Flat 41,000 Cash Discounts on Ninja 300: Frequent Offers Affecting its Brand Value?

Ninja 300 offers & discounts are now common…

Much ahead of others, Kawasaki introduced the 2017 Ninja 300 BS4 in India in April 2017. Updated R3 with Metzelers and ABS was introduced recently. Benelli 302R came up with some interesting features most prominent of them being ABS (here are 8 parameters where the Benelli beats Ninja 300). And Ninja 400, which was supposed to replace the 300, has been launched at absurd prices. So, now we have two motorcycles offering better value (and safety) at a significantly lesser price!

To keep itself in contention, Kawasaki is offering massive discounts on Ninja 300.

Ninja 300 Offers

Currently, under the ‘Monsoon Offer‘, Ninja 300 can be had for a flat cash discount of Rs 41,000, plus Kawasaki is also throwing in an official ‘Kawasaki Riding Jacket’ with the package. Some dealerships have offered whopping cash discounts of upto Rs 60,000 on the motorcycle.

This is the official discount offer from Kawasaki, there may be a few dealerships which may give you flat cash discount in lieu of this jacket, etc. This is applicable on the 2017 Model Year Ninja 300.

Ninja 300 Price Cut

In this scenario, Kawasaki has a weird pricing policy – they have been offering heavy discounts on Ninja 300 to push sales since a long time. So the question is why not officially reduce the price to make the motorcycle a sensible buy?

Versys 650 Offers

Kawasaki is also offering cash discount of Rs 16,000 on purchase of the Versys 650 Model Year 2017. This offer is valid till 31st July.

People have become used to heavy offers from Kawasaki specially on the Ninja 300. What this may do is – dilute the brand value of the motorcycle and people now know that Kawasaki clears stock by offering huge discounts and a similar case is suspected with the Ninja 400 and Versys X300 which are sales duds simply because of their absurd prices.

You can also read this proof of how Kawasaki India is getting greedy with their Ninja 400.

Amidst all this, a very interesting development is the possible heavy localisation of Ninja 300 which may officially reduce its price by nearly 1 Lakh! More details and source here…