On Mid-Size Motorcycles Honda Says ‘Wait! It’s NOT the Right Time’

Honda midsize motorcycles not coming soon; President’s lack of interest in this segment…

It its pursuit to dethrone erstwhile partner Hero MotoCorp from the top spot, Honda is completely immersed in the volume segment; so much so that they have no time to think about the higher, more interesting segments, which are witnessing terrific growth.

A direct testimonial to this is their lack of interest in anything over the 150 cc segment. They strengthened the 150 cc segment with a new introduction (XBlade) and repositioned Hornet by increasing its price. However, anything over this and chances are that you will not be considering a Honda.

Honda Midsize Motorcycles

The only product bigger than this in the affordable segment – CBR 250R, has NOT been touched mechanically since the last…wait a minute… 7 years! Honda is selling the same CBR with new stickers and cosmetic enhancements since its inception! During this time, the world has moved at a rapid pace – TVS has partnered with BMW and has introduced the brilliant Apache 310, Bajaj has its Dominar 400 sharing KTMs tech, Mahindra has introduced Mojo – all of which are more powerful, more tech laden and feature-rich and cost around the same ballpark.

From the India-gen CBR250R, some international markets have graduated to this twin-cylinder CBR 250RR in all these years…

In what seems to be another proof of Honda’s lacklustre attitude towards this segment is Minoru Kato’s (Honda’s President & CEO) latest statement to AutocarPro. In a direct question on whether Honda intends to have more presence in the fast growing midsize segment, he said ‘it is NOT the right time; PLEASE WAIT!’

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So, the same old CBR 250R is here to stay and do not expect much from Honda in this segment, in the times to come! In its 2018-19 year roadmap, Honda has announced launch of only one all-new model, along with refreshes to most of the existing products. Read details here.