Hero has almost always stayed on its path. They have not tried to do anything offbeat apart from Impulse – the first and the most affordable on-off road motorcycle. After the older-gen Karizmas and CBZs, Impulse was the motorcycle which attracted enthusiast motorcyclists to Hero’s showrooms or whatever interest that remained.

However, this ‘interest’ did not convert to sales because of various reasons. Impulse never gained ground and was a weak seller all through its life span. Production of the motorcycle was suspended many months back and it was discontinued from the market. But Hero kept it alive on its website.

But now, it seems it is a formal end to the motorcycle as well as the brand! Hero has taken off Impulse from its website, once and for all (most probably)! It was on display in the list of motorcycles at least till last month but it is nowhere to be found now. In fact, the complete dedicated page has been taken down.

Screenshot of Hero motorcycles page on 7th Feb 2017 – features Impulse

The last time we thought Hero will give it a shot in the arm was when they promised “global launch” of a new motorcycle at the culmination of Dakar 2017 in January. The stage was set only to be ruined by Hero as they unveiled the new 125cc Glamour, instead. Only Hero can introduce a bare basic commuter at the backdrop of something as grand as the world’s toughest off-road rally – Dakar!

Latest screenshot of Hero’s products – misses Impulse…

200 cc Impulse? – Future

I do not think there is any future of Impulse – the brand, or in fact if Hero will consider venturing into the adventure (or adventure tourer) motorcycle segment in the near future.

Next major launch from Hero – 200cc Xtreme 200S. Click pic for detailed preview…

They have already made this 150 cc engine (which originally belongs to Honda) BS4 compliant on the new Achiever so emission compliance is not the issue but they are simply not interested and confident in the brand or this niche. Which also leads us to believe that there may not be any bigger capacity Impulse in the making… Bye bye Impulse… we will miss you…. 🙁

You can read the following old ownership reviews of Impulse in remembrance at BikeAdvice..

And finally, an IIM student has shared an analysis on why Hero is in Danger and may get lost...

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    • they wont shutdown Extreme and Glamor, as it is still producing some volume of sales for them. Glamor is very close with the CB Shine sales.

      • Don’t know who purchases them. They have the most stupid motorcycle range.
        Glamor PFI, Glamor, Pasion, Pasion pro, pasion xpro, Splendor, Splendor pro, Splendor+, Splendor ismart, HF Delux, HF Delux Eco, HF Delux I3s, HF Dawn. I mean what the hell is that! Why they just can’t upgrade a motorcycle instead of creating multiple versions of same thing.

        This is the reason i said, They should shut down Glamor and Extreme, They already have better version of it

  1. I visited hero showroom last month and asked for impulse. They said production has stopped, this month (March) they are going to introduce new bigger impulse.

    I sure do hope that is the case.


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