade ago. Wait, wait..the icing on the cake..we have not mentioned it will sport a full fairing unlike any other Pulsar!

Worried about your bank balance? won’t hurt you! It’s a Bajaj, so expect it to offer value for your every penny and with the shocker of a pricing for Duke 390, we can expect significantly cheaper P375!

More Pics & details

  • Expected Price: Rs  1.5-1.6 Lakh
  • Expected Launch: End 2013

2.KTM Duke 390 :- NOW LAUNCHED at SHOCKER 1.8 Lakh. Check Details here

So what if you don’t give a damn about “the Fastest Indian” ? You are not has had a tumultuous journey!

We got have the means and so, you are looking for a machine that’s not as commonplace on the streets as the Pulsar? Again, Bajaj to the rescue! Along with their partner KTM, they unleashed Hooliganism with their Duke 200.


Now, you can look forward to unlocking Level-2 of Street-Acrobatics with the Duke 390! Running out of your patience?? Hold on..hold on..June is the tentative launch month, be ready to shell out 2.5 lakhs INR for this oddball-of-a-bike! You get 44 ponies on tap, plus oodles of eye-grabbing charisma mated to sheer technology!

Need we say more? If yes, then have a look at what we had posted earlier about Duke 390.

Closer Look of Duke 390

  • Expected Price: Rs 2.5 Lakh
  • Expected Launch: June 2013


3.Suzuki INAZUMA :-

You are not a college kid, eh? So you have done the “Saat-phere-with-Agni-as-Saakshi“?? Your better-half is not letting you get your hands on a big bike, by posing this one-liner, “Shaadi toh ho chuki hai, ab pick-up waale bike se kise pataoge?

It’s high time you fool her. This INAZUMA aka GW250 doesn’t really look like a sportbike. Lots of smooth curves provide a relaxed feel to the bike. Your wife wouldn’t even realize this is a “pick-up waala” bike!

2012-Suzuki-Inazuma-250-01-221111-1024x768 (Copy)

Lo and behold! Problem solved!! But wait a minute…do you think this bike is a slouch?? It has got a parallel-twin 248 cc mill that churns out ~26 bhp of power.

What else you get? A relaxed riding position with high set handlebars which definitely makes a lot of sense for commuting, power commuting we say! And it comes from the makers of Hayabusa!

This bike has already arrived on Indian shores, as we reported earlier. It might make it’s way to the showrooms in the coming months, and it will set your wallet back by around 2 Lakhs if you decide to get it to adorn your garage.

Spyshots & Details of Inazuma

  • Expected Price: Rs 2 Lakh
  • Expected Launch: Second half of 2013

4.Yamaha R25 :-

Did you let out a “Phew !” as your eyes settled on this line? We also have been waiting for this thing since eons, but the bike just doesn’t seem to break cover.

However, in the latest development, Indonesian media informs that Yamaha Indonesia is definitely developing a quarter-litre sportsbike based on the free-revving R125 (More Details). It has great chances of making it to India, especially after YZF R15 changed the face of performance biking in India.

2013-Yamaha-YZF-R125 (1)

*R125 Pic

The R15 ushered in real technology to the streets of India, and gave other bikes nightmares courtesy its track-honed handling and awesome performance. The R25 is expected to do the same. As of now, there is no concrete picture about the exact launch dates and price but it is expected to make way towards the end of this year or early next year.

  • Expected Price: NA
  • Expected Launch: End 2013- Early 2014

5. KTM’s Faired RC390 :-

You need to take a trip to the Bajaj-KTM Probiking Showroom in your city to get a hang of what we are speaking. A litre-class beast rests there, unoblivious to the presence of smaller bikes like the Duke 200, Ninja 300 and the Ninja 650.


KTM has realized that we Indians are suckers for faired bikes and naked bikes earn sniggers from uninitiated bikers. It’s officially confirmed that KTM is working on a faired version of Duke 390, a faired motorcycle that will be based on the flagship RC8. It will be powered by the same 375cc motor and more interestingly, will be a global product and the first ever small production KTM with a fairing.

More Details on RC30

Meanwhile, we suggest you to start saving!!

  • Expected Price: Rs 2.5 Lakh
  • Expected Launch: Early 2014

6.Honda CBR400R :-

We sincerely thank Big Red’s fans for their unwavering patience in reading this article till here. Now, time for a glint in their eyes!

Three models had taken centrestage at the Tokyo Motor Show earlier this year. One of them was a full-faired bike, the other one was a naked bike and the third piece boasted of being an adventure bike. These models had quite a bit of technology loaded into their mills, and came equipped with the traditional Honda “Rock-Solid Reliability”. Yes, we are talking about Honda CBR400!

