Upcoming 2018 Ninja 300 Teased Officially: Touted to Get 1 Lakh Price Slash

Ninja 300 price cut could give Duke 390 run for its money…

Update Now launched with ABS at an effective price slash of 1 Lakh

Kawasaki is becoming infamous for the pricing of its entry level motorcycles. The current Ninja 300 is priced at Rs 3.6 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi and the beautiful Ninja 400 (which replaces the 300 in some international markets) has got an absurd price tag of Rs 4.69 Lakhs. Strangely, to push sales, Ninja 300 is being offered at very high discounts of upto Rs 60,000 at many showrooms across India (details).

A recent story at Autocar claimed that Kawasaki has plans to continue Ninja 300 in India. That is not all, they added that the motorcycle will get heavily localised which will result in a massive price cut. Now, as a build up to the report, Kawasaki and its dealerships have started teasing the 2018 Ninja 300 on their social channels.

As you can see, the teaser reads



We tried to brighten the picture a little and it becomes clear that there will be a new blue colour on offer along with some price cuts which will only be known after the introduction. According to the older report, localised 2018 Ninja 300 could become almost as affordable as a 2.5-2.7 lakh machine, just a wee bit higher than Duke 390! They said that bodywork, wiring, battery, lights etc are expected to be locally manufactured.

This is also bound to reduce the motorcycle’s spare part prices which are very costly at the moment.

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Ninja 300 Price Cut

With this we are discussing a heavenly price slash of about Rs 1 lakh which, if goes true, will give the single cylinder KTMs and others a big run for their money. Remember, we are still talking about one of the best entry level dual cylinder sports motorcycle, output of which is expected to remain unchanged! (Even if it gets detuned a little, for that price we are perfectly fine!)

If the Ninja 300 becomes this cheap. it will almost be half the price of Ninja 400!

According to the teaser, Kawasaki will launch the 2018 Ninja 300 tomorrow, however, some social channels have taken the teaser pic down for reasons not disclosed.

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But what it confirms is that such a motorcycle is official and if it gets this heavy price cut, it will become one of the most-eyed entry level sports motorcycle in the country – probably one of the most bought as well! We are already drooling at the prospect of a twin-cylinder sports motorcycle at the cost of singles…. Let’s hope we get it very soon..