Yamaha Confirms the Launch of R125 Based 250cc Sportsbike!

Curse us for writing this again! Like the famous dialogue from the movie Sholay that Ramgarh village kids grow listening to Gabbar’s wicked stories, many of us have reached puberties listening to Yamaha’s 250cc stories in India.

2013-Yamaha-YZF-R125 (1)

We have yet another story but since it is coming from a reliable source, we are sharing it with all of you, specially the Yamaha die hard fans! 

Yamaha Indonesia has confirmed that they are working on a 250cc sportsbike and the cherry on the top is that it will resemble the YZF R125 (pictured here), which we all have been suckers of! It is reported that the bike will get a single cylinder liquid cooled mill which we believe will be done to save on costs and in turn, will help the company to price it competitively (if Yamaha has any such intentions).

2013-Yamaha-YZF-R125 (2)

Now, you must be wondering why are we sounding so elated, if this is Yamaha Indonesia’s decision. That is because, it will have all the chances of making it to our shores, for sure! Just peek into Yamaha Indonesia site!

This quarter liter Yamaha R25 (let’s call it that for now) will go against the latest Ninja 300, CBR250R along with GT250R. Launch of the bike is scheduled towards the end of this year and it might just be unveiled to the media pretty soon! So, if Ninja 300’s pricing has broken your dream, you still have another chance!


Source: Bike India

* Yamaha R125 shown in the pics for illustration