Honda-CBR400R (2)

The mill will churn out something-like 40 bhp of power. It might seem inferior to the Duke 390’s spec-charts, and even more starkly once you get the power-to-weight ratio figures to play! But, it boasts of a motor that has a wider powerband than the Duke 390, hence reducing the amount of dancing that you have to do on the gearshifter.

An even more important feature is the windscreen to thwart the wind buffeting at freeway speeds, and a somewhat relaxed position as compared to the Duke 390.

If you are not a big fan of KTM’s In-Your-Face attitude, this one is for you!

Prices & Details About Honda CBR400

  • Expected Price: Rs 3.5-4 Lakh
  • Expected Launch: End 2013-Early 2014

7.Mahindra Mojo

Mojo created a lot of stir when Mahindra unleashed its details a couple of years back. It boasted of quite an impressive Spec-Chart! The highlights were a DOHC 4-Valve 300 cc liquid cooled mill with an Energia EFI. 26 bhp was taken as a ballpark figure, and the most intriguing thing about the bike was its design theme. It looked forward to draw heavily from the enduro kind of theme and featured a twin-dome headlamp. It seemed something very different from what we have been blabbering for the past many years of our existence in this world!

Mahindra Mojo (6)

Now it has become a notable exponent of the “Uncertainty Principle” put forward by a scientist in the 19th century. Mahindra seems to be in two minds about launching the bike, and the bug-like bike keeps playing blink-and-miss with our eyes! Recently, it was spotted in Pune and it seemed that the bike has shed its “Mojo” aka USP, i.e. the twin-headlamps.

Since Mahindra is a domestic company, the pricing is expected to be on the aggressive side.

Latest Spyshots & Details of Mojo

  • Expected Price: Rs 2 Lakh
  • Expected Launch: End 2013

8. Hyosung GV250:

So, if you thought there is nothing happening for you cruiser fans, here is one just for you. DSK Motowheels has cleared that they are planning to launch the smaller sibling of Aquila Pro, the GV250. As you can see for yourself, the GV250 looks bigger than the segment where it will be put in.

Hyosung-GV-250 (2)

The 249cc V-Twin produces 28bhp of power output and the import is expected to be via CKD.

Details on GV250

  • Expected Price: 2.0-2.2 Lakh
  • Expected Launch: End 2013

It’s obvious that quite a lot is happening in the Indian biking scenario. It looks like two-wheeler markets gonna mature after all, and Indian customers can stop being marred by the lack of choices. They might face a new problem though, that is a-problem-of-plenty!

Which one will you chose then?

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  1. And the most among the lot will be “Pulsar 375”.
    total VFM.
    This will give a tough time to its Japs competitors.

    • Now bajaj is having many cards in it’s pocket…and japs alrady opened their all cards……(CBR and Yamaha R series..)

  2. One just needs to wait and watch the Pulsar craze when the Pulsar 375 comes out. Oh man, whether one accepts it or denies it, Pulsar 375 is going to change the Indian biking scene. Thanks to the Pulsar haters, they’re making Pulsar even more familiar name by chanting Pulsar… Pulsar…. Pulsar…….

  3. The most awaited bike surely is the Yamaha R25, because it will offer really killer performance which no one can match. Maybe KTM Duke 390 will be faster, but the Yamaha will have brilliant dynamics.

    • Totally agree with you faisal…. people should remember its YAMAHA . those who has driven R15 can only say what is called handling in this segment. It’s handling is even better than CBR 250. just waiting for R25. It will rock !!!!

  4. Faisal, i dont think R25 is the most awaited bike, the most awaited bikes are Duke 390 and Pulsar 375 and Honda CBR400R

    • Sureh….. R25 is most awaited bike…. most of my friends having r15 still hoping for the r25 rather than going to cbr 250 , duke 200 , Pulser 200ns… coz even though R15 is under powered compare to other competitors still they are lacking behind the dynamics of R15…..

      so most of them hoping the same dynamics with that 250cc mill..

  5. i guess most awaited bike is pulsar 375 then duke 390!…both bikes will bring revolution in the higher ccs market!!

  6. Pulsar 375 is cheap copy of R1 from front and KTM engine mannn full JUGAAD bike hai pulsar . Waiting for DUKE 390

  7. Even with the launch of R25, yamaha will do a catching up job.

    Others have gone way ahead. After these many years, all Yamaha has to offer is a 250 machine while enthusiast are asking for more !

