Old vs New Yamaha R3: List of Differences & Quick Preview

2018 Yamaha R3 pics & list of differences…

At 3.48 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi for the R3, Yamaha has announced that they are back in the game and in style (link to the launch story)! See, there is nothing drastically different that they have done, since it is essentially the same old motorcycle without any design changes. But, it’s generally ‘smaller’ things that make big differences, like in this case!

Old vs New R3 Changes

BSIV Engine – The only reason why Yamaha had to stop sales of the older R3 was because of the enforcement of the BSIV compliance from 1st April 2017. The R3 which we got was BSIII certified and hence could not be sold thereafter. The 2018 R3 comes with a BSIV compliant engine, however, the specs remain the same. If there is a difference in tune we will come to know only when we test it…

New Colours – Yamaha has introduced black colour for the motorcycle and even the blue is a little different. We have explained this in the next section.

Metzeler Tyres – Latest introduction, and a worthy one for this motorcycle, is the Metzeler tyres. 2018 R3 comes with M5 Interact tyres which should offer much better grip than MRF Zappers of the older version.

ABS –  Prospect buyers and even the current owners of the older R3 miss ABS and it was a deal breaker for many. But Yamaha listened and the new version comes with a proper dual-channel ABS.

2018 Yamaha R3 Pics & Quick Preview

Let us share with you some pics of the R3…

The new Blue color is now different – it is more blue than the older version which makes it look fresher. The difference is that the fairing of the older R3 was almost completely silver. Whereas the 2018 R3 gets a blue-er fairing.
Here is the older R3, for reference!
This black is the colour of choice. With red ascents and matte finish it gives the motorcycle a lovely look.
Those super sticky Metzelers M5 Interact tyres have added a lot of value to the motorcycle. Should be a good riddance from the older MRFs – in fact, Metz should have been standard from day 1. The spec and size has remained same.
Yamaha has carried over the colour theme to the alloys as well. While the red rim stripes in that black wheel look beautiful, we have never liked the blue alloys of the R3 – and they have been carried over!

Look at that – isn’t this colour really droolworthy! Possibly the canister tip is also slightly different ‘golden’ in colour on the black R3 whereas it is silver-ish on the blue.

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Its the same console you have seen – must feature an ABS sign somewhere apart from the regular speedo, gear indicator, clock, tacho etc of the older model.
That protruding beak which makes the motorcycle look ‘aggressive’ – no design change at all!
Here is how good looking tyres add visual appeal to your motorcycle – however, that wheelbase still ‘looks’ small with a long pointed tail further making it evident!

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Here is the tiny ‘ABS’ sticker on that mudguard. Also notice the colour of the alloys and the body do not match!
Here is a good look of the motorcycle – we think this version, despite a higher price tag, will sell more than the older version – simply because Yamaha has listened to the customers!

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