Its a well known fact that the next Pulsar will be bigger and better! It will come with a 375cc engine which it will share with the upcoming KTM Duke 390. Similar to Duke 200 and Pulsar 200NS, there will be tuning difference between both the bikes. The spyshots you see here are reportedly of the upcoming Pulsar 375 caught somewhere inside the plant a few days back.

Bajaj-Pulsar-375-spyshot (1)

And if you have been waiting for a faired Pulsar after 220, here is the deal. According to these pictures, Pulsar 375 will be faired and will sport twin projector headlamps, which we all missed on the Pulsar 200NS. There will be definite parts sharing with the smaller sibling and the tank is the first thing that we can identify, has been carried over. 

Apart from that, the side blinkers look real mean-ly thin! And there are eyebrow-like pilot lamps just over the projectors. It is speculated that Pulsar 375 will produce 36-40bhp of brute power and 30-33Nm of torque from its single cylinder 4 valve engine. It will come with a 6-speed gearbox along with plethora of features that Bajaj’s bikes are known for.

Bajaj-Pulsar-375-spyshot (2)

From the pictures, we feel that Pulsar 375 will follow a dual coloring theme and will be promoted with brighter color combinations. In the last event I attended many months back Rajiv Bajaj did mention that Pulsar 375 might hit the market towards the middle of this year 2013 but through a few sources we have learnt that the actual launch might get delayed to the later half or worse still, can spill over to early next year as well.

Bajaj-Pulsar-375-spyshot (3)

But, what we know is that, the market rattler is coming, hold your breaths!


Pics Credit: PowerDrift @ Facebook

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  2. Great it will be my next bike.
    Pulsar or karizma? But my friend adviced me to go for splendor,hum me hain hero, dhak dhak go. He said splendor can easly reach 90kmh. And its pickup is better than 150cc bikes but lacks top end speed because of 100cc, jet set go. What should i do now? Hamara bajaj or sapne sach or hum me hain hero? Reply fast jet set go

    • Splendor is a pure commuter bike buddy, performs well at 50-60 kmph. Cant even compare with any 150CC bike. at 90kmph it wont be stable at all. But if you are looking for a commuter, it is a brilliant bike. If you want performance, go for at least 150CC. If you are looking for pulsar or karizma, then go for Karizma as it lasts long unlike pulsar which has more power than karizma but lacks reliability……

  3. Imagine 70 kg rider and 70 kg pillion sitting on 100 kg splendor bike. Weight of 140 kg sitting on 100 kg. Splendor will be very unstable at high speeds with pillion.

    Now imagine 70 kg rider and 70 kg pillion sitting on 150cc bike which weighs 145 kg. Here weight of 140 kg is sitting on 145 kg bike, and this will be stable at high speeds.

    So, conclusion, 150cc bike are much more stable than 100cc bike, especially with pillion. Is mileage more important than safety?

    If you cant buy 150cc bike because of mileage or cost, then minimum you better buy a 125cc bike which weighs 125 kg. Or at least 110cc dream yuga. Better buy bike with front disc brake minimum.

    • Who told u that cc represents the weight of the bike. The splendor(100cc) weighs around 115 kg. Most 150cc bikes weigh around 130 – 140 kg. Also the stability of the bike depends on the chasis design and centre of gravity.


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