    • they also have the R6, the R1, the Vmax and the MT01, if you can afford any one of them, sure they dont have any affordable bikes after the R15, but thats not their problem…

    • Mind you my friend, back in the time when yamaha was stepping into 150cc segment in India, the markets already seemed saturated with enough models for every pocket and purpose. Like pulsars, unicorns, fieros and what not. Nobody would have expected a surprise from a company which, in customer mind, was nose diving from neglect to oblivion, whose product range consist of one or two basic commuters and two horror-inspiring executive commuters(Original Libero and first Indian Fazer)…oh yes and a fading memory of glorious distant past too. Then came along the FZ series and then R15 redefining what a REAL sports bike will look and run-like. And when it came, it did so by setting benchmarks that other 150, 160 or even 220cc ‘wannabe’ sports bikes couldn’t even challenge, let alone beat it. Even today I see no real competitor to the original R15 when it comes to flick-ability or handling. Even if all of the above bikes other than R25(if that is what they will be calling it, if at all it comes) comes to India, as expected, there will still be a slot left for a sanely priced, quarter litre true sports bike.

      • Totally agree with you DON. Yamaha has not made any upgrades to their existing range other than cosmetic changes. Still they are challenging other bikes, eventhough others are enhancing their engines and technology, providing better power and pick up. This may be mainly due to the handling, style and reliability compared to other bikes in their class. Yamaha has undoubtedly the best handling in their class, be it an FZ or R 15. And mind it R15 has always been compared with the P220s and CBR250s. Doubtful? Check reviews and comparisons.

  8. i won a karizma r. and eagerly waiting 4 a development from ebr… 🙁 meanwhile i will vote 4 inazuma. my brothers gsr 150 just drooled… m la azy rider, 😀

  9. […] more months coz many manufacturers are going to release their 250cc bikes .. Go through this links List of All 7 Upcoming 250 to 500cc Bikes in India: A Changing Landscape! First TVS-BMW Product to Be a 250cc Bike; Launch This Financial Year If you are in a hurry just […]

  10. For my self, It should be Suzuki INAZUMA 250.

    1) It is looking some different look. like a mixer of classic+ naked + cruiser.
    2) I am a family man. So, i should be take care of pillion.
    3) Currently i have the suzuki GS15OR, which is very smooth, good pickup, we comfort.
    4) A big bike looking.

    Thanks for suzuki.
    Really suzuki have a good bike designer. Because even HAYABUSA also have the good pillion sitting comfort with back holding, we weight balanced.

    We should know one thing that every youth will have a family.
    When you will ride a bike with your family (father, mother, wife, children s), then you should imagine their problems.

    So, every time choose a well pickup bike which should be good for single as well as with pillion.

  11. Hey guys wait till the end of this year and expect the kawasaki ninja zx 10r to be launched in India. This will be a 1000 cc bike with 197 Bhp of power and a top speed of 301 km/hr at a price of about 13.5 – 14 lacs

  12. as a r15 V1.0 owner i am eagerly waiting for the R25. Handling of R15 is so addictive that now i can’t even think about other brands.

  13. […] KTM Duke 390 is priced at a shocker of Rs 1.8 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi.These prices suddenly make all other bikes insanely costly. This is one masterstroke from the company which has the capability to put tremendous pressure on all the upcoming products from the competition in this 250-500cc segment in India. (See List of Upcoming Bikes) […]

  14. I think everyone here lost their eyesight when they reached the portion that was talking about the KTM RC250 which looks a lot like its older sibling the KTM RC8R. Once the RC250 hit the Indian roads then I don’t think there would be any bike on the road that onlookers would rather look at. So say bye bye to R15’s or even the upcoming R25’s for that matter ’cause the KTM RC250 is in town.

  15. In my opinion the comfort and refinement section is still safely locked in the Japanese brothers’ garage . In case of pocket value, Indians have a much better deal over the other brands.

  16. bajaj is doing nothing but copying the ideas of others.
    ktm duke200-pulsar 200ns
    and now pulsar 375 is a copy of yamaha fairing and ktm engines.
    They survived only because of pulsars that too with the same models pulsar150,180,200,220, and now 135 and the shit continues…

  17. i cant waiting now for my cuty pulsar 375..
    in short, man kar raha hai ke figure me se bike nikal lu..
    pulsar is the fucker of all bikes.

  18. This is old post , just came today in my inbox. Please don’t send
    older posts.
    I like to be informed with new launches.
    any way no offense cheers!!!!

  19. Sounds like double whammy for competition, RC390 together with P375 can pre-empt any competition. Bajaj-KTM is doing unimaginable things within the premium section. If this can be offered at about 2.5 lakh OTR, then it’ll definitely have an effect on Ninja 300.

  20. do any comments here but just waitttt nd watch Baby Fireblade (cbr400) feverrrr……it ws one of highest revvingg machine…..its already laumched in japan.. and its doing 210 kph topend…..eagerly waiting Hondaaaaa

  21. hey stop all the shits and look at the tvs. wait my dear youngsters tvs’s new rtr lineup with bmw will change the game entirely with their styling factor. if you are having any doubts with the styling of tvs then go to a tvs showroom then u will know what tvs is capable of.


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