Bigger Ninja 400 May Debut in India at the Auto Expo: Price Analysis Inside

Ninja 400 price will be crucial as Kawasaki’s entry level motorcycles have not been as aggressively priced as some of their bigger siblings are…

Wooph… this is getting interesting! First, it was Kawasaki’s (kind of) surprise unveiling of the all-new Ninja 400; second, their announcement that the beautiful Ninja 300 will be no more and the bigger 400 is its replacement and third – introduction of the motorcycle at exactly the same price as the Ninja 300!

Yes, Kawasaki has launched the all-new Ninja 400 in USA at $ 4999 or about 3.17 Lakh in INR, which is what is also the price of the outgoing Ninja 300 there. Obviously, Kawasaki is throwing in some discounts (of about $ 750) on the 300 to clear out stocks.

Ninja 400 Price
Ninja 400 in Candy Plasma Blue

Ninja 400 Price vs Ninja 300’s

Ninja 300 Ninja 400
Non-ABS variant $ 4999 (3.17 Lakh INR) $ 4999 (3.17 Lakh INR)
ABS variant $ 5299 (3.36 Lakh INR) $ 5299 to $ 5499 (3.36-3.49 Lakh INR)

Kawasaki is offering the Ninja 400 in three colours – Pearl Solar Yellow/ Pearl Storm Grey/Ebony, Metallic Spark Black and Candy Plasma Blue and all of them are pictured on this page. Surprisingly, there is no trademark Kawasaki green on offer at this point.

For starters, production of Ninja 300 will be stopped soon and Kawasaki has unveiled the 39 PS 2018 Ninja 250 as well as the all-new Ninja 400 for various markets. So, what are the biggest differences…?

Ninja 400 Price
Ninja 400 in Metallic Spark Black

The Ninja 400 is more contemporary, aggressive looking motorcycle and has some design cues from the flagship H2 as well. It gets a bigger 399 cc parallel twin motor capable of pushing out 45 PS of power and 38 Nm of torque. This is 6 PS and 11 Nm more than the 300!

It also gets many new features details of which you can read here.

Surprisingly no green colour is on offer in USA, for now

What this may mean for India?

Well, nothing can be said with conviction but considering the latest update it doesn’t appear that Kawasaki will keep the Ninja 400 at a big distance away from Ninja 300 in terms of pricing. Anyway, at 3.7 lakhs (ex-showroom) the price of current non-ABS Ninja 300 is, in itself, considered to be high. So, there is a possibility that Kawasaki may launch the bigger Ninja 400 at around a similar ballpark which will definitely give them an edge over its rivals!

Kawasaki is expected to debut the Ninja 400 at the Auto Expo 2018 in February, however, we have no confirmation if it will also mark its launch.

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Recently, Kawasaki has introduced the Versys X300 in India at heart-shattering prices!